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How To Clear Mind From Stress

A Stressed Mind Vs A Calm Mind


Stress was never meant to be a 24/7 experience. As Stanford professor Robert Sapolsky explains, youre really only supposed to feel stressed in the five minutes right before you die. When you are being chased in the savanna by a wild animal, your stress response is supposed to save your lifeit mobilizes your attention, muscles, and immune system to get you quickly out of danger. When animals escape, they come right out of fight-or-flight mode and into rest-and-digest mode, where the parasympathetic nervous system is working to replenish their resources.

That stress response is supposed to be short-lived because it wears down your body, your health, and your energy. It also impacts things like your emotional intelligence and your decision making. When youre tightly wound up, you are more likely to react to situations than to respond with reason.

Being able to attend more means that you notice more things about other people and youre able to communicate with them in more powerful ways. High stress and anxiety make us self-focused, for an evolutionary reason: When our ancestors were stressed, it was because they were in a survival situation. It was good to be focused on yourself so you could save your life.

When youre calm, you also manage your energy because youre not burning yourself up constantly, spending your days with your sympathetic nervous system in overdrive. Calm helps you focus on what you need to do and get it done much more quickly.

Learn How To Control And Reduce Stress

Stop negative thinking. Embrace positive thinking. Control your mind to control stress. There is a good quote: It is difficult to find stress within oneself, but it is impossible to find it anywhere else. Stop constant worrying and negative thinking. Have positive beliefs and hopes in your mind, that everything will be alright. In this way, you can clear your mind and reduce stress.

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How Can I Deal With Pressure

There are various steps you can take to cope with being under pressure. This page gives some tips that people have told us they find useful, but it’s important to remember that different things work for different people. Only try what you feel comfortable with.

For example:

Identify your triggersaddremove

Working out what triggers stress for you can help you anticipate problems and think of ways to solve them. Even if you can’t avoid these situations, being prepared can help.

Take some time to reflect on events and feelings that could be contributing to your stress . You could consider:

  • Issues that come up regularly, and that you worry about, for example paying a bill or attending an appointment.
  • One-off events that are on your mind a lot, such as moving house or taking an exam.
  • Ongoing stressful events, like being a carer or having problems at work.

You might be surprised to find out just how much you’re coping with at once. Remember that not having enough work, activities or change in your life can be just as stressful a situation as having too much to deal with.

Organise your timeaddremove

Making some adjustments to the way you organise your time could help you feel more in control of any tasks you’re facing, and more able to handle pressure.

Address some of the causesaddremove

Housing and finances

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Make Decluttering A Priority

Finally, theres more to decluttering than just cleaning and organizing. It also about staying committed to living a clutter-free life. The easiest way to do this is to schedule frequent cleaning sessions in your calendar.

For instance, you could block out from four p.m. to five p.m. on the last Friday of every month to tidy up your office. Every Saturday morning could be reserved for household chores. And, so forth.

The idea here is that by scheduling these sessions, youre committing to follow through with them. You keep your word like you would with an appointment with a client or doctor. Also, because youre staying on top of this, cleaning and organizing your life wont be as overwhelming.

Cut Out Things That Add Stress

How to clear your mind : Meditation For Stress Relief by ...

There are many things in our daily life that add extra stress and overwhelm to what were already experiencing. In order to relieve stress, its a good idea to cut out those things.

Im talking about:

  • Eating too much food
  • Drinking alcohol or smoking
  • Constantly using screens

Of course theres nothing wrong with checking your social media, eating a cookie or drinking a glas of wine now and then. But you should be careful that you dont start using these things as a coping mechanism to avoid the feelings of stress and overwhelm.

For me, coping meant scrolling through social media for hours in a row. But for you that might mean drinking wine like water or binge-watching series on Netflix. These are all easy ways to distract yourself from the uncomfortable feeling of stress and overwhelm. In the moment, it might help to make you feel better, but in the long run it only adds more stress to your life.

If you really want to deal with stress head on and feel better, change your daily habits:take a break from screens, eat healthy meals and switch out wine for water.

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Shutting Down Before Bedtime

In order to make the night a restful time, it can also be helpful to relax before bed. Put aside your work. Turn off the computer. Stay off the phone and away from social media like Facebook or Twitter. There will always be more to do, but you have done enough for today. Now its time to relax and prepare for sleep.

Spend at least 30 minutes, and perhaps as long as one or two hours, unwinding and decompressing before bedtime.

Fill the time with relaxing activities. You may want to read, listen to music, watch some television, stretch, take a shower or bath, meditate, or pray. Ease yourself into the night by relaxing before trying to sleep.

During the time before bed, or if you find yourself awake at night, you may want to further incorporate some other relaxation techniques. This might include breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, or guided imagery.

These activities will distract you from effort related to sleep, reduce racing thoughts, and help you to fall asleep. These simple techniques can be learned from books or other online resources.

Ways To Clear Your Mind Of Stress

  • 12 Ways to Clear Your Mind of Stress

While small amounts of stress are beneficial to help you achieve your goals, larger amounts are dangerous.

Commonly referred to as good stress, small doses of stress push your body into action. Everyday you face situations which put you under pressure and your stress levels go up.

For instance, you can have a task whose deadline is almost due and your boss is waiting for the report.

The stress from this situation will make your brain more focused and concentrate all your efforts towards finishing the task on time.

If this situation is always recurring because of too much work or poor time management, then the stress will become bad stress because it is now chronic.

This article will help you handle the bad stress.

With stress levels always on the rise, life is seemingly only painting grimmer pictures by the day. Recent research shows that 43% of Americans are stressed about health care, 61% about their work and 63% about the future of the nation.

These statistics tell us that it is actually some of the most important things in life that cause us stress. For instance, dont we all want to stay healthy and be assured of available and affordable health care?

As a result of worrying about the future of the nation, many want to stay updated on current matters. Interestingly, 56% admit to getting even more stressed by news, even as 72% say that the media blows things out of proportion.

Can you see the danger in these statistics?

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How To Clear Your Mind And Relax To Reduce Stress

We will help you understand the Tips and Techniques that can help you clear your mind and relax to reduce stress. These process will make you more effective and effecient in your day to day life.

A man was long-suffering from an illness. He had consulted countless doctors, taken a huge amount of medicines, had undergone several operations but still couldnt find the root cause of why nothing is working for him and what is making this so difficult for him. One day while generally seeking advice from a local physician, he narrated him all about his illness and how nothing helped.

The advice that the physician gave him was the simplest and easiest of what all the doctors had advised him and were the most affordable one. The doctor asked him, to leave the city for some time and go to his paternal village and live there. the man got confused, why did the doctor want him to leave everything?

The doctor said, your illness is not the only reason that is degrading your health, but your mind is so full of stress and negativity, that it is not letting anything work for you. Instead of looking for hope and optimism, your mind is constantly reminding you that this illness cant be cured and you will remain like this forever.

So before you find the solution to your illness, you need to find a solution to clear and relax your mind. For that purpose, you need a change of surroundings and some fresh air that takes away your stress and brings optimism back in you.

Make Your Working Space Clean And Organized

How to Clear Your Mind to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

People with mental health challenges can be triggered and affected by a messed up working space. They get extremely crossed if they see their desk cluttered with wires, cords piles of papers, stationery, and files, all this drives them crazy. They desire a clean and organized space to work efficiently without any disturbance.

For the clear and peaceful mind, you must have to keep your place clean and organized while working in an office, at home or anywhere.

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Tidy Up Your Workspace And Vehicle

When you think of decluttering, you probably assume thats getting your home or personal life in tip-top shape. But, it should also involve your workspace. The main reason is that your messy desk is killing your productivity. The process works for women, too, by the way.

Instead of continually putting this chore off until tomorrow, schedule a time in your calendar to tidy up your workspace. Ideally, this should be a time during a productivity lull, like in the middle of the afternoon. And, at the minimum it should involve you:

  • Clearing and cleaning the top of your desk, as well as your drawers.
  • Assigning a home for all of your stuff and trashing anything you dont need.
  • Filing paperwork using the standard alphabetical filing system. However, you can go further and scan these files so that you have digital versions. Now you can shred the original documents if they arent required.
  • Removing unnecessary files or programs from your computer.

Additionally, take the time to tidy-up your vehicle. Its better for your health, preserves the interior, and can improve fuel efficiency. It will also give you some peace of mind, like not having to worry about finding your insurance or registration if you ever got pulled over. Stick like items together. I have a small bag for make-up, a ziplock with some power bars and a water bottle, and a notebook and pen.

How To Calm The Mind: 8 Ways To Clear Your Head

Do you feel that you cant stop thinking and that your mind is overstimulated? Do you ever feel like wanting to pause activities that seem unstoppable, and sometimes you even believe that this doesnt allow you to be at peace? Understanding how to calm the mind is essential when it comes to the everyday well being of ourselves.

Whether its a simple activity or a change in behavior, there are many things you can do and try to do to calm your mind when you find youre in a state of overstimulation and overthinking.

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To Help You Clear Clutter

Overwhelmed? Discouraged? Stuck? Well, heres something that will help you loosen those logjams and start moving again. Why Cant I Ever Get Anything Done? How to Transform Your Life Using These 101 Time Tips is a compilation of 101 of my most popular time tips in expanded form, offering practical, heart-based wisdom in right-sized bites for easy digestion.

It includes time-tested tips and action steps separated into 11 common categories to help you find just what you need in the moment you need it. You know, transforming your life is all about transforming your time. Its within your reach, and these 101 Time Tips give you 101 stepping stones to your time success.

And Ive got a very special bonus for you, too. Why Cant I Find My Direction? 17 Journaling Prompts to Create Your Ideal Life is a workbook designed to support you in making the changes you most desire.

Theres so much for you here, and you can learn about it by clicking the link below:

What People Are Saying…

Interrupt The Worry Cycle

18 Ways How to Clear Your Mind from Stress and Anxiety

Do Exercise. Its one of the best treatments for anxiety. It overcomes feelings of stress and helps us feel relaxed. Eat a good balanced and healthy diet. This boosts your energy and creates interest in us to perform well in studies or work. Go on drives, travel to new places for getting a rejuvenated mood. Listen to songs that help in healing your mind and soul. Talk with your friends, and, near and dear ones. Feel the joy in small things, such as try to feel the gentle breeze of wind, the rays of the morning sun, etc.

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Unplug From Technology And Go For A Walk Or Hike

Unplug from technology and venture out into nature — a beach, park or hiking trail provides a great setting to forget the stressful situations for a minute and get lost. Connecting with nature reminds you that we, along with the things that cause us to stress out, are just small pieces of a much bigger picture.

If you have some additional ways to relieve stress make sure you share them in the comments section below. Also, if youre an entrepreneur make sure to visit EBOC and get on the pre-launch list.

Listen To Soothing Music

Music is just as therapeutic as it is entertaining.

With the many different genres though, you will have to be specific on which one you listen to when fighting stress.

For example, you cannot be stressed then expect to be relieved after listening to hard rock. You will need some slow and soft music which will create the right atmosphere for your brain to relax.

Soothing music comes in different forms.

You should choose which one to listen to depending on your preferences. Ranging from blues, RnB , soft rock to some sub-genres of reggae, the collection to choose from is wide.

An alternative is to listen to some soft instrumentals. You can find some which consist purely of piano sound. Some jazz music is also good for this.

You do not have to be particularly a music lover to use this method as a stress reliever. Just listening to any music which calms you down will provide your brain with the right environment to start the process of reversing the effects of stress.

If you are completely not sure where to start, you can check out some of the examples at the bottom of this site.

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Quick Stress Relief On The Go

In traffic. Play music or listen to an audiobook. Take a different route to see something new. Do neck-rolls at stoplights. Sing in the car to stay awake and happy.

Public transportation. Take a break from reading, cell conversations, and music to tune into the sights and sounds around you. Try noticing something new, even if youre on the same old bus ride.

Running errands. Wear a special perfume or lotion so you can enjoy it while you rush from place to place. Carry a stress ball in your pocket. Take a mental snapshot or postcard at each destination.

Waiting in lines. Instead of worrying about time slipping away, focus on your breathing. People watch. Chat with the person ahead of you. Chew a stick of minty gum.

Hang Out With Your Friends

Clear Your Mind | Stop negative Thoughts and Stress

What better way to clear your mind than to have a drink with friends?

We are social beings and we need a social circle. Research has found that people with a strong support system are better equipped to face stressful situations and are more resilient to stress.

Dont ruminate your feelings all alone. Go out with friends, spend time with them, even if you dont feel like it at first.

You can also ask them for advice or talk out your problems with them Just dont spend two hours complaining

There you have it, my top 10 strategies to clear your mind and reduce stress.

What strategies do you use to clear your head? Let me know, Id love to hear from you in the comments!

Till next time,

  • I absolutely love these tips! Walking outside in nature, and journaling seem to work best for me.


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