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What Is The Best Essential Oil For Stress

How The Brain Promotes Resilience Against Stress

Which Essential Oil is Best for Reducing Anxiety?

Five out of six clinical studies conducted between 2009 to 2013 have found that Bergamot essential oil aromatherapy reduces heart rate, blood pressure, and stress.

Recent studies have found that bergamot can relieve stress, reduce chronic pain, and even change brain wave patterns on EEG.

4. Ylang Ylang

Ylang Ylang essential oil is a sweet floral aromatic extracted from the flower of a tropical tree in Southeast Asia. Ylang Ylang aroma has been shown to be relaxing and decrease blood pressure in many small studies. One study found that Ylang Ylang aroma calmed the nervous system, leading to lower heart rate and blood pressure and heart rhythms on electrocardiogram .

5. Clary sage

Clary sage oil is extracted from the clary sage herb, a close relative of the common garden herb sage. Clary sage essential oil has been found to help people relax during dental procedures. Clary sage oil aromatherapy has also been shown to have antidepressant-like effects.

6. Jasmine

Jasmine has a sweet aroma and can be relaxing fragrance. Jasmine essential oil is less well-studied, but does have one study that suggests that the odor of jasmine tea can be calming.

There are many more therapeutic essential oils to explore, including earthy vetiver, Valerian root, or Roman chamomile. While most essential oil aromatherapies have not yet been rigorously studied, many can still have calming effects.

How Much You Can Expect To Spend On Essential Oils For Stress Relief

You can pay a premium for higher-quality essential oils. Sets that include oil extracts from hard-to-find or hard-to-distill plants are also pricier. You wont likely pay more than $50 for a medium-quality set designed for home use. Avoid collections costing less than $20. Single bottle oils or blends intended for stress relief typically cost between $10 and $15.

What Is The Best Essential Oil For Anxiety And Stress

Posted by Shannon Eggleton on June 19, 2020

Essential oils for anxiety have been used for hundreds of years. For most of that time, there was no documented, scientific evidence of essential oils efficacy, only the knowledge passed on from generation to generation — folklore — that there were oils that seemed to help people feel more relaxed or sleep better. However, over the last 25 years, and the last ten, in particular, researchers have become increasingly interested in conducting controlled studies using essential oils in order to understand if aromatherapy really works, and if so, how.

Lavender Aromatherapy for Anxiety and Stress Relief

One of the most studied essential oils in recent history has been and continues to be, lavender aromatherapy for the reduction of stress and anxiety. Anxiety and stress are considered public health epidemics in most developed countries. Prescription drugs for anxiety are being prescribed at all-time high levels. When these conditions continued unchecked, they affect not just mental health, but physical health as well, increasing the odds that an individual will experience a range of conditions from insomnia to heart attacks or strokes. Finding new ways to effectively control stress and anxiety has become paramount to the medical community.

There have been many studies conducted that demonstrate lavender aromatherapys efficacy in reducing anxiety and stress in a number of different populations. For instance:

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Easiest Ways To Use Essential Oils:

  • Inhale from your hands: Rub 1-2 drops of essential oils into your hands and cup them over your nose and mouth and take a long deep breath.
  • Rub on your skin: Rub 1-2 drops of oil anywhere you like chest, feet, hands wrists, temples, and more. You dont have to apply to all these places at once to relax. Just choose one each day and then go with your favorite place that works best for you.
  • Apply to an object: Put a few drops on a handkerchief, on a scarf, a cotton ball and inhale as needed. Youll get instant calming support without anyone else smelling your scent. You can also use essential oil diffuser bracelets or necklaces so you can have the scent with you all day. Applying directly to your skin lasts longer and has better health benefits, but this works too.
  • Add to your shower: Plug or cover your drain and add a few drops of essential oil to the water. Then immerse yourself in an essential oil steam by enjoying the scent while your shower runs.
  • Use a diffuser: Get a good cool mist diffuser and add essential oils to the water in the well. Then get long-lasting benefit for everyone in the room. This is a great way to help lots of people enjoy essential oils at the same time.
  • Get a massage with oils: Have your massage therapist or spouse add essential oils to some organic coconut oil and massage using this blend. You will enjoy the relaxing benefits of the oils AND the massage.
  • How To Use Essential Oils For Stress

    The 10 Best Essential Oils for Anxiety

    If youre hoping to experience a little less worry in your life, any of the five discussed will do the trick, depending on your aroma preference.

    The properties in each blend work with the body to help you relax and recharge so you can have a self care day. They are formulated to help keep your mind from racing, your emotions from firing out of control and to restore balance to your life.

    Stress Relief and Worry Less are great everyday, anytime blends. Consider using them:

    • In a pure essential oil diffuser first thing in the morning to set the right tone for the day. Just remember to follow the manufacturers instructions.

    Tranquility is perfect for your bedtime routine. In addition to diffusing it at night, you can add this potent essential oil to massage oil or skincare products. Lavender, Chamomile and Ylang Ylang oil all have numerous skin benefits. If you use Tranquility topically, just be sure to dilute it with your carrier oil of choice.

    Anxiety Ease and Be Still help you tackle worry in the heat of the moment. If you find yourself spinning through negative thoughts, try gently inhaling either of these blends by adding a few drops to one of our Pocket Inhalers.

  • Costa Goes, Tiago et al. Effect of Lemongrass Aroma on Experimental Anxiety in Humans. The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine. 21.12 : 766-773. .
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    & 7 Peppermint & Eucalyptus Essential Oils

    These are two essential oils that, while well known, have not been commonly connected to anxiety relief. First, lets look at peppermint essential oil

    It may surprise you to learn that this spicy oil has been found to have anxiolytic benefits, as well. Its true, this oil is more commonly known for its other qualities, including being antiseptic/antibacterial, antiviral, offering pain relief, and acting as an amazing digestive aid and for calming a nervous stomach. However, researchers from the University of Maryland Medical Center found that peppermint oil has a calming, soothing effect on anxiety and depression.Several other studies have been done and continue on the benefits of using this plant powerhouse for anxiety.

    Another essential oil thats not often been connected to anxiety relief is eucalyptus. A 2014 study reported that 1,8-Cineole, a major constituent of eucalyptus, was effective in decreasing anxiety, in fact, significantly more than the other components being tested.

    Of course eucalyptus essential oil is better known for its use in cold medicines. Its also used as an insect repellent, is antibacterial, antiviral, anti-parasitic, and supports healthy inflammation levels in the body. Its even good for aiding with pain relief, and helping to regulate blood sugar and blood pressure. It will be exciting to see the research connecting eucalyptus essential oil to anxiety grow as time goes on.

    Rosemary Essential Oil For Pain

    Clinical trials have shown that the benefits of rosemary essential oil may be due to certain bioactive compounds that help reduce pain and swelling. Inhaling rosemary essential oil via aromatherapy has also been shown to reduce perceived pain, as well.

    As such, its commonly recommended as a pain-reducing option for arthritis and inflammation.

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    Essential Oils For Pain

    Pain is an inevitable aspect of life that can get in the way of living. Whether the pain comes suddenly or slowly builds over time, quick relief becomes the primary focus. Traditional medicine can cause adverse reactions with long term use, making natural remedies an attractive form of pain relief.

    Essential oils are proven to be helpful in providing pain relief. In fact, there are many essential oils for chronic pain that may provide just the relief that you are looking for.

    The Role Of Essential Oils In Dealing With Stress

    Best Essential Oils for Depression and Anxiety

    Essential oils are one of the safest ways to deal with acute or chronic stress. The powerful components in essential oils are the essence of natural organic plants that provide immediate relief from stressful feelings with no side effects. They are convenient and easy to use anywhere and can help reduce even deep-rooted stress. They can be used at home, in massage therapies, to enhance the effectiveness of meditation or whenever you need help to calm down or relax your nerves.

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    Essential Oil Blend Recipe To Ease Body Tension And Ease Muscle Stress


    • 2 drops of ylang-ylang essential oil
    • 3 drops of vetiver essential oil
    • 12 drops of marjoram essential oil
    • 4 drops of clary sage essential oil


    • Add 5-6 drops of this blend to your bath water for relief of body tension and muscle pain due to stress-related situations.
    • You can also combine all the essential oils in a dark glass bottle and add 60ml or 2 fl. oz. of a carrier oil like sweet almond or jojoba oil. Shake well to blend and keep in a dark place. Massage a few drops into the palms of your hands for inhalation. Alternatively, rub the mixture on the affected parts of your body for instant relief.

    Choosing Essential Oils For Stress Relief

    There are a lot of inferior essential oils on the market. If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is. It takes many pounds of plant material to produce just one ounce of essential oil, so cut-rate prices often indicate equally low-quality ingredients.

    The bottle of essential oil should be labeled not just with the common name of the plant but also with its botanical name. And its even better if the bottle indicates where the plant came from, the type of distilling method used to concentrate the oil, and the expiration date.

    While there are few regulations on essential oil production, look for organic brands that say they are therapeutic, which implies the oil is pure and was carefully distilled.

    Never buy perfume oil or synthetic oils for use in aromatherapy. Good essential oils are 100% pure.

    Typically, essential oils are sold in brown glass bottles, which help prevent light from damaging the oil. Most of these bottles have a plastic dispenser top, not a rubber squeeze bulb.

    If you buy an essential oil blend for stress relief, make sure the bottles label identifies all the different oils.

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    How Can Essential Oils Help Relieve Stress

    It all comes down to the evolution of our olfactory systemour primordial sense of smellwhich, in part, indicates whether our environment is safe or not. Snyder explains that “certain essential oils contain chemical constituents that elicit relaxation, particularly the ester groups . When you breathe those chemical constituents in, they go straight to the limbic system, signaling cellular mechanisms inside the amygdala and hippocampus which activate the parasympathetic nervous system.”

    As you might recall from high school health class, the parasympathetic nervous system is responsible for our body’s rest-and-digest response. It balances out the fight-or-fligth responsewhich is often elicited by stressand causes our heart rate and blood pressure to slow down and normalize.

    Essential oils can be used for in-the-moment stress relief when you feel yourself getting worked up, or you can use them more preventatively to stay calm and collected throughout the day. Here are a few strategies for working them into your routine:

    Best Essential Oils For Instant Stress Relief

    What Are The Best Essential Oils For Anxiety · The ...

    1. Lavender Essential Oil:

    Lavender oil is known as the best essential oil for stress relief due to calming and relaxing effects. Even various studies have proved that lavender oils aroma calms the mind and body. if you do not have time to apply essential oil on your body, simply spray 3-4 drops of lavender aroma on your clothes or body, it will keep you fresh and calm throughout the hectic working days.

    Moreover, you can try lavender-infused tea as well due to its calming and relaxing effects. Consecutively, lavender essential oil is proved to be the best essential oil among all blended oils.

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    2. Lemongrass Essential Oil

    We all use lemongrass during food preparation due to aroma and flavor. Lemongrass as an essential oil has more benefits like reduction of anxiety and stress instantly. Inhaling the scent of lemongrass essential oil calms and relaxes your body. A combination of lemongrass oil with carrier oil promotes calmness and reduces symptoms of stress and anxiety. Lemongrass is one of the best stress-relieving essential oils. You can even try infused tea or add in the food to relax your body from the stress.

    3. Neroli Essential Oil

    Moreover, Neroli essential oil helps our body to lower systolic blood pressure.

    4. Lemon Essential Oil

    5. Orange Essential Oil

    6. Yuzu Essential Oil

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    Essential Oils For Anxiety And Stress Relief

    We all have days that seem to get away from us. Whether we are trying to figure out how to handle stress at work or running scattered errands, stress and worry can take away from our well-being. With that being said, finding a solution that works best to mitigate your feelings of stress or anxiety is important.

    Wondering what the best essential oils for stress and anxiety are? We offer five essential oil blends that help combat worry and stress: Anxiety Ease, Be Still, Stress Relief, Tranquility and Worry Less.

    To understand the difference between these synergy blends, well go over some of the powerhouse essential oils that make each one unique.

    Patchouli Essential Oil For Anxiety

    Patchouli essential oil is extracted from Pogostemon cablin plant and it has a sweet and spicy scent. If you feel feverish or your body temperature rises rapidly due to anxiety then patchouli oil can help you out in decreasing your body temperature and will provide a cooling sensation to your body.

    The scent of Patchouli essential oil helps in calming down your uncontrollable emotions. It not only relieves stress and anxiety but also works well on the skin as it has anti-aging properties and provides you a blemish-free skin. You can use 2 drops of patchouli oil after mixing it with coconut oil on your temples. It blends well with jasmine, rose, and myrrh essential oils.

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    But How Do Essential Oils Help Stress

    It’s true: research shows that using essential oils in aromatherapy can relieve stress and also may have a positive effect on heart rate and blood pressure, and thus on your risk of heart disease.

    There are two main ways that essential oils are used: you can dilute them in a carrier oil and apply them directly onto your skinusually using a roller. Another common way is to diffuse themeither via an actual diffuser, or by adding them to a cotton ball or a tissue. Some experts say that diffusing essential oilsin whatever way you preferis best for stress relief.

    Chamomile Essential Oil For Anxiety

    Essential Oils for Stress and Anxiety

    Chamomile essential oil has discovered a fixed position in our kitchen racks due to its numerous health benefits. It consists of antioxidants that helps in getting better sleep and benefit health by maintaining appropriate blood pressure levels. Chamomile oil also helps to cure anxiety disorder.

    Chamomile essential oil blends well with ylang-ylang, bergamot, and patchouli essential oils. For better use add some drops of chamomile essential oil after mixing it with coconut oil in your bathing water for a calming bath.

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    What Are Essential Oils Good For

    Although people claim essential oils are natural remedies for a number ofailments, there’s not enough research to determine their effectiveness inhuman health. Results of lab studies are promising one at Johns Hopkinsfound that certainessential oils could kill a type of Lyme bacteriabetter than antibiotics but results in human clinical trials are mixed.

    Some studies indicate that there’s a benefit to using essential oils whileothers show no improvement in symptoms. Clinical trials have looked atwhether essential oils can alleviate conditions such as:

    • Dry mouth

    The 15 Best Essential Oils For Anxiety Of 2021

    We include products we think are useful for our readers. If you buy through links on this page, we may earn a small commission. Heres our process.

    If you have anxiety, these 15 soothing essential oils may help promote clarity and calm.

    While research suggests there are health benefits, the FDA doesnt monitor or regulate the purity or quality of essential oils. Its important to talk with your healthcare professional before you begin using essential oils and be sure to research the quality of a brands products. Always do a patch test before trying a new essential oil.

    Anxiety disorders are the most common mental health conditions in the United States.

    The Anxiety & Depression Association of America estimates that around 40 million American adults are affected by anxiety each year.

    There are many proven ways to treat anxiety disorders, including medication, psychotherapy, and mindfulness.

    In recent years, research has shown that essential oils can help alleviate symptoms of anxiety. While every essential oil is unique and can produce a different effect, most can help promote some degree of relaxation to ease the body and mind.

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