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Can Stress Cause Kidney Stones

How Emotional Release And Energy Work Can Help Your Kidneys

Can Stress Cause Kidney Stones? The Importance Of Gratitude Meditation to prevent kidney stones

We recently went over the energy lines, channels, or meridians, that lie within our bodies and support the organ systems. If a client comes in with kidney issues work in any of the related meridians may be necessary. When these meridians are blocked or out of balance this brings dis-harmony to the related organ.

There are also points along the meridian lines that are extremely beneficial. Not everyone will have the same points, even of they come in with identical complaints. This is where a properly trained practitioner comes in. Energy work allows us to identify which points will work in your best interest, in our sessions. We also provide a guide to our clients to allow you to work these same points after the session, if needed.

What Does A Kidney Do

The kidneys are two organs that are under the lower ribs in the back of your body. Their primary function is to filter the blood by excretion through the urine, but they have many others. These organs also sense and regulate if you are missing fluids or have more than what you should. Kidneys additionally produce hormones that are in charge of making red blood cells regulate blood pressure and vitamin D.

The kidneys filtration works because of microscopic units called glomeruli that discriminate what the body needs or doesnt. The blood flows to the kidney, passes through the glomeruli, and filtered blood returns to the heart.

Moreover, the kidneys excrete the residual fluids using the urinary tract, getting to the bladder through the ureters and then outside the body through the urethra.

There are several ways these organs can get ill and cause diverse symptoms and problems, depending on the source. High blood pressure and diabetes are two common diseases that produce kidney damage if they arent correctly taken care of.

In diabetes, there are high blood sugar levels that harm the glomeruli, allowing proteins into the urine when they shouldnt. High blood pressure also damages the glomeruli, making it the second most common cause of chronic kidney failure.

Limiting Foods With Calcium Oxalate

Kidney stones can consist of many different compounds, including uric acid, struvite, and cysteine. The most common type of kidney stone involves calcium oxalate.

One 2014 study examined nearly 44,000 kidney stones and found that 67% were composed predominately of calcium oxalate.

Doctors usually only recommend restricting oxalate intake to those at a high risk of kidney stones or those with high oxalate levels.

Consuming calcium alongside oxalate-rich foods may reduce the risk of kidney stones by binding the chemicals together before they reach the kidneys.

Foods that contain high levels of oxalate include:

  • grapefruit and cranberry juice

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Can Kidney Stones Be Prevented

While not all kidney stones can be prevented, there are ways to lower your risk of developing one or developing another one. The first and foremost way would be to drink enough fluids to ensure your urinary system gets flushed out well.

Your doctor could recommend that you avoid certain types of foods, but that is an individual call. For certain types of stones, sometimes medications are prescribed to help reduce the risk as well.

If you suspect sepsis, call 9-1-1 or go to a hospital and tell your medical professional, I AM CONCERNED ABOUT SEPSIS.

The information here is also available as a , which is a downloadable format for easier printing.

Would you like to share your story about sepsis or read about others who have had sepsis? Please visit Faces of Sepsis, where you will find hundreds of stories from survivors and tributes to those who died from sepsis.

Stress And The Kidneys

Can Kidney Stones Be Caused By Stress?

Hypertension is the second leading cause of kidney disease. Having high blood pressure can damage our blood vessels, including the blood vessels in our kidneys. When the vessels in our kidneys arent working properly, our kidneys cant work like they need to.

Another reason to take deep breaths at work when our boss is stressing us out!

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Risk Factors For Kidney Stones

Factors that can increase your risk of developing kidney stones include:

Medical Conditions

Certain medical conditions such as urinary tract infections, blockages in the urinary tract, insulin resistance, type II diabetes, excessive vitamin D intake can increase your risk of developing kidney stones.


There are medications required to treat underlying medical issues whose side effects can affect your bodys metabolism and trigger inflammation and infections. Calcium, vitamin C and supplements are likely to result in stone formation.


Obesity can fluctuate your urine acidic level and high levels of acid in the urine can cause crystallization.

Family History

Individuals with family members who have kidney stones are more likely to develop them than others.

Lifestyle Factors

There are some lifestyle choices and activities with tendencies to form kidney stones. Strenuous exercises, occupations and outdoor professions in tropical environments, and tropical holidays can cause dehydration and result in the formation of kidney stones.

What Causes Kidney Malfunction

A major culprit of kidney problems is an acidic diet . A brand-new study sheds light on the renal problems that can be caused by a high-acid, meat-rich diet.

The study followed 1,500 people with kidney disease for a period of 14 years. Participants who ate a diet high in meat came very close to experiencing complete kidney failure, while those who ate more fruits and vegetables did not even come close to kidney failure. Researchers estimate that an acidic diet can make it three times more likely for your kidneys to fail.1

Says lead study author Dr. Tanushree Banejee,

Patients with chronic kidney disease may want to pay more attention to diet consumption of acid rich foods to reduce progression to kidney failuredialysis treatmentsmay be avoided by adopting a more healthy diet that is rich in fruits and vegetables.1

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Myths About Kidney Stones

If youve ever gotten a kidney stone you know that its not like a nagging cough, it is quite painful and in extreme cases can even require surgery to correct. The rumors that people spread about what a kidney stone experience is like can be quite frightening but the fact is most of these rumors are just that rumors. Its important to know, however, if the what you are experiencing are actual kidney stone symptoms, or something else, for example, a urinary tract infection or sometimes just plain old indigestion. When you start buying into these myths that people spread about kidney stones, it can can cause you undue stress or worse, lead you to a treatment that will advance your problem not help it. This is why we want to debunk the top myths about kidney stones so you can better know kidney stone symptoms when you spot them. Keep in mind the main symptoms will be different for everyone but include pain when you urinate, nausea, frequent urination, fevers and cold chills, and pains that come in different intensities and fluctuate. Just because you have one of these symptoms or lack thereof, does not indicate you have kidney stones. For your healths sake dont believe the hype of these kidney stone and treatment myths:

What Are The Symptoms Of Kidney Stones

Do Really Food Cause Kidney Stones ???

Kidney stones can sometimes exist without noticeable symptoms and dissipate itself. Most stones start small without signs before growing into larger sizes with more noticeable symptoms.


Kidney stones are accompanied by pain that is sometimes sharp and unexpected, usually occurring in your lower abdomen or groin. Pain may also be sudden, frequent and in the lower back and side.

Frequent Urination

You may feel an intense urge to urinate with little amounts of urine. Urinating more often and also burning sensation during urination is likely to occur.

Color Of Urine

Urine may be red, dark, bloody or cloudy. You may also experience foul, smelly urine.

Pain In Men

Men are more prone to develop kidney stones than women. There may be a pain at the top of the penis during this condition.

Fever And Chills

An abrupt decrease or increase in temperature levels accompanied by fever is not left out. This is more noticeable in severe cases.


Pain can be very intense sometimes that it causes distress and writhing. This pain may become crippling if it is not treated on time.

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Kidney Stones Feel Like A Stomachache

MYTH BUSTED: Kidney stones are more along the lines of a contraction, and some people it is more severe than labor, so go ask your mom if labor is just like a stomachache and send us her reaction. Trust us, the pain can range from a stabbing sensation to pain along the lines of menstrual cramps. Its definitely not a tummy ache.

Stress And Your Kidneys

We all experience stress. Its part of life. But too much stress can contribute to poor health, increasing our blood pressure and damaging our kidneys. By learning how stress impacts our health and finding ways to manage it, we can keep our kidneys healthier and live a healthier life overall.

What is stress?Stress is anything that can upset or disturb your equilibrium or balance. Stress can be physiological , or psychological . Living with a chronic illness, such as kidney disease, or learning for the first time that you have a chronic illness can be a significant source of stress.

Psychological stress is something that we contend with every day. It can be a result of positive life events, such as marriage and children, or it can come from more emotionally challenging events, such as the loss of a loved one, divorce and personal or financial problems.

Stress is normal, and your physical response to stress, including faster breathing and heart rate, a spike in blood pressure, dilated pupils, tense muscles, is a natural and normal process. The levels of fats and sugars in your blood can also increase. The bodys response to stress is commonly known as fight or flight. Although it is a natural process to help us survive immediate dangers, these reactions from too much or constant stress can eventually take their toll on your health.

COVID-19 patients can become kidney patients.

You can provide lifesaving support today with a special monthly gift.

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Prevention Of Kidney Stones

According to doctors, kidney stones can be prevented in many cases. If you know you are at risk for any of the reasons listed here, drink at least 14 glasses of water a day. In addition, you can decrease the risk of developing kidney stones with the withdrawal of oxalate-rich foods. Some of these include sesame seeds, spinach, cabbage, refried beans, and sweet potatoes.

What Drinks Are Bad For Kidneys

Can Stress Cause Kidney Stones?

Sodas are the worst kind of beverage for people with kidney diseases since they push for kidney stone formation. They have a high amount of sodium that is parallel excreted with calcium, increasing calcium in the urine. These drinks also have a significant amount of phosphates that can precipitate with calcium and form stones.

Other beverages like beers have harmful effects specifically to uric acid stones since they are high in purine. It is also known that really high levels of vitamin C, mostly coming from supplements, can increase levels of oxalate.

The primary prevention method for kidney stones is to drink a vast amount of water every day. This reduces the concentration of the urine and prevents the formation of stones in the kidneys.

Other liquid intakes can be acquired as long as they are low on sugar and sodium levels. Finally, its important to check with a professional if you think you have kidney stones since every patient is different.

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Can Stress Cause Kidney Stones The Importance Of Gratitude Meditation

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Kidney disease and issues related to the kidney bring on different challenges for different people. But some common feelings show themselves over and over again: stress and anxiety. Whether short term or long term, these feelings are common but often overlooked in kidney patients. But the question still arises- can stress cause kidney stones or other damage to our kidneys?

And then on the other hand- how do we deal with the stress of having kidney stones or damage to our precious kidneys?

Lets take a look.

This article was written by Shelby Anderson and reviewed by Jen Hernandez RDN, CSR, LDN.

How Can You Reduce Stress In Your Kidneys

The main way of reducing stress in your kidneys is by reducing risk factors that damage them. Preventing diabetes and high blood pressure can be a great deal of reducing stress in your kidneys. Also very important is to keep you hydrated, since severe dehydration causes acute renal failure. This can lead to chronic kidney disease , which is irreversible and might even need a kidney transplant.

When there is a cardiovascular disease like heart failure, stress is put to the kidney because it receives less blood. This shows it has to be taken into account the root of the stress the kidney might have.

Different diagnostic methods work for getting to know the source of the kidney stone. A urine test is the primary tool doctors have in these cases since it shows a broad spectrum of characteristics. Red blood cells, proteins , bacteria, Ph, white blood cells, minerals are just some of the things that are seen.

Depending on the symptoms, the doctor will look for specific traits in this test. A blood test is also essential to measure the damage a kidney has and what consequences is producing. Imaging is the key to a precise diagnosis of complicated renal conditions such as nephrolithiasis, congenital diseases, autoimmune conditions, etc.

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Stress Related Diet Changes

Stress often impacts our food and drink choices. Im sure that all of us can remember a time when we made different food choices because we were stressed, sad, nervous or anxious.

Time and time again, research shows that stress negatively impacts our diet.

A healthy diet, and staying well hydrated, are very important to prevent kidney stones. In addition to the direct metabolic changes stress causes, a poor diet and drinking less water likely play a role in the connection between stress and kidney stones.

What Foods Help Repair Kidneys

Preventing Kidney Stones With Magnesium. Kidney Disease/CKD and Magnesium

It will depend on the type of stone that is damaging the kidney since they have different formations. People wrongly believe that reducing your calcium intake will reduce kidney stones, even if its a calcium stone. When the calcium intake diminishes, the body increases its absorption in the guts and from the bones. This makes the kidney to excrete more calcium while maintaining a normal intake or more reduces the excretion of it.

When there is less calcium in the urine, there is less calcium oxalate stones formation in the kidneys. Another technique doctors recommend is to eat calcium high and oxalate-rich foods together in the same meal. This causes the two molecules to bind together in the intestine rather than in the kidneys, reducing the risks.

With uric acid stones, it is a different formation, so the foods that help are different as well. In this type of stone, we need to reduce uric acid excretion since it drives toward acidic urine and stone formations. Eating a diet with mostly vegetables, fruits, dairy, and grains decreases the purine in the body and the stones.

Doctors associate the consumption of fruits with potassium citrate like lemon with declines of stone formation in the kidney.

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Can Kidney Stones Be Caused By Stress

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Your emotional health is equally important to your physical health. The mind-body connection doesnt get as much credit as it should. Stress is rampant in our lives and contributes to a host of health conditions, including kidney stones.

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Ways Stress Can Impact Urologic Health

There is certainly no shortage of stress these days, and that nagging anxiety can affect us in multiple ways, including physically. At some point in your life you will be forced to deal with it, so along with heart disease, high blood pressure, and kidney stones, here are 3 ways stress can impact urologic health.

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Can High Levels Of Stress Cause Kidney Stones

Can A Girl Get Kidney Stones Tips To Prevent Kidney Stones There are some natural ways and effective ways to remove these painful stones from your system. Kidney diseases can cause severe health problems. homoeopathic treatments to manage stones in kidney. Combined with dialysiss mental and physical stress, a dialysis patient needs to.

Can A Girl Get Kidney Stones Tips To Prevent Kidney Stones There are some natural ways and effective ways to remove these painful stones from your system. Kidney diseases can cause severe health problems. homoeopathic treatments to manage stones in kidney. Combined with dialysiss mental and physical stress, a dialysis patient needs to.

Since kidney stones don’t seem to cause dogs as much pain as they do for people, why worry about.

The signs and symptoms of kidney stones could include.

Kidney failure Unlike kidney disease in which the condition can be treated with.

hypertension, kidney stones, polycystic kidney disease and urinary infections are at a high risk of developing chronic kidney.

While the FDA warns that high enough levels of melamine could cause kidney stones, kidney failure, and even death, the VA researchers suggest.

He or she can perform a blood or urine test or an ultrasound or stone protocol CT to confirm the diagnosis and give you medication such as an.

Foods high in oxalates can hinder calcium absorption and may cause kidney stone formation.

It can also show the presence of stones.

May 15, 2020.

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