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How To Clear My Mind From Stress

Organize Your Thinking And Draw Conclusions

How to Clear Your Mind to Reduce Stress and Anxiety

Once you release all that mental content, the idea would be to organize it and reach conclusions about what you want to do with this topic.

Do you want to take it or abandon it? Do you want to ask for help or to carry it out?

Organizing your thoughts is something you should try to do at least once a week to calm your mind. My favorite day to organize my thinking is Saturday, after Ive had a week full of it and a week full of writing about it.

Because there are many things that youre thinking about and your mind loves to let you know about all the pending items that you still need to take care of, this ends up saturating and overstimulating your mind. But if you already emptied it, you already have it organized, and by doing this, you can also learn how to use an agenda or a calendar to tell your mind you can now go and dedicate to observe reality, connect with the present since the rest is already scheduled.

Dont allow things to hang or linger in your mind. If something is bothering you or theres something you still need to do, write it down. It can be a to-do list or a waiting for list, where you make a list of all the things youre waiting for, such as a package to arrive in the mail or a call back from someone. Dont allow these thoughts to fester and distract you when there are better places to leave them.

Colors To Calm Your Nerves

Many articles and studies reveal that different colors have different impacts on your brain. Colors like red, generate alertness in your brain whereas colors like green, pink and white promote calmness, peace, and tranquility.

For relaxing your mind and relieving the stress you can try taking the help of these colors in different ways. Try indulging more with nature, to include the green. Wear colors like white and pink or paint any random art with these colors and it will automatically change your vibes from stressed to happy.

You can also change the furniture or the décor around you into calming and soothing colors and it will turn your home into a better place to be.

Neuroscientists Have Identified Effective Ways To Forget Unwanted Thoughts

As an ultra-endurance athlete, Ive competed in the Badwater Ultramarathon a few times. Some call Badwater the worlds toughest footrace because it’s a 135-mile non-stop run from the bottom of Death Valley to Mt. Whitneyin the middle of July, when temperatures can reach 130 degrees.

The physical discomfort of running five marathons back-to-back through Death Valley in the middle of July requires more psychological finesse than it does aerobic endurance. Succeeding in sports is always going to rely on mastering your mindset and explanatory styles. As Yogi Berra said, Baseball is 90 percent mental the other half is physical.

One of the most important skills I’ve learned as an ultra-endurance athlete is how to clear my mind of unwanted thoughts. When your feet are covered in blisters, the pavement is hot enough to fry an egg, and you still have three marathons to run, you learn quickly how to pull any tricks from your psychological toolbox that will help you reach the finish line.

When every alarm in your body and brain is sounding a red alert telling you to stop, how does someone push through and keep on going? When it comes to clearing your mind of unwanted thoughts, taking a multi-pronged approach that gives the situation what it needs has always worked for me in sports, and I think it will work for you, too, in sport and in life.

1. Distraction

2. Mindfulness

3. Suppression

4. Substitution

5. Meditation

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If Journaling Isnt Your Thing Listen To Positive Messages You Recorded

Journaling may be a practice youre not into, or prefer to do at night. If either is the case, consider making a recording of yourself reading daily affirmations aloud and listen to them instead.

To implement daily affirmations into your morning and set an intention by reading them aloud to yourself, or listening to a recording of yourself reading them every morning, says Tcharkhoutian. If positive statements about your identity are replaying like a broken record, they will combat the negative beliefs that can creep in and sabotage your day.

Put Down Your Phone And Go For A Walk

4 Ways to Clear Your Mind Amid Stress

Get yourself outside and get those legs moving. Leave the phone at home and enjoy the scenery of the outdoors around you. When you take a walk without any electronics, youre able to step away from stressors and focus on the world around you. Being in nature has its own benefits, as does getting your body moving. When you come back inside, youll feel relaxed, refreshed, and ready to take on whatever comes your way.

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How An Average Guy Became His Own Life Coach

Im an average guy.

Ive never been one to try and find meaning in religion or spirituality. When I feel directionless, I want practical solutions.

And one thing everyone seems to be raving about these days is life coaching.

Bill Gates, Anthony Robbins, Andre Agassi, Oprah and countless other celebrities go on and on about how much life coaches have helped them achieve great things.

Good on them, you may be thinking. They can certainly afford one!

Well Ive recently discovered a way to receive all the benefits of professional life coaching without the expensive price tag.

Stressed How To Balance Your Mood And Clear Your Mind


Our lives might be headed towards normalcy, but chances are its still full of the hustle and bustle. Whether you work from home or commute, its far too easy to get lost in our to-dos, so self-care might not exactly be a priority. But now, more than ever, its important to practice self-care to avoid burnout and maintain health. Here are some tips to help balance a hectic life and bring some clarity to your days:

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Give Me Peace Heavenly Father

Give me peace, Oh Heavenly Father, in my mind, in my heart and in my soul. Bless me, Lord, with Your tender mercies, grace, and Thy loving-kindness.

Clear my conscience so that it would not hinder me from drawing near to You. Allow my actions to reveal my thoughts.

Speak through me, Oh Lord, and allow me to touch someones life as my actions reveal You within me. I pray that my conscience is cleared right now, in Jesus name, Amen!

Psalm 32:1-2 Blessed is he whose transgression is forgiven, whose sin is covered. Blessed is the man to whom the Lord does not impute iniquity, and in whose spirit there is no deceit.

Go For A Walk In Nature


Many people underestimate the power of seemingly banal mind-cleansing activities.

A walk in nature will eliminate all distractions and shift your thoughts away from the daily grind. Leave your phone at home and immerse yourself in the closest natural area you can find.

No boss will track your every movement while you are jogging in the forest. No emails will disturb your mental serenity.

Be at one with your surroundings and concentrate your efforts on seizing the present moment. Even a short, 10-minute stroll in nature will empty your mind for the time being reducing your stress levels for the remainder of the day.

I usually take this walk in the morning right before breakfast. The stroll allows me to clear my thoughts before encountering the day.

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Clear Your Mind With Gratitude Moments

Its calming to step back and look at all of the existing gifts in our lives that we sometimes take for granted.

We have so much to be grateful for.

And a gratitude practice has been shown to make us happier and healthier in addition to giving us a clear mind.

During the hustle and bustle of your day, take two minutes to close your eyes and think about everything you are profoundly grateful for in your life right now.

Think about what life would be like without the people you love, the health you enjoy, the home that shelters you, and the food that is abundant on your table.

Flood your mind with feelings of gratitude so theres little room for any worry thoughts.

Calmly sit with those feelings for a few minutes, allowing yourself a respite from the incessant chatter in your brain.

Taking the time to clear your mind a few times a day will renew your energy and help you create a new perspective on whats truly important to you this season.

How do you clear your mind during times of stress or excessive worry?

Waking Up To Wellness

These are just a few basic tips to help you on your path to a conscious journey in self-care. Ultimately, your lifestyle and personal needs are what determines what works best for you. What stresses you out might be a non-issue for someone else, so feel free to customize a path! Make it work for you! The important thing is that youre thinking about how youre going to revolutionize your wellbeing. And youve made an important first step towards that journey.

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Unplug From Technology And Go For A Walk Or Hike

Unplug from technology and venture out into nature — a beach, park or hiking trail provides a great setting to forget the stressful situations for a minute and get lost. Connecting with nature reminds you that we, along with the things that cause us to stress out, are just small pieces of a much bigger picture.

If you have some additional ways to relieve stress make sure you share them in the comments section below. Also, if youre an entrepreneur make sure to visit EBOC and get on the pre-launch list.

Set Firm Boundaries With Your Phone

How To Relieve Stress and Anxiety

That thing in your pocket that constantly buzzes with news updates, calendar notifications, calls, texts, Twitter must-reads, and slack threads while also allowing you to look up any information ever? Its a big reason why your brain is so cluttered. If you want to clear your mind, you need to set technology-free time so you can live outside the matrix for a while. Making a point to put cell phones and computers away during designated family time can help avoid distractions and clutter, says Becky Stuempfig, LMFT. Maybe this is a technology drawer where everyone puts their devices for an hour. Maybe its a no-phones-at-night house rule that everyone follows. Whatever the case, regular periods of unplugging and connecting with your family does wonders for clearing your mind.

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How To Clear Your Mind & How To Deal With Stress

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Wondering how to clear your mind? Or how to deal with stress? Are your thoughts scattered? Does your brain get overloaded with ideas? Or with worries? Can’t figure out how to turn it off?!

Being organized does not only apply to physical spaces. In fact, mentality is the foundation for physicality in the organizing world. In other words, how you think about stuff dictates what you do with it which is why it’s important to start organizing from the inside out.

This brain overload happens to everyone, even me ! In this day and age, how can it not? Below you’ll find a variety of different ways to quiet your mind that have great ripple effects like overcoming procrastination and reducing stress. Enjoy!

How To Clear Your Mind In 20 Different Enjoyable Ways

11. Take a hot bath – bubbles, candles, light music and all.12. Cook something simple.

Interrupt The Worry Cycle

Do Exercise. Its one of the best treatments for anxiety. It overcomes feelings of stress and helps us feel relaxed. Eat a good balanced and healthy diet. This boosts your energy and creates interest in us to perform well in studies or work. Go on drives, travel to new places for getting a rejuvenated mood. Listen to songs that help in healing your mind and soul. Talk with your friends, and, near and dear ones. Feel the joy in small things, such as try to feel the gentle breeze of wind, the rays of the morning sun, etc.

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Clear Your Mind With Resistance Training Exercise

A great way to give you an immediate energy burst while clearing your mind is through a resistance training exercise.

Its very difficult to have racing stressful thoughts or worry when your mind and body are occupied with intense muscle work that requires concentration, focused breathing, and counting reps.

Your brain becomes empty of all thought except forcing your muscles to do their work.

Resistance exercise has so many health benefits aside from having a clear mind and improved muscle strength and tone.

It helps you maintain flexibility and balance, manage your weight, have greater stamina, increase bone density, prevent and control many chronic health conditions, and decrease your risk of injury.

You can perform strength training with free weights or medicine balls, weight machines, resistance bands, or with your own body weight .

When you perform strength training, you begin with eight to ten exercises that work the major muscle groups of the body, performing them two to three times every week and focusing on different muscle groups during each session.

If youre a beginner, start with one set of each exercise, with eight repetitions, no more than twice a week.

Then gradually increase to two to three sets for each exercise with eight to twelve reps, every second or third day.

Once you can easily do twelve reps of an exercise, you can increase the weight or resistance. Sessions should last about 20-30 minutes each.

Ways To Give Your Brain A Break From All This Stress

How To Relieve Stress and Anxiety – A Simple Tip To Clear Your Mind

Right now were in the midst of the COVID-19 global pandemic. Just that sentence is stress-inducing! But even when the world isnt experiencing a health crisis, were still bombarded with media, to-do lists, family, work, and all sorts of expectations.

I found myself this past week not making any time to take a mental break. Im up at 5am with the baby to feed him, pump, check the news, talk to my husband, get some work done, feed the baby, check Facebook, pump while watching TV, reply to a text, send some emails, stress about daycare and the Coronavirus, feed the baby, start dinner, brainstorm ideas while I shower, get more work done, watch more news, check more Facebook

And I feel the anxiety creeping in. For me it starts with getting snippy at the smallest things, usually something obnoxious my husband did like leaving a fourth towel on the bannister. Like seriously, either hang it back up in the bathroom or put it in the hamper, amiright?!

I notice the physical tension in my body. Theres a buzzing feeling in my chest, an energy I need to get out, my jaw is tight, my breathing is short, tension headache is setting in.

Its like when you leave your computer on and all your programs running for days without restarting or shutting down your computer. What ends up happening? It starts getting glitchy and working slowly and eventually you need to shut it down and restart the computer.

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How To Clear Your Mind From Stress And Anxiety

Do you lay awake at night nervous about the next day or rethinking yesterday? Perhaps you can not focus on the task at hand, because your mind is racing about other stressors in your life. It is not easy, but you can learn how to clear your mind from stress and anxiety to stay present and calm.

A little know technique that can work wonders can be one of the best ways to clear your mind from stress and anxiety in just minutes. Try this positive affirmation and get started right now.

If you are one of the many who suffer from anxiety, sometimes feeling like you are under constant pressure, even when there is no apparent threat present, then youll be happy to know that there are ways to relieve this stress naturally.

The 15 minute Audio Guided Mediation for Anxiety Relief MP3 It Comes and Goes will help you to relieve anxiety naturally using meditation and other relaxation techniques.

Dont Overwhelm Yourself Start Small

Lets be real here. How likely are you going to clean and organize your entire home, office, or life in one day? That would be so ambitious it would overwhelm you, and likely prevent you from ever getting started.

Instead, take baby steps. Maybe set aside five minutes each day to straighten up a small area like a desk drawer or your car. After building up some momentum, set aside more time. Dedicate a Friday afternoon to get your office back in order.

Use this Saturday to declutter your kitchen, then next weekend work on a different home project. I have to break up cleaning binges with art binges. TV binges of old Christmas movies while ditching out my old stuff works pretty well. Listening to podcasts while you clean works quite well .

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How To Clear Your Mind And Reduce Stress

With the unprecedented times were living in, its never been more important to dedicate time and energy to your mental health.

This simple guide will teach you a practice you can use to clear your mind, reduce stress, and calm anxiety.

  • Lets begin by taking a few deep and relaxed breaths.
  • As you bring your attention to your breath, slow it down and deepen it Inhale through your nose and exhale completely through your mouth.
  • After a few deep breaths, allow it to find a calm, natural rhythm.
  • Thoughts will come and go. just let them.
  • Realize youre not your thoughts Youre the mirror, the observer watching them pass by.
  • As thoughts arise, release your attachment to them. Close your eyes and return your attention to your breath.

This process allows you to become more mindful of the number of thoughts you have and how easily they can run rampant .

Instead of judging yourself or getting upset for having thoughts that you may disagree with, you can gain more control and less attachment to them over time through consistent practice.

As you implement this, it will help you reduce stress and anxiety in multiple ways.

Just as you can train your body through muscle memory, so too can you train your brain.

How to Hack Your Brain so You Can Relax and Heal

Learn more about the science of hacking your brain to be able to relax and heal more easily and readily.

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