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Can Stress Cause Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Treatment Can Prevent Hs From Progressing

Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS) Pain: Causes and Treatments

Without treatment, HS can continue to heal and reappear. Sometimes, it worsens.

Hidradenitis suppurativa

Without treatment, HS can progress from a few acne-like breakouts to deeply scarred skin .

Living with untreated HS can affect your life in different ways. Some people develop one or more of the following:

Anxiety: If you donât know whatâs happening to your skin and why you keep getting these lumps, anxiety can develop.

Depression: Medical studies have found that people who have HS tend to develop depression more often than people who do not have HS.

Infections: A bacterial infection can develop in skin with HS.

Itch: HS in the groin, armpits, or thighs tends to be the itchiest.

Pain: The deep lumps and tunnels that develop beneath the skin can be painful. Some people need prescription-strength painkillers to cope.

Scars that restrict movement: As the body produces more and more scar tissue, the scars can thicken. Some scars become so thick that they limit how far you can move an arm, leg, or other part of your body.

Skin cancer: Some people with HS have an increased risk of developing a type of skin cancer called squamous cell carcinoma . Men whoâve had HS for many years on their genitals or around their anus are most likely to develop SCC. This skin cancer tends to occur where youâve had HS for years.

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My Triggers And How I Try And Avoid Them

So, my biggest triggers are gluten, processed sugar, anxiety, stress, and depression. I also have Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, so I get pretty bad flares before and during my period due to the hormonal imbalance caused by PCOS. My endocrinologist truly believes that the PCOS is what brought on my HS, so there isnt too much I can do to stop my hormonal flares besides taking birth control, Metformin, and Spironolactone. However, I do try and control my other flares by staying away from gluten and processed sugar. This can be so hard. ALL of my favorite foods involve one or the other and sometimes its so hard to walk away from a bowl of pasta as I watch my entire family eating it. I try and remind myself of the pain that that bowl of pasta can cause, and sometimes that will help keep me away from it. Other times, I truly cave and wont be satisfied unless I have it! You really have to pick your battles and decide if you think itll be worth it in the end. Remember: Sticks and Stones May Break my Bones .

Speak To Yourself As Kindly And Positively As You Can

Several of the people we spoke to said repeating a few positive affirmations about themselves can be useful whenever their confidence is low. Lindsay does this to remind myself that this is a medical conditionnot a flaw and not a fault. I remind myself how relieved I am that I’ve finally been diagnosed, and I remind myself everything I can do in spite of having hidradenitis suppurativa.

Ghazal makes it a habit to look at positive affirmation cards. I like to pull one out every morning to start my day, she says. Even if it is something silly or clichéd, I like that physically picking up a card and displaying it on my desk in the morning creates five or so minutes for me each morning where I need to be present and just focus on my intention for the day. And if the day does not end up looking that great, at least I know I went into the day with an open mind.

When thinking about positive affirmations, it is usually more helpful to repeat sentiments that you can buy into. You can start by saying something simple like, I am loved.

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What’s Life Like For People With Hs

One word: heartbreaking. During outbreaks, your day-to-day life means managing the pain and odor as fluids drain from tunnels and nodules. On top of that, you’re figuring out everything from what to wear to what to say about your condition and how you’re feeling. And feeling like you have to constantly explain yourself is exhausting. While it may seem overwhelming now, especially if youve just been diagnosed, find a doctor who has your back and will work with you to reduce the flares so you can get your life back. Its possible.

You Are Not Alone With Hs

Hidradenitis Suppurativa Treatment

When you join myHSteam, you gain a community of more than 20,000 people who have or are caring for someone with hidradenitis suppurativa. Treatments and remission are frequent topics of conversation.

Have you found any treatments that put your HS symptoms into remission? Do you have any tips for dealing with stress around treatments? Comment below or start a conversation on myHSteam.

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What Stopped My Hidradenitis Suppurativa Flares

So flash forward a number of months of taking antibiotics and being incredibly frustrated.

I was sitting at a table in Boulder, Colorado with a group of colleagues. During the conversation, I happened to mention that I was taking antibiotics for a particular skin condition that had a name that sounded like a monster.

It just so happened that the person sitting next to me had had the same exact condition!

She’d had Hidradenitis Suppurativa on her face and it had really become physically and emotionally taxing.

One of her doctors asked her if she’d be willing to try laser hair removal. At that point, she was willing to do basically anything to get it to stop. Fortunately, it worked!

I too had been through so much and felt so frustrated and scared of what was happening that I was willing to do basically anything even to go through an expensive multiple laser treatment procedure.

I went back to my dermatologist and discussed this option with her. She said that they had some success with laser hair removal, but it wasn’t covered by insurance.

It was not fun. It was painful and felt like somebody was snapping rubber bands repeatedly into my armpits!

But you know what? It ended up being worth it from a quality of life perspective.

With each monthly treatment, the flares got fewer and less intense. Eventually, the Hidradenitis Suppurativa flares completely stopped.

I occasionally get that pinprick feeling, but it’ll go away after a couple of minutes without any other symptoms.

Depression Anxiety And Suicide Risk

Skin disorders that cause visible symptoms can take an emotional toll and contribute to low self-worth, embarrassment, and social isolation. This, in turn, may increase risk for anxiety, depression, and suicidal thoughts and generally affect quality of life, according to a review published in August 2021 in the International Journal of Dermatology.

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Doctors And Researchers Are Really Trying To Solve The Puzzle

Every year, doctors and researchers from all over the world gather at two HS specific scientific symposia, to present and discuss their research findings and progress. One is in North America and one is in Europe. There are hundreds of doctors who attend these events and they are trying as best as they can to get to the bottom of HS and find a cure.

Did you know all these facts? Let us know which ones you knew about and what is new information to you.

What Causes Hidradenitis Suppurativa

What is Hidradenitis Suppurativa by HidraWear?

The cause of hidradenitis suppurativa is poorly understood. Scientists have found evidence that HS is autoimmune in origin in other words, the damage in HS is caused by the bodys immune system attacking its own tissues but they have not yet solved the puzzle of why this process begins. According to one theory, HS develops when the immune system overreacts to clogged hair follicles. Some researchers believe HS results when apocrine glands develop abnormally, trapping secretions deep in skin tissue and triggering inflammation. Hormones are also thought to play a role in the development of HS.

While researchers have established that both hereditary and environmental factors influence a persons risk for developing HS, no one has identified why some people get HS and some people dont. Most scientists believe HS is likely caused by a combination of inherited and environmental factors.

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Hiddradenitis Suppurativa: Conclusion And Clinical Trials

If you have or think you may have hidradenitis suppurativa, you can find relief. Untreated symptoms may worsen over time. This can affect everyday life and your ability to move freely. If you are experiencing pain or recurring symptoms, it may be time to see your doctor. A board-certified dermatologist can help create a treatment plan.

Since not much is known about hidradenitis suppurativa, its important that doctors and researchers perform clinical trials for medications and advanced treatment options.Rivergate Dermatology Clinical Research Center is currently enrolling eligible candidates for a hidradenitis suppurativa research trial. Learn more about our research trials and see if you qualify.

At Loven Dermatology, we are passionate about providing our patients with high-quality, individualized dermatological care and treatment. Our providers offer advanced, personalized care for a wide range of hair, skin and nail conditions. Please call us at 615.859.7546 for more information or to schedule your appointment.

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Icipate In Relaxing Activities To Reduce Flare

Not everyone with hidradenitis suppurativa has the same triggers, but stress can lead to a recurrence of bumps, according to the National Organization for Rare Disorders. Bethan E., 28, finds that participating in relaxing activities helps reduce her hidradenitis suppurativa flaresand the emotional and physical pain that accompanies them. For me, relaxing involves being outdoors, exercising, and cooking, she tells SELF.

Sarah F., 28, agrees that she gets more bumps whenever shes feeling particularly worried about something. After a stressful week at work, I know that Ill probably have a flare in a few days, she tells SELF. To combat this, Sarah does her best to do things that make her feel calm. Ill make time to read books, and I find practicing meditation daily really brings my stress levels down, she says.

Not everyone enjoys the same activities, so reading or cooking may not be your thing and forcing yourself to do these might stress you out even more. During times when you feel particularly anxious, you might want to try grounding techniques that help you avoid getting caught in a stream of worried thoughts. There are many methods out there, and you can do something as simple as running cold water over your face or practicing deep breathing.

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What Are The Signs And Symptoms Of Hidradenitis Suppurativa

If you have this skin disease, you may notice breakouts on your skin that look like pimples or boils. Often, these breakouts clear for a while. Later, you may see new breakouts develop in the same area. Sometimes, the breakouts develop in exactly the same spot.

While HS tends to develop on certain areas of the skin, it can develop in less common locations, such as near an ear or around the belly button. A few people have developed HS on their face, neck, or back however, this is rare.

When HS develops, it tends to begin and progress as follows:

Area of skin feels uncomfortable

Before you notice a lump in your skin, you may feel some discomfort. The area where the lump will appear may swell. Some people say their skin burns, itches, or sweats excessively.

Tender, deep nodule appears

The first sign of HS is often a painful spot that looks like a deep pimple, acne cyst, or boil. This spot often appears on an armpit or in the groin area. Some people develop a spot on the buttocks or inner thigh.

Nodules grow and start to join together

As HS progresses, you see more lumps that may look like acne or boils. These lumps can grow and join together. As the lumps grow together, they fill up with fluid and become painful. These painful lumps are called abscesses.

Large, painful abscess breaks open

When an abscess breaks open, blood and pus spill out. This foul-smelling mixture can cause wet spots on your clothes. People who have HS often feel embarrassed by the odor.

Find A Community Of People Who Have Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Managing Hidradenitis Suppurativa

Everyone we spoke to emphasized the importance of finding a community where you can lean on others for advice, offer your own tips, vent about flare-ups, and find people who understand the pain you are experiencing. Lindsay M., 23, gets this support by connecting with people on social media. I find that speaking to my community on Instagram about hidradenitis suppurativa has led to others getting diagnosed, she tells SELF. It makes me very happy that I am able to offer that support and help others find treatment.

Ghazal G., 34, agrees that finding a support group has been invaluable to her well-being. The number one way that I work on my mental health in regard to hidradenitis suppurativa is to give back to the very community I belong in and to uplift my community members, she tells SELF. I like to attend the Hope for HS virtual group meetings. I really enjoy getting to see people with hidradenitis suppurativa from around the U.S. and hear an expert give more information on their background and why they got involved with hidradenitis suppurativa care.

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Different Treatments Work For Different People

The doctors arent completely sure what causes HS and there are several different theories. That is why treating HS is so difficult. Doctors have recently developed treatment guidelines for Hidradenitis Suppurativa, which outlines the different medications and approaches they can suggest to patients. Some medications help some people so they are prescribed widely with the hope that they will work for each individual. Sadly, sometimes these same medications have no effect, so the doctor will ask you to try the next treatment option. It is very frustrating for patients who want to get some relief from their symptoms. It is equally frustrating for health care providers who want to help patients feel better.

Intense Emotions And Inflammation: A Difficult Cycle To Break

Studies have shown that intense emotions and stress can increase inflammation or irritation within the body. Because HS is caused by inflammation inside the body, these emotions and stress can make your HS symptoms worse. This cycle of stress, inflammation, and symptoms is difficult to break. The more symptoms you have, the worse your stress and the cycle continues.2

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Skin Irritation Or Injury

HS can be aggravated by cuts from shaving or even irritation from wearing a helmet or headband, according to a review published in January 2016 in the journal Dermatologic Clinics. The culprit could be the combination of friction and a warm, moist environment. Avoiding unnecessary trauma or irritation to your skin including squeezing or popping the lumps or sores is an important part of managing HS, suggests a review published in December 2018 in the journal Rheumatology.

What Does Hidradenitis Mean

What May Cause Hidradenitis Suppurativa (HS)? | NoBSaboutHS

What causes hidradenitis suppurativa? The exact cause of hidradenitis suppurativa is unknown, but the lumps develop as a result of blocked hair follicles. Smoking and obesity are both strongly associated with hidradenitis suppurativa, and if youre obese and/or smoke it will make your symptoms worse.

What is the cause of hidradenitis suppurativa?

What causes hidradenitis suppurativa? The exact cause of hidradenitis suppurativa is unknown, but the lumps develop as a result of blocked hair follicles. Smoking and obesity are both strongly associated with hidradenitis suppurativa, and if youre obese and/or smoke it will make your symptoms worse.

Does hidradenitis ever go away? Although there is no cure for hidradenitis suppurativa, early diagnosis and treatment help prevent the disease from getting worse and forming additional scars. Symptoms appear and disappear and vary from person to person. Many treatments are available and usually a combination of the following treatments is tried.

What does the medical term hidradenitis mean?

Hidradenitis suppurativa is a chronic skin disease. It causes painful, boil-like lumps that form under the skin. It often affects areas where the skin rubs together, such as your armpits and groin. The lumps become inflamed and painful. They often break open, causing abscesses that drain fluid and pus.

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How To Care For A Hidradenitis Suppurativa Flare

Aside from taking medication, you can make certain lifestyle changes to feel more at ease during a flare-up. Adopting these can be helpful anytime, but can be especially relieving during your period when you may be dealing with cramping and bloating too.

Choose gentle movement. I recommend low-impact exercises, Dr. Onajin says, such as swimming, walking, or yoga. Sweat can trigger flares1, so if you notice thats true for you, then you may want to limit how often you do really strenuous workoutsespecially around your cycle if youre also prone to hormonal flare-ups.

Wear loose-fitting, breathable fabrics. Choose something like 100% cotton or bambooespecially for your underwearto help you feel more comfortable. Between walking, sitting, and any exercises you might do, theres a lot of potential chafing that can happen , according to Dr. Hsiao.

Dont shave inflamed areas. This can aggravate the painful bumps under your skin, so its really best to keep your razor away from active lesions.

Avoid thick pads on your period. If you have bumps in your groin area, a thick pad rubbing against them isnt going to feel good and may irritate the skin more. Thats why Dr. Onajin recommends using tampons or a menstrual cup instead.

Do I Have The Symptoms Of Hs

HS can be unpredictable and symptoms can vary from person to person. Sometimes mild cases progress and become worse, and other times they dont. You can have breakouts in the exact same spot every time , or they might occur in multiple places at once. The breakouts on your skin may be small and look more like blackheads, or they might be large and red like boilsuntil they burst and drain, when they appear more like a wound. Either way, if youve noticed these bumps have come back at least twice in the past six months, you may have HS.

Signs of a mild or moderate case of HS can include:

  • Having a single nodule that sometimes grows and comes back in the same place again and again, lasting anywhere from 7 to 15 days

  • Having recurrent lumps in your armpits, genitals , groin area, inner thighs, butt , or under the breasts. Sometimes they appear on the neck or behind the ears.

  • A burning, stinging, or itching sensation. Nodules may also feel warm, tender, and/or very painful.

  • Odorous pus and fluid that drains after nodules erupt, leaving a deep, painful wound.

  • A rope-like tunnel, called a sinus tract, under the skin that connects several lesions .

In more severe cases:

  • Youll have so many lesions that you get multiple tunnels, or sinus tracts.

  • After breaking open, these lesions may not heal completely and may leak pus more or less continuously.

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