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What Is In Young Living Stress Away

Recipes Using Stress Away Essential Oil

Young Living Essential Oils – Stress Away

Stress Away is also perfect in a diffuser all on its own. Add 5-6 drops to your diffuser and sit back and relax! I recently got the new Charcoal Lantern Diffuser from Young Living and I am loving it!;Find out how to get a Stress Away and a Lantern Diffuser of your own here.

How To Make Stress Away

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I figured now was as good a time as any to share with you how to make the fabled Stress Away essential oil blend. The holidays can really wear on us, so its good to have some oils on hand to help us cope with planning, visiting relatives, the endless cooking, and the clean-up afterward.

So if youve been feeling the stress creeping up on you, then this is the blend for you!

Does Stress Away Help You Sleep

Stress Relief Techniques to the Rescue. Activities that switch on the body’s natural relaxation response feel great, Buenaver says. And they have been proven by research to improve sleep. They help by reducing the release of the stress hormones cortisol and adrenaline and by slowing your heart rate and breathing.

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Essential Oils Every Home Needs: Stress Away

I know its not a Saturday, but Im here to talk about one of my FAVE essential oils on the whole stinkin planet. Its my BFF of oils. The one that Just. Gets. Me. You know what Im talking about, right?

I dont think of myself as a particularly stressed out person, but I am a type-A, first-child, always-doing-a-project kind of girl. I love being productive and I love to just get things done. Im a planner and some may even call me a bit of a control freak. So when things dont go my way or I need to adjust my schedule , theres this little bottle of wonderfulness that is Stress Away.

Back in February, when I got my Premium Starter Kit in the mail, I immediately started sniffing all of the amazing oils. Im sure everyone does this. Id heard of Lemon and Peppermint, Lavender and Thieves. But Id never heard of Stress Away. It was love at first whiff. It smelled like the beach to me, and I loooooove the beach. So that was a win. And then I rubbed a little on the back of my neck and after a few minutes I felt a subtle relaxation come over me. A calmness, if you will. Ive used it daily since that day. And I never, no never leave home without it.

Take A Getaway On The Go

Young Living Stress Away Essential Oil

Not only does Stress Away come in our traditional essential oil bottles, it also comes in a convenient roller ball package, which means you can take the exotic scents of Lime, Vanilla, and Lavender anywhere! Keep this classic in your purse, bag, car or desk and apply it to the nape of your neck and your temples when youre over whelmed by your to-do list.

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Stress Away Essential Oil Blend

Stress Away essential oil blend is a proprietary blend created by Young Living specifically to help people cope with stress. Its a blend of copaiba, lime, cedar wood, ocotea, and lavender essential oils. Its specifically designed to help melt away stressful feelings so you can have more enjoyment in your life.

My Personal Experiences Using Stress Away Essential Oil Blend

Stress Away has been an invaluable tool for me as a military wife, mom, military veteran, and travel enthusiast.

Whether driving through rush hour DC traffic, hitting my max with kid chaos, feeling overwhelmed with too much noise happening around me, or navigating life as a solo parent while my husband was deployed, Stress Away Essential Oil Blend was a total life saver.

Each time Id feel that overwhelm creeping up, Id diffuse or apply Stress Away essential oil blend to my neck, wrists, and chest. Within minutes of smelling it, my body and mind both immediately started calming down, and my mind was able to think more clearly again.

One day while watching my son play at Little Gym, one of his friends ended up suddenly having a panic attack. After a few minutes being held by his mom, he couldnt bring himself to do anything. We tried rolling on some Stress Away essential oil I had in my bag, and less than a minute later, he was back to his excited happy self, running back in to continue playing with friends. His mom was shocked at how fast and how well it worked.

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Diy Stress Away Essential Oil Blend

Sometimes making your own blends is fun, or you want to use a blend you love, but ran out and are in need of more right away. This is our favorite DIY copycat Stress Away essential oil blend. While it isnt exactly the same , it is really close.

  • 40 drops copaiba
  • 20 drops ocotea
  • 20 drops cedarwood

To make this blend, add the drops of oil as listed above into an empty 15ml bottle.

** PLEASE NOTE ** Dont be fooled by clever marketing. Not all essential oils are created equally. Make sure youre not wasting your money on fake essential oils, or oils diluted in questionable solvents . Dont miss our complete guide on how to find quality essential oils to ensure youre not wasting your money on brands of oils that legally carry out questionable or unethical practices and mislead you through deceitful marketing practices.

My Favorite Affordable Essential Oil Brand: Edens Garden

How to use Young Living STRESS AWAY. Melanie Wagner-1504211

DoTerra was my first quality oil brand when I discovered it at beauty school. Later when I worked in a spa, one of my massage therapists showed me a new oil she got from Young Living called Thieves. She was kind enough to let me take it home for a few days and I found that aside from it having;a wonderful Christmas-y scent, it also helped alleviate my cold symptoms very quickly!

Now, I dont want to discredit or bash;Young Living as their products truly are of exceptional quality, but no matter how great the product or company, your wallet will simply not allow for certain prices if youre on a budget. After buying many oils from Young Living I quickly realized how expensive they were they could not remain a part of my daily expenditures. A 15ml of Thieves was $45 alone, and I went through the bottle fast since I used it for everything.

After doing some research to find affordable oils I stumbled;upon Edens Garden, which is a top-notch quality brand that compares to Young Living and many other quality oil companies. Within a year, I collected over 50 different oils from this company and spent far less than I used to with Young Living.

I compared a few oils with Young Living and found Edens Garden oils to be extremely competitive in terms of quality. A few blends may have slightly different formulations , but EG has worked just the same for me as my YL oils have.

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Lavamint Softening Foot Scrub

Add hydrating, exfoliating luxury to your DIY spa night and treat your feet by exfoliating rough, callused skin. The scrub contains four natural exfoliantsblack volcanic sand from Iceland, volcanic rock pumice from Italy, diatomaceous earth from the seas of Denmark, and coconut shell powder from Francethat reveal soft, silky, healthy-looking skin and open up your pores, so applying essential oils on the bottoms of your feet during your nightly routine gives you maximum absorption.

Can You Be Allergic To Stress Away Essential Oil Blend

There are a few reasons why you would experience an allergy-like reaction to essential oils.

Usually, this is caused by not diluting the oil youre applying , or in cases of photosensitive oils , it could be caused by applying to your skin and having that same area exposed to direct sunlight too soon.

Dont be fooled into purchasing substandard, fake, or counterfeit essential oils using clever marketing and loose labeling laws. Be sure you know about the 10 Dirty Little Secrets of the essential oil industry so you can make the best choice for your needs.

Warning: DO NOT purchase your oils through Amazon, eBay, Walmart or similar websites with 3rd party sellers! Many of those oils are counterfeit and causing health ailments, skin reactions, headaches, and a lot of misery. Most reputable essential oil brands do not allow their oils to be purchased there, so when you do find them , theyre often fake.

I highly encourage you to check out our How To Find Quality Essential Oils post for in-depth information about why quality matters, and what to look for.

If youre ready to start your essential oil journey, this is our favorite place to purchase from because of their transparency and dedication to doing what is right for their customers, and not compromising on their integrity to provide industry-setting quality standards throughout all their products.

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The Affordable Guide To Essential Oils

The thoughts and opinions expressed in this post regarding;essential oils are based on my experiences and findings alone. They are not to be substituted for professional medical advice. If you have serious health problems, please consult a medical provider or licensed aromatherapist before using essential oils as a remedy.

This page may contain affiliate links. If you make a purchase through any of these links, I may make a small commission.

Im sure that by now youve heard a thing or two about essential oils and are probably wondering what the craze is all about.

From an Asian culture, my parents always used oils for physical ailments. Id grown used to seeing bottles of oils around the house, but I didnt really understand their true use until I started working at a spa and using them in all of my treatments.

The oil movement is taking the world by storm, and for a good reason: not only are oils wonderfully fragranced, but they have unique healing and therapeutic properties that you can benefit from in every aspect of life. Whether its healing a cut or calming down anxious nerves, once you learn how to integrate oils into your daily routine it can be a complete life-changer.

Young Living Stress Away Roll On Essential Oil

15ml Stress Away Essential Oil

Do you suffer with stress or nervous tension? Have you tried other natural remedies, only to find it doesnt help. Well, you are not alone, I can so relate!; A few months ago I was flying out of town for a YL business trip and I was going through a very traumatic time. I was using other essential oils, but the anxiety and my level of stress didnt seem to be decreasing. A friend offers me her Stress Away oil and I happily apply a dab to my wrist and then breathe it in.; Oh my!!! Within minutes, I could feel a change and the tension/stress in my body easing. I felt calm, able to breathe, and normal.; I was so thankful she shared that oil with me. You better believe as soon as I got home, I placed an order for a bottle of Stress Away. It is now my new favorite friend and it goes with me everywhere.

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Oils For Pms And Menopause

Ylang Ylang: This exotic oil has a very dreamy;and floral;scent that;is;frequently used in perfumes, hair care and skincare formulas. Upon research, Ive found that Ylang Ylang can actually boost your mood and kill anxiety, which was proved correct when I put a few drops in my oil diffuser. This definitely helps me with my nasty PMS mood swings that I experience. Unfortunately,;Ylang Ylang may possibly cause allergic reactions to certain;people if used topically, myself included.;But for women who arent allergic: Ylang Ylang may help period cramps by topical application!

Clary Sage: Next to Ylang Ylang, Clary Sage is another oil that can cause skin irritation to some people. However, whether topical or diffusing into the air, clary sage helps balance hormones, which is great during PMS when our estrogen and progesterone levels dip low. Even outside of menstruation, women with hormonal imbalances or menopause can benefit from using clary sage.

Oils For Pain And Discomfort

Restoration Synergy Blend: Now named Digest Ease, this blend is great for stomach bugs or indigestion. Back as a spa therapist I was taught to use peppermint to aid digestion, but Restoration is a far more powerful blend. Simply add a few drops into a carrier oil to create lubrication and slowly massage onto the belly in clockwise strokes. Moving clockwise along the intestines helps coax any waste to move through the intestines while working counter-clockwise would work against it.

Ginger:;As a child, my mom taught me to chew on a fresh piece of ginger to instantly settle stomach bugs. Ginger oil can definitely be used in this sense, but it is a hot oil and tends to burn the skin and even mouth when taken internally. I actually like using ginger more for circulation problems as well as treating arthritis or joint pains. Together with peppermint, this is a great remedy for injuries.

Peppermint: I always keep a bottle of peppermint in my purse, at my desk, and by my bedside table because it has a variety of uses. Whenever I get hit with a headache, rubbing 1 or 2 drops of this on my fingertips and rubbing into my scalp helps to settle headaches. Peppermint is also another oil suitable for digestion as well as injuries and inflammation. Peppermint is also very strong, so remember to dilute it and dont put it near your eyes!

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Diy Stress Away Roller Bottle

To turn Stress Away or your DIY Stress Away into a roller bottle blend, add 1 drop of your essential oil blend per ml, and fill the rest of the way with your favorite carrier oil.

Please remember this is a photosensitive essential oil blend. If you apply this to your skin, and that area is directly exposed to sunlight within the following 12 hours, you may develop a sunburn-like rash. If youre going to be in the sun, I highly recommend using a diffusing necklace or bracelet instead.

A carrier oil can be any cold-pressed, seed-based oil . This includes most cooking oil, like coconut oil, avocado oil, and olive oils. Personally, we LOVE using sweet almond oil, grapeseed oil, and the V6 Carrier oil .

Need empty bottles? You can order them from any bottle supply shop that offers essential oil bottles, or even off of Amazon. Personally, we save our old essential oil bottles, remove the labels, and reuse the bottles. To reuse your bottles, ensure they are clean by soaking the empty bottle disassembled, and boil it for at least 15 minutes. Then let dry. Need a fun roller bottle? .

Great For Gifts And New Oil Enthusiasts

How to Use Stress Away Essential Oil | Young Living Essential Oils

Edens Garden gives you the option to purchase a handful of select oils in a 2, 6, 12, or 32-pack. You can mix and match a variety of oils and have the option of gift packaging too! I personally bought a 6-pack for my very first purchase and was able to get all the oils I wanted. Aside from their Create Your Own sets, they also have pre-selected gift sets which are also great for holidays or birthdays.

Now that Ive babbled on enough about the greatness of Edens Garden, below is a comprehensive list of my favorite oils and how I use them!

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How Do You Make Essential Oils Calm

You may be wondering why weve paired essential oils and anxiety together. Smell plays a major role in many aspects of life: whether it be the taste of food, the recollection of otherwise forgotten memories, or the detection of a threat, smell is an incredibly important sense.

Many view aromatherapy as nonsense but scientific studies have found a significant effect of aromatherapy on reducing anxiety and helping with sleep.;Young Living oils possess a wide number of powerful and spiritual benefits!

There are many natural products in the world that can clean our physical bodies, relax our minds, and cleanse our spirits. Understanding the meaning behind these oils can help you to learn how best to use each of them. Your angels can guide you towards making the right choices.

In order to get in contact with your Guardian Angel and receive your FREE ANGEL READING, please fill out this form:

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