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How To Deal With Stress In The Workplace

Stay Out Of The Office Gossip Mill

Stress Management 101: How To Deal With Stress And Anxiety In The Workplace | NBC News

Workplace conflict can take a major toll on your emotional well-being. Try to avoid participating in gossipy situations.

If you know that one of your colleagues is especially prone to gossip, find a way to spend less time with them or steer the conversation to safer topics.

Some other strategies for staying out of the fray include:

  • emphasizing the positive
  • ignoring the conversation and changing the subject to something unrelated
  • walking away

If you need to get that presentation just right or find yourself working extra hours perfecting a report you finished days ago, it may be time to take a step back and reflect.

While perfectionism has some positive benefits, it can also be highly stressful and lead to burnout.

Try to keep your high standards in check by focusing on the effort you put into a project and not personalizing failure when you make a mistake.

Stay Organized By Using Good Filing Systems And Creating Personal Rituals

The more organized your life, the less stressed you will be. Create a filing system that works for you, with folders for important documents, recent documents and projects. Develop an organizational plan that is easy to maintain.

This will save you time in the long run by making everything easily accessible. Consider creating rituals for your daily life. These may include personal routines like making tea before work or going on a walk every day during your afternoon break.

It can be tough to stay on top of things, but with some good filing systems and personal rituals, it’s possible. One way is to create a plan for where you’re going to put mail as soon as you receive it. If the mail is junk, throw it out or recycle it immediately. If the mail needs action or processing, put it in a folder or bin for that type of task.

Stress At Work Warning Signs

When you feel overwhelmed at work, you lose confidence and may become angry, irritable, or withdrawn. Other signs and symptoms of excessive stress at work include:

  • Feeling anxious, irritable, or depressed
  • Apathy, loss of interest in work
  • Problems sleeping
  • Using alcohol or drugs to cope

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Tell Someone You Are Struggling With Stress

It helps to tell someone that youâre struggling with stress, whether thatâs a manager or a coworker. They may be able to help you, or point you to someone who can.

  • Consider outcomes youâd like to see. Before you go speak with a manager, have a few ideas of what a resolution would look like. You may get a chance to offer them as a solution.
  • Know the specific source of stress. If itâs a specific person, a shift, or tasks that are more than you can handle, be ready to coherently state your case. Itâs hard for a manager to hear âIâm stressed!â and know what to do to relieve it if they donât know the specific things causing it.
  • Be ready to discuss collateral effects. If you know others are similarly stressed, let your manager know. Not everyone has the courage to speak up, but if others remain stressed, it will seep into all workers.
  • Use blame free language. Be selective with the words you use, and avoid blaming others. Phrase things as they relate to you. For example âIâm struggling with meeting my sales goalsâ instead of âJames makes it impossible for me to meet my sales goals.â
  • Ask for specific solutions. If you just need to unload and have a counseling session, your manager may not be the best person to go to. But if youâre really looking for solutions, donât leave the meeting without having some specific things you can do or expect to help change the stressful situation youâre facing.
  • Be Clear On Requirements

    How To Deal With Social Stress In Your Life

    A factor known to contribute to job burnout is unclear requirements for employees. If you dont know exactly what is expected of you, or if the requirements for your role keep changing with little notice, you might become extremely stressed.

    If you find yourself never knowing if what you are doing is enough, it may help to have a talk with your supervisor. You can take the time to go over expectations and discuss strategies for meeting them. This can relieve stress for both of you!

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    Tip : Reduce Stress At Work By Taking Care Of Yourself

    When stress at work affects your job performance, your private life, or your health, it is time to act. First, take care of your physical and emotional health. If you take care of your own needs, you will be stronger and more resilient to stress. The better you feel, the better equipped you will be to deal with work stress without being overwhelmed.

    Taking care of yourself does not require a complete lifestyle overhaul. Even small things can lift your mood, boost your energy levels, and make you feel like you’re back in the driver’s seat. Go one step at a time, and if you make more positive lifestyle choices, you’ll soon notice a reduction in your stress levels, both at home and at work.

    Simple Ways To Deal With Stress At Work

    Research has indicated that the percentage of Americans who are stressed at work is highand its only getting higher. According to a survey of more than 2,000 full-time U.S. employees, ages 18-79, more than half of employees find themselves stressed during at least 60 percent of the workweek.

    Work stress has significant health consequences that range from relatively benign to potentially serious .

    While stress at work is common, finding a low-stress job is hard . A more realistic approach is to adopt effective coping strategies to reduce stress at your current job. Here are some stress management techniques you can try if you are finding it hard to cope with work stress

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    Task Management Tips For Reducing Job Stress

    Prioritize tasks. Tackle high-priority tasks first. If you have something particularly unpleasant to do, get it over with early. The rest of your day will be more pleasant as a result.

    Break projects into small steps. If a large project seems overwhelming, focus on one manageable step at a time, rather than taking on everything at once.

    Delegate responsibility. You dont have to do it all yourself. Let go of the desire to control every little step. Youll be letting go of unnecessary stress in the process.

    Be willing to compromise. Sometimes, if you and a co-worker or boss can both adjust your expectations a little, youll be able to find a happy middle ground that reduces the stress levels for everyone.

    Rethink The Workplace Culture

    How to deal with workplace stress

    Your workplace culture sets the tone for every employee. If the company culture emphasizes a highly competitive environment, no breaks and long hours, you and everyone else will likely be stressed forever. Evaluate the culture and ensure it supports stress management. Improve the culture with little changes to help everyone reduce their stress.

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    Form Positive Relationships As Much As You Can

    Some people start a job with a chip on their shoulder, and seem to set out to make everyone there miserable. Whether youâre starting a new job, or make it a goal for new employees who start where you work, build a better foundation than that.

    Not everyone is outgoing or makes friendships easily. And no one is asking you to make your co-workers your best friends. But you can set out to be positive towards others, avoiding negativity as much as is in your control.

    • Be a good listener.
    • Be sincere but generous in complimenting someone elseâs work.
    • Help someone who needs it.
    • Be willing to teach or mentor someone with less experience than you.
    • Avoid gossiping or speaking negatively about anyone else on the job.
    • If conflict or problems have to be addressed, use positive language and avoid accusations or painting someone in a negative light.

    Avoid The Coworkers That Gossip Play Politics And Are Negative

    This can be a challenging philosophy to follow at work, since you cant really choose who you work with, but try to avoid people who gossip, play politics, and have a cynical and negative attitude.

    Even if you cant physically avoid these people, try not to engage them when they bring up gossip or act cynically.

    Instead, your best approach here is to be more optimistic and positive at work, and focus on productive and constructive conversations.

    Its very easy to listen or become involved in office gossip and politics. But youll start to find it can become exhausting. Worse yet, get too involved and it begins to stress you out.

    It might seep into your opinion of the place you work at, and it might even affect your work. It can make you more paranoid and cynical as well.

    Even if whats being said or gossiped about is true, be the shining light that works on improving the culture and making the place you work at, a better place to work at.

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    Bonus: Kick Your Bad Habits

    Managing stress at work is partially about your mindset. Your outlook can have a huge impact on your ability to cope with everyday stressors. Keep them in check so they dont become major sources of negative stress. Here are a few tips to change your mindset by break the bad habits that are holding you back:

    • Stay positive.
    • One way to do this is to express gratitude. Its surprising how much different your outlook is when you make a point to recognize the people and things in your life that youre lucky to have.
  • Resist perfectionism.
  • Dont fear mistakes, learn from them. The desire to be perfect can make your stress spike and your self-worth plummet. Recognize that failures dont define you, theyre just opportunities for learning and growth.
  • Focus on what you can control.
  • Much of the anxiety we experience is over the uncertainty caused by things outside our control. The best way to combat that is to only focus on the things we can control like our effort, our attitude, and how we treat people rather than the outcomes we cant.
  • Effects Of Uncontrolled Stress

    15 Super Ways to Handle Stress at Workplace

    Work-related stress doesnt just disappear when you head home for the day. When stress persists, it can take a toll on your health and well-being.

    A stressful work environment can contribute to problems such as headache, stomachache, sleep disturbances, short temper, and difficulty concentrating. Chronic stress can result in anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure, and a weakened immune system. It can also contribute to health conditions such as depression, obesity, and heart disease. Compounding the problem, people who experience excessive stress often deal with it in unhealthy ways, such as overeating, eating unhealthy foods, smoking cigarettes, or abusing drugs and alcohol.

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    When Stress Becomes Something More

    Work-related stress usually disappears once the triggers are removed. Youve probably noticed that when you go on holiday and the pressure is suddenly off, you feel a lot more relaxed.

    If you feel stressed, anxious or depressed even when theres no obvious cause, you could be suffering from a more serious mental health problem. This can be brought about by a big change or event in your life, like starting a new job or going to university.

    This doesnt meant theres nothing you can do. There are lots of ways of dealing with anxiety or depression, and the best thing to do is to talk to your doctor. Ask them about cognitive behavioural therapy this is a very effective treatment for many people: its all about changing negative patterns of thought. If youre going to university, there may also be a free counselling service and many student unions support students as well.

    Ways To Reduce Workplace Stress

    Stressed out employees are bad for profits and morale. Heres how to help your team perform at their very best.

    Have you ever had a day at work when your mind was somewhere else and you couldnt focus? It might have had something to do with stress, or maybe even stress at work itself.

    According to the Harvard Gazette, 36% of U.S. workers suffer from workplace stress and it costs U.S. businesses $30 billion a year in lost workdays.

    Stress is a normal part of work and life, but too much of it can have dire effects on team morale and productivity. As a business leader, how can you de-stress your employees lives so they perform at their very best? We have a few ideas.

    Psst…we have an entire toolkit around employee happiness complete with team bonding ideas and an employee happiness survey. You .

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    How To Handle Stress At Work

    If youre currently working, you probably know what it feels like to be stressed on the job. A must-do project arrives without warning. Three emails stack up for each one you delete. Phones ring, meetings are scheduled, a coworker drops the ball on a shared assignment.

    Is There Anything I Can Do To Help Myself Deal With The Stress I Am Experiencing At Work

    How To Deal With Stress At Work

    There are many ways to be proactive when dealing with stress. Mental fitness, self help, taking healthy steps, stress management training, and counselling services can be helpful to individuals, but do not forget to look for the root cause of the stress and take steps to address them.

    However, in some cases, the origin of the stress is something that cannot be changed immediately. Therefore, finding ways to help maintain personal good mental health is also essential.

    Please see the OSH Answers on Mental Health â Dealing with Stress in the Workplace for more information.

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    Start Your Day Off Right

    After scrambling to get the kids fed and off to school, dodging traffic and combating road rage, and gulping down coffee in lieu of a healthy breakfast, many people arrive to work already stressed. This makes them more reactive to stress in the workplace.

    You might be surprised by how affected by workplace stress you are when you have a stressful morning. When you start off the day with planning, good nutrition, and a positive attitude, you might find that the stress of your job rolls off your back more easily.

    Smart Ways To Deal With Workplace Stress

    Feeling stressed at work? Sorry to say, youre in excellent company. According to an American Psychological Association survey, Americans are more stressed than at any time during the past decade.

    But Im happy to share five helpful coping strategies I picked up from two experts while attending the recent conference on hiring trends. I think theyll help you feel less anxious and more productive on the job they might even help you earn more money.

    The experts are Stanford health psychologist and author of The Upside of Stress, Kelly McGonigal, and positive psychology researcher and author of Broadcasting Happiness, Michelle Gielan, who is founder of the Institute for Applied Positive Research.

    Their advice:

    1. Shift the way you think about stress. Most of us think of our bodies response to stress sweaty palms and racing heartbeat as a problem. But studies show that when people are taught to view their bodies stress response as helpful they are less stressed-out and more confident.

    When participants in a study by Gielan and her husband Shawn Achor , along with researchers from Yale University, embraced a more positive mindset about stress, they experienced a 23% drop in stress-related symptoms, like headaches, backaches and fatigue.

    Also on Forbes:

    Admittedly, this mind shift can take a while to fully take hold. To facilitate the process, I strongly recommend you check out McGonigals wildly popular TED talk, How to Make Stress Your Friend.

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    Ways To Deal With Work Stress

    Work stress happens to just about everyone who has a job at some point in their lives. Some people deal with work stress well, while others don’t have a clue about how to deal with stress at work. Most fall somewhere in the middle, maybe having a few things that help as well as some unhealthy ways of coping. Here are 33 ways of dealing with stress at work that are healthy, effective, and safe.

    Employees Should Be Given Adequate Notice When There Is A Change In Policy Or Procedure

    9 Simple Ways to Deal With Stress at Work

    Change is stressful, especially when dealing with employment issues. However, the nature of the workplace is such that change is inevitable. If employees are advised early of changes in policy or procedure, the transition is much easier and less stressful as a result.

    Do This: Talk to your employees. Let them know what is going on and keep them informed about future plans as early as you can. Discussing changes with them may open up valuable input from them so you can find the most effective solutions.

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    Employees Need An Environment That Is As Quiet As Possible Given The Type Of Work To Manage Stress

    Noise is a major factor in environmental stress. Having to work in stressful situations where the noise level is high increases stress dramatically. For many jobs, employees need a quiet work place so they can concentrate on the tasks they have to accomplish.

    Do This: Find ways to minimize noise in the office. Ask for employee suggestions and implement guidelines that keep the noise down.

    Supply noise minimizing headphones, install noise blocking computer programs, insulate walls and ceilings, place sound absorbing partitions between desks, separate workers, or use other noise minimizing tactics.

    Do what you need to in order to help your employees concentrate so they can appropriately do their work.

    As one of the nations most effective wellness programs WellSteps helps employees manage stress and reduce stress at work. We help worksites implement all of these worksite stress management strategies.

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