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Can Stress Stop Your Period

Wondering Why Your Period Is Irregular

How Long Can Stress Delay Your Period?

If your period changed became heavier, lighter, longer, or less frequent would you notice? Hopefully the answer is yes: Paying attention to irregularities in your cycle provides a clue into your overall health. While some issues, such as stress, may temporarily affect your period and resolve on their own, others may actually be serious health problems that need to be addressed.

“I always recommend patients download a period tracker app on their phone,” says Eduardo Lara-Torre, M.D., an ob-gyn at Carilion Clinic in Virginia. “It’s important to understand what’s normal for you so you can identify when something isn’t right,” he adds. And take a look at these common causes of irregular periods, so you can begin tracking your cycle’s changes addressing these menstrual changes early on can prevent them from getting worse, so you can sail smoothly through your monthly flow.

Yes Stress Can Delay A Period

Stress leads to an increase in cortisol, known as the stress hormone. As this hormone increases, it “can wreak havoc on the menstrual cycle by altering the normal hormonal patterns that allow for ovulation and menstruation to occur,” says Valle.

Hormones play an essential role in the menstrual cycle, so it’s not surprising that an increase in the cortisol hormone has an impact.

Here’s how your cycle typically progresses: Hormones are released by the hypothalamus and pituitary gland, which in turn cause a response in the ovaries. “It is a fine, delicate balance between your hormones estrogen and progesterone that determines your menstrual flow,” Valle says. Stress upends these hormonal patterns.

“This can result in a missed period, delayed bleeding, breakthrough bleeding, or an early period depending on when the stress occurs during the cycle,” Valle says.

Okay Youre Right Ive Been Under A Ton Of Pressure Lately How Do I Fix My Period Cycle So That Stress Doesnt Impact It Anymore

As great as it would be if there were a way to communicate to your body, âHey, Iâm done worrying, you can make my period normal again!â itâs easier said than done. Make sure youâre taking time for yourself to do things you like and enjoy. Yes, doing you might just be exactly what your body need right now.

And if worrying about whether your period is late or not is the number one thing thatâs bothering you and keeping you up at night, it might be worth it to book an appointment to see the doctor. Ugh yes, you might have to call on the phone and make an appointment, but the peace of mind youâll feel afterwards if you are able to find a cause and remedy it may be worth it.

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Charting Alerts Us To The Impact Of Stress On Our Cycles Bodies And Minds

Often, we take a head-down, power-through approach to the stressful seasons of life. But seeing the effects of stress on our bodies written down on ones chart or in a charting app can elicit a change of heart. When we recognize that our bodies are trying to tell us things are out of whack, we can use that information to care for our overall health in a holistic, safe, natural, and long-lasting way.

Whether or not a woman is trying to conceive, understanding the effects of stress on the menstrual cycle is information everyone with a uterus should have. Using whats known in the medical community as Fertility Awareness-Based Methods ,more informally called fertility awareness methods or natural family planning like those mentioned above, equips women to acknowledge that stress is a factor, identify ways to alleviate it, and reap the benefits of positive lifestyle changes that can help combat stress.

This article was originally published on May 5, 2018 as written by Lindsay Schlegel. It has since been updated by Natural Womanhood to offer more resources. Last updated October 30, 2020.

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Can Stress Really Delay Your Menstrual Cycle

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Can stress really delay Your menstrual cycle?

Yep! Stress can affect your hormones in a way that changes your menstrual cycle. Other things can delay your period, too, like being sick, exercising a lot, having a low body weight, using a hormonal birth control method, or taking certain other medications. Its also normal for your period to be irregular every once in a while, especially if youre a teenager.

If your period is late and youve had sex without a condom or another method of birth control since your last period you should take a pregnancy test to make sure thats not the cause of your late period.

-Emily at Planned Parenthood

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Can Stress Or Anxiety Affect Your Period

30 Jun, 2021

On the heels of the pandemic, one thing is certain none of us are strangers to stress. The past year and a half has meant change, and a lot of it.

Even though were taking steps to return to pre-pandemic life, stress levels are still very high. In fact, polls show most of us feel even more stressed out than ever before. All this stress takes a toll on our bodies, and can even affect our monthly cycles.

If youve been experiencing some out of the ordinary periods, stress could be to blame. Lets go over what your period normally looks like, how stress can affect it, and what you can do to get back on track.

Is Your Period Healthy

How do you know if your hormones are healthy? The answer is in your 5th vital sign your period.

The color of your flow, frequency of your period, and symptoms you have each month can tell you a lot about your health. There are 5 different V-SIGN TYPES, and knowing which one you have will help you get healthy now and prevent disease in the future.

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Take Care Of Your Body

Theres a reason you reach for chocolates and ice cream when youre feeling stressed. However, these comfort foods can actually compound your problem. Although its tempting to eat fast food and unhealthy meals, by keeping your nutritional schedule, you can help your body deal with stress more effectively.

Can I Delay My Period

How stress affects your period hormones

Often late periods can spark worry but sometimes, an on-time period can be even more inconvenient. If you have an important event coming up such as a holiday, work presentation or wedding then its likely youll want to delay your period yourself.

If youre not on regular contraception then Norethisterone can delay your period for up to 17 days! This hormone tablet is designed to be taken once a day, starting 3 days before your period is due, and then continuing for however long you want to delay by .

Your period will usually start 2 or 3 days after you stop taking Norethisterone. You can buy Norethisterone from UK Meds without an existing prescription and have it delivered to your door.

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Doing Too Much Exercise

The stress that intense physical activity places on your body can affect the hormones responsible for your periods. Losing too much body fat through intense exercise can also stop you ovulating.

You’ll be advised to reduce your level of activity if excessive exercise has caused your periods to stop.

If you’re a professional athlete, you may benefit from seeing a doctor who specialises in sports medicine. They’ll be able to give you advice about how to maintain your performance without disrupting your periods.

Can Stress Delay Your Period Yes And It’s A Common Reason

  • It’s normal for stress to delay a period, or even cause you to skip it entirely.
  • Stress hormones are known to affect menstruation, and research has found that those with higher levels of perceived stress are more likely to miss a period.
  • If your period is irregular or doesn’t occur for three months, you should talk with a gynecologist.
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The majority of the time, periods arrive like clockwork. But sometimes, periods are late or skipped entirely.

There are all sorts of reasons for a missed period. Pregnancy tops the list, of course. But other factors including taking some medications, hormonal issues, and menopause can also delay your period.

In fact, stress is a common reason for a period that doesn’t arrive on schedule.

“A woman’s menstrual cycle can be a great barometer for her stress level both acute stress and chronic stress,” says Lisa Valle, DO, OB/GYN at Providence Saint John’s Health Center.

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Can Stress Stop Your Period

ariana0294250 over a year ago


bap295488 over a year ago

I have the same issue whether I’m due on my period or not with the white stuff, I’m not too sure what that is.

With stress affecting your period though I’d say yes it can. I’ve been irregular since I’ve started college. Sometimes it makes me come on early, I was once 2 weeks early! And sometimes it makes me several days late. I guess this is due to hormones I’m not too sure. I went to the docs about the irregular periods and they simply said it was due to stress and also the body changing when going through puberty.


When To See Your Gyno

Pin by Courtney Pinter on Health (With images)

Sometimes, irregular periods are perfectly normal especially the first couple years after your first period and during perimenopause . Other times, they might signal something more serious.

If youve missed your period for more than a couple months, talk to your doctor. Your doc might evaluate your stress levels, discuss your health history, or perform hormone tests to get to the root of the issue.

You should also always take a pregnancy test to rule that possibility out. What if youve been taking birth control regularly, you ask? Even if you feel like the odds are slim, it never hurts to play it safe and double-check.

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How To Prevent Stress From Delaying Your Period

The first step in preventing stress from delaying your period is to understand whats causing your stress and how much stress you can manage. You may not always be able to avoid stress, but you can develop healthy ways to cope with it. Tracking your cycle and any changes you experience in your moods will make it easier to identify any issues that may arise so you can better understand why your period is late.

While stress is a common cause for a late period, it is just one of many potential reasons for a delay in menstruation. Pregnancy, hormonal birth control, and health problems like polycystic ovary syndrome can also make your period late.

Sometimes the stress of worrying about a potential unintended pregnancy can make your period late. Taking a pregnancy test to find out if you are pregnant can reduce this stress. If your period is late, and youre experiencing symptoms like unwanted hair growth, headaches, weight gain, and difficulty sleeping, you may want to see a health care provider to rule out PCOS, which is a treatable condition.

Tracking your mood, life events, and symptoms in an app like Flo can help you gain perspective on your level of stress, and taking simple measures like exercising or making time for meditation can help you get your period back on track.

  • Analysis of period and cycle length
  • Chances of getting pregnant and ovulation forecast
  • Predictions of next period

Some Stress In Life Is Unavoidable But You Can Learn To Manage Your Stress

Exercising, getting restful sleep, having a healthy diet, confiding in friends and family and having healthy social activities can potentially reduce the effects of stress on your health .

Stress that causes long-term changes in your mood or sleep or that causes chronic physical pain may be serious. If you are experiencing high levels of chronic stress, you may want to consider speaking to your healthcare provider.

Not sure whether stress is affecting your cycle? Clue can help you track your stress, energy, sleep, and exercise. The best way to take care of yourself is to know your body.

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Can Stress Make Your Period Late

Most people who menstruate have experienced a missed or delayed period. If you’re also sexually active, it can be an incredibly stressful experience, no matter how many negative pregnancy tests you take. A late period can have many causes and isn’t necessarily a sign that anything’s wrong. While you should always check with a medical professional to rule out pregnancy or illness, late periods can be caused by a variety of common occurrences, and often isn’t anything to worry about.

Daily Life Stress May Also Affect The Length Of Your Cycle

How much stress can cause a late period?

One study of stress in female nurses found associations between high stress and both anovulation and longer cycles , though these findings may be in part due to rotating shift work , which is common for nurses . Conversely, high stress jobs have also been associated with shorter cycles .

These studies may have found different results because the stress of study participants may not have been equal. Differences in the level and length of stress exposure could cause peopleâs bodies to respond in different ways. For example, in one study, perimenopausal people with high stress were no more likely to have altered cycles than low stress people after one year however, high stress was linked to shorter menstrual cycles after two years , indicating that symptoms may not present immediately.

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A Change In Your Schedule

Changing schedules can throw off your body clock. If you frequently change work shifts from days to nights, or if your schedule is generally all over the place, your period can be fairly unpredictable.

A change in your schedule shouldn’t cause you to completely miss your period, but it can cause your period to start earlier or later than expected. Your cycle can also change by a few days if you experience jet lag.

Stopped Or Missed Periods

There are many reasons why a woman may miss her period, or why periods might stop altogether.

Most women have a period every 28 days or so, but it’s common to have a slightly shorter or longer cycle than this .

Some women do not always have a regular menstrual cycle. Their period may be early or late, and how long it lasts and how heavy it is may vary each time.

Read more about irregular periods and heavy periods.

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What Are The Signs That Your Menstruation Is Coming

Common signs that your period is approaching are:

  • Youre breaking out. Acne is a common problem at this time of the month.
  • Your breasts are sore or heavy.
  • Youre tired but you cant sleep.
  • You have cramps.
  • Youre constipated or have diarrhea.
  • Youre bloated and gassy.
  • You have a headache.
  • Youre having mood swings.

How Can I Get My Cycle Back On Track

Can you miss your period because of stress: The request could not be ...

For anyone concerned about their missed period, experts recommend ruling out pregnancy first, then talking to your primary care provider or OB-GYN to pin down other possible causes.

Many OB-GYNs, Nathan says, are available for tele-health, so contact your doctor to discuss your symptoms. You may be asked to go into the office for a blood test or ultrasound, which can help diagnose the problem.Then, wed arrange a second tele-visit to discuss results and treatment, Nathan says.

Depending on whats going on, your doctor may recommend hormonal therapy to regulate your cycle. Nathan says if someone anticipates prolonged stress , they can consider hormonal regulation with the birth control pill, especially if infrequent cycles become bothersome.

Sometimes, when people havent had a period for a few months, they can have a really heavy and painful period, and we dont want them to experience that, she says.

Millheiser says a period thats spaced out more than every three months can have health implications. The reason we get concerned if its greater than every three months, even if its on a regular frequency, is because you are getting a build up of estrogen which leads to thicker lining of the uterus, which can potentially lead to cancer down the road, she says.

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Does Stress Affect Your Fertility

Stress and fertility are closely related. Your stress response system has been designed to protect you from danger. It helped your ancestors fight or run from physical dangers, like a hungry lion.

But while your environment has changed a lot since then, your body still reacts in the same way to something stressful. Everyday occurrences, like work stress, can trigger this response. So from an evolutionary perspective, its likely your body is protecting you from the demands of pregnancy its priority is to help you deal with danger.

If stress affects your HPG axis and sex hormone production, a range of things can happen that might prevent pregnancy, like:

  • not ovulating no egg is released so fertilisation cant happen
  • having a short cycle there mightnt be enough time to properly implant a fertilised egg before your period starts

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