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How To Make Your Mom Less Stressed

Plan The Week’s Meals

How do I Make Moving Less Stressful for My Elderly Parents?

After making decisions all day, the last thing you want to do is figure out what to eat on the fly. “Making decisions in the grocery store is incredibly stressful, especially when you’re unprepared and hungry,” says , a productivity expert and the author of Making Work Work. So decide what’s for dinner in advance. First, pick one night of the week to do your shopping. Then create one list of essentials, such as eggs, milk and butter. Then make a second list of all the items you need for any actual cooking you or your family plans to do that week. “That’s the list you update and rotate,” Morgenstern says. “You can plan it in 15 minutes when you have the template set.” If you live in a place services by a grocery delivery company like FreshDirect, even better. Make use of the handy app and have the week’s sustenance waiting for you when you get home.

How To Make A Stressed Mom Happy

We all know if mom isnt happy, no one is. A staggering 70% of mothers report feeling stressed out most of the time . If you are married to a stressed out mom, you may be wondering, how can I make my wife happy so we can all get our comfy lives back? First lets understand why she is stressed to begin with- just in case you didnt know.

I recently polled a number of moms for a book I am writing for crazy busy women . A common theme among these stressed moms was struggling with a lack of time to get everything done, feeling guilty if they did anything for themselves and a constant nagging feeling that they are not good enough or doing any of their jobs super well. These women are experiencing a million constant demands from kids, husbands, school, work, family do I really need to explain more?

Here are a few things you can do to help out the stressed mom in your life:

Plan a Date: from start to finish. Check the kids activities, check her calendar, find some free space. Schedule the babysitter and then tell her in advance so she doesnt schedule anything else. Half the fun of a date night is looking forward to it. Most stressed moms would love to go out, but the idea of planning and taking care of the details on top of the other trillion things on her to-do list is exhausting. Let her relax and enjoy your company without having to micro- manage the whole event. This is a win win situation.

How To Make A Room Look Less Cluttered

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Shared by Katie

Simple steps for how to make a room look less cluttered. Find out which have the biggest immediate impact on your space.

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Use Delays And Hiccups To Your Advantage

Sometimes things don’t work out how you imagine, and it’s enough to make you totally stressed out. “Stress is caused by expectations on one level and reality on the other,” says Wetmore. “When your expectations fall short of reality, you feel stress.” You can let that hiccup derail your day, or you can look at something like a delayed train or canceled flight as an opportunity to check off something on your list. “We all have a list of secondarily important things to take care of,” says David Allen, author of Getting Things Done. “Delays like these are a great time to make that call to your mother you’ve been putting off.” For more secrets of business success, follow these 20 New Rules for Successful Entrepeneurs.

Look For Signs Of Stress

How to Make Homework Less Stressful: 11 Tips for Parents ...

The continual demands of parenting can easily lead to stress. And stress can quickly lead to mommy burnout. If you don’t take breaks, get sleep, and have others helping you out, to name a few, that stress continues to add up. You never have time to recharge yourself and you may find everything feels like it’s piling up on you.

Look for the signs of stress in yourself. Also recognize if you’re actually feeling the symptoms of depression. It’s easy to become a stressed-out mom or depressed mom. Don’t be afraid to seek help. As much as you love your kids, parenting can take its toll on you. Talk to your doctor honestly so that you can get back to being a happy, healthy mom.

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How You Can Help Mom Or Dad

Sometimes through no fault of their own, parents find themselves without a job or with lower incomes. A factory may close, sales may be down or their health may fail. Whatever the cause, tough times affect everyone in the family.

Unemployment may mean less money, more stress and schedule changes. Your parent may behave like a different person. The anger and frustration they feel may come out in ways you have trouble understanding. Mom may yell about things that wouldnt have bothered her before. Or dad may not pay attention when youre talking.

During tough times, parents are worried about paying the bills and finding a new job. They also may be feeling angry about losing their job.

Talking can help. Take time to talk to your parents and brothers and sisters about the changes taking place. Listen to what they have to say.

Sometimes you may feel alone and worried about whats happening to your family. Angry outbursts, depression or abuse of alcohol are all examples of serious problems that can occur in families. These problems may require outside help. Your school counselor, teacher, minister, doctor or neighbor can help you find the support you need. Dont hesitate to talk to them.

If It Feels Good Do It

Once you get home, get out in your yard or some other greenery close by. In a recent study, researchers in England found a direct link between time spent in green space and reduced stress levels. If you’re a city slicker or it’s too cold/hot/rainy/whatever out, take 15 minutes to do one thing you love instead. Play with the dog, watch YouTube clips of people falling over, whatever floats your boat. Researchers at the University of Pittsburgh discovered that study participants who engaged in pleasurable activities showed reductions in blood pressure and cortisol levels. To make the most of every day, start checking off these incredible 50 Things You Must Do Before You Die.

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What Is Mommy Burnout

Its the kind of stress that is chronic, and chronic stress has a deeply profound impact on our bodies and our minds. All of the challenges that you are experiencing from weight gain, food cravings, lack of energy, poor sleep, anxiety, depression, and gut imbalance, can all be caused by the chronic stress of trying to be the perfect mother.

Take A Break And Practice Self


It may seem obvious but to so many parents, the stresses of everyday life with a child can leave you feeling overwhelmed.

As little as 5 minutes of down time during a quiet moment of the day is a great way to catch your breath.

Try listening to relaxing music or if meditation is more your style, some useful and easy exercises can be found here.

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Recognize The Reasons To Apologize

When you’ve made a mistake or hurt another person, there are many good reasons to apologize. By apologizing, you are able to:

  • Acknowledge that you were wrong
  • Discuss what is allowed and not allowed in your relationship
  • Express your regret and remorse
  • Learn from your mistakes and find new ways of dealing with difficult situations
  • Open up a line of communication with the other person

A sincere apology can also bring relief, particularly if you have guilt over your actions. An apology alone doesn’t erase the hurt or make it OK, but it does establish that you know your actions or words were wrong and that you will strive harder in the future to prevent it from happening again.

Not apologizing when you are wrong can be damaging to your personal and professional relationships. It can also lead to rumination, anger, resentment, and hostility that may only grow over time.

Research suggests that some of the major reasons why people don’t apologize are that they aren’t really concerned about the other person, apologizing threatens their own self-image, or they believe that an apology won’t do any good anyway.

Signs Your Family Is Feeling Too Much Stress

Is your whole fam frazzled? Our experts highlight seven ways to determine if your family is overly stressedand what you can do about it.

As a parent, you already know that stress is as much a part of life as bedtime battles and picky eating. But what you may not realize is that your frustrations can impact your children’s own stress levels, and before long, your once-peaceful house is filled with shouting, meltdowns, and one-word answers.

Can you rid yourself completely of stress? Doubtfulbut there are ways to minimize it. Here, experts highlight seven ways to tell your family is overly stressed, plus advice on what you can do about it.

1. No one is sleeping. When your stress levels are at an all-time high, sleep is one of the first casualties. This lack of shut-eye can make you crankier, anxious, and, yup, more stressed. If you and your family are feeling the strain, “put the kids to bed a half hour earlier and put yourself to bed a half hour earlier as well,” advises Tanya Altmann, M.D., a pediatrician in Calabasas, California, a spokesperson for the American Academy of Pediatrics, and author of What to Feed Your Baby.

3. You’ve cut down on family dinners. Sad truth: When you or your partner are stressed-out and cranky, your older kid may skip out on mealtime to avoid talking to you, says Mary Alvord, Ph.D., a psychologist in Rockville, Maryland, a public education coordinator for the American Psychological Association, and on relaxation and building resilience.

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Putting It All Together

You are not alone! So many of us are trying to navigate this unrealistic ideal, thinking if we can only figure out a new organizational trick, a new meal plan app, or maybe a beautiful new planner to keep all our tasks at hand well figure this motherhood thing out.

Caitlin Collins research shows that its not YOU! Youre a great mom! Youre providing for your family, your kids adore you. Youre doing the best you can and thats enough. You dont have to do it all, and you dont need to live up to an unrealistic ideal.

For more reading on this topic get Caitlin Collins book, Making Motherhood Work. Another great read, Mommy Burnout by Dr. Sheryl Ziegler.

Seek Opportunities For Fun

How to Make Homework Less Stressful: 11 Tips for Parents ...

Choose activities to do with your kids that make you happy. Youll feel better about yourself and will deal better with your kids, says Dr. Wertman.

  • Love sports? Coach or cheer for your childs team .
  • Are you a bookworm? Read to your kids, then discuss the book. Its an opportunity to be positive, to encourage and to enjoy a unique closeness, he notes.

My biggest joy was always looking for the laughter and finding the smile. If that happened, I considered my day a success.

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Do Fitness Exercises At Home

In early days, doctors used to advise moms-to-be against doing any heavy exercise, lifting heavy boxes bending, or climbing stairs during pregnancy. Doctors today tell pregnant women to forget all previously thought syllabus and focus on keeping their bodies healthy and active.

In fact doing low to moderate exercises and yoga will actually promote an easier delivery time! Conduct pranayama along with some breathing exercises for good blood and oxygen flow to your body and the baby. Walking is another option. However talk to your doctor first before starting any exercise.

You can also start preparing for your natural birth by going through the breathing and relaxation techniques given in our online hypnobirthing course and video tutorials. Begin your journey to a trouble-free, pain-free and stress-free natural childbirth without fear.

Meet Kathryn Clark

How To Make A Cluttered Room Look Nice

If youre facing a messy or cluttered room, it can be hard to know where to start! Make it easy on yourself, and go through the following steps to take care of the visual clutter in your space.

  • Get rid of trash. Always do this step first! Grab a garbage bag, and circle the room, throwing out trash as you go. Dont worry about putting things away, cleaning, or anything else. Just clear the garbage out first.
  • Put things back in place. Bring dirty laundry to the basket or hamper, put things back in their places. If you have a lot of items that belong in different rooms, gather them up in a box. When youre done putting stuff away in the room youre working on, take the box with you, and put things away room by room.
  • Clear surfaces. Look at surfaces like tabletops, counters, floors, etc. Is there anything you could remove? You dont have to remove everything from all of your surfaces, but clearing things off will make your room look less cluttered.
  • Do quick cleaning. Now that youve removed trash, put things away, and cleared surfaces, quickly clean any areas that obviously need it. Start with dusting and vacuuming. If you have mirrors or appliance surfaces, clean those too.
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    Ways To Lower Stress & Increase Joy

    I USED to stress about SO MUCH, but these days, with four children, I just try to sit back & enjoy the ride! This is a really fun time for us and I want to soak up these memories right now, without stressing or causing our kids to have stress. I have narrowed it down to these 10 secrets of a happy mom

    Check Your Own Expectations

    HOW TO SURVIVE BEING A SINGLE PARENT- And cope with less stress.

    Make sure your own expectations of yourself arent too high. Having goals is great, but if you put heaps of pressure on yourself youll probably feel stressed. Check in with how youre feeling and whether youre being too hard on yourself. See how to set goals here and check in with how youre going here.

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    The Signs Of A Stressed Family

  • Sleep routines are disturbed. One of the main consequences of stress is a drastic change in sleeping habits. Lack of rest among family members causes anxiety and irritability. These last two conditions trigger arguments, accusations, and emotional tension in people.
  • Shouting and verbal conflicts are more and more frequent. The more intense the situation of a stressed family, the more yelling and disagreements that take place. Softening your tone of voice and reducing the volume are effective actions in moments of tension. In these circumstances, its best to take a deep breath and give each other a hug.
  • Family members avoid family dinner time. When a person in the family is stressed, they tend to avoid gathering times. A good idea to combat this alarm signal is to provide a pleasant moment during dinner. Have each person in the family write something positive about those who are present at the table. Put each phrase in a basket and read it out loud before you start eating.
  • There are conflicts at work or at school.Stress affects the ability to focus and organize your time. If someone in the family begins to show difficulties in carrying out their work or academic activities, the situation requires attention. Its important to identify the actions that trigger stress and reach agreements to manage them in a healthy way.
  • Remember that you always need to press the pause button in your routine in order to take a breath and get on with your day.

    Let Your Child Do Things

    Sometimes it’s easier to do things for our kids than to get them to do it themselves. But raising an independent child who understands responsibility begins with letting them do things for themselves.

    Sure it may not be easier to let your son pour his own orange juice. He’ll probably spill some of it on the counter. However he can learn how to do it for himself while also giving you a break at the same time.

    He’ll be proud of his accomplishment, even if it’s not perfect, and he’ll soon be ready to take on bigger responsibilities. The more he takes on himself, the less you have to do. Every little bit helps you.

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    The Signs To Identify A Stressed Family

    27 September, 2021

    A stressed family has very serious consequences for each of its members. The frustrations of adults greatly influence childrens stress levels.

    If you dont do something about it, soon, the peace of your home will become an environment in which no one will feel comfortable. Living surrounded by tension doesnt do any good to anyone. And, therefore, you need to solve this problem before it gets worse.

    Stress is the evil of the 21st century, but we shouldnt despair because of that. A stressed family can get by as long as you seek help and remain proactive. Now, from your perspective as an adult, do you think that your family coexistence has become more complex because of stress?

    You can confirm it with the signs that well present below.

    Even an adult finds it difficult to get rid of stress. All human beings are capable to a greater or lesser extent, according to our tools of minimizing stress. In front of our children, we must set an example and help them manage stress so that, little by little, theyre able to cope with it.

    How do you know if you live in a stressed family? Learn to recognize the signs.

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