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How To Stop Stressing Over Work

What Are Things I Can Control

How to Stop Overthinking, Stressing & Worrying (3 Ways that WORK!)

In life, we like to have control over everything. We are the protagonists of our life, after all. Obviously, most people believe there are things you cant control, such as the weather. You cant stop a storm from coming, or change the time of the day. However, there are many things we think we can control when we cant. For instance, you dont have control over other people. Here are some things in life you can control.

Start Your Day Off Right

After scrambling to get the kids fed and off to school, dodging traffic and combating road rage, and gulping down coffee in lieu of a healthy breakfast, many people arrive to work already stressed. This makes them more reactive to stress in the workplace.

You might be surprised by how affected by workplace stress you are when you have a stressful morning. When you start off the day with planning, good nutrition, and a positive attitude, you might find that the stress of your job rolls off your back more easily.

How To Stop Stressing At Work

Stress because of work is something we are all familiar with. Even the job you love involves some stressful situations sometimes. Too much stress at work can hurt the quality of work you are able to produce, which is neither good for you nor the organization you are working for.

Here are a few ways you can stop stressing at work, so you can focus on doing good work instead of just doing your job.

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What Can We Control

It’s important that you focus on what you can control. Without getting too deep about freewill and whatnot, here are a few things that you’re able to control.

  • Your mindset. While there are some aspects of your personality you cannot change, you can train your brain to be more mindful, empathetic, and open to new ideas.
  • To an extent, your health. You can choose to eat right and exercise. Certain life circumstances can make this easier or harder, but for the most part, it can be done in the end.
  • Your skills. You can learn new skills for a job and go on a journey to the career of your dreams.
  • Your thoughts. Using mindfulness or cognitive behavioral therapy, you can learn how to acknowledge that your thoughts are there and not let them control your life.
  • Who you choose to associate with. While you can’t control your family, you can control your friends and who you decide to talk to.

How To Overcome Overwork

How to Stop Stressing over Exam Results: 14 Steps (with ...

The typical response at this point would be to blame the American work culture, make a statement about how your boss would never allow you to work less, and point a finger at The Man.

But heres the thing

While I agree that we need to put more emphasis on healthy work environments for everyone from investment bankers to medical residents to coal miners I also believe its your personal responsibility to go to work on yourself, just as much as its your responsibility to go to work in general.

Dont play the role of the victim and wait for your boss, your company, or your government to step in and make your health a priority. It’s your health. Do it yourself. Besides, even if you’re lucky enough to work at a company that really focuses on a healthy work environment, it’s still up to you to actually take advantage of the opportunities.

And if you’re in a terrible work environment, you can still do something. Your circumstances rarely prevent you from making progress. That progress may be slow, difficult, or unsexy but you have options.

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Recognize That The Person Might Be Busy

  • Your crush might not be able to respond right away. If you know your crush is preoccupied with work, school, or another activity, theres a chance theyre too caught up to check their phone or respond. Keep their schedule in mind when youre messaging them, and dont expect your crush to reach out when theyre already doing something else.Advertisement
  • Dont Run Yourself Ragged

    Say no! If you are a people-pleaser it is very hard to say no when someone asks you to do something, even if your schedule is already overwhelming. I suggest that you always say let me get back to you on that then actually ask yourself:

    a) Do I want to do it?

    b) Do I have time to do it without making myself overwhelmed?

    It is usually easier to say no when you are not face to face with someone.

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    Managing New Job Anxiety

    We have all been the new person on the job. It does not take a rocket scientist to understand why starting a new job can be so stressful. If the anxiety is not managed, serious mental health issues could be at risk. Thus, it is important to learn how to manage the expected stress.

    Use some of these healthy-minded tips to help ease the stress of entering a new job in order stay professional, balanced, and yourself.

  • Ask for help
  • Reach out to close friends and family members who have recently changed jobs to gain to support and encouragement
  • Communicate directly with your new coworkers and/or boss regarding any questions or concerns in order to feel confident in how you complete your work
  • Seek professional help from a therapist if you need guidance through talk therapy to help manage your anxiety and how it may be affecting your work and personal life
  • View new coworkers as people
  • Although its important to be professional, try not to enter into a new work environment with a cold or nervous attitude
  • Who knows, your new coworkers could become some of your new best friends!
  • Avoid office/workplace drama and politics
  • Always try to separate yourself from the distractions of drama in the office, especially if you are new
  • Breathe
  • Take time throughout your work day to pause and breathe consciously
  • Important times to remember to do this include: before a presentation, meeting, or important phone call
  • Maintain your work and home life balance
  • Keep up your routine outside work
  • Yoga
  • How Do I Stop Worrying About Everything

    How to Stop Overthinking, Stressing, and Worrying and Take Action (TODAY)!

    While there are some things you should worry about, worrying about everything, especially what you can’t control, isn’t good for you. Your brains likes to micromanage, refuse to delegate, and stay on thoughts for far too long. A little bit of worrying is good, but you usually let worrying take a minute of your life, and then soon its taking over. Peoples worries keep them occupied in a self-destructive cycle that is hard to break. Here are some ways you can stop worrying.

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    Physical And Mental Consequences

    Prolonged activation of the stress response can affect the body in both its physical and mental health. When it slips out of balance, it can turn into chronic anxiety and, in the worst case, lead to suicidal thoughts.

    Anxiety is a normal emotion that can appear from time to time when facing a problem, a test, or before having to make an important decision. When the stress level is high, anxiety disorders may appear, which are included in the group of mental illnesses. They prevent the person from leading a normal life.

    Anxiety disorders can be manifested as panic attacks when you feel you are about to die social phobia, when you feel overwhelmed by everyday social situations other phobias, and generalized anxiety disorder, when the person has exaggerated worry and tension for no apparent reason.

    In addition to the mental effects, the activation of the fight-or-flight mode involves chemical changes in the body, which can alter the persons metabolism. This can cause long-term effects, leading to diseases like diabetes or high blood pressure. Chronic stress can also cause other problems such as arthritis and inflammatory diseases.

    The WHO has warned of the high levels of concern and unhappiness in todays world that are causing an epidemic of stress. Stress has become part of peoples daily lives, affecting productivity and causing health problems, which at first may remain silent, but then they get worse.

    Be Honest With Your Boss And Co

    When we are feeling overwhelmed at work, we are not always quick to go to someone else and ask for help. Especially not our bosses or supervisors, who, a lot of the time, we are constantly working very hard to impress.

    Being open and honest about your stress at work is a lot more important to the quality of your work than you might think. Not everyone sees a task through the lens you do, and if you keep everything to yourself and never mention how things could be accomplished in a more efficient way, no one will ever know.

    Sometimes, without realizing it, the work you are assigned is just too much for you to handle. Even those in charge make mistakes sometimes. Your boss may have assumed you could get a large project done in a short amount of time without really thinking it through, and wont even be aware of it unless you speak up.

    Theres also nothing wrong with being the bigger person and confronting a co-worker, in a professional way, if you dont think they are pulling their weight in a project you are both working on.

    Its also okay to ask them if they have any extra time to help you out if you are having a particularly stressful week. They might say no, but it doesnt hurt to ask just in case. They might even say, Well, Im swamped, but Julie might be able to help. Youre all on the same team, working toward a common goal. Its not always about who gets the work done often what matters most is that it gets done, and gets done well.

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    How Betterhelp Can Support You

    No matter how much effort you put into not caring, sometimes we just need that extra bit of help from someone trained and experienced. This is where talking to a professional can be helpful. BetterHelp has licensed, certified counselors that have helped others with this same issue in the past. They will help you understand what it is you are feeling and help you discover why you are feeling this way. Theres been a lot of discussion about the veracity of online counseling, particularly with the advent of the COVID-19 outbreak. A recent publication considered the effectiveness of online counseling over the last two decades, reiterating that studies have found that for most psychological issues, virtual counseling is just as effective as face-to-face counseling. They also noted that many people feel safer and more comfortable in their own space and, when writing, may get to their issues in a more concise way.

    The study pointed out some practical issues that may seem obvious as well: attending a session online takes out what might be a lengthy commute to an office and removes the potential stigma of someone finding out youre going to said office. Plenty of people have already given BetterHelp a try for similar issues:

    Effects Of Uncontrolled Stress

    How to Stop Stressing Over Homeschool Planning ...

    Work-related stress doesnt just disappear when you head home for the day. When stress persists, it can take a toll on your health and well-being.

    A stressful work environment can contribute to problems such as headache, stomachache, sleep disturbances, short temper, and difficulty concentrating. Chronic stress can result in anxiety, insomnia, high blood pressure, and a weakened immune system. It can also contribute to health conditions such as depression, obesity, and heart disease. Compounding the problem, people who experience excessive stress often deal with it in unhealthy ways, such as overeating, eating unhealthy foods, smoking cigarettes, or abusing drugs and alcohol.

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    Give Yourself A Designated Space To Worry

    Limiting the time you spend worrying about work can help you make more space and time to focus on your personal life. Try to give yourself a designated space and timeframe to work through your anxieties. For example, if you commute to and from work each day, you can use your commuting time for this purpose and switch modes once you arrive at home.

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    Smile Like You Mean It

    Dont roll your eyes the next time someone advises you to grin and bear it. In times of tension, keeping a smile on your face especially a genuine smile thats formed by the muscles around your eyes as well as your mouth reduces your bodys stress responses, even if you dont feel happy. Smiling also helps lower heart rates faster once your stressful situation ends.

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    How To Stop Stressing Over Exam Results

    This article was co-authored by Megan Morgan, PhD. Megan Morgan is a Graduate Program Academic Advisor in the School of Public & International Affairs at the University of Georgia. She earned her PhD in English from the University of Georgia in 2015.There are 8 references cited in this article, which can be found at the bottom of the page.wikiHow marks an article as reader-approved once it receives enough positive feedback. In this case, 91% of readers who voted found the article helpful, earning it our reader-approved status. This article has been viewed 155,147 times.

    Whether you have taken a course exam or a college entrance exam, feeling stressed about your results is normal. You cannot change the outcome, though, so being stressed will not help you. Instead, take steps after the test to relax, reward yourself, and spend time with good friends. Try not to over-analyze your performance or compare your answers with others.

    How Do You Accept Things You Cannot Control

    How To Immediately Stop Stressing Out

    It’s hard to acknowledge that there are some aspects of your life that you have no control over. Here are some ways that you can accept it.

    • Realize that it does not have to be fair in order to be accepted. This is one reason why people cannot accept what they can’t control. They believe that if it’s bad, there is some control over it.
    • Write down what you can control, and focus on that.
    • Practice mindfulness and meditation in order to clear your mind.

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    How Do You Take Things Less Personally

    Some people take everything personally, even if it isn’t about them. Here are some ways that you can stop taking things so personally.

    • Find ways to make yourself feel more confident. If you lack confidence, you may be offended at every remark, or think that everyone is talking about you. By changing your behavior to think more highly of yourself, you can stop taking things so personally.
    • Realize that people are probably not talking about you, and if you make a scene, it shines a spotlight on your insecurities. Not every vague Facebook post is about you.
    • If someone doesn’t stop making personal remarks toward you, cut them out of your life. While you shouldn’t let every remark get to your personally, it goes both ways.
    • Learn to ignore the haters and not feed the trolls.
    • Meditation and mindfulness can help increase your chances of not letting everything get personally.
    • Find other hobbies or habits to spend on your energy on rather than worrying about how people will perceive you. Practice ways to increase your confidence or find healthy stress relievers.
    • Seek help from support groups and therapists. Changing your mental effort and attitude toward taking things personally may be the answer.

    Start With Small Changes

    It is unlikely that your workload will be dramatically reduced, even if you threaten to leave. Your manager will not change either. The best solution is to start by making small changes, such as time management or learning how to say no to a crushing workload. You are in the frontline. Look after yourself. Nobody else will!

    It is not stress that kills us, it is our reaction to it. Hans Selye

    Many of us dream of living abroad but can often be scared to make such a big change to our routine lifestyles and leave our home countries behind. Daunting as it may be, living abroad can be a rewarding and fulfilling endeavor and can give you the quality of life you have been looking for.

    From a warmer climate to a more easy going way of life, there are many foreign countries favored by expats who stay for a long time and sometimes forever. Taking into consideration livings standards, opportunities and social aspects, here are our top 15 best places to live as an expat and why.

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    Write Down Your Stressors

    Identifying and recording stressful situations can help you understand whats bothering you. Some of these can be subtle sources of tension, such as an uncomfortable workspace or a long commute.

    Keep a journal for 1 week to track your stress triggers and your reactions to them. Make sure to include the people, places, and events that gave you a physical, mental, or emotional response.

    As you write, ask yourself:

    • How did this make me feel?
    • What was my reaction?
    • What are some ways of resolving it?

    Dont Just Ask Blindly

    How to Stop Stressing Over the Small Things

    This is never, ever a good idea especially at work.

    , author of Stop Playing Safe, told The Washington Post about why this is important.

    You wouldnt want to ask why your colleague was promoted over you at a team meeting. Also be aware of timing. The day after youre told your project is over budget and behind deadline probably isnt the time to ask about that pay raise, she told the site.

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