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Can Stress Cause High Eye Pressure

The Causes Of High Eye Pressure

Natural Glaucoma Treatment for High Eye Pressure – How to Lower Eye Pressure Naturally

The reasons that can lead to high eye pressure are multiple, note in this regard:

  • Excessive production of fluid that fills the space between the iris and the cornea causes ocular hypertension.
  • Insufficient fluid drainage
  • Certain medications, especially those based on cortisone
  • Occurrence of eye trauma, for example, injury to the eye which can alter the balance of fluid drainage
  • Eye diseases such as pseudo-exfoliation syndrome
  • High-stress conditions
  • In case of complicated pregnancies with sudden changes in pressure
  • Smoke
  • Diseases such as diabetes

The most relevant risk elements may be high blood pressure, the presence of anxiety and stress, a poor diet based on the consumption of too much salt, red meat, alcohol, and sugar, smoking, diabetes, or heart disease.

Although eye pressure varies slightly during the day – for example, most individuals may experience higher values early in the morning and changes following physical activity or the consumption of alcohol or caffeine, or different values depending on whether the person is lying down or standing – a healthy eye must be able to maintain it within balanced values.

Did You Know That Stress Can Impact The Health Of Your Eyes

According to research, mental stress can affect your eyes and lead to visual distortions and even put you at risk of developing sight-threatening eye diseases.

When your brain perceives an increase in stress levels, it releases cortisol, the primary stress hormone in your body thats responsible for initiating your fight-or-flight response. This response causes your heart rate and blood pressure to rise, and helps prepare your body to either fight or run away from your potential physical threat, be it a wild animal or intruder.

However, if your stress is due to a work project or school exam, these physical reactions in response to your increased stress can severely impact your vision and eye health.

Lower Your Stress Level

As your overall blood pressure rises, so does your eye pressure. Keeping your blood pressure at a safe level will be an important natural way to reduce your eye pressure, states the Mayo Clinic and **Stretching throughout the day will help you lower your stress level.

Start doing breathing exercises to reduce your stress level. Sit upright in a quiet place. Breathe in and out while concentrating on your abdominal area. Watch your abdomen expand and contract as you inhale and exhale. ** Do this for five minutes, states Achieve to reach a daily goal of doing 15 minutes of breathing exercises. Meditation, yoga, massage, warm baths, pet therapy, music, mind imagery, and biofeedback can also provide stress relief. Eating a well-balanced diet will reduce your eye pressure by preserving your general health.

  • As your overall blood pressure rises, so does your eye pressure.
  • Keeping your blood pressure at a safe level will be an important natural way to reduce your eye pressure, states the Mayo Clinic and

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I Have Been Diagnosed With Early Stage Glaucoma And Need To Start Treatment What Do You Recommend

We usually start with a prostaglandin medication or a beta blocker. Side effects are generally minimal in healthy adults but can affect the eyes red eyes, stinging, allergic reaction or the body headache, slow heart rate or gastrointestinal upset. The other option is laser treatment, but it may not work or its effect may not last, requiring eye drops in the future.

Homeopathic And Lifestyle Tips

What is high eye pressure? Causes, Symptoms and Treatment

Some changes to your mundane routine can balance the amount of eye pressure experienced as well as promote all-around eye health and more.

Exercising When doing cardio you are increasing blood flow through your body which includes the optic nerves and the retina. Because some eye diseases and other vision problems can come from high blood pressure, it is important to include cardio into your daily regimen.

Healthy Diet- Eating dark leafy greens, foods with omega-3 fatty acids or including more vitamins C, E and A into your diet will help with overall eye health.

Elevated Sleeping As stated by The Mayo Clinic, sleeping with your head on a wedge pillow or on a stack of pillows at a 20-degree angle can reduce eye pressure during sleep.

Herbal supplements Bilberry and Ginkgo are just a few of the herbal remedies that advertise their effects against glaucoma and eye pressure. This should not be used as an ultimate alternative to prescriptions or therapies directed by doctors.

Relaxation One factor that provokes the rise in eye pressure can be stress. Meditation, yoga and other coping techniques can help decrease eye pressure.

Although is it not recommended by The American Academy of Ophthalmology, alternative medicine studies have shown that marijuana can reduce eye pressure for about 3 to 4 hours.

It is common to hear that limiting the amount of caffeine for overall health. Studies have shown that consuming too much caffeine can cause high eye pressure.

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High Eye Pressure: What Does It Mean

The trabecular meshwork is the spongy tissue near the cornea and iris that keeps the flow of your eyes aqueous humor going. The aqueous humor keeps your eyes shape, keeps nutrition flowing to vital structures, and eliminates waste through the trabecular meshwork. About 80 to 90 percent of the aqueous humor makes its way into and out of circulation because of this drainage system.

In healthy eyes, the meshwork keeps a fluid balance however, this area can become clogged or stopped up for a range of reasons, causing the inflow of aqueous humor to be higher than the outflow. This causes high fluid pressure in the eye, which is risky. High fluid pressure can lead to problems with your vision, ranging from trouble seeing in the dark to retinal detachment.

Glaucoma is nearly always associated with high intraocular pressure or high fluid pressure in the eye. However, not every instance of high IOP leads to glaucoma. Ocular hypertension may just require monitoring to ensure there is no damage, without moving to prescription or surgical treatments.

Mental Stress And Personality

Psychology is the science of mind and behavior, including all aspects of conscious and unconscious experiences as well as thought . When a person suffers from prolonged psychological stress, this reduces QOL and is a burden to him/her and also to their social environment . People have different mechanisms for coping with stress, i.e., being able to react to stress in an adaptive manner. But if stress is too high or lasts too long, or if the person does not have sufficient resilience capacities or coping skills because of his/her personality disposition, mental fatigue, burnout, anxiety/fear, or depression may ensue. This can go hand-in-hand with organic/somatic problems like feeling non-organic pain or non-organic vision loss , especially if such persons have a predisposing genotype. There are many diseases in medicine that are characterized by both somatic and psychological aspects, and psychosomatic medicine is a well-established discipline. Its task is to help reducing the impact of psychological problems to improve patients well-being and providing coping resources for their physical diseases or disabilities . But because diseases of the visual system have traditionally been viewed as an exclusive affair of biology and physics , the interaction between ophthalmology and psychosomatic medicine is practically non-existent.

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What Is Considered Dangerously High Eye Pressure Raised Intraocular Pressure And Normal Intraocular Pressure

Having a consistently high pressure can be a risk factor in the development of glaucoma, the higher the pressure, the greater the risk. The relationship between eye pressure and glaucoma is a complex and one which we do not fully understand, some people can have IOP and develop glaucoma some people may not, hence why its so important to have regular sight tests. It is essential to understand what a normal eye pressure is to gauge whether you are at risk of developing glaucoma.

Does Stress Affect Eye Pressure

Blurry vision, brain fog, and increased ocular pressure, due to Intracranial Hypertension

Some studies have suggested that psychological stress can increase eye pressure. The relationship is not known, though it may be that certain hormones and chemicals released during times of stress can affect receptors in the eye. It stands to reason, then, that stress reduction may be useful for glaucoma management.

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High Fluid Pressure Should Be Monitored Before It Turns Into Glaucoma

Getting regular eye exams is vital to your eyes long-term health. Without these exams, you may develop a condition like ocular hypertension or glaucoma and not realize you are losing your sight until you are struggling.

With eye pressure tests, your optometrist or ophthalmologist can monitor your eyes for elevated pressure and then check for potential vision loss. When you begin to lose your sight, just as glaucoma begins, your doctor can create a treatment plan that will slow the progress of this condition.

Overall, regular eye exams are the best way to preserve your vision if you have glaucoma. Early diagnosis and intervention, when needed, ensure that the progression of the condition can be slowed, and your vision can be managed.


Are There Foods To Avoid If You Have Glaucoma

Although there is no known direct connection between nutrition and glaucoma, certain foods have been identified that increase the intraocular pressure in your eyes and can potentially make glaucoma worse. For instance, trans fatty acids can raise cholesterol levels, eventually causing blood vessel damage. Foods containing high amounts of saturated fats can lead to weight gain and other health conditions that worsen glaucoma. Simple carbohydrates can elevate insulin levels, raising the blood pressure and your IOP. Caffeine and alcohol consumption can also raise your IOP. Also, drinking large volumes of water or other liquids at a time may raise the intraocular pressure of your eyes. Medications that contain steroids should also be avoided because steroids can elevate your intraocular eye pressure and worsen the damage to your optic nerve.

Foods that may help prevent glaucoma from worsening include green leafy vegetables, fruits and vegetables high in Vitamin C and A, antioxidant rich foods, complex carbohydrates such as oatmeal, brown rice, quinoa, potatoes, beans, peas and lentils .

Click the link to learn more about glaucoma.

Would you like to talk with someone about your vision? Contact us today at 553-2477 to schedule an appointment.

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I Was Diagnosed With Early Stage Glaucoma During A Routine Eye Exam Two Years Ago Since Then I Have Noticed That My Peripheral Vision Is Not As Sharp As It Once Was And I Keep Bumping My Head Should I See An Eye Specialist

I suggest your family doctor or optometrist refer you to an ophthalmologist for a full glaucoma assessment including an eye exam, optic nerve imaging and visual field testing. This will help make the correct diagnosis and determine the best way to lower intraocular pressure the only treatment for glaucoma.

I Was Recently Diagnosed With Moderate To Severe Glaucoma In My Right Eye And Put On Lumigan Cosopt And Alphagan Despite Only Having Had My Pressure Taken A Couple Of Times My Doctor Suggests Immediate Laser Treatment Followed By Surgery If The Laser Doesnt Work Is This Normal

Glaucoma Treatment

If you have moderate to severe glaucoma, IOP control is very important. We usually recommend an eye pressure at least 50% below the untreated number and/or < 15 mm Hg. Probably despite all the eye drops you are using, you are still not at target eye pressure and that is why the doctor is recommending laser treatment and/or surgery.

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What Is The Connection Between Eye Pressure And Glaucoma

Having high eye pressure makes you a glaucoma suspect, according to some doctors. This is because high eye pressure is often a symptoms of glaucoma. Although it isnt a guarantee that youll develop glaucoma if you have high eye pressure, it puts you at an increased risk.

According to the Glaucoma Research Foundation, there is no specific eye pressure measurement that leads to glaucoma. Increased pressure inside the eye is usually always present among people with glaucoma. However, even patients without eye pressure can develop glaucoma. On the other hand, having a low eye pressure measurement does not guarantee that you wont develop the condition either.

Image source:

If you have high eye pressure, your doctor will want to check you closely to make sure you dont develop glaucoma. This means he or she may ask you to come in more frequently for eye exams. Having high eye pressure and a family history of glaucoma makes you a candidate for developing the condition yourself. If detected early, glaucoma can be treated with surgery or medication to help preserve your eyesight.

If you have high eye pressure and you arent getting checked regularly for glaucoma, it could result in irreversible vision loss. The changes in your eyes might be so gradual that you dont notice them until your vision is completely lost. This is why its important to get regular eye exams by your doctor.

Causes Of High Eye Pressure

In addition to excessive fluid production and inadequate drainage, the following factors can also cause high eye pressure:

  • Medications – including steroids to treat asthma
  • Eye trauma
  • Certain medications have side effects that raise eye pressure in some people
  • Eye injuries, even years after they happen, can affect your intraocular pressure

Race, family history, diabetes and age can also be a cause of high eye pressure. Those of African-Caribbean descent, those over the age of 40 and those with a family history of ocular hypertension or glaucoma, are more likely to have high eye pressure.

People who have thick corneas are often mistaken for having high eye pressure as thick corneas can cause a high reading which is often false.

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What Is The Treatment Of Eye Problems Related To Stress And Anxiety

Mental Rest is one of the best ways to reduce the effects of eye problems due to stress and anxiety.

Notice that I didnt say rest? Thats because people dealing with high-levels of anxiety can sometimes sleep all they want and it doesnt alleviate the issues they are facing.

So rather than just sleep , focus on activities that recharge you particularly.

Maybe you are busy with kids, parenting, school, work, career, obligations and the like.

Look I dont have to tell you that life can be stressful, but the only one in charge of your care is you. You have to get clear on what recharges your batteries and create a plan to live that way.

My husband likes nature. He plans to get out in nature every Friday even if it is only for a few hours. My workout time is precious to me.

Find what fills your tank and go for it. Take a vacation even if it is only for 2 hours.

If you are even reading this, then chances are you could use and deserve a little R& R . But one of the things that people who are stressed or who experience anxiety do is worry about what will happen if they take time off.

So how do you stop worrying about what might happen or not get something done? One of the best ways to deal with this is the brain dump.

Simply write out everything that you have to get done. Sit with a paper and a pencil. Once you get the ideas out of your head and onto a sheet of paper, you will not only feel better, you will have the ability to start prioritizing the tasks on the paper.

When Is High Eye Pressure Serious

What Does It Mean If You Have High Pressure In The Eyes | Specsavers

It does make you at higher risk for developing glaucoma, so having ocular hypertension would make you a glaucoma suspect. Because glaucoma is a disease that damages your optic nerve and ultimately could cause vision loss, your eye doctor would want to closely monitor your eye pressure and advise steps to diminish it.

Glaucoma can cause symptoms like severe and throbbing eye pain, headache, blurry vision, nausea and vomiting, eye redness, or seeing halos. Be sure to check with your doctor immediately if you experience any of these symptoms.

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Vision Loss: A Psychosomatic Disorder

Others have also suggested psychosomatic components in vision loss, some looking upon it as a consequence, but others as a cause. The available literature is summarized in Table and some psychosomatic considerations are now discussed. Though the general consensus seems to be that stress is only the consequence of vision loss, numerous studies indicate that stress can be a triggering factor for visual impairment. Though it is unclear if stress alone is a sufficient condition to induce vision loss, it is a least a well-recognized and critical co-factors when other pathological conditions are present, such as arteriosclerosis, inflammation, or, as in the case of FS, an endothelial dysfunction.

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I Have Been Diagnosed With Glaucoma And Understand That I Should Not Lift Weights Or Do Any Exercise Where My Head Is Below My Waist What Exercises Can I Do To Maintain My Strength In My Arms And Upper Body

Overall exercise can lower eye pressure, but avoid any activity that can raise the pressure around the face. This includes heavy weight lifting, certain yoga positions such as downward dog and headstands, and playing wind instruments.

I recommend talking to a personal trainer who can advise you on a program that mixes light weights with cardio to maintain both strength and fitness.

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