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How To Stay Calm In Stressful Situations

How To Remain Relaxed And Present Regardless Of Your Circumstances

How to Stay CALM in Stressful Situations – #BelieveLife

How do some people manage to stay happy and positive, even in the face of extremely challenging situations?

How do they keep from being thrown off balance when bad things happen to them?

In this article, I will not only reveal their secret, Ill share with you three simple but highly effective tools for developing the same. You can use these tools to immediately feel more present, happy and relaxed, no matter what situation you find yourself in.

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Life lessons from a farmers story

Back in the late 1800s, there was an old farmer who had worked his crops for many years. One day, his son left a gate open and his three horses ran away. Upon hearing the news, his neighbors came to visit. Such bad luck, they said sympathetically.

Maybe it is. Maybe it isnt, the farmer replied.

The next morning the horses returned, bringing with them 40 other wild horses. How wonderful! the neighbors exclaimed.

Maybe it is. Maybe it isnt, said the old man.

The following day, his son tried to ride one of the untamed horses, was thrown off and broke his leg. The neighbors again came to offer their sympathy on his misfortune. This is terrible news, they said.

Maybe it is. Maybe it isnt, answered the farmer.

Life Can Be Very Stressful And Present Some Challenges That May Overwhelm Even The Strongest Among Us Whether You Are Dealing With Chronic Anger Or Workplace Anxiety There Are Coping Techniques You Can Utilize

Have you ever seen those individuals that never seem to lose their cool no matter how difficult the situation is? Ever wondered about their ability to keep so calm?

You may be curious to know if they have particular skills or employ specific tactics to help them stay calm in difficult situations.

Well, we all have the ability not to overreact when times get tough. And there are specific things that can help you calm down, stay calm, and relax during a crises or in difficult times.

Let’s look at some of them below.

Adversity Is Our Best Teacher

Nonetheless, we should also not forget the fact that all the misfortunes do have a blessing hidden inside them, and all we need to learn is to be optimistic in the worst of situations. When life throws us difficult times, we should focus on becoming wise rather than wounded while getting out of thorny trails decided by our destiny. Once we train our minds to learn lessons from every obscure and tough situation, we will acquire perfection in handling every single ball life is throwing at us. All we need is to understand that life is designed in turmoil and adversity, one problem gets resolved then the other one might start sooner or later. Nevertheless, it is our choice that what we choose to become from that diversity.

A potato and egg both get boiled in hot water but the potato gets so spongy and squishy that it can get mashed even with our hands while on the other hand, the egg becomes hard and changes all its dynamics given the same temperature conditions in the water.

Therefore, it is not in our hands that what life gives us but it is totally in our hands that what we become of it. So always try your level best to choose Strong and Wise for you instead of vulnerable and foolish. If you are the person who worries too much in life then you might benefit from reading my post on how to worry less as learning to control excessive worrying helps us stay calm in stressful situations.

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Keep Your Life In Perspective

This is the best way of dealing with stress because there are other people around us who are in much worse situations than we are. It might seem like the end of the world when you fail at something important, but it isnt because there will always be people wholl need that opportunity more than you do, just remember this and try to look at things from a different point of view.

Stress is a common thing around the world, and nowadays, there are even more things to stress about than there were years ago. However, we can always find ways on how to handle this thing through different techniques such as having fun with our loved ones or watching movies and videos that will make us laugh.

Find Out What Stresses You

Pin on Personal Development

If you come to know theelement that stresses you, then you can definitely bring it under control. Mostof the times, people dont know what causes stress in their daily lives hencethey end up suffering a lot because of this reason. Once you know the factorthat is causing the problem, then you can take adequate steps to counter it.This helps in getting a proper procedure for busting your stress and helpingyou overcome all your problems.

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Call A Trusted Friend Or Mentor

Use your support system and dont be afraid to ask for advice with a stressful situation. Someone who isnt emotionally invested in the situation will be able to see the dilemma from a different perspective and can help you arrive at potential solutions. When you reach out to people you trust and respect, youll feel more grounded. That security will help you control your stress and anxiety. As you explain the situation, you may even start to share your thoughts out loud, which might prompt you to discover a new approach or solution.

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“When you go cave diving and a piece of equipment fails on you you dont save your life in that split second. You save your life in the years building up the skills and attitude to deal with the situations, the months spent planning your Plan Bs should something go wrong, the weeks spent rehearsing those emergency drills, the days spent preparing your back up equipment and your actions in that split second.”

What frightens him, he says, is a lack of purpose.I like to be busy but for that work to be productive and worthwhile and, if Im honest, fun.

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Keep Your Eye On The Bright Side

The practice of always picturing the worst possible scenario in every situation is known as catastrophic thinking, and it can raise anxiety and panic. Rather than concentrating on the bad features or consequences, attempt to think optimistically for a few seconds. For example, if your bathroom is flooded and you need to replace all of the flooring, this might be a very stressful scenario. However, try to focus on the fact that it allows you to update and renovate your home, and the repairs should be covered by your insurance.

Maintaining a positive attitude assists your brain to avoid stress and remain at ease.

Learning How To Remain Calm Under Stress

How to Stay Calm in Stressful Situations

Im not gonna lie, its gonna take some practice. This isnt something youre going to be able to master overnight. But its important to at least try some of the techniques I shared with you.

Personally, I think you should start out with the breathing techniques and then choose one or two other methods from there to help you stay calm.

You have to always remember that everything is temporary and no matter, we will all get through this. There will be a light at the end of this long scary tunnel.

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Surround Yourself With Positive People

You probably have a few people in your life who can make you feel stressed just by being around them. While its not always possible to cut these people out of your life entirely, when youre under pressure try to spend more time with friends and family who are helpful, positive, and will lift you up rather than drag you down

An Effort To Exercise

Make an effort to exercise. Exercise releases endorphins, natural chemicals that make you feel peaceful and joyful, making it a natural mood booster. Several studies have shown that exercising on a regular basis might help you feel calmer and happier. 30 minutes of physical activity per day, whether you run, do callisthenics, yoga, or lift weights, can help you relax. Exercise may also help to prevent heart disease.

According to studies, performing some aerobic exercise before a potentially stressful encounter can actually help you stay calm during that experience. Yoga, for example, is a good activity to try. Deep breathing, meditation, and moderate physical movement are all emphasised, which can help you relax.

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How To Stay Calm In The Midst Of Extremely Stressful Situations

Stress is an inevitable part of life. If you are breathing, then the chances are that youre feeling stressed right now. The first step to controlling stress is to manage its effects on yourself. If you can identify your personal triggers and signs of stress, then you can combat it more effectively.

Staying calm in stressful situations is a juggling act of finding a way to calm yourself down and directing your focus elsewhere. Not everyone has the same coping skills, so find what works best for you. Here are some steps that will help you stay calm in the midst of stressful situations:

Identifying The Source Of Stress

How to Stay CALM in Stressful Situations ( Quite The Mind ...
  • 1Recognize what stress looks like for you. You may exhibit a variety of signs when youre feeling stressed or anxious. Knowing what to look for will help keep stress from sneaking up on you unawares. Everyone experiences and responds to stress differently, but there are some common symptoms you can look for:
  • Psychological signs can include: trouble concentrating, difficulty with your memory, being distracted easily, feeling less creative or decisive, worrying, or frequent negative thinking.
  • Emotional signs can include teariness, irritability, mood swings, unusual feelings for you, defensiveness, feeling a lack of motivation or the desire to procrastinate, low confidence or low self-esteem, frustration, feeling nervous or jittery, uncharacteristic aggression or anger.
  • Physical signs can include: aches and pains, a lowered immune system, weight or sleep changes, panic attacks, exhaustion or fatigue, and change of sex drive.
  • Behavioral signs can include: forgetfulness, self-neglect, social withdrawal, trouble sleeping, relationship trouble, impaired time-management and self-motivation, and using substances such as alcohol, nicotine, or drugs to help cope.
  • Family. Conflicts with parents, loved ones, or your romantic partner can really stress you out.
  • School or work. You may feel pressure to perform, meet deadlines, or achieve certain tasks. You may also feel stressed about balancing work and your personal life, or about making major decisions.
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    Get Enough Sleep When You Are Under Pressure

    Extra resting and even if possible, consider having some sleep during the day just to relax. Its a common saying that somebody whos successful doesnt sleep.

    However, if you take for example the vast majority of successful people, youve realized they know how to rejuvenate very well.

    Just like how a racing car needs that pit stop before it goes back out on the racing track and gives its all, successful people realize they too need their restful sleep. This will help when they are back on the field and hustling hard.

    Its all about getting the restful sleep because your body needs fresh energy to solve any stressful pressure that you are having.

    You need at least a minimum of seven hours a day especially when you are pressured. Just get the sleep that you need for better results.

    If Possible Remove Yourself From The Situation Causing Stress

    If you are feeling extremely distressed, you might consider removing yourself from the stressful environment. If you cant leave, try to change where you are or do anything that will help reduce your feelings of being overwhelmed. Doing this can improve your mood and ease your mind, which can help you cope with a stressful situation.

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    Staying Calm Under Pressure In Religion

    Learn how to use whatever religion you are in to stay calm under pressure to your advantage.

    It doesnt matter if you are a Hindu, Christian, Muslim, or any other religion. All religions have a form of giving someone hope in their hard times.

    Having studied across different religious platforms, I can say that every religion has a form of meditational and mind control form that is supposed to see you through any hard time in your life.

    Here are some tips that can help in keeping you calm when you are stressed and under pressure

  • Go to the Church, Mosque, Temple or sacred place of worship
  • Read through the word of God and focus
  • Get encouraging verses and quotes from your religious books
  • If possible, find a friend and go pray together and find Hope in God
  • Preparation Is Key When Staying Calm When Under Pressure According To Adventurer Andy Torbet

    How to Stay Calm in Stressful Situations: 3 Psychological Tricks Successful People Use to Be Calm

    Find your bookmarks in your Independent Premium section, under my profile

    For almost half a decade of his life, Andy Torbet was a bomb disposal expert. But despite dealing with deadly weapons on a daily basis, he says he never felt stressed.

    Staying calm in bomb disposal was never really a problem, Torbert, who is 40-years-old and based in the Forest of Dean, tells The Independent. All the guys who have done it and I have spoken to about this say the same thing.

    After working in the British armed forces for a decade, with four years in the Explosive Ordnance Disposal, or bomb disposal unit, Torbet currently works are a presenter and writer, as well as an underwater explorer, deep and cave diver, skydiver, wingsuit pilot, climber and outdoorsman.

    As a bomb disposal expert, he worked with the Royal Marines, Paratroopers and Special Forces.

    Torbet says the intense training is what helped him to remain calm in life-threatening situations. He still uses the tactics he learned to remain calm on the frontline in day-to-day situations.

    The training to become a bomb disposal expert was two months long. It involved seven weeks of intense training followed by Test Week,” recalls Torbet. “The training is mentally and academically gruelling, there is just so much information to learn, understand and retain.”

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    Ask What Now Rather Than What If

    When faced with a disaster, it can be easy to ask, what if? However, this type of negative thinking only makes it harder to calm down and think rationally. Instead, stop yourself and ease your worries by asking yourself, what now? By choosing to focus on what the solution to the problem might be rather than its potential outcome, you might be able to calm yourself down and show yourself that you can make it through this with the right course of action. The more you learn how to respond rather than react, the better youll be able to remain calm and deal with stressful situations.

    Retrain Your Brain For A Calmer Life

    You cant control what life will throw at you next, but you can learn to cope with pressurised situations and deal with stress in a healthy way. Making an effort to practise some of these strategies the next time you feel under pressure can help you to feel calm and able to deal with any situation.

    Need help managing stress or panic attacks. Talk to our team to help find the right treatment for your situation.

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    Lets Review The 3 Tips For Staying Relaxed And Present In Any Situation

    Whenever you find yourself in a stressful circumstance, I recommend you try the following:

  • Notice what youre noticing.
  • Ask yourself, What possible good could come from this situation?
  • Ground yourself with the Rectangular Breathing Exercise.
  • One more thing: Sometimes, its easy to think that circumstances are bigger than you, and that they have the power to control your life. However, the secret to maintaining unshakeable peace is to realize that YOU have the power within you to choose presence and happiness. No matter whats happening around you, you get to create harmony with your circumstances, so that you no longer feel like the universe is working against you.

    Do you feel like there must be more to life, but you just cant seem to figure out how to get there?

    You may feel stuck in an unfulfilling job, a relationship that doesnt bring you happiness, or you may be unsatisfied with your physical condition. And yet, youre not sure exactly how to move forward toward a life you would love living.

    If so, I highly recommend you read my eBook, Master Your Mind: Turning Fear into Fuel.

    Fear has a sneaky way of creeping into our minds and making us believe our biggest dreams are unattainable, or worsethat were not worthy of them.

    In reality, this simply isnt true. Weve just been conditioned to think this way. Weve become afraid to try new things, move out of our comfort zone and reach for the stars.

    Focus On The Positives

    How to Stay Calm in Stressful Situations in 9 Simple Steps

    Always imagining the worst case in every scenario is clinically known as catastrophic thinking and can increase anxiety and feelings of panic.

    Rather than dwelling on negative aspects or outcomes, try to spend a few moments thinking positively. If your bathroom has flooded and you have to replace all the flooring, for example, this could be a very stressful situation. Yet try to focus on the fact that it gives you the opportunity to update and renovate, and the repairs should be covered by your insurance.

    Staying positive allows your brain to avoid stress and stay calm.

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