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How To Deal With The Stress Of Moving

Stay Organized To Reduce Moving Stress

How to Handle the Stress of Moving

Moving takes a lot of time and energy, so organization will be your best tool for avoiding stress. Gather the right supplies early on so you have plenty of time to pack. Make a list of everything youâre taking with you and get rid of everything else. Categorize everything and label boxes accordingly. If youâre hiring a van or professional movers, schedule them well in advance of moving day.

And remember: moving to a new home isnât just about literally moving your stuff. There are a ton of other little things you need to take care of: like changing your address, canceling subscriptions and services, and cleaning your home in time for its new owners. Staying organized and thinking ahead will ensure your move goes off without a hitch.

Focus On The Positives Of Moving

The stress of moving into a new home is real and you should not underestimate its effect on you and the people around you.

Most of the time, its the fear of the unknown that is likely to make you really anxious since youll be leaving your comfort zone and you have no idea what exactly awaits you at your destination.

To eliminate the emotional stress of moving, you will need to focus on all the positives aspects that the upcoming move will bring into your life. Make a list of the benefits of moving out and quit worrying too much about all the things that fall outside your immediate control.

Moving house is an adventure so you might as well enjoy the ride.

Have A Positive Mindset

Itâs a simple fact: your mindset can dictate your happiness. If you look at moving as a super stressful and negative experience, itâs more likely it will be. But if you look at it through a positive lens, it can be incredibly productive and cathartic.

Moving is an opportunity to assess whatâs important in your life and purge old, unnecessary stuff. Itâs a chance to declutter and start fresh in a new home. Moving is stressful but it doesnât have to cue a total breakdown. When you change your mindset, you can transform the entire experience.

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New Neighborhood Explore It Beforehand

Moving often entails changing neighborhoods, or even cities. It also means to deal with new neighbors! This can bring about a loss of points of reference. Plus, we often dread leaving a familiar environment. The best cure is to adapt to your new neighborhood before your moving day! During the weekends preceding your move, explore and get accustomed to the stores, the main living spaces, the parks, or the sports centers located in the surrounding area!

Why Moving Is So Stressful

How to deal and cope with the emotional stress of moving house

Moving is listed as one of the top stressors that a person can experience in a lifetimeright along with divorce, loss of a job, or loss of a loved one. Any of us that have moved before have probably heard this.

But, exactly, why is moving so stressful? Well, yes, theres the scheduling, the packing, the expenses, the general disruption. But theres also something more profound going on.

While moving is stressful, it can also be an exciting adventure. So how do we minimize stress and maximize the good? Generally speaking, there are three things we think you can focus on to help:

  • The power of a positive mindset
  • Doing your practical preparation
  • Taking the time to cultivate a new home
  • With over 100,000 happy customers, weve relieved a lot of moving stress over the years. Get a free, online estimate by answering just a few simple questions.

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    Ways To Cope With Moving Stress

    Moving is considered one of the most stressful events we go through in our lives â and for good reason: youâre uprooting your life, saying goodbye to friends, and starting over in an unfamiliar place. It can be a challenge to know how to cope with the stress of moving to a new home.

    We move a lot of people here at You Move Me and our number one goal is always the same: to make moving almost fun! But you can also take some steps of your own to turn this stressful experience into a positive one. Here are some tips to reduce moving stress and get grounded in your new community.

    Why Is Moving So Stressful

    When you think about moving, you might think about the surface-level tasks, like packing items and renting a moving van. However, moving anxiety often goes a lot deeper than your to-do list.

    Of course, the reasons behind moving in the first place can play a role in your anxiety. Whether its a good or bad situation, moving can take a toll on your emotions. Not only are you uprooting your life and relocating, but youre leaving behind certain comforts and entering a world of unknowns, which might include a new neighborhood, city, or state.

    No matter how you look at it, moving is a big transitional event in your life, which can no doubt cause moving stress.

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    How To Deal With Stress When Moving

    Moving is difficult, both physically and mentally. You have to pack your entire household, lift and carry heavy items which require a lot of energy. In addition to this, you have to say goodbye to your items, family, and friends, an old neighborhood, and ultimately, your old house. This all can be very depressing. Adding the search for furniture movers Orlando FL to this combination, the stress seems never-ending. For this reason, here is how you should deal with stress when moving.

    Hire Professional Movers They Can Help A Lot

    How to Deal With Stress From The Moving Business

    No matter if youre planning a long-distance moving or local moving, good professional movers can help you with both. It may not be the cheapest way to move out of state, but it surely is the safest, most convenient, and the most efficient. You can even get a month free of high-end storage services, which can lower your relocations costs in the long run. Working with a reputable and licensed company that can promise you a pleasant moving experience is just the help you need when youre under a lot of pressure.

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    Professional Packers Could Help You Out

    Decide if you will hire professional packing services to pack your belongings. Packing is probably the most difficult and stressful part of the moving process. Hiring packing services will remove the packing from the equation entirely. This means that you are removing the biggest obstacle in one stroke. Of course, hiring packing services will cost you. But professional packer will use their packing materials. This means that you will not have to buy boxes, wraps, tapes, and such. In the end, hiring or not hiring packing services wont make such a financial difference. But it will do much on easing your moving process.

    Plan Out Time For Relaxation

    The changes surrounding relocating can be overwhelming, so try to recognize the stress before things start to spiral out of control. Instead of living in limbo during the entire moving process, allow yourself to take part in some self-care and relaxation activities. Schedule a massage, take a walk, exercise, visit with friends, read a book, or do another activity that you enjoy. These little pockets of leisure time will help alleviate the anxiety of your move.

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    Moving With A Disability

    A lot of the same advice that weve covered so far applies when youre moving with a disability as well make a checklist, start early, and dont be afraid to ask for help when you need it. However, for people with disabilities, there are some additional considerations to keep in mind when youre moving to a new home.

    Dealing With House Moving Stress & Anxiety

    Tips For Dealing With The Stress Of Moving
  • Dealing With House Moving Stress & Anxiety
  • Dealing With House Moving Stress

    Moving is probably one of the most overwhelming events in your life. While most of the time moving will be deliberate, sometimes it will be out of necessity. Either way, you will have to deal with the physical and emotional house moving stress that will follow. Some people will experience moving house stress from the moment a decision is made to when the boxes are unpacked in the new house, regardless of how long the whole process takes. The stress and anxiety you may feel before you unpack the first box in the new home is quite normal.

    However, following these suggestions and tips will help you and your loved ones in coping with stress and anxiety when moving house.

    Before the Move

    Dispose of Excess StuffMoving stress can be increased when theres unnecessary clutter crowding your world. When you ditch this excess clutter, moving should be a lot more relaxed with the lightened load.A suggestion would be to divide your stuff into four groups just before packing – sell, donate, toss and keep. Youll probably find that the items to keep will make life easier when moving than trying to take absolutely everything with you. In any case, you can use any earnings from the sold items to help your moving expenses.

    Also, include the move-in date and rent requirements for both houses. Using a checklist will also help ensure that every task is done.

    During the Move

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    Say Goodbye To Moving Stress

    So, if youre stressed about your upcoming move, remember that you can make a difference in your mood by adjusting your mindset. You can build a barrier to stress through preparation and planning. You can have the hope of building a bond and finding familiarity and joy in your new home. And if you need help during any stage in your move, give Bellhop a call. Wed love to offer our assistance and literally take a load off.

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    Remember Youve Got This

    We hope these tips help keep you calm throughout the moving process. Remember, health comes first everything else is replaceable.

    Stick to our advice and your move will be stress-free.

    Dont hesitate to check our blog. Any question, uncertainty, and doubt about moving you may have will be answered there.

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    Parents Talk It Over With Your Children

    Just as moving is an important step in an adults life, it can be a distressing one for a child. Children might experience anxiety during this transitioning stage. The key is to talk to kids about the positive aspects of moving, to assign them tasks they can perform to help the move in the form of games, as well as giving them a visit of their future home.

    Hire An Experienced Realtor

    How to Cope with Stress, Anxiety, Depression and Move Forward

    The whole process of moving is made so much less stressful when you are working with an experienced real estate agent that you trust. A good REALTOR® be able to keep you organized and let you know what to expect during the entire moving process. Not only that, but they will also be able to take a lot of the hard work off your hands. Make sure that when you are interview potential real estate agents to work with, that you ask the right questions.

    Manage your relocation stress with these tips so you do not have to worry about becoming a complete mess while going through the moving process.

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    Be Willing To Accept Any Friendly Help

    The stress of moving house will keep building up and its your priority to keep those stress levels within healthy limits.

    And then your move will get even manageable as soon as you realize that its nearly impossible to do it all by yourself you will need help from family and friends to make it work in the end.

    How to take the stress out of moving? Reach out to your good friends and close family members for assistance whenever you fall behind your packing schedule, or when you need more hands to move heavy furniture pieces around.

    Its never easy to ask for help but you know how it is: desperate times call for desperate measures.

    Tips To Cope With The Stress Of Moving

    Professor. TV Personality. Keynote Speaker. Coach. Author. Proud Mom. Lover of Life. Bad Cook.

    Moving can be an exciting time in your life. Or, it can be a negative, unwelcome event. In fact, moving is one of the top stressors in life, right along with death of a loved one, divorce, a major illness, and job loss. So, how can you make moving a little less stressful and more enjoyable? Believe it or not, there are things you can do to make this transition a positive experience. Here are 11 tips for making the best of moving to a new place:

    1. Adopt the right mental attitude.

    Maybe it was your choice to move, but maybe it wasn’t. And if it wasn’t, then the first thing you are going to have to do is adopt the right viewpoint. You can wallow in your unwelcome move, or you can try to make the best of it. Think of all the good things that can happen. You’ll meet new people, have new experiences, and hopefully create a life that’s even better than the one you’re leaving behind.

    2. Research the new area.

    If you’re moving a significant distance away, then you will need to do your research. People are always the most comfortable when they feel prepared, so do your research. For example, find the schools, the malls, the restaurants. See what events regularly happen in the area. Get a feel for where you will be setting your roots down.

    3. Plan, plan, plan.

    4. Hire professional movers.

    5. Take care of your emotional needs.

    6. Rely on your support system for help.

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    Get To Know Your New Country

    Much of the anxiety that you experience during a move overseas can stem from uncertainty about getting settled in a foreign country. If your move is associated with work and youve never been to your future home, make it a point to visit at least once before you officially relocate. Also, make an effort to learn the local language if its different than your native tongue. The stress of dealing with language barriers can add much strain to relocation, so even a basic knowledge of the language can totally change your whole international experience.

    Focus On The Positive

    How to Deal with Moving Stress: Tips to Manage Anxiety ...

    No matter what you are going through, or how difficult your move is, just remember the reasons you are moving. It might be that you are moving to make a life change, start a new career, start a new family, or just because you werent satisfied with your old place.

    Whatever the reason, moving is filled with new beginnings and the opportunity to start fresh. Once you are all moved in you will be able to start enjoying your new life!

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    Get Proper Moving Insurance And Forget About Relocation Stress

    Even though hiring reputable movers and packers is a good way to feel safe about your belonging there is a more efficient way for this. Of course, that is moving insurance. A lot of people make mistakes with this. They do not do their research well and think that coverage given by a moving company is the same as insurance. However, the usual moving coverage will only protect a small part of your inventorys worth. Therefore it is very important to get proper moving insurance. If you already calculated it in your moving budget, this will be a good way to stay relaxed during the move.

    Packing smart and quick

    Ok, you already know that hiring packing services is a good choice. However, what would you say if we told you there is a way to pack your entire home in a day on your own? While we dont recommend doing this, there are ways you can make your packing really quick and cheap. Using blankets, clothes, and newspapers to wrap up breakables are just some of the ways you can make an expedient packing. And the less time you spend on packing your items the more you will have for other activities, meaning you will have to deal with less stress. Not mentioning the saves you will make on packing materials.

    Ways To Handle The Stress Of Moving

    Its a well-known secret that moving house can be an extremely stress-filled transitional period in ones life.

    In fact, most experts rank moving house as one of the most stressful events a person can experience, right after a divorce.

    Only, your move doesnt have to be like that.

    Take advantage of some practical tips for managing the stress of moving, including proven de-stressing techniques you are encouraged to use to keep your anxiety level within reasonable limits.

    Here are the top 20 ways to handle the stress of moving.

    Take a deep breath and keep on reading.

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    Organize Your Move With A Checklist

    Its important to have enough time to prepare properly for the day of the move, but even more important than that is to use that time period efficiently.

    As explained above, the less time there is until move day, the more stressed out you will feel for fear of not making it on time.

    In practice, proper organization is the key to reducing stress during a move.

    The solution is simple enough: stay organized during your move by creating a moving checklist and following it down to the T.

    Write down all the tasks you must finish and start marking those tasks as COMPLETED, one by one.

    Unsure where to start? Take a look at our interactive MOVING CHECKLIST it will surely give you some great ideas on what you should do.

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