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How Much Are Stress Balls

/6acts As A Distraction Device

How to Make an Orbeez Stress Ball | Sophie’s World

When you need a daily form of diversion in your routine to detox and refresh, using a stress ball can come in very handy. It can help you concentrate, relax and relieve unnecessary tension and cut away the clutter of noises. This is also something workaholics can use in the office. It will make a difference in your productivity!

What Are Stress Balls And Why Are They Fun

Stress balls are small, soft balls or toys that fit in the palm of your hand and is designed to be squeezed to help relieve stress and tension. Squeezing a stress ball really can help you to relax. For something that is so simple and affordable to make, these are ideal for having around the house to help soothe frayed tempers and bring a little calm when people get wound up.

Using a stress ball has even been shown to lower blood pressure, relieve anxiety and improve concentration. Try placing one within arms reach when youre homeschooling and see whether it helps you or your child to stay calm and focused.

To use a stress ball, try holding it in your right hand and squeeze gently for 30 seconds. Then switch it to the other hand and squeeze for a further 30 seconds.

You can also have lots of fun with ninja stress balls besides using them to help you relax. They’re great for playing catch with or hide them around the house and see how quickly your children can find them. For teens and parents, you can even use a soft stress ball to massage aching muscles after a workout or try rolling one under the ball of your foot to see if it helps you unwind after a long day.

The Best Stress Ball Much More That Just A Stress Reliever

How Stress Balls Can Help You To Juggle Your Life

What are the stress factors in your life? Maybe your upstairs neighbours are keeping fit during lockdown with Zumba videos on YouTube. Maybe youve had a lifetimes worth of Zoom calls with kids and pets bouncing round in the background. Or maybe its just the common garden variety of stress from balancing family, work and home.

Whatever makes you feel tense, stress balls can help. If you havent got one to hand, why not try this? Clench your fist, really tight. Feel your fingernails on your skin. Notice what your tendons look like and how the skin stretches over your knuckles. Are your thumbs inside or outside of your fist? Hold for five, four three, two, one and release.

You might not have realised it, but that was a tiny lesson in mindfulness. By redirecting our focus to the present moment, we can tune in to how were really feeling physically and mentally. It allows us to break thought spirals and regain small moments of refreshing calm.

At MindPanda, we believe that our Stress Balls can be so much more than than a simple stress reliever . And we hope youll think so too. Ready to deep-dive into the world of squishy little stress-relievers that empower you to be better? Here we go.

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How Do You Make Ninja Stress Balls

Easy! Kids who enjoy stem activities and learning play will love having a go at making their own stress balls. If youre looking for a rainy day activity that doesnt involve baking yet more banana bread or making stuff that youll have to find more space for on the fridge or on your kitchen wall, this is just the thing. And, of course, this is an especially cool arts and crafts activity for boys and girls who love ninjas!

Heres what you need to make a ninja stress ball with two balloons:

Party balloons in several different colours fill yellow balloons with flour if you want them the stress ball to look like a LEGO Ninjago character

An empty water bottle, cleaned and dried

A funnel


A permanent marker

Heres a step-by-step guide on how you can make ninja stress balls using flour and party balloons:

Place your funnel inside the neck of the empty water bottle

Carefully scoop flour into the funnel to fill the bottle with flour

Remove the funnel from the bottle

Inflate your yellow balloon and stretch the opening of the balloon over the neck of the bottle

Turn the bottle, with the balloon attached, upside down and tap gently until the flour fills the inflated balloon

When the balloon is full, carefully remove it from the bottle

Manipulate the balloon carefully to let out any air without spilling flour everywhere

Cut off the end of the balloon

Draw a ninja face on the balloon with a permanent marker.

We told you it was easy. And now the fun begins!

Relieve The Pressure And Tension By Working Out Your Muscles

13 DIY Stress Balls To Get You Through Hard Days

Believe it or not, stress and pressure can physically manifest in the body and if you still arent sure of that, just feel your neck or your shoulders when youre feeling really stressed out and you need to do everything in your power to melt that pressure out of your body ASAP before it builds and builds into something unstoppable.

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What If I Dont Have A Funnel

If you dont have a funnel, you can use a water bottle instead. Simply cut it in half and discard the bottom.

You can insert the mouth of the water bottle into the balloon and use the open end as your funnel. Easy peasy!

You can see the edges of the rice poking through the balloon in the photo below. Its such a fun and strange sensation to squeeze these ones!

Our book Low-Mess Crafts for Kids is loaded with 72 fun and simple craft ideas for kids! The projects are fun, easy and most importantly low-mess, so the clean up is simple!

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Shape Of The Stress Balls

Although you will find few stress relievers in a spherical shape, do not be surprised if you come across molded stress balls in amusing shapes, transfer prints, or pads with corporate logos. They are usually gifted to the clients and the employees as promotional gifts for branding purposes. The awareness about stress balls has lately increased with the rise in the health problems related to mental stress.

So, which are the best stress balls around and how can you select one for relieving stress? Here is a brief on the top 10 stress balls that are the most popular. Checkout and decide according to your preference:

Create Individuality With Bespoke Stress Toys

Testing DIY Stress Balls with Cloud Slime, Play-Dough, Kinetic Sand & Floam

If you have something specific in mind or want a unique branded giveaway, a promotional stress toy can be produced in any shape you like.

Have a little extra time to play with? From a minimum order of just 500 units, we can make bespoke shaped stress toys in your company colours, in the shape of your company logo or perhaps a new product that you are releasing. Whatever you want, we can make squeezy personalised stress balls unique to your business that is certain to stand out from the crowd.

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Custom Stress Toy Prototyping

In this section youll find an introduction to how Happy Worker prototypes and manufactures custom stress balls and stress relievers.

Many of our clients dont want to know all the nitty-gritty details of custom stress ball production. And really, theres no need – we handle all aspects of manufacturing. We fuss over all the little details so our clients can focus on their own business. Well guide your team through the process and involve you and your team only when necessary.

However, if youre the curious type and like to know how we create custom stress balls, then this page is for you!

Retail Toy & Gift Packaging

Most retail packaging styles are possible for custom stress relievers, including:

  • Polybags most popular & most economical
  • Card blind gift boxes
  • Blister cards or Clamshells
  • Tin boxes

The most popular packaging for custom stress balls are transparent polybags. These see-through or frosted thick plastic bags are printed with branding and product information and sealed with the stress reliever inside. The breathable polybags provide protection during shipping, storage, and distribution.

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How To Make A Stress Ball Kids And Adults Love

You might not think of stress balls as a kid thing, but let me tell you, they are. These super cool squishy balls are perfect for fidgeters, children with Autism, Sensory Processing Disorder, Anxiety, and probably every child we know. They stretch, they squeeze, they are so much fun. Make Stress Balls Kids Will Love with this easy DIY Idea. It only takes a few simple supplies and youll have your own DIY stress balls. Enjoy!

Not Sure How To Use A Stress Ball

3 Super Easy DIY Stress Ball Ideas That Will Help You De ...

One reason stress balls are so widely used is how easy it is to use them. Heres a basic and effective outline on how to use a stress ball:

  • Squeeze the stress ball in your left hand for 30 seconds.
  • Pulse it for 30 seconds.
  • Repeat with the right hand.

This video also is a great visual guide on how to use a stress ball.

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Ways To Use Stress Balls

  • One of the main ways to use a stress ball is to place it on a surface and roll the ball by curling your fingers towards your palm, hold for a few seconds and release your fingers.
  • Another popular way is to place a ball between your hands while keeping your arms in a vertical position. Then press for 5 seconds and relax.
  • The full grip method is our favourite. If you feel extra stressed out, hold and squeeze a ball as hard as you can for up to 5 seconds, then relax.
  • Stress Balls Are Not For Hand Pain

    I treat a lot of individuals who are experiencing wrist, thumb and hand problems. A large majority of these individuals come in with pain at the base of the thumb.

    With this presentation, it can be quite painful to grip objects and the symptoms can often be aggravated by a repetitive task like cutting with scissors or even using a computer mouse. In my practice, I find that a major contributor to this type of dysfunction is overuse of a specific muscle in the palm of the hand that lies between the thumb and middle finger called the adductor policis muscle.

    This commonly overused muscle is especially vulnerable when patients are gripping or manipulating objects which require more power from their hand muscles. Thumb motion is a carefully co-ordinated dance between several muscles and imbalances such as the one mentioned above have consequences.

    Using one muscle more than the others puts asymmetrical pressure on the surfaces of the small joint that connects the thumb to the wrist . Over time, this joint wears down and becomes painful. It can become reddened and swollen. It is thought to be more common in women because the thumb joint does not fit together quite as well as mens and their hands are smaller in general.

    today if you would like to book a consultation with one of physiotherapists and make those hurting hands happy again!

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    Strengthening And Rehabilitation Exercises

    The muscles in your hands and wrist can become weak from numerous conditions, such as overuse, arthritis or a fracture or sprain. It may be caused by an injury higher up on your arm, such as your elbow. Certain medical conditions and treatments may also cause weakness, including fistula and chemotherapy-related numbness.

    Squeezing a stress ball can help to rehabilitate your hand and improve grip strength, advises Performance Orthopedics. Hold the ball in the palm of your hand and squeeze it as tight as possible and release. Complete three sets of 10 repetitions.

    Your doctor or physical therapist may instruct you to do this exercise on both arms or just the affected arm. You can also place the ball on the table and press your fingers into the ball.

    The Ohio State University Comprehensive Cancer Center notes that you can also use the ball for your feet and toes. Place the ball on the floor and curl your toes into it and push on the stress ball with the balls of your feet.


    Avoid stress balls that have an added scent or are made of polyurethane foam. The Ministry of Environment and Food of Denmark found that children’s toys made of the same substance emitted high levels of harmful and carcinogenic compounds, including dimethylaminoethanol and methylene chloride.

    The Health Benefits Of Stress Balls

    EXPLODING STRESS BALL!!! How to Make DIY Stress Balls with Jillian!

    Stress balls were originally intended to be used for remedying stress and tension but with their increasing popularity as a stress relief tool, it seems that squeezing it may have other health benefits. Studies show that when you squeeze a stress ball, your nerves and muscles stimulate and contract which makes them stronger. The strength improves the overall nervous system, which reduces essential hormones and can control your stress levels.

    Some of the benefits:

    • Improve sleep

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    Turning A Character Into A Custom Stress Toy

    On this page youll find more information about the design decisions that we make together with our clients to manufacture the best darn custom stress balls we can.

    With their unique shapes and designs, each order of custom stress toys we produce are tailor made to best suit our clients designs and needs as well as those of their brands and fans.

    Happy Workers a unique stress ball maker. We combine our creative design, detailed perfectionism and deep-rooted passion for great toys and gifts – with a laser beam focus on our clients goals.

    Stress Ball Creation Thats Truly Hassle Free

    We collaborate easily with our clients creative & marketing teams. For some of our clients we handle all aspects of the creative, product and packaging design. Other clients have their marketing and design teams take the lead on product and package development, while Happy Workers crew provide strong support and ensure great quality toy execution and on-time delivery.

    How To Make Stress Balls For Kids

    With these easy instructions This is what you will need

    Dont worry I have written instructions below. This is for the visual learner. Like me

    Put the funnel into the water bottle, and pour the flour through it.

    Stretch the balloon around the opening of the water bottle.

    Turn the water bottle upside down and gently squeeze the flour into the balloon. Make sure to use some pressure because the air helps the balloon open up so the flour can all go in.

    After the flour is all in, pinch the balloon and release it from the bottle. The balloon should have a snug fit to the flour inside it. Just make sure there isnt any extra air in the balloon.

    Tie the balloon and wipe away any excess flour from the outside.

    Toss them in a basket or bucket, and your kids will have fun playing with them throughout the day. Make stress balls kids can play with.

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    Types Of Stress Balls

    You will come across different varieties of stress balls. Some of them are made from the closed-cell polyurethane foam rubber. A liquid component of the foam is injected into a mold to prepare this type of stress ball. The chemical reaction gives out carbon dioxide with bubbles as the by-product, thereby creating a foam rubber stress ball.

    Stress balls are also used in physical therapy. Such balls contain gel of varying densities embedded within the cloth or rubber skin. In another type of stress ball, a thin rubber membrane surrounds a fine powder, which can also be prepared by using baking soda as the filling. You will also find several stress balls that are similar to the Footbag.

    Slowly Release Pinched Fingers

    The Best Stress Balls for Kids and Adults

    Carefully begin replacing the air with cornstarch by slowly letting go of where you’re pinching the balloon so the cornstarch can slide into it. If you go too quickly, the air leaving the balloon will blow the cornstarch into the air and make a mess.

    Continue adding cornstarch to the funnel until the balloon is filled to a depth of about 3 inches. Continue adding small amounts of cornstarch to your funnel, moving slowly, and swirl the cornstarch around with your finger to help work it into the base of the funnel and into the balloon.

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