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Can Stress Cause Swollen Lymph Nodes

What Causes Swollen Lymph Glands


Lymph glands are normally pea-sized. You can sometimes feel them as lumps under the skin. People often feel their lymph glands in the neck. Lymph glands under the skin become more noticeable and easier to feel if they swell. They can swell to the size of marbles or even bigger.

You cannot see or feel lymph glands that are deeper in the chest or tummy but they may be uncomfortable or tender.

Causes of swollen lymph glands include the following:

How To Reduce Swollen Lymph Nodes From Anxiety

Swelling of lymph nodes related to anxiety is likely to not be dangerous however, you should always visit a doctor if you’re concerned about your lymph nodes, because only a doctor can truly diagnose the problem. Some infections can be dangerous and even life threatening.

If it is determined that anxiety is what’s leading you to experience swollen lymph nodes, then the key is to make sure that you can reduce your concern over them. Lymph nodes aren’t something you simply change. Ideally, you need to make sure that you’re fighting the amount of mental energy you’re placing on your lymph nodes to give them that “swollen” feel.

You can do that by trying the following:

These are some very small, easy ways to reduce your overall anxiety and possibly think less about your lymph nodes and neck muscles. You’ll still need to address your anxiety overall if you truly want to find relief.


Anxiety itself doesnt typically lead to the feeling of swollen glands. But it can make you more aware of your lymph nodes, cause you to check them more often, and lead to more fear when you feel like theyre changing in size. If you genuinely are concerned your lymph nodes are swollen, see a doctor first, but then start the process for managing anxiety in the future.

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Question: How Can You Tell If Lymph Nodes Are Swollen

People can check whether their lymph nodes are swollen . Swollen lymph nodes will feel like soft, round bumps, and they may be the size of a pea or a grape. They might be tender to the touch, which indicates inflammation.07-Jan-2019

How to tell if lymph nodes are swollen?

  • If your lymph nodes are swollen, you can often feel them by pressing lightly and circling your three middle fingers: Abnormal lumps and tumors are often mistaken for lymph nodes due to their location. They can often be differentiated by the hardness, texture, regularity, and whether they are free-floating or attached to other tissues.

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What Are Lymph Nodes

Lymph nodes are small, bean-shaped lumps of tissue that contain mostly white blood cells. They are part of the bodys immune system and help fight infection and disease.

There are about 600 lymph nodes scattered all over your body. They are connected to each other through lymphatic vessels that run through the body much like veins. Some are single nodes, while others are more closely connected. Lymph node clusters can be found in the neck, armpit, chest, abdomen, and groin area.

The lymphatic system has several functions and all of them are important to keep the body functioning in good health.

Here are some of the primary functions of the lymphatic system:

Protects the body from infection.

The lymphatic system is part of the immune system, which is responsible for protecting your body against foreign invaders, inflammation, and infection. Lymphocytes, a type of white blood cell, that attacks and destroys harmful invaders like bacteria, viruses, and parasites.

Maintains the bodys fluid levels.

Another crucial job of the lymphatic system is regulating your fluid levels. The fluids in the bloodstream sometimes leak out into tissues. Lymph capillaries pick up excess fluid and return them to the venous blood. When the fluids are not drained, this causes swelling of the tissues and leads to edema or lymphoedema.

Helps absorb fat from the digestive tract.

Can Lymphoma Cause Panic Attacks

Can stress cause swollen lymph nodes MISHKANET.COM

Anxiety, depression, and even panic attacks may result from your reaction to the diagnosis of lymphoma, or from the effects of the disease or treatment. It is very important to inform your doctor or nurse regarding your feelings and how your mood or fatigue is impacting your quality of life and ability to function.

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How Fast Do Cancerous Lymph Nodes Grow

Chemotherapy combinations cure about 50 percent of patients, meaning there are many who need other choices. This lymphoma is very rapidly growing, and lymph nodes double in size within a few days to a few weeks. While it is rapidly growing, it is curable in many patients when diagnosed early.

Swollen Lymph Nodes Can Be A Sign Of A Bigger Health Issue

A single swollen lymph node, or those that are concentrated in one area can often be blamed on a localized problem such as an infection, says Benaderet. The good news: these typically resolve on their own. Swollen lymph nodes that crop up in multiple places on the body, or a swollen lymph node that is associated with systemic symptoms, however, can indicate a more serious health problem such as cancer or an immune disease.

Those who suffer from a more serious infection or an immune disease such as lupus may experience swelling in multiple lymph nodes at different locations throughout the body.

Those with a tumor will likely notice a quickly growing, hard, and unmovable node. Swollen lymph nodes that arent treated can lead to an abscess or sepsis .

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Home Treatment For Swollen Lymph Nodes

If you are currently having trouble with swollen lymph nodes, there are also steps you can take for relief:

Apply a warm compress to the areas affected.

If your lymph nodes are feeling painful or tender to the touch, apply a warm compress gently on the affected areas. This can help bring down the swelling temporarily.

Drink a pain reliever.

Drink a pain reliever to help with the discomfort. An aspirin, ibuprofen, naproxen, or acetaminophen work well in treating pain-related symptoms.

Get plenty of rest.

When your body is fighting off infection, it needs plenty of rest. Make sure to get enough sleep and drink plenty of fluids to keep yourself hydrated.

Go to the doctor.

If your swollen lymph nodes arent going away, it is best to have yourself checked by a physician. Make sure to take note of other symptoms you are feeling and report them to your doctor.

Side Effects Of Treatment

Swollen Lymph Nodes Stress Response (Mind-Body Connection)

Treatment for Hodgkin lymphoma can cause side effects, and your childs doctor will discuss these with you before the treatment starts. Any possible side effects will depend on the particular treatment being used and the part of the body that is being treated.

Some general side effects of chemotherapy that can occur during treatment include:

  • feeling sick and being sick
  • hair loss
  • low blood count which can lead to an increased risk of infection, bruising and bleeding
  • tiredness

Changes to your childs sense of taste and changes in their bowel may also happen. If your child has side effects from the treatment it is important to discuss them with your doctor or nurse. They may be able to help reduce them.

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How Anxiety Can Cause Swollen Lymph Glands And Swollen Throat

Guest over a year ago

I heard that anxiety can cause swollen lymph glands and swollen throat and I am wondering how is that possible? I am suffering from anxiety and my throat is really hurting for about a couple of days now and I think that it might be swollen, I’ve heard that anxiety can indeed cause swollen throat. A friend of mine also told me that my lymph glands could be swollen as well and that it can be caused by anxiety as well. I find it crazy, like, anxiety can cause so many things that I didn’t know of, but how could it possibly cause this?


Gaia352393 over a year ago

I don’t really think that anxiety can directly cause swollen lymph glands. A lot of people are complaining about their swollen lymph glands and they are connecting this to anxiety thinking that anxiety is the cause of their swollen lymph glands but this is not quite true. Anxiety can cause a lot of different symptoms which could actually make you think that your lymph glands are swollen which they aren’t really.

However, on the other side, anxiety causes some very unusual symptoms and can make several changes to the way your body operates so it might be possible for it to cause swollen lymph nodes but again, not directly.

Guest over a year ago

Guest over a year ago

Guest over a year ago

Guest over a year ago

fearsome good-bye over a year ago

Self diagnose is not just wrong, but it is really bad.

You Have An Infection Or A Common Virus

This is the most common cause of swollen lymph glands anywhere on your body: they’re fighting something off.

Nodes will swell with lymph fluid in response to a wide variety of invasive problems, from a cold to measles and chickenpox, STDs, staph, or any kind of infection. The normal recommendation for swollen lymph nodes due to infections is rest and fluids, as well as any disease-specific treatments. They’ll go down on their own as the body successfully fights the issue.

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Common Causes Of Swollen Lymph Nodes

Swollen lymph nodes are one of the telltale signs that your body is fighting an infection or there is something amiss with your lymphatic system. When the body has an infection or inflammation, the lymphatic system produces more lymphocytes and the nodes tend to swell or feel tender when touched.

Here are some of the most common causes of swollen lymph nodes:

Does Anxiety Cause Swollen Lymph Nodes

Can stress cause swollen lymph nodes in neck ...

Swollen lymph nodes are among the most controversial symptoms of anxiety. It appears that anxiety can cause swollen lymph nodes, but the reason isnt clear because there isnt a medical connection between lymph nodes and stress.

The reality is that, in many cases its not that simple. Lymph nodes themselves cannot swell as a result of stress. Their swelling generally only occurs to fight off an infection. Yet there is no denying that some people with severe stress and anxiety report swollen lymph nodes. So what is happening?

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Diagnosis Of Swollen Lymph Nodes

If youve recently become ill or had an injury, let a doctor know. This information is vital in helping them determine the cause of your symptoms.

The doctor will also ask you about your medical history. Since certain diseases or medications can cause swollen lymph nodes, giving your medical history helps them find a diagnosis.

After you discuss the symptoms with the doctor, theyll perform a physical examination. This consists of checking the size of your lymph nodes and feeling them to see if theyre tender.

After the physical examination, blood tests may be ordered to check for certain diseases.

If necessary, the doctor may order an imaging test to further evaluate the lymph node or other areas of your body that may have caused the lymph node to swell. Common imaging tests used to check lymph nodes include:

If the above tests suggest the need for further evaluation, the doctor may order an MRI.

In certain cases, even further testing may be needed following the MRI. In this case, the doctor may order a lymph node biopsy. This is a minimally invasive test that consists of using thin, needle-like tools to remove a sample of cells from the lymph node. The cells are then sent to a laboratory where theyre tested for major diseases, such as cancer.

If necessary, the doctor may remove the entire lymph node.

What Are Swollen Lymph Nodes

When youre not feeling so great, like youre coming down with something, you may notice some swelling on the sides of your neck. Those lumps probably feel soft and tender to the touch and may even hurt a little.

Swollen lymph nodes are common and are actually a good thing. The swelling in these pea- or bean-sized lymph nodes are one of your bodys natural reactions to illness or infection. That tells doctors that your bodys healthy and robust immune system is working to clear away infection and/or invading viruses or bacteria.

Many people call them swollen glands even though theyre really not glands, but part of your lymphatic system. One of your bodys lesser known systems, its in charge of balancing your fluid levels.

Your swollen glands act like filters that help your body get rid of germs, cells or other foreign matter that passes through your lymph fluid .

And when you think of swollen glands, you most likely think of swelling in your neck. But the lymph nodes in your groin, under your chin and your armpits can swell too. You can even move them slightly with your fingers.

You also have lymph nodes throughout your body that you cant feel. Theres a network of about 600 of them in your:

  • Jaw.

Your lymph nodes get larger when more blood cells come to fight off an invading infection. They all essentially pile in, causing pressure and swelling.

Often, the lymph nodes that swell will be close to the infections site.

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Can You Prevent Swollen Lymph Nodes

You wouldnt want to prevent swollen lymph nodes. Theyre a sign that your body is fighting an infection or illness. If you hate the discomfort of having swollen lymph nodes, your best bet is to take extra steps to keep from catching common viruses through:

  • Proper handwashing.
  • Avoiding touching your eyes and nose.
  • Staying away from those who are sick.
  • Disinfecting surfaces in your home or workspace.
  • Getting enough sleep, eating healthy and exercising.

Can Stress Cause Swollen Lymph Nodes In Neck

Health Anxiety & Swollen Lymph Nodes

Ask U.S. doctors your own question and get educational, text answers â it’s anonymous and free!

Ask U.S. doctors your own question and get educational, text answers â it’s anonymous and free!

HealthTap doctors are based in the U.S., board certified, and available by text or video.

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Is Lymphatic Drainage Just Right For Sinus

If you undergo from deficient drainage, clogged sinuses and drive behind your eyes, Lymph Drainage Therapy is also simply the article you wish to have. Your LDT therapist can assist nature along by facilitating the drift of your bodys fluids in the course of the Lymph system, which matches to relieve sinus power and infections.

Stress And Its Effect On The Lymphatic System

Theres no denying that for many of us, recent events have taken a toll on our mental health and wellbeing. According to a new study by Body Ballancer of 2,000 British adults, over half of those who took part claim they feel stressed or extremely stressed on a day-to-day basis. Read our blog on the impact stress has on our lymphatic health and the steps you can take to reduce its impact

Stress for most of us is sadly increasingly becoming a reality of everyday life. Whether youre under pressure from work deadlines, juggling parenting duties with a busy schedule, or worrying about the health and care of elderly relatives, the fast pace of modern-day life leaves may leave many of us struggling on a daily basis.

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How Hodgkin Lymphoma Is Diagnosed

As lymph glands can swell for lots of reasons, a biopsy is carried out to diagnose Hodgkin lymphoma. A biopsy is when a swollen lymph gland is removed and the cells are looked at under a microscope. Its a small operation which is usually done under a general anaesthetic. Sometimes only a small part of the lymph gland has to be removed, which can be done under a local anaesthetic.

If Hodgkin lymphoma is diagnosed after the biopsy, further tests are carried out to find out the exact size and position of the lymphoma, and to see whether it has spread beyond the original area. These tests include x-rays, blood tests, CT, MRI and PET scans.

Very often, a bone marrow sample will be taken. This is because the lymphoma cells can spread to the bone marrow as well as to other lymph glands.

The tests that are carried out are called staging tests. Any tests and investigations that your child needs will be explained to you. The Childrens Cancer and Leukaemia Group has more information about what the tests and scans involve.

Lymphocyte Predominant Hodgkin Lymphoma

Can stress cause swollen lymph nodes? No fuss?

This is a rare type of Hodgkin lymphoma that affects around 5% of patients. LPHL usually grows at a slower rate than classical Hodgkin lymphoma and normally requires less intensive treatment. Young people with LPHL may have a single swollen gland or group of swollen glands in one area only, such as the neck or groin. The swollen gland often grows very slowly and may be present for many months before a biopsy and diagnosis happens. The biopsy and staging tests will be carried out as with classical Hodgkin lymphoma. The treatment given will depend on the stage of the disease, but most patients are diagnosed with an early stage of the disease.

LPHL is usually treated with surgery or low-dose chemotherapy. It may return many years after treatment, and further treatment may be required, but it is rarely a life-threatening condition. In rare cases, patients have advanced LPHL and receive more intensive chemotherapy. There is also a link between LPHL and developing a more aggressive non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

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