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Can Stress Make Your Back Hurt

Low Back Pain Kidney Issues And Stress

How Do Stress and Anxiety Affect Back Pain, and What Can I do about it?

Last week we talked about low back pain and what it could mean to your kidneys and your overall health. This week we want to take it a step further and explore how your emotions affect your energetic profile and in turn how this can affect your body, specifically the low back, kidneys and your sense of well-being.

Common Posture Mistakes That Lead To Back Problems

So many of us are guilty of the same common mistakes that increase postural stress and ultimately cause back pain. Over our lifetime, subconscious habits form and make it easy for us to miss when we’re putting additional stresses on our bodies. Here are the most common causes of back pain and what you can do to correct them:

1. You’re looking down at your screen, phone, or desk, and your head tips forward.The human head weighs, on average, 10 lbs. Any slight angle forward puts a strain on the muscles of your neck and upper back. The further that you lean your head forward, and how long you keep that straining posture, determines how much extra work your neck and upper-back need to do.

2. Your shoulders are rolled forward. Some of the most common causes of lower back pain are a lack of lumbar support from a chair thats too soft or one that doesnt encourage good posture, a muscular imbalance in which your pectoral muscles are stronger than your back muscles , or habit. If youre wondering if youre guilty of this, stand with your feet shoulder-width apart and let your arms hang down at your sides. If your thumb points forward, youre probably balanced. If your palms are pointing behind you, you probably have an imbalance.

3. You’re leaning forward from your lower back. This posture puts even more pressure on the vertebrae of your lower spine , as it compresses your disks.

Fatigue Or Consistent Lower Energy Levels

Fatigue is a common symptom of depression. Occasionally we all experience lower energy levels and can feel sluggish in the morning, hoping to stay in bed and watch TV instead of going to work.

While we often believe exhaustion stems from stress, depression can also cause fatigue. However, unlike everyday fatigue, depression-related fatigue can also cause concentration problems, feelings of irritability, and apathy.

Dr. Maurizio Fava , Director of the Clinical Research Program at Bostons Massachusetts General Hospital, points out that depressed individuals often experience nonrestorative sleep, meaning that they feel sluggish even after getting a full night of rest.

However, because many physical illnesses, like infections and viruses, can also cause fatigue, it can be challenging to discern whether or not the exhaustion is related to depression.

One way to tell: While everyday fatigue is a sign of this mental illness, other symptoms like sadness, feeling hopeless, and anhedonia may also be present when you are depressed.

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What Causes Sciatica To Flare Up

What triggers sciatica? Sciatica triggers can be different for each person. Some people also find that they have multiple causes of flare-ups.

Knowing what triggers sciatic nerve pain is crucial because it will help a lot in preventing and managing them. For that reason, you should be aware of any triggers that you may have.

If you can identify what causes sciatica to flare up, youll know what you can do to avoid them.

Here are the ten triggers that may be causing your sciatica to flare up that you need to watch out for:

How To Reduce Stress

Can Stress Cause Lower Back Pain?

We cant exactly remove stress from our lives, but there are ways to ease symptoms.

  • Identify triggers: Write in a journal and look for patterns. Once youve identified them, try to find ways around them.
  • Eat well: Not only is a healthy diet essential in maintaining a healthy weight, certain foods can also help decrease pain and inflammation.
  • Ask for help: Youre not alone. If you feel overwhelmed, ask for help.
  • Stay active: Exercise plays an important role in both mental and physical health. Incorporate walking, yoga, or other activities into your daily routine. **Depending on medical conditions and fitness levels, there may be activities you should avoid. Talk to your doctor to determine a routine thats right for your body.
  • Limit alcohol and caffeine: Alcohol and caffeine can intensify anxiety and joint pain. Stick to water when you can.
  • Stay positive: Try to look at the bright side of things. Its not always easy, but your body will thank you.

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Q Why Does Sciatica Feel Worse In The Morning

Sleeping habits can worsen sciatica pain in the morning. You might be putting additional pressure on your sciatic nerve by sleeping in an awkward position. You must sleep in a way that distributes your weight evenly and does not put additional pressure on your sciatica nerve.

To prevent awkward sleeping you can invest in an ergonomic pillow that will help you relieve pressure from your back. You can also do stretches as soon as you wake up in the morning to deal with the pain.

How Do You Treat Back Pain Related To Stress

As part of his patient-first approach to medicine, Dr. Michels focuses on relieving your pain and addressing the underlying issue.

A successful treatment strategy, therefore, requires a thorough investigation of your symptoms and evaluation of your habits and medical conditions responsible for your discomfort. He then designs a comprehensive plan thats tailored to fit your needs.

For outstanding care and relief from the stressors responsible for your back pain, schedule a visit with Dr. Michels today. Call our office or request your appointment online.

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Could A Health Condition I Have Be To Blame

Lower back pain can also be caused by other things that are going on in your body.

Abdominal aortic aneurysm: If the blood vessel that supplies blood to your belly, pelvis, and legs is at risk of rupturing, youâll feel sudden pain in your lower back.

Pregnancy: All that weight out front can put a real strain on your back.

Tumors: They usually donât start in the back, but are part of the spread of a cancer in the spine that started somewhere else in your body.

Infections: Osteomyelitis, discitis, and septic sacroiliitis are uncommon infections that affect the bones, discs, and joints of the spine. Any one of these can cause pain in your lower back. Kidney infections can also cause your back to feel the brunt.

Other issues: Low back pain can also happen because of things like:

  • Kidney stones
  • Endometriosis, a buildup of uterine tissue outside the uterus
  • Fibromyalgia, a condition that causes widespread muscle pain

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How To Stop Sciatica Flare

Can Stress Cause Back Pain?

There is a lot you can do to prevent a sciatica flare-up, here are some examples:

Take Medicines – If you are excessively affected by sciatica and want to take medicines to manage the pain then you must look into muscle relaxers, steroids and or NSAIDs.

These medicines can remove the inflammation and that can help ease the pain.

Keep Moving -Most people with Sciatica avoid moving around much because it may hurt but sitting excessively is not beneficial. It will only put excessive pressure on your nerves and that can cause more pain. If you wish to avoid the flares, you must stay active.

Fix Your Posture -Your posture affects your sciatica pain greatly, poor posture means excessive pressure on the already pinched nerve.

To remove the pressure from your pinched nerve it is best that you fix your posture and keep your back straight when you sit or stand.

Focus On Healthy Eating -Being obese can contribute to your sciatica flares. The excessive weight adds more pressure to your sciatica nerve. To lessen the pressure you must try maintaining a balanced diet so that you loose weight.

Stretch – Tight muscles add more to sciatic pain and it is important to loosen these muscles to manage pain levels. You can stretch your muscles every now and then so that you keep them as mobile as possible.

Avoid Stress – Stress can be a big contributor to your pain. While you’re stressed your brain does not supply enough oxygen to your nerves and that can elevate pain levels.

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Back Pain Got You Stressed Out Or Does Stress Got Your Back Going Out

  • Health & Wellness
  • Back Pain Got You Stressed
  • The health and strength of your lower back area is absolutely fundamental to your bodys overall health and strength, as its a key support area.

    Many people fall into the trap of thinking that back pain will only be a problem for us if we dont take care when we are lifting heavy objects, or if we contract some disease or condition that affects the bones or muscles in that area. But, low back pain has many causes and one of these is stress. Stress, in fact, can be considered the silent cause of low back pain, and is often overlooked when trying to determine the cause of someones back woes.

    It should be mentioned that not all stress is bad, but we are facing increases in both emotional and psychological stress, and only recently has medical science been looking at the link between stress and the physical effect on low back pain. Back pain can be either initiated by, or worsened by, emotional and psychological factors. The pain is very real and has all the limiting and debilitating effects of pain caused by mechanical or physiological factors. Stress can release hormones that cause blood vessels to constrict and reduce blood flow to muscles, tendons, ligaments and nerves in that area, starving them of nutrients and oxygen and increasing build up of biochemical waste products. This can manifest itself in muscle tension and then back pain.

    Anxiety Therapy To Relieve Back Pain

    If you are having difficulty containing your worry about your back pain symptoms, you may want to connect with one of our recommended anxiety disorder therapists. Working with an experienced anxiety disorder therapist is the most effective way to overcome problematic anxiety, and especially, what seems like unmanageable worry.

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    Products That May Help:

    Get a Standing Desk -standing, even for short periods throughout the day, has been proven to help alleviate or prevent sitting-caused back pain. By standing at your desk you’ll burn extra calories and the variability offered by a sit-to-stand desk will benefit you in more ways than you might think. Our writer, Ryan put together a great guide on buying a standing desk. and is a really good value for money.

    Get an Ergonomic Chair – for most of us, sitting is just part of our daily lives and jobs. Even for those with the benefit of a standing desk, it’s still important to make sure that you have a quality chair for the considerable time you still spend sitting.Ergonomic focused chairsoffer lower back or lumbar support which is key in making your sitting time much less painful.

    Use an Inversion Table – the only way to get 100% decompression of your spine compared to when you stand is to invert at a 60-degree angle. There is some research supporting the use of inversion tables to get rid of back pain. And besides getting rid of back pain, there are many other benefits reported by users.

    Get a Foam Roller – we think foam rollers are a great, cheap option for targeted massage and tissue release. We are a big fan because they come in many shapes, sizes, and difficulty levels that will fit just about any budget. You should do your research though as there is an initial learning curve to overcome.

    Other Ache And Pain Issues

    Can Anxiety Cause Chest Pain And Back Pain

    It should also be noted that anxiety is an incredibly complex condition that causes various changes to the way your body operates. Some people experience throat pain. Others experience unusual nerve sensations in their legs. Others experience random cramping. Still others experience abdominal discomfort or shooting pains that have no apparent causes.

    Only a doctor can diagnose where these pains came from. But there are countless examples of aches and pains that are the result of anxiety despite no apparent physical reason for them to occur.

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    How To Diagnosis Of The Major Stress

    One of the significant examples of stress-related chronic pain is lower back pain. This condition is usually not diagnosed by many medical professionals. However, the mind-body experts who understand the impact of stress on the human body do not find it difficult at all in diagnosing the lower back pain and the cause of it .

    When the process starts for diagnosing stress-related lower back pain, the other possible reasons in this regard are ruled out by the mind-body expert. The majority of these patients suffering from chronic lower back pain are diagnosed with the condition known as sprain-strain.

    After this particular diagnosis, the patient can then form a possible connection between lower back pain and stress. A fruitful dialogue with the physician can then take place by the patient. A physician would later adopt a meaningful cure in addressing the relationship between stress and the back pain of the patient.

    How To Stop Anxiety From Causing Further Back Pain

    Under the assumption that your back pain is caused by anxiety, treating that back pain does require a focus on the pain itself. Unfortunately, while treating anxiety can reduce your back pain in the long term , breaking the cycle of back pain depends in large part on your ability to also fight the back pain itself. Consider the following tips:

    These are all traditional ways to deal with back pain unrelated to anxiety, but they’re still effective because once back pain starts, it needs to be stopped using traditional methods.

    But of course, controlling your back pain is only step one. You will still need to learn ways to cope with anxiety so that you can stop your anxiety back pain from occurring again.


    Anxiety causes muscle tension, inactivity, changes in posture, and other changes that can all lead to back pain. The pain is real, so over the counter painkillers, stretching, and similar treatments might be needed to eliminate the pain. In the long term, it becomes important to stop the anxiety.

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    Can Mental Health Issues Cause Physical Pain

    Its not uncommon for people to assume that mental health issues and physical health issues are mostly unrelated. Weve heard of things like stress headaches, feeling fatigued or sluggish from depression, and having an upset stomach from stress or anxiety, but theres more to it than that.

    Studies have shown a link between depression and back pain. A connection also exists between stress and depression, and its effects on our bodys inflammatory system. Depression can also lower our pain tolerance, which could cause the back pain youre experiencing to feel even more intense.

    Get Help From A Professional:

    Does Stress Affect Back Pain or Neck Pain?

    Massage – Getting pain treatment through massage is another great way to get rid of pain. While this may be a luxury approach, a monthly massage can be affordable and effective. There are many types of massage options, so be sure to ask about targeting your areas of pain. With the rising accessibility of massage guns, you can also get a frequent and affordable targeted massage. You can get a very high-quality massage gun for a few hundred dollars.

    Go to a Chiropractor – Finding a good chiropractor can be the key to relieving your pain. Chiropractors are trained in musculoskeletal manipulation and can identify the cause of your pain and specifically treat areas of pain with specialized procedures. They can also advise you on managing your pain in your day-to-day life and suggest other activities that may help.

    Physical Therapy – Often treating patients that have suffered trauma or recovering from surgery, physical therapists and their staff are also more than qualified to help treat back pain. Overlapping with treatment from a chiropractor, seeking help from a physical therapist can be another highly effective option for treating back and neck pain caused by sitting.

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    Bending Over When Lifting Heavy Objects

    Whether you are carrying groceries to your kitchen from your car, picking up your child from the bed, or moving flowerpots in your garden, you are placing large amounts of workload on your lumbar discs.

    When your lumbar discs are overworked, there is an increased risk for developing herniated discs. This, in turn, can compress or irritate the sciatic nerve.

    Q What Causes Sciatica Hip Pain

    If the Sciatica nerve is pinched you may experience hip pain as your body starts to favor the side affected by the pinched nerve.

    That adds more pressure to your hips, this can lead to excessive pain and if you have excessive weight or a degenerative joint disease you are likely to experience more pain.

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    Stress Or More When To See The Doctor For Lower Back Pain

    Look, we all know how much of a toll stress can take on our body, and were sure that youve experienced pain and other physical symptoms associated with stress. You may not even know what youre stressing out about, but your body decides to fight back and hurt. Back pain is a common symptom of stress. Some people may carry their tension in their upper back and feel like their muscles are riddled with knots. Others may find that stress causes their lower back to tighten up and be more susceptible to injury and further pain. No one experiences stress symptoms in quite the same way. This makes it exceptionally hard to separate pain caused by stress from pain caused by a more dangerous or pressing problem. So how do you identify when you need to see a specialist for lower back pain? The following blog covers many of the signs that you need to see a doctor and stop choking your back pain up to stress.

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