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Does Stress Cause Migraine With Aura

Brain Function And Blood Flow

Migraine Aura – Everything You Need To Know About Visual Auras From Migraines

Cortical spreading depression might impact blood flow and blood vessels in the brain. While extreme changes in blood flow are dangerous and arent a part of migraine, more research is needed to fully understand the role of changing electrical signals in the brain to both aura and migraine development.

Stages Of A Migraine Attack

It is often difficult to know when a migraine attack is going to happen. However, you can often tell the pattern of each attack as there are well defined stages.

It is these stages and their symptoms that distinguish a migraine from a headache.

However, not everyone will experience all of the symptoms of each stage and the stages can overlap. In adults, we can divide a migraine attack into four or five stages that lead on from each other.

Learning to recognise the different stages of a migraine attack can be useful. You might get one, all, or a combination of these stages, and the combination of stages may vary from attack to attack. Each stage can vary in how long and how bad it is. Recognising different symptoms at different times during your attack can give your doctor information which may help them make a diagnosis. Taking medication as soon as you notice the pain may stop or shorten an attack.

Migraine attacks in children are often much shorter than in an adult. It may be easier to tell the different headache stages in a child.

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Environmental And Genetic Triggers

, some researchers believe that substances in the brain may build up and cause inflammation, leading to migraine.

Genes and environmental triggers may also play a role in this inflammation.

They also note that although migraine is more common in females, males are more likely to develop migraine with aura.

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Nerve Stimulation Devices For Migraine Relief

When medications arent providing adequate migraine relief, it may be worth trying a nerve stimulation device. These devices, of which there are several types, reduce pain or help prevent migraine episodes by delivering electrical or magnetic pulses to selected nerves.

They are unlikely to replace medications in a persons migraine management plan, but they may help control pain when used alongside meds.

Side effects from nerve stimulation tend to be mild and mainly include redness, irritation, or muscle twitching at the site of the stimulation.

The main drawback of nerve stimulation devices may be that theyre expensive and not always covered by health insurance plans.

What Medicines Help Relieve Migraine Pain

Ocular Migraine Symptoms Causes And Risks

For mild to moderate migraines, over-the-counter medicines that may help relieve migraine pain include:

  • aspirin
  • acetaminophen
  • an acetaminophen, aspirin, and caffeine combination
  • ibuprofen
  • naproxen
  • ketoprofen

People who have more severe migraines may need to try abortive prescription medicines. A medicine called ergotamine can be effective alone or combined with other medicines. Dihydroergotamine is related to ergotamine and can be helpful. Other prescription medicines for migraines include sumatriptan, zolmitriptan, naratriptan, rizatriptan, almotriptan, eletriptan, and frovatriptan.

If the pain wont go away, stronger pain medicine may be needed, such as a narcotic, or medicines that contain a barbiturate . These medicines can be habit-forming and should be used cautiously. Your doctor may prescribe these only if they are needed and only for a short period of time.

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Migraine Aura Without Headache

Experiencing a migraine aura without a headache can be confusing.

Most people associate migraines with headaches and intense head pains. So, theyre often left unsure when they experience most of the same symptoms without any head pain.

Though much rarer, migraine aura without headaches are still considered ocular migraines, even though the experience is much different.

The main similarity between the two conditions are the visual auras. Those that experience a migraine aura see the same bright spots, dark spots, stars, and zigzag lights.

The difference is that they come and go without any head pain. Most people will experience the visual symptoms for between 5 minutes and 60 minutes before they go away completely.

Even though the visual symptoms dont occur with a headache, most experts still agree theyre caused by the same changes as a normal ocular migraine.

According to the Mayo Clinic, two main types of people experience silent migraines.

First is people that experience ocular migraines like normal. Sometimes the visual aura will result in a headache while other times no head pain will be felt.

The second is those that only experience ocular migraines without pain. They never experience a headache after the visual aura.

Remember that the symptoms of migraines change over time. Most people have a far different migraine experience over time as when they first started to get migraines.

Most Common Aura Symptoms

Aura refers to a variety of visual, sensory, and speech disturbances that can occur with or without a headache. These usually last for 2060 minutes but can sometimes last for several days.

According to a review in the Journal of Headache and Pain, a person experiencing migraine with aura may notice the following symptoms:

  • visual changes, such as seeing flashes of light, spots, or zigzag lines or experiencing a temporary loss of vision
  • sensory changes, such as numbness or tingling in arms, legs, fingers, or face
  • speech changes, such as difficulty finding words and garbled speech
  • weakness or difficulty moving the arms, legs, or face

Throughout a persons life, both the number of times they experience migraine with aura and how they experience these episodes can change. A person may also notice that their symptoms of aura continue without accompanying headaches as they get older.

Many of the same factors that trigger migraine without aura can also cause migraine with aura. These potential causes include the following:

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Hide In A Dark Room With A Nice Cold Wet Washcloth

Lie down, close your eyes and place a cold slightly damp washcloth over your eyes. Hot or cold doesnt matter, use whatever calms the symptoms. This helps best if you can be resting in a darkened, quiet room.

Tell people what you are doing and that you need to be quiet and silent for half an hour or so.

Then just try to drift away and think about walking through the garden, all shaded and safe.

Are There Different Kinds Of Migraine

Migraine causes | How to treat migraine | how to prevent migraine

Yes, there are many forms of migraine. The two forms seen most often are migraine with aura and migraine without aura.

Migraine with aura . With a migraine with aura, a person might have these sensory symptoms 10 to 30 minutes before an attack:

  • Seeing flashing lights, zigzag lines, or blind spots
  • Numbness or tingling in the face or hands
  • Disturbed sense of smell, taste, or touch
  • Feeling mentally “fuzzy”

Only one in five people who get migraine experience an aura. Women have this form of migraine less often than men.

Migraine without aura . With this form of migraine, a person does not have an aura but has all the other features of an attack.

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Truths Of Frequent Ocular Aura Migraines With Images

An ocular migraine with a scintillating scotoma can be very scary.

Its like a small puddle or smudge shows up in your vision and grows until it finally triggers a migraine.

When we want to prevent our brain from triggering this series of symptoms we have to address what is causing the strain on our bodies and stress on our heads.

In this article Im going to talk about ocular migraines as well as 3 truths you need to understand about them

With images along the way.

Diagnosing Migraine With Aura

ICHD III criteria for migraine with aura is:

A) At least 2 attacks fulfilling criteria B and C

B) 1 or more of the following fully reversible aura symptoms:

  • Visual

2) No motor or retinal symptoms.

Not all symptoms are listed here but brainstem auras can cause what feels like very strange outer body experiences. Sometimes it is referred to as Alice in Wonderland syndrome which is a rare but distinctive distortion of body image and perspective. This syndrome can occur at any age and is thought to be more common amongst children.

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How To Eliminate Migraines

Ultimately, we can check for the various stressors to learn what may be triggering your headaches and how stress has shifted your cortisol, digestion, hormones and neurotransmitter levels. We can also look at your genetics to see what your body specifically needs to heal.

My Adrenal Recovery and Wellness Program includes several of these panels, as well as consultations with me to identify the root issues and work through my Dr. Doni Protocol to reverse your symptoms and ultimately eliminate migraines.

If we suspect that hormonal imbalances are causing your migraines, we can also assess that through a .

We can check for environmental toxins and/or mold toxins with advanced panels. And then I can guide you to get them out of your body safely.

Wellness wishes to you!

Dr. Doni23rd January 2020

What Is Causing This Damage To Occur That Our Body Has To Respond With An Aura And Pain


This review explains that

Oxidative stress is a plausible unifying principle behind the types of migraine triggers encountered in clinical practice.

This review is saying that in every case except pericranial pain, all migraine triggers are a source of oxidative stress.

And that oxidative stress is the main factor that goes into the creation of all migraines.

This is big because it changes the way we think about migraines from something that needs to be beat , numbed and avoided To something that needs to be understood and healed.

This means that we can pinpoint 1 single area to focus on instead of the random drugs that have been used for migraines over the years off-label.

  • Give it more support

  • Learn how to avoid it

  • Heal it when its happening

But this is easier said than done and in these 7 essential skills

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What Migraine Treatments Are Available

There medications that you can buy over the counter in your local pharmacy and our pharmacists will also be able to offer expert advice. Many people find that painkillers, such as ibuprofen or paracetamol can help to ease the pain of a migraine headache, however these are best taken at the first signs of an aura, before a migraine happens. This way they can be absorbed into the body before the headache starts, if they are taken later than this they may not have time to take effect before your symptoms worsen. Make sure to always read the packaging instructions and the enclosed patient leaflet before you take any painkillers.

However if you find that over the counter tablets are not helping to manage your symptoms, you should see your GP. Theyll be able to offer stronger medication, such as triptans or anti-sickness medicines, as well as more advice to help improve your symptoms. You may need to use a combination of medications to ease your migraines or decrease the symptoms of auras.


Seizure Medications And Beta

Some seizure medications like topiramate and valproate, or beta-blockers like propranolol, have also been used to prevent migraine with aura. These medications are also sometimes used to treat certain types of migraine, possibly pointing to a connection between treating both spreading depression and migraine with auras.

If you regularly have migraine attacks, you should see a doctor. There are some red flags, however, that may require you to seek additional medical attention right away. These include:

  • sudden new migraine symptoms, like an aura
  • changes in the type or frequency of migraine attacks
  • new vision or neurological changes that accompany the aura or migraine attack
  • sudden intense pain in one area that could signal bleeding in the brain
  • headaches that come with speech or balance impairment, facial drooping, or other possible signs of stroke

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Signs And Symptoms Of Migraine

Symptoms of migraine vary depending on the type of migraine and on the person. In general, though, migraine attacks are very painful and can interfere with your daily life.

The most common symptom of migraine is head pain often characterized as an intense throbbing sensation, usually on one side of the head but sometimes on both sides of the head, and sometimes starting on one side of the head and moving to the other side.

However, migraine attacks have four stages, with somewhat different symptoms at each stage:

Prodrome, or Warning, Stage

Aura Stage Up to a third of people experience the aura phase, which can last five minutes to an hour and increase in intensity over time. Aura may involve seeing bright spots or patterns of light, and numbness or tingling in various areas of the body but not paralysis.

Headache Phase Pain comes with the headache phase, which can last several hours and up to three days. The throbbing pain may start on one side of the head and move to include both sides. It may be accompanied by nausea and vomiting as well as blurred vision and sensitivity to certain stimuli such as light and noise. People typically seek out a quiet, dark room to rest or sleep during this phase of a migraine attack.

Aura: Warning Sign Of A Migraineand A Future Stroke

Is Your Headache a Migraine Without Aura?

Excruciating pain. Nausea. Sensitivity to light. The crushing symptoms of migraine headaches affect 15% of the population and, unfortunately, women are 3 times as likely as men to experience them.

Migraine headaches alone are bad enough. But add the symptoms related to auras and your risk of a future stroke goes up significantly.


A migraine headache with aura, known as a classical migraine, affects up to 30% of migraine sufferers. Five to 20 minutes before the onset of the headache, you see flashing lights, sparks, and dark patches. These effects might be accompanied by the feeling of pins and needles, spreading from one part of your body to another.

In some ways the aura is a good thing. Longtime sufferers recognize the aura as a warning sign of an oncoming migraine. It allows the victim to prepare, taking medication to reduce the severity of the migraine.

The migraine with aura should also be seen as a warning sign of possible stroke and heart problems.


First, the good news: In most people, migraines rarely result in a stroke. Evidence says its also unlikely that a stroke will occur during a migraine.

The not-so-good news: People who suffer migraines are more likely to eventually have some type of heart or vascular problem. A cause-and-effect hasnt been proven. In other words, the migraine with aura doesnt CAUSE the stroke. But the two do occur together.


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What Are The Preventive Treatments For Migraine

Many patients with isolated visual migraines, without severe headaches, have relatively infrequent episodes that do not require specific preventive treatments. If a patient is aware of the particular triggers that seem to bring on an episode, then those triggers can be avoided.

In patients where the pattern of migraines includes frequent, severe headaches, it is very reasonable to consider additional preventive treatments. The main goal for any of these strategies is to reduce the overall frequency and severity of the headaches. None of the preventive treatments is a magic bullet that is 100% effective. For example, it would be considered successful if a preventive treatment helped reduce the number of severe headaches from 8 per month to 2-4 per month.

There are numerous medications that can be used as a preventive treatment for migraine. One medication that is used commonly, particularly because it has no side effects, is vitamin B2 . Approximately 100mg of riboflavin daily is thought to improve migraine headaches . One common side effect of riboflavin is that the urine turns bright yellow. Other herbal medications used to reduce migraine headaches include petasites and feverfew.

How Is Migraine Diagnosed

Theres no single test that can lead to a diagnosis of migraine. Rather, your doctor will take your medical history, as well as obtain your family history of migraine, and perform a physical and neurological exam. Your healthcare provider may order certain blood tests and imaging tests to rule out other causes of headache. Keep a detailed log of your symptoms to help with diagnosis.

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Causes & Risk Factors

Migraine can be caused by a number of different biological mechanisms and environmental factors. The biology behind migraine is complex and not fully understood. It involves the activation of trigeminovascular pathways and central parts of the brain including the brain stem . The trigeminovascular system controls sensation in your face and jaw which is why trigeminal disorders cause head pain. The brain is thought to be in an altered state of excitability, which can also lead to disruptive symptoms like nausea, light sensitivity and aura .

Neurotransmitters are chemical messengers that communicate between neurons. These play a very important role in brain function . When the brain is more sensitive, neurotransmitters can become overactive and trigger pain signals.

Neurotransmitters also control things like hunger, wakefulness, anxiety and focus. This causes many of the prodromal symptoms , and also causes nausea, photophobia, and phonophobia during an attack. The difficulty in migraine treatment arises because there are often many different neurotransmitters active during an attack. Some patients may be more responsive to treatment that addresses their serotonin neurotransmitters, while others might find treatment more effective if it inhibits calcitonin gene-related peptides .

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