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How Can I Handle Stress Better

Breathing And Relaxation Exercises

How To Better Handle Stress

Many people find exercises that focus on breathing and muscle relaxation to be helpful in relieving stress. The playlist below will help you to understand how stress works and start feeling better. These exercises can be done anywhere and are designed to help you feel more relaxed in general, as well as helping you feel calmer if you are becoming stressed.

This playlist is free to download, and you can also stream it using the Soundcloud website or app. You can download and listen to individual tracks if there are particular exercises that work best for you. If youre listening to it for the first time, its best to start from the beginning.

To access a BSL version of this playlist, .

Find out more by checking out these 10 stress busters.

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Address Conflict Without Adding To It

Conflicts are going to happen at any job â whether itâs between coworkers or managers, itâs inevitable. What you do with that conflict, though, determines if itâll be a stress point or not.

  • Donât let conflict continue. Ifthereâs a fight between employees, or you are an employee and are butting heads with someone else, it needs to be addressed. Use conflict management solutions outlined in the employee handbook. Ignoring conflict doesnât make it go away. It makes it get bigger.
  • Avoid punitive responses. Punishment, instead of reward, creates fear, which creates stress. Resolve conflicts and problems positively, and not through negative reinforcement.

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Tips To Handle Stress

4. Exercise and Meditate5. Mindfulness

Feeling stressed in todays society is very normal. We live in a fast-growing and changing world. Every second, thing change, technology changes. No one wants to stay behind, every individual wants to grab opportunities and want to stay at the top. Everybody beliefs that ones work is terribly important and this belief is the reason behind nervous breakdown and stress, working hard towards your dream is absolutely right, but forgetting about ME Time, forgetting about peaceful relaxation time is not at all right, Just like our body even our brain needs peace and relaxation, our mind deserves some peaceful time, Reason behind stressful life is that people dont understand the importance of balance life, every individual should learn to balance their life, Life is not only about work, life is more than that, life is about your personal time, life is about your family time, life is about your quality time with your partner.

Today will share few tips which will help you to handle stress:

Reach Out And Touch Someone

39 best Stress Management for Kids &  Adults images on Pinterest ...

The simple act of touching another person or being touched can ease your stress. James A. Coan, an assistant professor of psychology and a neuroscientist at the University of Virginia, recruited 16 women who felt they had strong support in their relationships. To simulate stress, he subjected each woman to a mild electric shock under three conditions, all while monitoring her brain. The shocks were administered in no particular order while the woman was 1) alone, 2) holding a strangers hand, and 3) holding her husbands hand.

Notably, both instances of hand-holding reduced the neural activity in areas of the womans brain associated with stress. But when the woman was holding her husbands hand, the effect was even greater, and it was particularly pronounced in women who had the highest marital-happiness scores. Holding a husbands hand during the electric shock resulted in a calming of the brain regions associated with pain similar to the effect brought about by use of a pain-relieving drug.

Coan says the study simulates how a supportive marriage and partnership gives the brain the opportunity to outsource some of its most difficult neural work. When someone holds your hand in a study or just shows that they are there for you by giving you a back rub, when youre in their presence, that becomes a cue that you dont have to regulate your negative emotion,

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How To Eat Mindfully

, a holistic-living center in Bedford, N.Y. Most people have a general sense of what the healthy foods are, but theyre not eating them. Whats on your mind when youre eating: Thats mindful eating to me.

Heres a simple exercise to try next time you are sitting down to a delicious meal:

  • Place a forkful of food in your mouth. Make it something you love.
  • Put the fork down and resist the temptation to take a second bite.
  • Chew slowly. Tune in to the texture of the food, the flavor, the aroma. Focus on the colors on your plate.
  • Be present in the moment and think only about the food in your mouth. Reflect on the effort that went into growing or producing this food the effort it took to prepare this meal.
  • Savor the moment.
  • Your friends and family can be both a cause of stress and a cure for it.

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    Tell Someone You Are Struggling With Stress

    It helps to tell someone that youâre struggling with stress, whether thatâs a manager or a coworker. They may be able to help you, or point you to someone who can.

  • Consider outcomes youâd like to see. Before you go speak with a manager, have a few ideas of what a resolution would look like. You may get a chance to offer them as a solution.
  • Know the specific source of stress. If itâs a specific person, a shift, or tasks that are more than you can handle, be ready to coherently state your case. Itâs hard for a manager to hear âIâm stressed!â and know what to do to relieve it if they donât know the specific things causing it.
  • Be ready to discuss collateral effects. If you know others are similarly stressed, let your manager know. Not everyone has the courage to speak up, but if others remain stressed, it will seep into all workers.
  • Use blame free language. Be selective with the words you use, and avoid blaming others. Phrase things as they relate to you. For example âIâm struggling with meeting my sales goalsâ instead of âJames makes it impossible for me to meet my sales goals.â
  • Ask for specific solutions. If you just need to unload and have a counseling session, your manager may not be the best person to go to. But if youâre really looking for solutions, donât leave the meeting without having some specific things you can do or expect to help change the stressful situation youâre facing.
  • Is There Good Stress

    How To Better Manage Stress/Anxiety

    First of all, is there such a thing as good stress? I was raised to think all stress was bad and thats probably why I freaked out whenever I even heard the word stress.

    However, it turns out stress can be beneficial in some ways. Stress can improve cognitive function. With a certain amount of stress, we have better brain performance. We are sharper, work faster, and have better focus.

    Although long-term stress can weaken your immune system making you vulnerable to viruses and infections, some short-term stress can help protect you from illnesses. This stress you experience can stimulate the production of interleukins inside your body which gives you a boost against illnesses. Again, this is not the same as what happens during chronic stress.

    Your experiences make you who you are. Stress in the face of difficult situations is natural and, as you work through these challenges, it can make you more resilient. You are able to see that you can count on yourself to be resourceful, strong, and brave. Most likely, if you were faced with the same situation again, you would be better able to respond to it having learned from your previous experience.

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    Tip : Practice The 4 As Of Stress Management

    While stress is an automatic response from your nervous system, some stressors arise at predictable times: your commute to work, a meeting with your boss, or family gatherings, for example. When handling such predictable stressors, you can either change the situation or change your reaction. When deciding which option to choose in any given scenario, its helpful to think of the four As: avoid, alter, adapt, or accept.

    Main Causes Symptoms And Consequences Of Stress

    Causes of stress:It is important to distinguish between a positive or eustress stress, which is essential for life, because it helps us to face challenges and to face changes that allow us to improve and advance as people, and a negative stress or distress.When stress stops being adaptive distress appears, which is negative and harmful stress for us.

    What are stressors?

    Stressors are stimuli that directly or indirectly trigger a stress reaction in us, They can be external or internal.

    • External stressors:

    There are situations in our lives that can cause us stress and that are inevitable or do not depend on us, such as an earthquake.

    Stressors that refer to important life changes. It can be the case of a wedding, the birth of a child, the loss of a loved one, a breakup, or a job dismissal, for example.

    Stressors that refer to the small things that life can hold in your daily life, such as a job promotion or a dismissal.

    All these stressors are situations that force us to process information quickly, putting ourselves to the test.

    • Internal stressors:

    Some examples of what can be internal stressors are, among others:

    • Negative thinking style.

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    Helpful Ways To Deal With Stress At Work

    40% of workers reported their job was very or extremely stressful. Thatâs a problem.

    Regardless of what kind of work you do, the reality is that workplace stress is detrimental for employers and employees. Read on to find the causes of job stress, why itâs so harmful, and helpful tips to cope with workplace stress.

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    Prepare Ahead Of Time As Much As Possible

    The most stressful time of the day for workers is the morning, or when they start their shift.

    You canât always prepare everything ahead of time. If someone leaves a mess when you arrive for your shift, thereâs not much you can do about it other than try to work with them and get them to do better.

    But, wherever possible, prep ahead of time. Think of it like this: how you start your work day sets the tone for the rest of it. If you start it in a panic, a rush, the whole day is going to be stressful. Itâll feel as if you never get caught up or on good footing.

    Preparing ahead of time might be:

    • Setting up tools or products that youâll need to use.
    • Mentally considering challenges youâll face and how youâll diffuse them.
    • Exercising, or physically preparing yourself for the work you need to do to avoid physical injury or tiredness.

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    Know The Difference Between Good Stress And Bad Stress

    Not all stress is bad, and not all stress can be avoided.

    Good stress motivates you. Deadlines, tests, or being asked to speak in front of other people â these are all situations that create stress, but they are also what motivates us. Good stress tends to be short-term and can even enhance or improve brain function. When the pressure is on, the brain sharpens up.

    Bad stress, however, is chronic. It harms your health, slows you down, and can even start to inhibit thinking.

    Essentially, stress uses your fight-or-flight response. Good stress gives you time to recover from that response, but bad stress locks you into it and wears you down. Itâs important to know the difference between good and bad stress so you know which is the problem and which is actually helping you.

    Giving Your Mind A Rest

    Ways To Reduce Stress – How To Minimize Stress – How To Deal With Stress

    For people dealing with high levels of stress, it can be hard to fathom how a few moments of meditation will help. After meditation, the stressors are still there youre still getting divorced, caring for an aging parent, struggling with the demands of a high-stress job. How can a few moments of deep thought possibly help your life?

    It may help to think about how muscles get stronger. Unrelenting exercise simply tears down a muscle and leads to injury. Smart exercisers know the value of a day of rest thats when your muscles regenerate and come back stronger than before.

    Now think about your mind as an emotional muscle. Unrelenting stress without a break will not make it stronger. Your emotions, your brain and your body need moments of recovery to get stronger from stress.

    Its about stress and recovery. Just like you build a physical muscle, just like you build biceps, you have to take the same approach to life stressors, says Jack Groppel, co-founder of the Johnson & Johnson Human Performance Institute, which offers a course called The Power of Positive Stress.

    Think of meditation like high-intensity interval training for the brain. During H.I.I.T., you go as hard as you can, then you give yourself a few minutes of recovery before returning to the exercise. This cycle is repeated multiple times and has been shown to be more effective for building strength than long, slow bouts of exercise.

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    Avoid Irregular Work Schedules As Much As Possible

    Salaried workers donât have to deal with varying work schedules, but hourly employees do. And itâs a huge stressor. Almost 30% of workers with irregular schedules report having serious work and family conflicts over the issue.

    Random shift changes, on-call work schedules can all lead to stress, because workers are constantly in limbo when it comes to balance between work and life. They never know when theyâll need to work with much advance, and itâs difficult for them to make personal plans or even decompress when they could be called to work at any moment.

    Try to create schedules that your employees can âbankâ on. Make sudden changes as rare as possible. Make it possible for your employees to rely on a steady schedule enough that they can arrange a solid personal life around their work schedule. This will help them return to work refreshed.

    Stress And Your Appetite

    Stress can have a huge impact on your eating habits. During acute stress , the stress response can shut down appetite. The fight-or-flight response is designed to suppress hunger you wont be effective in battle or run that fast if you are thinking about food. But chronic stress has the opposite effect. Repeated doses of cortisol in your body due to high stress can lead to an increase in appetite.

    According to the Harvard Health Letter, gender can play a role in how you eat during times of stress. Some research suggests women are more likely overeat due to stress while men turn to alcohol or smoking.

    And the reality is that food really can make you feel better during times of stress. So-called comfort food like chocolate cake and ice cream literally blunt the bodys response to chronic stress. The problem with continuing to self-medicate chronic stress with comfort foods is that it will lead to weight gain and poor health.

    Just as you need to reframe your view of stress and exercise and meditate to give your body a break from stress, you can also adopt strategies to use food to help you better cope with stress.

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