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Can Stress And Depression Kill You

Meeting A Disability Listing For Depression Or Bipolar Disorder

Can Stress Actually Kill You?

The Social Security Administration will automatically grant disability benefits for depression or bipolar disorder if you can show you have the symptoms and limitations listed in its official disability listing for depression or bipolar disorder. The SSA will consider treatment notes from your doctor or psychologist, mental status evaluations, psychological testing, and any reports of hospitalizations.

Symptoms. To qualify for either disability benefits on the basis of depression, you must show you have at least five of the following symptoms:

  • involvement in risky activities with painful consequences that are not recognized, and/or
  • increase in physical agitation or in in goal-directed activity .

Limitations. For either disorder, you must show that you also have a loss of abilities, either an extreme limitation in one of the following areas or a marked limitation in two or more of the following areas:

  • adapting to change or managing oneself
  • concentrating on and finishing tasks
  • interacting with others using use socially appropriate behaviors, and/or
  • understanding, remembering, or using information .

Denied Bipolar Disorder Disability Claims For Ltd Insurance

Marc Whitehead & Associates aggressively represents insurance policyholders that have had bipolar disability claims unfairly denied. We can help you fight the insurance companys denial whether you personally bought the policy, or the policy was issued through your employer.

Many disability insurance policies contain language that classifies mental impairments such as bipolar disorder, as a mental nervous condition. Defined as such, typically only 24 months compensation is allowed. However, this may not be accurate if the bipolar disorder is a biologically based illness. This then becomes an argument of an unacceptable assignment of the disorder in the policy language.

Insurance companies will use many other tactics to defend their decision to deny your award of disability benefits. Common tactics include:

  • Claims of misdiagnosis
  • Lack of medical evidence
  • Pre-existing condition clauses in the policy language

Strategies to overturn denied claims for bipolar disorder disability will vary greatly depending upon which type of long-term disability policy you are fighting.

We understand the reasons and excuses that insurance companies use to deny claims for mental disorders. Let us fight to hold your insurance company accountable, so you may recover the benefits you are due.

As Board Certified Social Security Disability attorneys, we want you to know that we will personally work with you to provide the help you need to appeal the denial. No matter where you live, we can help.

Healthy Vs Unhealthy Stress

We all feel stressed now and then, some of us more often than others and thats OK.

After all, stress is a natural part of life. Sometimes, its even necessary for our growth and survival.

Stress is what keeps us alive, says Janine Ilsley, a licensed master social worker and a therapist with Cobb Psychotherapy in New York City.

Still, theres a distinct difference between healthy stress and unhealthy stress.

Healthy stress can often help us grow and thrive, whereas unhealthy stress may refer to unmanaged stress, which can be detrimental to our health and well-being.

Regardless of the stressors we face, Ilsley says we can learn to adapt to the ever-changing and challenging conditions were presented with.

The mind and the body are intimately and intricately connected, Ilsley says. When we reclaim our bodies, we have the power to rearrange and reorganize its system to allow us to thrive, Ilsley says.

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Stress & Type 2 Diabetes

The weight gain that is associated with type 2 diabetes is often attributed to stress eating. As it turns out, theres a reason you could crave fatty, sugary food when youre stressed. As part of the stress response, the liver produces and releases extra glucose to provide an energy burst. When youre under chronic stress, your body needs a steady supply of fats and sugars, so you crave these foods. Both what you eat and what your body is doing contributes to T2D.4,5,7

How Can You Treat Depression

Can Anxiety Kill You?

If youre experiencing any signs of depression, its important that you see your doctor right away to receive treatment.

Depression can make you feel like its not worth investing in yourself for treatment. But its important to remember that the faster you start treatment, the sooner youll be able to manage your symptoms.

Treatments can reduce the mental and physical issues associated with depression as well as your risk of death.

Your doctor may recommend that you see a mental healthcare provider such as a psychologist or psychiatrist in order to receive treatment.

The following are some of the common treatments for depression.

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Why Is This Blog About Can Depression Kill You Important

The answer to Can depression kill you? in short is Yes. However, consider how this is not an illness such as diabetes or cancer, it is a condition that will put you at risk of having suicidal thoughts and eventually commiting suicide. This is the worst case scenario and doesnt mean that everyone living with depression will commit suicide but the best thing to do to avoid this situation is suicide prevention and treatment.

Moreover, knowing the symptoms, the signs and potentially how serious it can be if depression is left untreated, will help identify it and will allow you to get appropriate help on time either for you or someone you love.

Please feel free to leave any comments or thoughts about the content of this article!

Treatment Options Might Include:

  • Cognitive Therapy teaches more positive thinking, coping skills and problem-solving
  • Interpersonal Therapy might teach children how to make friends
  • Group Therapy with others of similar age that have a depressive illness
  • Family Therapy works with the entire family and discusses various family dynamics
  • Various supports at school. Talk with a school nurse about the options available.
  • Various forms of play therapy, relaxation therapy, biofeedback, visualization.
  • Antidepressant medications, stimulants, also some types of alternative medicine.
  • Hospitalization .
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    Stress And The Immune System

    Our immune system is another area which is susceptible to stress. Much of what we know about the relationship between the brain, the nervous system, and the immune response has come out of the field of psychoneuroimmunology . PNI was developed in 1964 by Dr. Robert Ader, the Director of the Division of Behavioral and Psychosocial Medicine at the University of Rochester. Psychoneuroimmunology is the study of the intricate interaction of consciousness , brain and central nervous system , and the bodys defence against external infection and aberrant cell division . More specifically it is devoted to understanding the interactions between the immune system, central nervous system and endocrine system. Although a relatively new medical discipline, the philosophical roots of the connection between physical health, the brain and emotions can be traced to Aristotle.

    Cytokines are non-antibody messenger molecules from a variety of cells of the immune system. Cytokines stimulate cellular release of specific compounds involved in the inflammatory response. They are made by many cell populations, but the predominant producers are helper T cells and macrophages. Th1 and Th2 cytokines inhibit one anothers production and function: Th1 cells stimulate cellular immunity and suppress humoral immunity, while Th2 cytokines have opposite effect. Cytokines is a general name other specific name includes lymphokines , chemokines , interleukin and interferon .

    If Youre Experiencing Symptoms

    Can Symptoms Of Anxiety Kill You?
    • Recognize if youre starting to slip. If you are struggling with new or worsening symptoms, dont hesitate to seek help. If you already have a therapist, reach out to them right away. If you do not have one, call the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration s National Helpline at 1-800-662-HELP for a free, confidential referral for treatment. If youre considering harming yourself, contact the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 800-273-8255 .
    • Ignore incorrect attitudes. The old idea of pulling yourself up by your own bootstraps is not only outdated, but also not based in science. If you feel depressed, there is no cause for guilt, says Dr. Solomon.

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    Get Experienced Ssdi Lawyers To Make Your Claim For Benefits

    If you have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder or experience some of the disease symptoms, you might be eligible to receive disability payments. For a proper assessment and presentation of your claim, you should contact our social security law attorneys. The lawyers as Tabak Law LLC work hard every day to get social security benefits for deserving Americans. Call us today to schedule an appointment.

    Our Jobs Are Way Too Demanding Nowadays Due To This Stress And Depression Is Increasing By Miles And Bounds In Fact Study Says It Can Also Lead To Death

    We are sitting in our home amid this lockdown but there is still no relief when it comes to our office work. In fact, a lot of us have observed that we have been working almost double what we used to. And this is something which is leading to stress.

    The jobs were already demanding but the way covid-19 has struck the economy we all are facing a threat of losing our jobs if we underperform. Unfortunately, this is also adding up to our already strained and hectic work life.

    Occupational burnout and exertion have now become a real deal Even the World Health Organisation agrees.

    Well, you wont be surprised to hear that workplace stress is becoming one of the biggest causes of depression. But what bogs you down in this recent study that says that workplace stress might kill you.

    Let see what this study isA recent study, published in the Journal of Applied Psychology, found that our mental health and mortality have a strong correlation with the amount of autonomy we have at our job, our workload and job demands, and our cognitive ability to deal with those demands.

    When job demands are greater than the control afforded by the job or an individuals ability to deal with those demands, there is a deterioration of their mental health and, accordingly, an increased likelihood of death, said study lead author Erik Gonzalez-Mule from Indiana University in the US.

    Also, watch:

    1. Job control

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    Those Diagnosed With Severe Anxiety Disorder Ptsd Or Ocd May Be Able To Get Disability Benefits

    By Bethany K. Laurence, Attorney

    While many individuals claim they are affected by anxiety or stress, an anxiety disorder is a mental condition in which extreme feelings of worry and fear control everyday actions. Only when you experience severe symptoms of anxiety that affect your ability to function at work and at home can you be eligible for disability benefits through the Social Security Administration . Symptoms of an anxiety disorder include an inability to concentrate, avoidance of certain situations, fear of crowds, or feelings of panic. Many people experience an abnormal level of worry and concern, sweating, feeling faint, dry mouth, muscle tension, and hypervigilance.

    To be considered for disability benefits due to an anxiety disorder, Social Security requires medical evidence that you have been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, and that as a result of this condition you have been unable to work for at least 12 months. Based on your current income and work history, you may apply for Social Security Disability and/or Supplemental Security Income benefits.

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    Applying For Ltd Benefits Due To Depression Or Anxiety

    365fitt: Good Stress: Bad Stress

    As with all long-term disability claims, your LTD insurance provider will examine your application for benefits to assess whether your disability precludes you from working at an acceptable level. In order to qualify for LTD benefits, your claim must provide medical evidence from your family doctor, psychologist, psychiatrist and/or another appropriate health care professional, that your symptoms prevent you from performing the required tasks of your current job.

    The insurance company will scrutinize your LTD claim for any indication that your description of your symptoms conflicts with your medical records. The insurer will also analyze the type, duration, and time frame of your medical care. Medical evidence of your reported symptoms, diagnosis and treatment is the most important facet of your claim for this reason, it is vital that you seek professional help before making a disability claim for anxiety or depression. Specifically, your LTD insurance provider will assess whether you are receiving treatment from a mental health professional or a comparable specialist, whether you are taking prescribed medication, and whether the therapy and medication you receive is appropriate. Through no fault of your own, your claim can be denied if your insurance company finds that your medical care was inadequate.

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    Lack Of Energy Or Motivation

    Sometimes insomnia isnt the problem and you can still feel sluggish or unmotivated to tackle your day. Untreated depression can often manifest as intense fatigue, making getting out of bed in the morning even harder.

    Another sign of depression to keep an eye out for is boredom.

    If you notice yourself unable to enjoy activities you used to, instead of dismissing the activity or chalking it up to laziness, consider if you might be entering a depressive episode. If thats the case, it might be helpful to have a small to-do list that you power through.

    What You Can Do To Reduce Cortisol Levels

    The first step is to consult a medical professional.

    If you suspect you may have high cortisol levels, its important to see a healthcare provider, as they can order a blood test to measure your cortisol levels, Dr. Dlott states. Since symptoms of high cortisol can also be associated with other conditions and health issues, its important to get confirmation on what is or is not causing your symptoms.

    Once you find out the source of high cortisol, you can take steps to treat it.

    Methods for reducing cortisol levels depend on the root cause, Dr. Dlott explains. For Cushings syndrome, youll typically need medical interventions like medication and/or surgery. However, finding ways to manage stress levels, eating a balanced diet, exercising regularly and making sure youre getting enough sleep can have a positive impact on managing cortisol levels as well as your overall health.

    Dr. Trent Orfanos, MD, ABIHM,Director of Integrative and Functional Cardiology, agrees that sleep, exercise and healthy eating habits are essential.

    Finally, do your best to practice stress management, whether its through meditation, breathing exercises, or whatever works for you. Dr. Orfanos recommends this Heart Math exercise:

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    Why We Don’t Say ‘commit’ Suicide

    The language we use when we talk about suicide matters. For example, despite its common usage, experts now advise against using the phrase “committed suicide.” Instead, we should use the more neutral phrases, “died by suicide” or “take their own life.”8Saying someone “committed” suicide stigmatizes the act of dying by suicide and makes it sound as if someone committed a crime.

    Similarly, it’s important to avoid framing someone’s suicide attempt as “successful” or “unsuccessful.” Surviving a suicide attempt is not a failure and dying by suicide is not a success. Instead, you can simply state if the person died or survived after a suicide attempt.

    When talking about someone’s suicide, it is also recommended to avoid sharing details about the suicide method, such as how the person died. Knowing where or how a suicide happened can contribute to suicide contagion, a phenomenon where one suicide death leads to many more.

    Can Depression Really Up Your Risk Of Death From Cancer

    Can Stress Kill You?

    Cancer is among the leading causes of death around the world. In 2016, approximately 1,685,210 new cases of cancer emerged in the United States, of which 595,690 people succumbed to death. Among all types, breast and lung cancers are the most common.

    Cancer affects both men and women but mortality rate is higher in men. Every year, 208 men and 145 women per 100,000 people die due to cancer.

    Depression is extremely common in cancer and reduces the quality of life in the patients. Depression can be mild, moderate or severe but it can hamper daily activities and mental wellbeing. Sometimes depression can be so severe, it can prompt suicidal thoughts among the survivors.

    Of late, connection between depression and cancer prognosis is also being explored. However, studies on the subject have either been limited or do not provide clear answers.

    Earlier studies have provided mixed resultswith some saying that depression did not influence risk of cancer progression and others stating blatantly that depression can up the risk of death due to cancer by 25 percent and 31 percent respectively. Further research is needed to establish a clear connection but the current study is a step in the right direction.

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    Physical Symptoms Of Anxiety

    Anxiety may be taking place in your mind, but the side effects can certainly manifest in a physical way. While there are lots of physical side effects that can pop up, these are the most common.

    General anxiety may include one or more of these symptoms,however, panic attacks often include many of them at once:

    • Sudden sweating or chills

    Increased Anxiety And Stress

    It seems unfair that depression never seems to stand alone but also does a pretty solid job of making us feel alone. This effect can also feel especially stronger during times of instability, whether its economical, personal, or even global, like during COVID-19.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that during the pandemic, a lot of adults in the United States reported worsening mental health, from increased substance use to suicide ideation.

    When anxiety and depression are both weighing on your shoulders, it may help to talk to a professional and figure out if youre able to tackle them together, or if you need separate strategies.

    How you handle depression and anxiety will also depend on how present these disorders were before you felt it became unmanageable.

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