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How To Get Rid Of Stress Marks

Reduce Stretch Marks From Weight Gain


Stretch marks due to weight gain are probably the hardest to predict as the gain doesnt often happen intentionally. Therefore, it is often harder to prevent them. Stretch marks due to weight gain most commonly occur on the hips, bottom and thighs. They may even be one of the first signs that you have put on weight.

As soon as you start to see the purple appearance of a stretch mark you can begin to treat it. Massaging a stretch mark cream or oil into the mark will hydrate it and help to stimulate the healing process. Targeting the stretch marks as soon as they appear will have a greater results than if you wait until after they have turned into the white, silvery lines, but of course the silvery lines can be treated in exactly the same way.

We recommend the Body Merry Stretch Mark and Scar Cream. It smells amazing and is full of antioxidants and vitamins to give you great results at removing stretch marks:

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks: Do Creams Work

Is an expensive stretch mark cream the key to getting rid of stretch marks?

Stretch marks are common and few people escape these lines completely. Theyre a normal part of puberty and pregnancy and also appear during many other times in your life. However, whilst some people wear their stripes with pride, you might feel more self-conscious.

When it comes to how to get rid of stretch marks, there are all sorts of treatments and creams that promise to make your marks disappear. However, the research to support their claims is far from conclusive

Before you invest in a stretch mark treatment or another cream, we want you to understand whats causing these marks so you can make educated decisions about if and how you tackle them.

How To Prevent Pregnancy Stretch Marks

There are some way you can help reduce the amount of pregnancy stretch marks you get:

  • Moisturise – there is no miracle moisturiser to help with pregnancy stretch marks as the body is under so much strain, however, moisturising will help to prevent dryness and itchiness that comes along with a pregnant belly growing in size, and it will help to keep the skin nourished so that it doesn’t become sore
  • Eat lots of vitamins – eating food and drink rich in vitamins including vitamin C such as fruits including strawberries, mangoes, and tomatoes, and veggies such as asparagus, and peppers – this will help to keep skin healthy, as well as giving valuable nutrition to your baby. Foods rich in Zinc will also benefit, such as nuts and fish. Zinc helps the skins healing process and reduces inflammation.
  • Don’t gain weight too fast – although weight gain is a guaranteed side effect of pregnancy, try not to gain it too quickly, you should make sure you’re gaining weight at a steady pace rather than sporadically
  • Vitamin D – a low level of vitamin D has been linked to an increase in the incidence of stretch marks. The sun is a great source of Vitamin D, so being active outside will improve your vitamin D intake. Be careful, extensive time in direct sunlight can cause damage to the skin.

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How To Treat Stretch Marks

In order to get rid of stretch marks, or at least improve the appearance of them or prevent them from happening in the first place, multiple therapies are under development. The Journal of Dermatologic Surgery and Oncology conducted a study of the experience of 20 patients with stretch marks of varying circumstances using a topical treatment. Of the 16 patients who completed the study, 15 had significant improvement in their clinical picture.

The treatment of stretch marks varies and includes various creams, topical oil massages and glycolic acid to name a few. While lasers are considered an effective treatment, there are many natural ways to get rid of stretch marks.

1. Vitamin K

The European Handbook of Dermatological Treatments explains that vitamin K is very beneficial in treating stretch marks. You can find vitamin k is foods such as dandelion greens, mustard greens, Swiss chard, spring onions or scallions, kale, spinach and Brussels sprouts to name a few.

2. Essential Oils

Essential oils are found in plants and typically cold pressed from the seeds. Rosehip oil, for example, is a lightweight, non-greasy oil full of essential fatty acids that improve skin strength and elasticity. Its noted as the best source for trans-retinoic acid, a natural form of vitamin A that encourages skin to regenerate faster.

In fact, I developed a great stretch mark cream with all of these essential oils, along with other healing properties.

3. Coconut Oil

4. Gelatin

5. Aloe Vera

Laser Stretch Mark Removal Treatments

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Naturally

Laser treatments for stretch mark removal are done with a specialized system that stimulates the production of collagen, elastin, and other healthy skin proteins in the sub-dermal layers of the skin beneath the existing scar tissue. Repeated treatments will reduce the pinkish or reddish appearance of the stretch mark so that the new skin tissue will match your existing skin tone, as well as even the texture of the skin. For many patients, laser treatments for stretch marks almost work like a magic eraser your skin after several treatments will be as good as new.

What Can You Expect From Laser Stretch Mark Removal Treatments?

Like any other laser treatment, this treatment involves a specialized handheld tool that will be operated by one of our skilled skin specialists. The laser system will be pressed briefly to each patch of the stretch marks to deliver a powerful combination of thermal heat and light wavelengths that penetrate the deeper layers of the skin to kick-start your bodys natural regenerative properties.

For most patients, treatments will take about 30 minutes to complete unless you are treating multiple areas of the body at one time. This treatment is not painful and will not cause any harm to the surrounding skin tissue, which is why our laser treatment is so compatible with patients of all skin tones and types. This type of laser treatment is an appropriate option for both new and old stretch marks.

How Many Treatments Will You Need?

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Home Remedies And Over

There arent well-designed studies on most of the available over-the-counter products for stretch marks. But there has been some research showing benefits with the following topical medications:

  • Vitamin E

But the studies on these products show varied results. So although OTC treatments are generally safe to use in pregnancy, theres no definitive scientific evidence to show that they make much difference.

For instance, moisturizing creams, such as those with cocoa butter or shea butter, have been used for decades. But theres no strong evidence to prove that these help. In fact, it might just be the extra moisture and the act of massaging the product into the skin that actually helps. Extra moisture can help the skin remain more elastic instead of stretching too thin. This might help decrease the chance of getting stretch marks or lessen the appearance of them.

Whatever you decide to use, its probably best to start using safe products on early stretch marks , rather than later stretch marks . You have more of a chance of lessening the appearance of striae rubrae than if you wait to treat stretch marks that have been there for a while.

How Do I Permanently Get Rid Of Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are usually considered a cosmetic issue. Rarely, they can be extensive where they may tear easily in an accident. Like any scar, stretch marks are permanent and may fade with time. Because stretch marks are caused due to a tear deep inside your skin, there is no absolute cure for it. However, some treatments may make them less noticeable. Some treatments can help you with the itch. There is no single treatment that works for everyone and some treatments dont work at all.

Stretch marks may diminish with the help of certain over-the-counter products or procedures, but will never disappear completely. If you are concerned about the look of the skin, then some treatments may be effective.

  • Moisturizers:Hyaluronic acid-based cream is most often prescribed. If applied in the early stage of stretch marks, it may make the stretch marks less noticeable.
  • Topical retinoid therapy: Tretinoin or retinol works best for some people. If applied in the early stage every night for 24 weeks, it may make them less noticeable. However, it may be associated with side effects if not used as directed. It should be avoided in pregnancy because it can be harmful.

To help your skin to produce more collagen, a skin doctor or plastic surgeon may suggest or perform one or more of the following procedures to give you the best results.

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Ways To Manage Itchy Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are more common in dry skin, which is characteristically itchy. When the skin fiber breaks, the nerves in the area trigger an itchy response, which further aggravates the skin discomfort. The itchiness associated with stretch marks can also be brought on by the healing process of the damaged skin.

Here are some ways to manage the itching:

  • Resist the urge to scratch that itch to avoid further skin damage.
  • Apply a good-quality moisturizer to the affected skin to keep the itchiness under control.
  • Drink plenty of water to hydrate your skin from within.
  • Consider using some home ingredients to soothe the itch, such as coconut oil, vitamin E oil, and cocoa butter.
  • Bathe in room-temperature water. Taking hot or long showers can further dry out your skin and worsen the itch.

How To Get Rid Of Older Stretch Marks


In this fast pace of life, women have very less time to take care of themselves. One of the problems that most of the women counter with is stretch marks. If stretch marks are not treated on time, they get older and difficult to remove. You can simply follow these remedies to lessen the older stretch marks:

  • To get rid of older stretch marks, fractional laser therapy is the best option. It makes the skin surface smooth. Fractional laser treatment may also result in side-effects, like hyperpigmentation and scarring.
  • You can also use SPF 60 directly on the stretch marks.

If you do try these methods, you should note that you can never completely remove your stretch marks unless you take a more invasive approach. With that being said, these remedies will not remove your stretch marks. Rather, they will lessen the appearance of them. Time really is your best friend when it comes to dealing with stretch marks. Taking proper precautions and letting time run its course coupled with proper skin treatments and exercise will help to diminish the look of stretch marks more and more.

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Boost Collagen With Laser

Wells suggested a skincare cocktail to accompany a round of laser treatments to best fade stretch marks. He explains, Since stretch marks are actually an area of the skin where the collagen is damaged, treatments to improve stretch marks are directed at rebuilding the integrity of the collagen in the area of the mark. Patients are placed on a skincare regimen that helps to support the rebuilding and restructuring of the dermis. At the same time, collagen-building lasers, such as the Palomar 1540 and Deep IR Lasers, are employed to stimulate dermal repair. The very best product, in my opinion, is a hyaluronic acid serum, which can absorb and hold in the skin hundreds of times its weight in water, thereby greatly increasing the skin’s elastic tolerance. We offer this proprietary product called Scott Wells MD Hy-Pep . Generally, several treatments are needed, but we have treated hundreds of stretch marks and have seen very significant improvement in their appearance using these modalities.

For smaller areas , expect to pay about $250, and for larger surfaces, $500. I didnt notice a difference at first, but over time, I can definitely tell the lasers are working. Plus, after doing my research, most doctors admit lasers are the most effective way to rid stretch marks .

Are Stretch Marks Caused Only By Stretching Of The Skin

It is true that your skin fibers usually rupture when they are extended beyond their elastic capacity. However, other factors can also make your skin tear without any physical strain.

An excess of glucocorticoids and certain other hormones in your body can diminish the elasticity of your skin. As a result, the collagen fibers may break at the slightest bit of exertion, making you more susceptible to stretch marks.

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What Exactly Is A Stretch Mark

Not everyone develops these narrow bands on their skin. Fluctuating hormone levels seem to play a role. You may also have a higher risk if people in your family get stretch marks.

If you develop stretch marks, youre most likely to do so during these times:

  • Growth spurts that happen in puberty

  • Pregnancy

  • Rapid weight loss or gain

  • Weight training when you have rapid muscle growth

Applying a corticosteroid to your skin for a long time can also cause stretch marks. If you have Cushings disease or Marfan syndrome, you may see stretch marks.

When stretch marks first appear, they tend to be red, purple, pink, reddish-brown, or dark brown, depending on your skin color. Early stretch marks may feel slightly raised and can be itchy.

In time, the color fades and the narrow bands sink beneath your skin. If you run your finger over a mature stretch mark, you often feel a slight depression.

Aloe Vera For Stretch Marks

How to Get Rid of Stretch Marks Using Onions

Aloe vera acts as a natural healing agent. You can use this to treat your stretch marks. To use this remedy, you need to remove the outer layer of the aloe vera leaf and take out the sticky gel from the inside of the leaf.

Massage the gel on the skin and let it stay for 20-40 minutes. After this wash off with water.

You can even use coconut oil and aloe vera gel together to remove stretch marks. First, take a bowl and add two tablespoons of virgin coconut oil.

Next, add freshly extracted aloe vera gel and mix well. Now, apply a small amount of mixture on the stretch marks. For best results, you can apply it daily.

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What Causes Stretch Marks

Stretch marks are caused when your skin stretches or is stressed beyond its current elasticity in other words, stretch marks happen when there is a sudden shift in how much the skin has to work to maintain its shape. Over time, enough stress on the skin causes new skin to develop to alleviate the stress, which is what causes the stripes on your skin.

In truth, a stretch mark is the exposed portion of your new skin tissues that were under-developed and do not match the texture of the surrounding skin. There are specific factors and times where developing stretch marks is more common, such as:

Skin Genetics

The genetics of your skin actually play a huge role in how your stretch marks develop, including whether or not your stretch marks will fade by themselves. If your skin is prone to scarring, then its more likely that you will develop stretch marks. The genetics of your skin may also be related to the amount of cortisol your body produces since high cortisol levels weaken skin elastin and make it harder for the skin to stretch comfortably.


Puberty is probably the most common time when people, both women and men, will experience stretch marks. Its not uncommon for those in puberty to develop stretch marks on their hips, knees, or backs. Stretch marks caused by puberty are generally associated with growth spurts, as well as the maturation of secondary sex characteristics .


Weight Gain

Cocoa Butter/body Butter Helps Fade Stretch Marks

Cocoa butter is highly popular as an anti-stretch mark agent. It helps improve the appearance of scars, promotes blood circulation, nourishes the skin, and also possesses antiaging properties.

Body butter is nothing but a moisturizer consisting of cocoa butter, shea butter, and oils.

How to use:

Gently massage cocoa butter on the affected skin two times a day.

Note: While cocoa butter is commonly used for healing stretch marks, some studies reject these claims.

Considerable anecdotal evidence and a few clinical trials highlight the efficacy of cocoa butter in lightening stretch marks and nourishing the skin.

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Gentle Scrubbing May Help

Sugar is a natural exfoliating and nourishing agent that can be used for gentle scrubbing at home. You can also use a coffee scrub to help lighten stretch marks.

How to use:

Mix sugar with almond oil and lemon juice to form a scrub and use it as an exfoliator. Alternatively, make a coffee scrub by mixing half a cup of ground coffee in coconut oil, and scrub the affected area with the paste.

Ways To Remove Stretch Marks

How To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks!

Ok, so weve established its not possible to remove stretch marks, but you can try to reduce stretch marks with methods such as:

  • Retinoic acid creams or hyaluronic acid may help with skin tone and texture and overall appearance if applied to new stretch marks.9
  • Microdermabrasion that works by removing a thin layer of skin.
  • Dry brushing may help topical stretch mark creams and gels work better by removing any dead skin cells, enabling the products to be better absorbed by the skin.10
  • Microneedling involves injecting tiny needles into the skin to stimulate collagen growth.11
  • Applying Argan oil which is enriched with Vitamin E and therefore may boost skin elasticity and heal broken tissue over time.12
  • Using lemon – lemon juice is known for its natural bleaching properties, so may help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. Apply fresh lemon juice or rub a lemon wedge on the area daily. 13
  • Applying egg whites eggs are a skin superfood because theyre high in protein and amino acids. When applied to stretch marks, egg white may help lighten marks and tighten skin.14
  • Using olive oil olive oil is an excellent moisturiser thats full of antioxidants and other nutrients that may help manage skin damage. Applying cold-pressed olive oil may help fade the appearance of stretch marks over time.15
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