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What Are The Best Stress Balls

Malechaknitting Tiny Jellyfish Mini Stress Ball

DIY | Best Stress Ball Ever!!


Rather than being built to take abuse and nothing else, these adorable MalechaKnitting Tiny jellyfish Mini Stress Balls offer your brain some mental relief. While you can pummel and squash their crocheted bodies to your hearts content, its hard to stay mad or stressed for too long with one of their super cute, happy faces staring back at you. And their rather small size makes them ideal for carrying in your pockets at all times. However, this lighter approach to stress relief doesnt work for everyone, so if youre looking for something to really take a beating, we suggest moving on.

Teacher Peach Motivational Stress Ball Assortment 3 Pack Stress Relief Toys For Kids And Adults

Teacher Peach motivational stress balls are foam squeeze balls that are the ultimate stress relievers. You can release your tension, stress, or anxiety, and at the same time motivate yourself with the positive quotes imprinted on these fidget toys. Simply squeeze while at home or work, encourage positive thoughts and naturally relieve stress. These are made of polyurethane, so these are foam squeeze balls that are soft and durable. So, you can safely squish and squeeze and release energy for stress relief.

Further, these make for great stress balls for kids with ADHD, anger, and anxiety issues. It redirects their energy to the fidget toy and allows them to focus and increase on-task behaviors.

Important Specifications

  • Each fidget ball is 2.5 inches in diameter.
  • The pack includes 3 foam squeeze balls, each having a different motivational saying.

What We Liked

  • Relax and encourage uplifting thoughts as you squish. Its like a natural stress reliever.

What Are Stress Balls Made From

A. Many stress balls are made using polyurethane foam, though some are made from a silicone-based gel or even filled with materials like sand.

You can even try making a stress ball at home by stuffing a balloon with flour, sand, cornstarch, rice or similar filings. If desired, adding essential oils can produce an aromatherapy effect.

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Stress Relief Toys For Adults

Stress relief toys and gadgets come in a variety of styles and are designed to calm your mind and nervous system by distracting you from stressful situations.

  • Fidget Toys Fidgets are tactile self-regulation toys like slime balls, spinner toys, and squishy cubes and balls. These increase sensory awareness of your fingers, help reduce stress and promote better concentration.
  • Stress Balls These are small balls made of gel or soft clay that fit comfortably in the palm of your hand. Stress balls encourage good blood circulation, and as you repetitively squeeze them, stress, tension, and other negative emotions decrease or subside. Manipulating stress balls stimulates the brain to release feel-good endorphins, which are natural sedatives and pain relievers. Stress balls also stimulate nerves in your hand which connect to the brains limbic region , promoting feelings of calm and relaxation.
  • Dammit Dolls This doll for grownups is designed to vent your frustrations and will withstand endless banging on your desk. Dammit dolls are great for a laugh and lightening things up at work.
  • Magnetic Sculpture Desk Toys These tactile sculptures sit on your desk, allowing you to fidget in order to relieve stress and think more creatively.
  • Desktop Zen Garden These small replicas of traditional Japanese meditative gardens come with small rakes and brooms to drag through the sand. Making patterns calms your mind, and helps reduce stress and anxiety.

Five Other Benefits Of Stress Balls

Top 10 Stress Balls Office Pair

As the title suggests, stress balls can help relieve stress and anxiety. However, there are a number of other benefits these tantalisingly squishy items offer.

  • Improved concentration: Active individuals or individuals who have a hard time staying still can benefit from the physical action of squeezing and releasing a stress ball when trying to focus or learn.
  • Lowered blood pressure: Through research and trials, doctors have determined that a regular exercise regimen involving squeezing, holding, and releasing a stress ball may have a positive impact on blood pressure in some individuals.
  • Increased muscle: Individuals who regularly use a stress ball can build muscles in their hands, wrists, and forearms.
  • Increased flexibility, dexterity, and individual finger strength: Certain squeezing exercises, ones that focus on the individual fingers as opposed to the whole hand, offer a wide range of benefits that include dexterity and flexibility.
  • Controlled arthritis: One study that was performed at the University of Oxford concluded that adding stress ball exercises to other more traditional treatments could help increase the effectiveness of those treatments.

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Two Ingredient Stress Ball

Is the lack of time part of whats stressing you out? No worries friend, this stress ball by Whats Up Moms only requires two ingredients and a couple of minutes to make. You can easily squeeze the prep time into your morning routine and pack the stress ball to go with you into a long Monday!

Neliblu Why Worry Be Happy Funny Face Stress Balls


If you spend a lot of time with an office full of stressed out people, consider investing in these Neliblu Why Worry? Be Happy! Funny Face Stress Balls. This 24-pack of bright yellow, smiley-face stress balls is a great way to give your team a way to release their stress and get them back on track. Plus, as well as being squishy, these balls are also bouncy which only adds to the amount of fun possible. Youll also find theyre the best stress balls for party favors and filling goody bags.

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The Friendly Swede Squeeze Eggs


Don’t let their ovular shape put you off, The Friendly Swede Squeeze Eggs are specially designed to aid in strengthening your grip as you take out your feelings on their thermoplastic rubber bodies. The set of three is available in a variety of sizes and colors.

  • Lightly textured surface

Simple but effective, the Handstands Cyber Gel is crafted not with foam, but is rather filled with a nontoxic gel substance that stands up well to even the hardest of grips. The exterior is made from smooth Lycra that feels satiny and soft.

  • Therapeutic for your feet too
  • Unobtrusive design

The Gloworks Llama offers you more than merely something to grip and squish. Each one “pukes” neon slime and slurps it back up again, for a fun and silly stress-relief toy that will take your mind off of more serious matters.

  • Three per order


Stress Less Stress Balls With Motivational Quotes

10 Best Stress Balls 2018

If you need that extra motivational kick to help manage stress better, then consider using the Stress Less Stress Balls. These stress balls come with motivational messages printed on its surface. Choose to use the brands stress balls with messages like, Choose happy, Live more, worry less, and Life is a journey, not a race.

Aside from its motivating messages, this stress ball comes in four different colors namely blue, green, purple, and pink. You can use this for your stress management procedures, or give it as a gift to your co-workers who may need that extra helping of managing tension. Use this stress ball to help in managing anxiety and even assist in keeping patients with ADHD on the ground.

  • Provides relief for pain and discomfort caused by carpal tunnel syndrome and arthritis
  • Can be used as an exercise and meditation tool
  • Strengthens muscles of the hand, wrist, and forearm
  • Can help release tension and lessen stress
  • Can alleviate stiffness in the joints
  • Good for those who need to vent out anger

Releasing tension and stress from our body is important because too much stress can lead to other health problems. Learning how to manage stress effectively can result in better sleep, improved immune system, and a better quality of life.

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Best Stress Balls For Anxiety And Nervousness

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Feeling a little nervous or anxious lately? Or maybe you get stressed out almost every day because of school or work?

If your answer to these questions is yes, then we have a simple solution for youstress balls!

Oftentimes, people hold and conceal their emotional pain for one of two reasons:

  • They are afraid to show what they feel.
  • They dont know how to release their feelings.

If either sounds like you, then you dont need to hold back anymore. You can use stress balls to release all of your negative energy and tension.

In this post, weve compiled the five best stress balls for anxiety and nervousness. Weve categorized them based on their mental and health benefits, in accordance with consumer ratings and reviews.

But before we get to our top picks, lets first discuss the benefits of using stress balls and how they actually work.

Lets get to it!

What You Will Learn

Teacher Peach Motivational Stress Ball

Teacher Peach Motivational Stress Ball* is highly-rated thanks to the design and functionality. One impressive feature in this set is the messages engraved on each ball. For example, one ball has the message I think I can for those overwhelming times and another focus, listen, breathe for those times you need to take charge.

They have a firm texture that you can tuck in the hand and destress when needed. Whats more, they are firm yet soft, something that makes them ideal for young kids as well.

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Ways To Use Stress Balls

  • One of the main ways to use a stress ball is to place it on a surface and roll the ball by curling your fingers towards your palm, hold for a few seconds and release your fingers.
  • Another popular way is to place a ball between your hands while keeping your arms in a vertical position. Then press for 5 seconds and relax.
  • The full grip method is our favourite. If you feel extra stressed out, hold and squeeze a ball as hard as you can for up to 5 seconds, then relax.
  • What Is The Purpose Of Fidget Toys

    Custom printed Juggling &  Stress Balls. HIGGINS BROTHERS ...

    Many people use hand fidgets to relieve stress and anxiety, to help focus, or just for playing and having fun. Stress balls, putty, and anything squishy and squeezy is helpful because theyre soothing, calming, products which are enjoyable to fidget with. Sensory items have helped people of all ages, from adults sitting at a desk at work to children in classrooms.

    Im an occupational therapist and recommending/providing sensory items to teachers and parents, for use at home or in the classroom, is something I regularly do.

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    Runner Up Colorful Stress Ball: The Rainbow

    This Rainbow color large squishy ball is perfect for physical and emotional stress relief therapy. You can vent stress, anxiety, anger or use as a form of calming toy to aid in concentration and focus. You can squish, squash and squeeze this anti stress ball with both hands.

    The Rainbow is safe and nontoxic approved for all ages. More than just a fidget stress toy, this giant squishy ball can be used for wrist, hand and finger exercises.

    Price: About $15

    Why Stress Balls Top Stress Ball Benefits

    1. Releases muscle tension.

    Stress balls help your muscles relax and release stress, tension, anxiety, and negative energy. By relieving stress and tension from your muscles, you can improve your quality of life by getting better sleep, fighting potential illnesses, and enhancing your overall sense of well-being.

    Stress balls are a great tool because they actually help you reduce the physical tension that is created in your body as a result of lifes stressors. While stress is a psychological response to a situation, it manifests physically in your body, so combating those physical symptoms is a key part of relieving tension.

    Squeezing squishy stress balls activates your hand and wrist muscles. Then, once you release your grip, your muscles relax. This repeated action of gripping and releasing reduces muscle tension and can easily be done at your desk without bothering or distracting anyone working around you.

    When you feel your stress increasing during the day, or if you are going through a particularly rough time, it is best to have some stress toys around to alleviate these negative feelings. Further, stress balls can be used to help prevent muscle tension if you feel like that is going to be an issue for you in the near future.

    2. Diverts your attention.

    3. Stimulates your nerves.

    4. Enhances focus and concentration.

    5. Treats certain hand injuries.

    Now that you know the benefits of stress balls, lets look at how these stress toys actually work.

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    Best For Smaller Hands: Dimples Excel Squeeze Stress Balls

    Dimples sells its Excel Squeeze stress balls in packages of three, and each has a different resistance so youll have one for a variety of needs. They help ease everything from hand cramps from typing or writing too long to well, stressing out. Theyre egg-shaped and small, so theyre best for those who dont have very large hands.

    Theyre encased in thermoplastic rubber, so theyll hold their shape for quite a while no matter how often you resort to squeezing them. You really cant go wrong trying out the Excel Squeeze because Dimples offers a 90-day money back guarantee if youre not happy with the product.

    Buying Guide For Best Stress Balls

    10 Best Stress Balls 2020

    Life has its ups and downs, and no matter which way you are moving, it can be stressful. The body builds up tension and, if not released, you may start losing sleep and focus, and your health may suffer. Sometimes, all it takes to get you back on track is a little meditative fist clenching.

    Whether it’s a work crisis, a homework meltdown, or a personal struggle, a stress ball is designed to help ease you through difficult situations. The best ones are durable, come in a colour or shape that you like, and have a satisfying resistance. Some stress balls even have a few bells and whistles, such as texture and fragrance.


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    Tech Tools Stress Buster Desktop Punching Bag


    If youre putting everything you have into harming the object in front of you, youd better make sure it can take it. The Tech Tools Stress Buster Desktop Punching Bag is made to take an office-based beating. From the strong suction cup which will keep the ball attached to your desk when the attack starts to the soft PVC leather ball which is going to bear the brunt, it really is built to take the pain. Plus, as it also includes a strong impact spring, itll simply take your anger and bounce straight back up, ready for the next round of whats to come.

    Diy Stress Balls Ideas: How To Make A Homemade Stress Ball

    by Luna Lupus

    Theres no denying that the tempo of our life is faster than ever and all of us get stressed sometimes.

    Whether you are a parent trying to manage three toddlers in the morning, stuck in traffic in the middle of rush hour or feel swamped with work, you definitely need something to de-stress and relieve some of that tension.

    Try out one of these 12 DIY stress balls that will help you find some peace of mind.

    A simple pink stress ball is pretty to look at and it calms you down wonderfully whenever you need it to! Pop it in your handbag and take it along just in case you find yourself in a stressful situation, needing to squeeze your feelings out! Get the tutorial at BuzzFeed!

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    Fffresiss Hand Therapy Stress Balls


    The Fffresiss Hand Therapy Stress Ball Set doesnt just offer an easy way to let off some stress-related steam, it also lets you train your grip strength at the same time. The set includes three 2.3-inch balls, one soft, one medium and one hard. This allows you to choose exactly how much resistance you want from your ball and, over time, get to a point where you can crush even the hardest one with ease. This versatile set is great for office workers, high-school kids and everyone in between. Furthermore, the set includes a drawstring bag for easy storing and transport of your balls.

    Impresa Squishy Stress Relief Balls

    Arts in Bloom: Top 10 Best Buy Stress Balls Comparison ...

    Available in a pack of six, the Impresa Products Stress Relief Balls* allows you to bounce, squish, smoosh, and more depending on your preferences. That makes them one of the best stress balls and fidget toys.

    These balls have 100% high-quality thermoplastic rubber and they are non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and free of latex and BPAs. The set of six comes in blue, red, and yellow. Being highly tear-resistant means that the balls are durable. Moreover, both adults and kids can use the Impresa Squishy balls.

    Those with OCD, ADHD, and ADD will find these balls useful as they help reduce anxiety, promote calmness, and increase ones attention. To clean them, youll need some warm water and dish soap, air dry them, and pat with some baby powder to maintain their elasticity.

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