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How To Move Without Stress

Be Equipped With Essential Moving Supplies

Tips For Moving House Without the Stress | Phil Spencer: Home Hero

If you move without professional movers’ help, load up on high-quality moving supplies that can help you move smoothly. Having a little help from wheels can lighten the load, and our heavy-duty hand trucks and moving dollies can “roll” your valuable items to your new place.

To avoid damage to your personal items or to your house, cover your belongings with moving blankets and furniture covers. Their thick protective covering will protect items from scruffs, dents, and other types of abrasions during a move. Don’t forget to securely hold everything together with moving straps, mover bands, and tiedowns.

Don’t know what equipment to choose or how many supplies you need? We have moving kits so you have everything you need to be prepared.

Make A Packing Plan And Declutter Your Home

Packing tips for moving in a hurry can be helpful, but last-minute preparation will badly affect your mental health. Packing is probably the most challenging part of the whole process and will take a lot of your time. You should start with a room youre not using often. Remember to pack carefully. Use smaller boxes for heavier items and bigger ones for lighter things. A useful tip is to classify your items before packing. Decide what you want to keep and what you want to donate or sell. Reducing the amount of stuff you move will significantly influence your stress-free move.

Helping Pets Make The Transition While Moving

Just like people, pets can be scared, stressed, and anxious during moves. Use these tips to alleviate their worries and make them more comfortable as you move into your new home.

  • Make sure your new home is pet friendly: Before moving in, make sure pets are welcome in your new home. Check lease agreements, take a look at fences, and make sure there is a space where they can be comfortable.
  • Put ID collars on pets: Pets can get lost in the transition of moving, and if youre not even in the neighborhood anymore, it can be difficult to be reunited. Make sure all of your pets have ID collars with your current phone number and new address so youll be easy to locate if they become lost.
  • Consider a microchip: A microchip offers advanced ID collar protection, allowing you to store information that can be scanned by a vet in order to find you and reunite you with your pet.
  • Get an appropriate sized travel kennel: Be ready to move your pet with a comfortable travel kennel. If you can, give your pet a chance to explore the kennel and get comfortable for a few days before you actually use it.
  • Give your pet a safe room: If your pet will be in the house with you either at your old home or your new one, make sure they have a safe space to stay with a closed door so they dont run out the front door while its open. Give them toys, food, a bed, and a litter box. Be sure to put a sign on the door so others know not to open it and accidentally let them out or disturb their peace.
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    How Can I Move My House Faster And Efficiently

    Make it easier on yourself, and pack strategically. That said, you dont have to get rid of everything you love to make it less complicated, but its worth considering what not to pack when relocating. Before starting, eliminate all the unnecessary stuff from your home. Donate unwanted items, organize a sale, or, worst-case scenario, throw all the unused stuff into the trash. Decluttering will make the most significant impact on the entire packing process efficiency. If there are too many things on your list after it, then storage services are worth considering.

    After Packing Throw A Party

    How to Move Efficiently and Without Stress

    Youve finally finished all the backbreaking and worrisome tasks, and that deserves celebrations. Saying goodbye to your dearest friends, relatives, and close family members is a perfect occasion for a farewell party and lots of unforgettable moments. Spending your last days with precious people will make you stronger and ready for a new chapter in your life. And dont be sad because youre going to leave some dear faces. Today, technology does wonders, so be sure that even if youre relocating cross country, long-distance friendships are possible and can survive.

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    Smart Packing For A Stress

    The packing itself can be the most difficult part. Here you can find a lot of useful tips on how to make sure that you do it right. There are couple of things people almost always forget and that in the ends prevents them from having a stress free move. First and foremost, pack a suitcase with all of the things you are going to use first couple of days, so make sure you really have everything you need clothes, toiletries and stuff you need for school or work. While packing all of your other things, make sure that the boxes are properly labeled. People always seem to think that they will remember where they put what, but that is never the case. Reduce the stress while moving by clearly labeling everything so that you will have easy access to anything you need.

    How To Move Without Stress: A Guide

    Moving is difficult for many people. It can be overwhelming to think about packing, loading a truck, and driving across the country on your own. But it doesnt have to be that way! Movers in Charlotte Metropolitan area can help you with these tasks!

    Inbox the moving company about their packing services, especially if theyre going to pack anything fragile or irreplaceable. Ask them how much these services will cost and what is included in the price . Consider renting a truck so that you dont have to personally drive it across the country after the move this can be less stressful than trying to load up everything into one vehicle yourself! If there are any windows on your new home that need curtains before you get moved in, plan ahead by buying some fabric at local craft stores while still living near where you currently live just ask at checkout if they offer any fabric discounts.

    Also, if your moving company offers any packing services, request that they pack anything fragile or irreplaceable. Ask them how much these services will cost and what is included in the price . Some moving companies offer services to help pack both your old and new home for the move. This is a lifesaver if youre not able to do it yourself, especially if there are stairs involved!

    So, if youre looking for a moving company that will take care of everything, give them a call.

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    Plan Out Your Move Ahead Of Time

    Like anything in life, when it comes to moving, it helps to have a plan in place. âHaving a plan definitely makes moving less stressful, emotionally and financially,â Lee says. âFor instance, if you can contact your new building in advance and reserve the service elevator, call/email them now instead of waiting until two days before your move-in date.â Basically, the more issues you can foresee and take care of in advance, the better.

    Basher agrees. âPlan ahead â donât start packing on moving day and donât start cleaning on moving day,â he says. âThe only thing you should be doing on moving day is moving.â He says this means physically moving furnishings and boxes from one place to the other. âThat task is demanding enough, so do not complicate it with packing, wrapping, and disassembling furniture,â Basher says.

    Safety First: Lifting Techniques

    How i moved my house without stress entire steps covered

    Safety becomes a primary concern without using moving services, so if you opt for DIY technique, here are a few tips on avoiding injuries during your move. To maintain balance while carrying bulky objects, hold them close to your body. Bear in mind that a bad posture can be dangerous, especially for your back, so try to keep them straight. It is also essential to put the weight of the furniture on your knees rather than your back.

    Taking care of yourself is the key ingredient of the process

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    Clean Up Before The Boxes Arrive

    However good a house looks when youre viewing it, by the time the previous owners have packed up and moved out, its going to need a quick clean. Once the van is packed at your old house, head over to the new property in your car and give it a quick once over before the boxes arrive. Youll never get another chance to clean without furniture in the way, so make the most of it!

    How To Say Goodbye To Your Old Home

    Parting with the home youre moving from can contribute to your moving anxiety. But there are some ways to say goodbye to your old home to ease that mental burden. Try hosting a goodbye party to officially say farewell . Take photos of your home for a photo album, or commission an artist to capture your old home so you have a souvenir to hang up in your new one. Share memories with your friends and family at your party. Encourage your kids to journal or draw about this transition.

    Take something with you to help remind you about your favorite part of living there: some leaves from your favorite tree or the door frame where your kids height markers are. Lastly, leave a positive note welcoming the new residents. Give them some advice or tips that will help them with their own transition.

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    The Power Of A Positive Mindset For Reducing Moving Stress

    Establishing a positive mindset will help to lower your stress during the move and enhance your satisfaction with your new home. Easier said than done, right? Here are some tips on how to boost your positivity when approaching your upcoming transition.

    Reflect on whats important to you

    As you reflect on the area you are leaving, ask yourself why this particular place stands out to you. Ask also why other places you lived felt like home. In doing so, you will identify aspects of your life that are most important to you and can intentionally pursue these areas in your new home.

    Lean on your friends and family

    During the moving process, you will not only need your friends and family for practical help , but also for emotional support. Talk to your family members if you are concerned about how your move will affect them, whether they are coming with you or staying in your old town.

    If youre having a hard time feeling positive about the move because youll be leaving friends or family, schedule your next visit with them before you move. Share your struggles of grief with someone you trust and ask them for support during your transition.

    Take a good long look

    Talk about previous homes, noting how you made good memories, built friendships or grew in the various stages and places of your life. Also, write down some things that you would love to keep doing, dream of doing, or hope to change in your new home.

    Look to your new home as a new beginning

    Get To Know Your New Town

    Tips for moving without stress with the professional ...

    One of the best ways to ease the transition to a new town is to do your research ahead of time. Find cool shops and restaurants to check out. Look for a gym or running trails close to your new home. Do you usually grab a coffee on your way to work? Check if theres a cafe on your new commute.

    The moving experience will be a lot less stressful if you can seamlessly implement some of your old routines. Do your groundwork before you move so youll already feel familiar when you arrive in town.

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    Transfer Your Funds Early

    Once a completion date has been set, the majority of hold ups tend to be because funds havent gone through in time. If youre due to move on a Friday, get your deposit transferred to your solicitor the Friday before to make sure youre not the one holding things up. It might be worth sending this article to everybody else in the chain, too.

    First Things To Unpack When Moving Setting Up A New Kitchen

    Once you arrive at your new home it can be overwhelming to know where to start unpacking. We recommend that you make a schedule of how you are going to unpack your home. Having a schedule and following it will help you not be as stressed as you go through the process. Most people opt to unpack their kitchen first. If you can eat without having to dig through your boxes you can keep your body nourished properly. Proper nutrition will help give you the energy that you need to keep the process of unpacking going. Before you start unpacking your kitchen you will want to make sure that you have all of your appliances in your kitchen and plugged in.

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    Keep Moving Expenses To A Minimum

    One good way to cope with stress when moving house is to keep your moving costs in check.

    For best results, youll need to know how your money is being spent at any given moment.

    Also, you should familiarize yourself with proven ways to cut moving costs and expenses to make the entire move as cost-efficient as possible.

    The thought that youre not spending any unnecessary money will reduce the overall pressure and will let you have a stress-free moving experience.

    Set a moving budget to be able to monitor closely each individual expense and do something about reducing your moving costs at the same time.

    Relax Before You Plan An International Relocation

    Unity AI Stress Test. Moving AI without SetDestination (using CalculatePath Maths to move them)

    If you still feel stressed out after following our tips, its perfectly understandable. Moving internationally is a great step in anyones life. However, youll need to battle that stress if you want to have a safe and successful relocation. So, you can try doing some stress relieving exercises if youre still feeling under pressure. Youll never be able to plan an international relocation well if youre constantly stressed.

    Main points to keep in mind:

    • planning is half the job if you plan any relocation well, youll move successfully. Just keep in mind that sometimes things dont go according to plan. Dont stress out if this happens, because for every problem theres a solution!
    • dont go unprepared its best not to relocate without finding a home, job and a school for your kids. In addition to this, youll want to prepare some rainy day funds for your international relocation.
    • nothing is worth losing your health overremember this when you plan an international relocation. No use in arriving to your new home in another country feeling sick and worn out. Prioritize your health over everything else!
    • ask for help whether its your friends or professional movers, youll need someone to help you relocate internationally.

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    The Best Time To Move

    Many families dont have the luxury of choosing when to move. This decision is often dictated by the start date of a new job, the closing date of a house, or both. But if you have the flexibility, its best to move in the late spring or early summer so that you have time to acclimatize.

    To help you decide on your moving schedule, its a good idea first to determine your arrival and departure dates. This is essential information to know before you book your mover.

    The pace of life is more relaxed at this time of the year, and youll have the opportunity to get settled before everyones schedule picks up in the fall. Plus, its easier to meet your neighbors during the warmer months. Children are more likely to play outside, and communities typically host block parties, street fairs, and other neighborhood events. And if your children are school-aged, this time of year allows them to adjust to their new home during the vacations and start school early in the new year.

    Organize Utilities And Important Documents

    It can be very easy to shut off your utilities online. As soon as you realize that everything is turned off at your old home, you need to organize your new places utilities. Check out if you can turn on them online too. And its not just about utilities. Keep in mind that you should arrange many other things in advance, too, including your voter registration data, driving license, and relevant ID.

    Dealing with tons of paperwork is an essential part of every relocation. Important documents that should go with you on a long-distance move include passports, wills, house deeds, and insurance papers. Organize them and store in one binder or box, or create electronic copies and save them in cloud storage, external disc, or onto a USB. Dont forget to change your address with USPS. You can do that online or visit your local post office and fill out the form 3575.

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    Make The Most Of Your Second Viewing

    You can reduce house moving stress by asking important questions early. So, if the first viewing is about getting a feel for the house and deciding you want to buy, the second viewing is all about practicalities. Go armed with a list of questions and dont leave until theyre answered. Obviously this will be harder if the viewing is with an agent rather than the owner, but theyre being paid to sell the house so should still provide you with the answers you need, even if they come back to you afterwards. Here are a few to consider:

    • Where are the water, gas and electricity metres located?
    • Where is the fuse box?
    • Where is the water stopcock?
    • How does the boiler work?
    • How do the kitchen appliances work?
    • Which days are the bins/recycling collected on?
    • How does the burglar alarm work?

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