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How To Stop Being Stressed And Depressed

The Quickest Way To Stop Shaking From Anxiety

Catastrophizing: How to Stop Making Yourself Depressed and Anxious: Cognitive Distortion Skill #6


Are you tired of shaking from anxiety and stress?

Do your teeth chatter, your knees knock and your hands shake when you are extremely stressed?

Are you desperate to find a way to stop it as fast as humanly possible?

Youre not alone.

Anxiety tremors, shaking and shivering are common symptoms of anxiety and panic disorders and high stress levels.

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The problem is:

Most of us believe that shaking from anxiety is bad, and do whatever we can to stop it as quickly as possible.

Contrary to what you believe, shaking from anxiety does not mean that your anxiety attack is getting worse.

Its the complete opposite!

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  • When To Get Professional Help For Depression

    If youve taken self-help steps and made positive lifestyle changes and still find your depression getting worse, seek professional help. Needing additional help doesnt mean youre weak. Sometimes the negative thinking in depression can make you feel like youre a lost cause, but depression can be treated and you can feel better!

    Dont forget about these self-help tips, though. Even if youre receiving professional help, these tips can be part of your treatment plan, speeding your recovery and preventing depression from returning.

    Mental Health Conditions: Depression And Anxiety

    Depression is more than just feeling down or having a bad day. When a sad mood lasts for a long time and interferes with normal, everyday functioning, you may be depressed. Symptoms of depression include:1

    • Feeling sad or anxious often or all the time
    • Not wanting to do activities that used to be fun
    • Feeling irritable easily frustrated or restless
    • Having trouble falling asleep or staying asleep
    • Waking up too early or sleeping too much
    • Eating more or less than usual or having no appetite
    • Experiencing aches, pains, headaches, or stomach problems that do not improve with treatment
    • Having trouble concentrating, remembering details, or making decisions
    • Feeling tired even after sleeping well
    • Feeling guilty, worthless, or helpless
    • Thinking about suicide or hurting yourself

    The following information is not intended to provide a medical diagnosis of major depression and cannot take the place of seeing a mental health professional. If you think you are depressed talk with your doctor or a mental health professional immediately. This is especially important if your symptoms are getting worse or affecting your daily activities.

    The exact cause of depression is unknown. It may be caused by a combination of genetic, biological, environmental, and psychological factors.2 Everyone is different but the following factors may increase a persons chances of becoming depressed:1

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    Meet Yourself Where You Are

    Depression is common. It affects millions of people, including some in your life. You may not realize they face similar challenges, emotions, and obstacles.

    The key to navigating depression is to be open, accepting, and loving toward yourself and what youre going through.

    Every day with this disorder is different. Its important to take your mental health seriously and accept that where you are right now isnt where youll always be.

    How To Deal With Stress Peacefully

    Depression : How To Stop Feeling Depressed and Start Winning At Life ...

    One of the biggest reasons so many people struggle with stress is that they think of stress as being some sort of a dangerous enemy. For example, if youre focused on how to fight stress, youre approaching stress as if its some sort of monster to beat.

    Guess what? Feeling like you regularly have to fight an evil enemy is extremely stressful. So it makes no sense to waste any time learning how to combat stress, because putting yourself in battle mode like this will keep you stressed.

    On the other hand, it also doesnt make any sense to learn how to cope with stress, the way many people do, because if youre using coping with stress techniques, youre just living with stress rather than getting rid of it. In this way, you also remain feeling stressed.

    So what is the best way to deal with stress?

    Its very simple: see the feeling of stress as being like a ringing fire alarm. Just like a ringing fire alarm alerts you that you can improve your situation in some way, the feeling of stress also alerts you that you can improve your situation in some way, like by improving your thinking, actions, or environment.

    So it clearly doesnt make any sense to fight stress or cope with it, just like it doesnt make any sense to fight a ringing fire alarm or put up with its shrill ringing without doing anything.

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    Socialize With Friends And Family

    Even if you are experiencing mild depression or a funk, you might find yourself drawing away from others, avoiding social situations, or not wanting to burden people with your feelings. One of the hardest but most helpful things you can do to see yourself through depression is to find that strong support circle and spend time with the people you love.

    Schedule times to visit with family and friends or plan to grab lunch with a coworker so you have a specific time and place where you can lean on others when youre feeling blue. You might also find that some of these people have experienced depression themselves and they might be able to relate with you on the subject and share ideas of what has helped them in the past or just lend an open ear.

    When To See Your Gp About Your Stress Levels

    If you’ve tried self-help techniques and they aren’t working, you should go to see your GP. They may suggest other coping techniques for you to try or recommend some form of counselling or cognitive behavioural therapy.

    If your stress is causing serious health problems, such as high blood pressure, you may need to take medication or further tests.

    Mental health issues, including stress, anxiety and depression, are the reason for one-in-five visits to a GP.

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    How To Relieve Stress Quickly: Be More Calm In 2 Minutes

    Right now, youre about to become a much more calm and relaxed person in less than 2 minutes, just by appreciating that you can accept and handle anything in a constructive manner.

    To appreciate this, youve got to appreciate that that belief that you cant accept certain things is nonsensical. Clearly, you can accept anything, since whether you accept something or not is just a choice you can make.

    For example, you can choose to accept being depressed, if you want. This is simply your choice.

    Furthermore, its important to appreciate that its nonsense to believe you cant handle certain things, because if anything occurs, you definitely can and will handle it, whether you like it or not. Its really just a question of how youre going to handle it.

    For example, if you become depressed, its not a question of whether you can handle it. If youre depressed, youre already handling it. The only question is how youre handling it, and if you want to take steps to handle it in a way that helps you stop being depressed faster and easier.

    One you appreciate that you can accept and handle anything, its like youve hacked your brain in a powerful way that makes you always feel more calm and relaxed and less stressed, because youve successfully debugged one of the most common, stressful negative thoughts you could have.

    Managing Stress In Daily Life

    Catastrophizing: How to Stop Making Yourself Depressed and Anxious: Cognitive Distortion Skill #6

    Stress is not an illness itself, but it can cause serious illness if it isn’t addressed. It’s important to recognise the symptoms of stress early. Recognising the signs and symptoms of stress will help you figure out ways of coping and save you from adopting unhealthy coping methods, such as drinking or smoking.

    There is little you can do to prevent stress, but there are many things you can do to manage stress more effectively, such as learning how to relax, taking regular exercise and adopting good time-management techniques.

    Studies have found that mindfulness courses, where participants are taught simple meditations across a series of weeks, can also help to reduce stress and improve mood.

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    How To Manage Your Anxiety And Stress

    Its totally normal to feel anxious from time to time, but there are lots of things you can do to feel a bit better. Remember: theres a difference between feeling stressed every now and then, and experiencing ongoing anxiety. If the anxiety is starting to take a toll and youre looking for ways to deal with it, consider talking to a mental health professional. Get started and learn how to deal with stress and anxiety.

    What To Look For In A Good Online Stress Management Method

    Finding the right online stress management methods for your needs can be hard. There can be a lot of things to consider when choosing the right method, which can be confusing and overwhelming for some people. So, weve listed some of the most important factors you need to consider when choosing online stress management methods. That way, it will be much easier for you to narrow down the options and choose one that works for you.


    One of the first things you need to consider is the schedule of the course and your own personal schedule. We all have our daily schedules and routines, and while its important to take some time out of your day to help manage your stress, you shouldnt have to move your whole schedule around to accommodate it.

    When choosing online stress management methods, make sure to choose ones that fit in your schedule. Some methods out there only require a couple of minutes a day, while some require hours at a time. Theres nothing wrong with any of these methods, but the right one for you is the method that works with your schedule.


    With stress management, its always best to come in with a positive attitude. So, if you find a method that you believe will work well for you, then thats the one that you should take. Remember, everyone has different needs, which is why theres such a wide variety of stress management methods available out there.


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    Spend Time With Your Pet

    Having a pet may help reduce stress and improve your mood.

    When you cuddle or touch your pet, your body releases oxytocin a hormone thats linked to positive mood .

    Plus, studies show that pet owners especially those who have dogs tend to have greater life satisfaction, better self-esteem, reduced levels of loneliness and anxiety, and more positive moods .

    Having a pet may also help relieve stress by giving you purpose, keeping you active, and providing companionship.


    Although stress is an unavoidable part of life, being chronically stressed takes a toll on your physical and mental health.

    Fortunately, several evidence-based strategies can help you reduce stress and improve your overall psychological well-being.

    Exercise, mindfulness, spending time with a pet, minimizing screen time, and getting outside more often are all effective methods.

    Find What Relaxes You

    Depression: How to Stop Feeling Depressed and Start Winning at Life ...

    There are already things in your life that relax you. You may find it beneficial to make a list of things you enjoy and that help you to relax so you can reference it when symptoms of anxiety arise. When you notice your anxiety rising turn to those activities to help stop symptoms before they escalate.

    For example, if you find that a warm bath is relaxing, dont wait, draw a bath, maybe light some candles or add a few nice scents and get in. Whether its a bath, a shower, skipping stones at a park, getting a massage if it works, do it right away, rather than allowing yourself to become overwhelmed by your anxiety.

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    Te Taha Tinana Look After Your Physical Wellbeing

    There are lots of ways you can look after your physical wellbeing:

    • Go to a park, the beach or the bush to absorb the peacefulness and fresh air.
    • Do something physical, like going for a walk, a run or a swim.
    • Get your hands dirty in the garden.
    • Get regular sleep.
    • Cut back on alcohol and recreational drugs.
    • Eat healthy meals.

    “I cant wait to go have some exercise to know how good Ill feel afterwards.Vesna

    Disappointment Is Part Of Life

    Disappointment is part of life. Life is filled with disappointments. Of course, life is also filled with awesomeness and happiness. Life has both. It doesnt pick and choose what to hand you. Good things happen to bad people, and bad things happen to bad people. Basically: Good and bad things happen to people. Thats just life. If something happens that makes you feel angry and depressed, I want you to know that that is just life. And you can do this. You can get over the bad things, because good things come too.

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    Look After Your Body And Your Brain

    Looking after your body with physical activity, good food and sleep will also help you look after your brain.

    Try taking one of these steps:

    • go to the beach or bush, listen to the sounds of nature and smell the fresh air
    • get out and do something physical, like going for a run, walk or to yoga
    • get your hands dirty in the garden
    • sleep in your bed
    • keep a bottle of water in your car or handbag
    • cut back on alcohol and recreational drugs
    • eat healthier meals.

    How does this help? Since childhood, weve all been told to think about what we put in our bodies and what we do to them. Its with good reason. Keeping physically active, eating right, sleeping well do make a difference to our mental health.

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    Remember The Good Times

    How to stop feeling anxious about anxiety | Tim Box | TEDxFolkestone

    Thinking back on some of your past successes and happy moments can actually help you out of that funk. Positive thinking can alter your mood for the better and increase your serotonin levels. While thinking positive may be difficult while in the grips of depression, its an important first step to getting back on your feet.

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    Improve Your Sleep Hygiene

    Sleep and mood are intimately related. A 2014 study found that 80% of people with major depressive disorder experience sleep disturbances.

    But, you might feel like you just can’t fall asleep. Or perhaps you struggle to get out of bed because you feel exhausted all the time.

    Good sleep hygiene could be key to improving the quality and quantity of your sleep.

    Turn off electronics at least an hour before you go to bed. Use dim light to read a book or engage in another relaxing activity.

    Only use your bed for sleep and sexual activity. Doing work in bed, or even in your bedroom, can cause you to associate your bed with stress, rather than relaxation.

    Help Them Identify And Cope With Sources Of Stress

    Its no secret that stress is a significant contributor to depression. Chronic levels of stress pour cortisol into your bloodstream and cause inflammation in your nervous system and every other biological system. In a study of rats published in May 2017 in Scientific Reports, conducted by researchers at universities in Aarhus and Aalborg, Denmark, stress was shown to reduce the brains innate ability to keep itself healthy. The hippocampus, which regulates mood, shrinks, negatively impacting our short-term memory function and learning abilities.

    Stress also interrupts healthy coping strategies, which makes a person more vulnerable to mood swings. Your job is to help your loved one identify sources of stress in his or her life and brainstorm about ways to reduce it. These dont have to be dramatic changes. Small tweaks to your day, like employing some deep breathing techniques, can go far in reversing the detrimental effects of stress.

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    Minimizing Or Comparing Their Experience

    If your friend talks about their depression, you might want to say things like, I understand, or Weve all been there. But if youve never dealt with depression yourself, this can minimize their feelings.

    Depression goes beyond simply feeling sad or low. Sadness usually passes fairly quickly, while depression can linger and affect mood, relationships, work, school, and all other aspects of life for months or even years.

    Comparing what theyre going through to someone elses troubles or saying things like, But things could be so much worse, generally doesnt help.

    Your friends pain is whats real to them right now and validating that pain is what may help them most.

    Say something like, I cant imagine how hard that is to deal with. I know I cant make you feel better, but just remember you arent alone.

    How Are Depression And Anxiety Diagnosed

    Stop Being Depressed: How to Overcome Situational Depression and Be ...

    There are no specific tests but your GP may perform some blood tests for other health conditions that share similar symptoms with depression or anxiety.

    Your GP will need to get a good picture of the way youre feeling mentally and physically. They will ask you lots of questions about your symptoms and the changes youve noticed.

    It can be difficult to think about specific answers on-the-spot but the following suggestions might help you plan ahead for your appointment.

    • Make a list of all your symptoms, whether they are worse at certain times of the day or on particular occasions, how long youve had them and their effect on your day-to-day life and relationship with others.
    • Explain any circumstances that could be contributing to these symptoms and the way you feel.
    • Take a list of all medications you currently take, including any supplements or non-prescription medication.
    • Be as open and honest as you can remember anything you say is confidential.

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