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How To Make Moving Less Stressful

Why Is Moving So Stressful

How do I Make Moving Less Stressful for My Elderly Parents?

Moving comes with so many changes. Youre moving from one residence to another. This can be difficult to wrap your head around especially if you have a strong emotional attachment to your current residence.

Moving also means youre leaving your neighbors behind. If you had established a strong relationship with them, its easy to feel emotional about it.

If youre moving to another neighborhood, theres also the prospect of living behind some of the places youve come to frequent and love, such as parks, clubs, and other social amenities.

If youve school-going children, moving to a distant place automatically means transferring them to another school. As any parent will tell you, hunting for a good school and ensuring kids settle in well quickly is one of the biggest parenting challenges.

Moving costs time and money. If youre a busy person, its likely that you dont have enough time to plan and pack for the move. And if youre on a tight budget, you have to start working out a way to finance the move. Go in for a personal loan, perhaps? Borrow from a friend?

All these factors join forces to make moving a super stressful event.

Keep A Moving Day Box

A moving day box contains everything you might need to pack and unpack items. This box shouldnt look like other moving boxes so that it doesnt get lost in the pile. Consider choosing a bright-colored box so that you and your family members can easily find it.

Keep important items in the box, such as paperwork, box cutters, hammers, nails, first aid kits, extension cords, heavy-duty tape, etc. If youre hiring professional movers, instruct them not to take the box with them.

Plan The Move In Advance

You dont need to go with the first removal company you find. Take the time to make sure they suit your needs, Sounds obvious, right? However, when youre already thinking about your house sale, buying or signing the lease on your new home, it can be easy to forget about some of the basics.

Work out your moving budget

Its easy to not have the costs of physically moving high up on your list. With the focus on finding your new home, also make some time to know what your budget is for the move itself. Consider whether youre moving or hiring a removal company. Will you need to put any items into storage? Working out what money you can spend on your move is important to establish early on as it will inform so many decisions further down the line.

Select a moving date carefully

Of course, this will depend on external factors such as how your house sale is progressing, but be aware of peak times such as bank holidays, school breaks and even Fridays. Think about how this could impact your move. If youre moving to a new location, will holiday traffic be an issue? Or will removal companies charge more for moving during peak times?

Research your removal company early

Plan your moving route

Whats the best route to take from your current property to your new home? If youre moving somewhere off the beaten track that can be accessed via small country lanes, consider whether the removal vehicle will get down those roads or whether an alternative route is needed.

Have a clear-out

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Make Your Move Less Stressful By Being Ready

The biggest source of stress during relocation is the unknown. You dont know your movers. And you might not even know what comes next. You can never be 100% ready for everything. But, you can put in an effort to research your movers, destination, and everything else that is bothering you. All of that will make your relocation much less stressful. Youll be able to enjoy this occasion and look forward to your new life in a new home.

Figure Out How Youre Moving

How To Make Moving Less Stressful And More Enjoyable!

Will you hire professional movers or do it yourself? If you dont have much time on your hands, hire movers. If you cant afford movers, organization is key. There are also moving pods that can drop off containers at your new homeits cheaper than professional movers, but costs more than doing it yourself.

If you will be hiring professional movers, determine how many items you will be moving and what specialty items will also be moved apart from the basic items. After doing this, consult the professional moving company of your choosing to give you an estimate on the cost of moving, and be sure to also consult insurance options to make sure your items arrive in perfect condition.

If you will be moving yourself, consider things like packing equipment and truck rental. This includes considering the number of items you may have and the amount of space you may need in your truck.

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Consider Your Professional Moving Options

How to move with less stress is possible by choosing the right moving option for your situation. A few options for moving are hiring traditional movers, a cross-country moving company or renting a portable storage container. Traditional movers are great for local moves within your current city or neighbouring cities. Portable storage containers are great for people who want to pack and unpack at their own pace. Check out our portable storage containers to learn more. Finally, cross-country long-haul moving companies are great for moving far distances.

Make A List Of People To Notify About Your Move And Let Them Know Early

One of the best tips for a stress-free move is to start contacting people about your change of address before you go. Make a list of people and companies you must tell about your move? Friends, relatives, schools, utility companies, etc. Get new address cards printed and put together an email distribution list to simplify the process by only needing to send the email once.

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Easy Ways To Make Moving Less Stressful

According to a recent survey, most Americans believe that moving is the most stressful event theyve ever experienced. To make matters more complicated, people often decide to move because of a major life change, such as getting married, changing jobs or starting/graduating from school. While theres no way to completely take the hassle out of moving to a new city or home, you can make the process a whole lot easier on your nerves. In this article, well share our favorite tips on how to make moving less stressful.

Why Is Moving Stressful

5 Ways to Make Moving Less Stressful | Netted Does

If you talk to anyone, its likely that theyll agree with the statement that moving house is one of the most stressful life events we experience.

Theres no doubt that juggling full-time work, children, extended family, pets and plants along with moving home isnt easy. Moving home is generally new to the majority of us because its not something thats taken lightly. Uprooting all of your belongings and memories isnt simple it requires countless busy days, late nights, communication with various companies and estate agents.

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Keep Important Documents In A Secured Folder

The last thing you want to lose during the move is any essential documents you might have. These documents would include your birth certificate, social security card, mortgage information, and more. Place each of these items inside a secured folder and then take it with you when you are finally ready to move into your new home.

Prevent Possible Stress Situations

It is the need to complete so much work in so little time and the risks to your possessions and to your loved ones that cause most of the stress on moving day. To reduce the stress, you need to reduce the risks and find practical solutions to all the challenges that may present themselves on the Big day.

1)Proper packing and professional moving help will guarantee the best possible protection to your belongings during transit and the good condition of your old property after the move.

2) Your next step is to ensure the safety of everyone involved in the moving process:

  • Make every effort to prevent accidents and injuries during your relocation endeavor
  • Hire a sitter to look after your little kids and/or pets on moving day
  • Mind the weather wear comfortable, lightweight clothes that will keep you warm enough or cool enough , stay hydrated , keep your kids and pets inside if its cold or rainy, etc.

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3) Finally, you need to make sure that youll be able to deal with any unexpected difficulties or changing circumstances at the time of your move:

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Make Your Move Less Stressful By Preparing Early

A lot of the moving stress comes from the fact that people have to rush through their relocation. And an otherwise happy occasion can easily turn into a nightmare where you have to rush through everything. So, to make your move less stressful start early and take things slow. Take some time to create a comprehensive moving plan. With it, youll be much more organized. And youll know exactly what you need to do.

Use A Moving Checklist

Guide to make your moving less stressful

Using a moving checklist is another critical way to reduce stress on moving day. “Checklists are helpful when it comes to following certain steps of the moving process and taking care of things that are often forgotten,” Kate Hart, a house and office relocation manager at Fantastic Removals, a UK-based moving company, tells Bustle. “You can make one yourself, find a good one on the Internet, or find one on a professional moving companyâs website.”

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Make Moving Less Stressful By Planning

The key to tackling any major task is thorough planning. Although this step is often unjustly neglected, its benefits are undeniable. Even if planning is not your forte, know that winging a complex project is seldom a good idea. Putting everything on paper can help you visualize and conquer the most dreadful and headache-inducing issues. Whether you decide to write down some basic steps on a post-it note or do an entire inventory of your home, remember the more organized you are, the smoother the transition will be.

Dedicating each day to packing a different room or doing a few smaller tasks is a smart way to start. Putting together a to-do list will ensure you don’t forget anything along the way. Additionally, checking off the tasks you’ve finished will give you a sense of achievement and a burst of encouragement that will help you power through. Oh, and make sure to gather all the moving supplies before you start doing anything – this alone should dial down the stress significantly.

Effects Of Moving Stress On Dogs

Does moving stress out dogs? It definitely can!

Dogs are more stressed with unfamiliar noises and items in the house. So, get your pets used to these disturbances beforehand.

Start acclimating your pets to the sound of tape and stacks of boxes a couple of weeks before you start the process.

Stick to your routine and give them extra play and walk time. A new toy or bone at the new house doesnt hurt either!

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Start Off On The Right Foot

First and foremost, its important that you make a plan at least 8 weeks before moving day. Theres a lot to get done, so making a schedule of everything you need to get done every week leading up to moving day is essential to staying as organized and relaxed as possible during this time.

Apart from this, ask yourself essential questions that will help you stay organized, save money, and facilitate your moving experience. These questions can be:

  • Whats my moving budget?
  • How much time do I need? Will the move take multiple days?
  • How many items are there to move?
  • Do you have children or pets to consider?
  • Are you moving the items yourself or will you be hiring professional movers?

Notify Everyone Of Your Move

5 Minimalist Tips for Packing, Moving, and Organizing

Make a list of utilities and people at both locations that need to be notified of your moving date. Then, make sure to check off each as you contact them. Make sure to remember to change your magazine subscriptions, your billing address, and any retail stores that you actually enjoy getting coupons from. Also, don’t forget to file your change of address with the post office at least a week before you move!

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Get Your New Home Ready

If you have access to the new property before you move, it is helpful to plug in a Comfort Zone Calming Diffuser to make your cat feel more comfortable when she arrives. You want to set one up before you renovate or change the furniture around, even if you’re staying in the same house. The diffuser lasts for four weeks and helps your cat adjust to a changing environment.

The diffuser releases a drug-free, odorless vapor that mimics the pheromones a cat releases to indicate an area is safe and secure. So by setting one up ahead of time, you’re signaling in your cat’s language that she can relax. This can help cut down on stress behaviors like spraying or destructive scratching.

Putting some scents that are familiar to your cat in your new home ahead of time can help too. Favorite toys or a familiar-scented towel can cut down on stress.

Many triggers can stress out your cat, such as moving, hearing loud noises, or having a new pet or new furniture in the house. Try to help your cat experience as few of these at one time as possible.

Cover Clothes On Hangers With Trash Bags

Do you have most of your clothes hanging up in your closet? You might dread the idea of pulling them off the hangers only to hang them back up in a closet in the new home. The good news is that you do not need to do all of that.

Rather than removing clothes from the hangers, simply bring all your clothes together and place a trash bag over them. Leave the hooks hanging out from the top of the trash bag. You may then tie the bag closed. Once you move into your new place, all youll need to do is simply cut the trash bag off and hang your clothes right inside of the new closet.

Not only is this a creative moving hack to help save some extra time, but it is also one that will help you keep those clothes clean. The bag that covers the clothes will protect them from dirt and dust during transit.

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Start Early To Make Moving Day Less Stressful

Now you have in mind what is there to do and to think of. Take your to-do list, and start. When moving, it is a good moment to . Go through your belongings and you will figure out that there are some things that you certainly do not use for a while and that you dont need anymore. You can throw away these items, give them to some friends or family, sell them on the internet or you can donate to some charity organization. In the end, if you still want to keep some items or you simply do not have enough place for all the items in your new home, you can rent a storage unit. Just make sure you choose the right one, so you can place all the items you planned to store.

Start early with this so you can have enough time to decide whether you are keeping something or not. But not only because of that, but it is also good to start early so you can hire a moving company that suits your needs. If you book them early maybe you can catch a discount, or some special prices, depending on the time of moving. Plan everything ahead so you dont need to worry. Make a timeline and make sure you respect it. If it is possible choose a season, month, or day that is less popular for the moving. The same instructions you can follow if you are moving your office. But help yourself, find some of the commercial movers California has to offer, and let them help you. You can focus on something else while your movers pack and relocate your office.

Give Your Child Control

How To Make Relocating Easier And Less Stressful

For kids, a move can be especially scary when it feels like theyre getting whisked away without having any say of their own. Try to give your children control of aspects of the move whenever you can. Maybe they can pick their room and how to decorate it in your new home. If you rope them into the process early enough, they may even be able to participate in the decision about where you want to move to. Giving your kids this feeling of autonomy can help to make the big move less scary.

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How To Make Moving Day Less Stressful

There is a good reason why moving day ranks among the most stressful days in life it is strenuous and unnerving, full of risks and uncertainties, emotionally draining and mentally taxing The number of things that can go wrong on this single day is so large that even thinking about it is enough to make your stomach churn and your heart race in anxiety.

Its no wonder then that a stress-free moving day sounds like a pipe dream impossible to achieve no matter how carefully you plan your move. But even if you cannot make your moving day completely stress free, you can at least considerably reduce the strain during the most critical 24 hours of your relocation endeavor. All you need to do is put into practice some efficient tricks that will allow you to keep stress at bay on moving day.

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