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What Is The Least Stressful Nursing Job

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LEAST STRESSFUL NURSING JOBS | Different Types of Nursing Jobs | Good Nursing Jobs

But that doesnt detract from a jobs significance. In fact, thats a common theme among the 10 least stressful jobs of 2017.

Consider No. 6, University Professor. Professors are tasked with molding young minds and preparing new generations of workers, vitally important to society.

Kristina Libby, who works as a PR executive and an adjunct professor at the University of Florida, said the two workplace environments differ vastly.

A year in education is a pretty short period of time, she says. A year in PR is a lifetime.

Libby adds that the stress from working as a University Professor comes in pursuing tenure track. For non-tenured positions, the growth outlook is a robust 13%, however.

As is the case in any career — whether it be the least stressful or most stressful jobs of 2017 — Libby makes a great point: Stress comes from the pressure one puts on oneself.

“It’s really up to you to make sure people have the right skills to go out and get their jobs , and I take that very seriously,” she said.

No. 9, Pharmacy Technician, is responsible for preparing important prescriptions for patients in need.

Compliance Officer second among the least stressful jobs of 2017 ensures that the day-to-day operations of a business or other organization remain up to state and federal laws.

And these are attributes common in the sectors dominating the least stressful jobs of 2017: IT, healthcare and business.

Nascar Medical Liaison Coordinator

Did you know that registered nurses can play key roles in the fast-paced sport of auto racing? NASCAR medical liaison coordinators collect and update medical history on drivers, coordinate with local hospitals at racing events, and ensure drivers have medical clearance to compete. They also participate in research projects designed to find ways to improve driver safety.

  • Median salary: $73K

The Least Stressful Nursing Jobs You Can Pursue Today

So you want to become a nurse. Helping people is your jam. Of course, working in a highly-skilled, well-respected profession that saves lives would be incredibly rewarding. But, lets face it, all of that life-saving work can also be a little bit stressful.

Perhaps youve watched medical dramas on TV. They may have even inspired you to look into this profession! Or maybe youve dipped your toes in the healthcare field before, but wish to advance your role. Whatever the reason, youre on this journey and you want to make a difference. But maybe not at the risk of your own physical and mental health. Dont worry. There are plenty of lower-key nursing jobs that wont have you running around the Emergency Department of a hospital, or helping patients in critical care. Lets explore some of the least stressful nursing jobs or at least the lesser of the stressful nursing jobs out there, and how you can achieve them.

Do stress-free nursing jobs exist?

Of course, the perceived level of stress will vary depending nurse to nurse. Someone who loves working with children may not find pediatric nursing at a doctors office very stressful. But someone who prefers to work with older adults might spin at the thought of giving vaccines to a fussy two-year-old.

What are common causes of stress for nurses?

Some overall, common stressors that are most-often associated with nursing include:

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The 7 Least Stressful Nursing Jobs

Its 3 a.m., and youve worked multiple 12-hour shifts in a row. The patient in room four just threw up room fives patient keeps ringing his call button room sixs patient has a fever of 104 degrees.

On top of that, you havent used the bathroom in four hours or eaten since the day before.

Talk about stress and the potential for burnout. According to data, 41% of nurses feel overwhelmed and burnt out. Now, you might think to yourself, arent all nursing jobs stressful? Isnt this what I signed up for? The truth is, there isnt a blissed-out wonderland where you dont experience stress. At least not while getting paid.

There are nursing jobs with less stress than others. This post will outline various nursing roles that arent in the emergency room or trauma unit. There are even a host of non-bedside nursing roles that you can perform as well.

What Can You Do With A Bsn Besides Nursing

5 Least Stressful Nursing Jobs in the Healthcare Field

A Bachelor of Science in Nursing is the degree that prepares aspiring nurses for a career in nursing. A typical BSN program will teach students nursing skills in research, health, anatomy, physiology and clinical nursing. Nursing students will also develop skills in problem-solving, communication, critical thinking, diagnosis and decision-making. While these skills are ideal for a nurse working with patients in a medical setting, these same skills can also transfer over into other industries.

In each of these non-nursing careers, nurses will find that their background in health can assist them in succeeding in the role. The unique hands-on experience that nurses bring to each of these careers can also make them a more competitive candidate when applying for these positions.

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Least Stressful Nursing Careers

A lot of nurses have a love-hate relationship with their job. On the one hand, nursing is a fulfilling career: you are directly involved in saving peoples lives, you care for patients, and make their road to recovery less painful. You are making an impact on others wellbeing. Also, theres the added benefit of nursing being a secure career choice as the job outlook is excellent, the salaries are growing, and the need for nurses is not going away anytime soon. Whats not to love?

But life as a Registered Nurse is a lot more nuanced. There is no denying that nursing is a hectic and fast-paced job. While some people might enjoy this, others find it frustrating. Then theres the additional stress of being responsible for peoples lives. So, some of the things that make nursing such a desirable profession, also make it one of the most stressful career choices.

What Are The Least Stressful Professional Jobs

Some of the least stressful professional jobs include:

  • Dental hygienist: Dental hygienists, who clean patients’ teeth and educate them about proper oral hygiene, typically work a fixed number of office hours.
  • Speech therapist: Speech therapists diagnose and treat speech disorders while working relatively flexible office hours.
  • Occupational therapist: Occupational therapists help ill, disabled, and injured patients deal with the challenges of everyday life.

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Least Stressful Nursing Jobs In The Healthcare Field

Even in the least stressful nursing jobs, you still need ways to relax and keep calm.

Because of its fast-paced and emotional nature, the nursing profession comes with stress that can take a toll on you, both mentally and physically.

The fact is, every nursing speciality comes with some level of stress. Some are much higher than others, so choosing the right speciality for you is key to maintaining low levels of stress.

Weve compiled a list of the five least stressful nursing jobs, as well as a guide for overcoming stress if you choose a high-stress speciality.

First, lets start with this list of specialities that are considered to be low-stress.

What Contributes To A Stressful Nursing Environment

TOP 5 Least Stressful Nursing Jobs in 2022

Stress is an occupational concern with any position, and nursing is considered a high-stress occupation. There are plenty of different sources for stress that a nurse might encounter: long working hours, staffing issues, physical labor, and patient care stress. Becoming a nurse means being able to deal with the high-stress occupation, in addition to developing a thick skin. Nurses need to have a thick skin to deal with supporting patients when they need it most through their difficult times, and being expected to maintain that positive attitude throughout each day.While becoming a nurse means stepping into a high-stress occupation, it is also one of the most rewarding positions available, as fewer occupations have such a positive impact on others as nurses do.

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Nursing Jobs Nurses Can Work Instead Of Bedside

Registered nurses are not limited to just working bedside. Their education, background, and skills apply to many other roles. Professionals may have many reasons to prefer non-bedside nursing jobs , most of which depend upon their specialty career choice and desired employment setting.

Non-hospital settings allow RNs to work more traditional hours and pursue opportunities in different workplaces. In the wake of burnout experienced from the COVID-19 pandemic, nurses are searching for lower stress job options other than bedside nursing.

Regardless of their workplace, RNs develop valuable skills across multiple settings, including:

  • Critical thinking

Nurses Practicing Clinically Have It Worse In Covid

The stark truth is that the overwhelming number of bedside nurses are NOT happy in their current position and this doesnt seem to be changing anytime soon. According to our State of Nursing survey, only 9% of nurses practicing clinically are happy where they are.

Meanwhile, 25% of NPs/APRNs are happy in their current roles. While the number of NPs and APRNs clinically satisfied is slightly higher than bedside RNs, it is still rather low. reported that between 20% and 30% of frontline U.S. healthcare workers were considering leaving the profession.

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Adult Critical Care Nursing

Critical care nursing is typically seen as the most stressful nursing job and is associated with the highest rate of burnout among nurses.

In fact, according to a report published by the Critical Care Societies Collaborative , critical care nurses have the highest rates of burnout syndrome among their colleagues.

This can lead to emotional and physical exhaustion.

The report showed that up to 86% of critical care nurses have at least one major symptom of burnout syndrome and up to 33% of them had all of the symptoms of severe burnout syndrome.

As a former critical care nurse myself, I can attest to just how stressful this type of unit is.

Patients are often critically ill, and codes and patient deaths are more frequent in these units than you could imagine.

In addition, nurses here are faced with a wide range of ethical and traumatic dilemmas at every shift and never know what to expect when they walk through the unit doors.

Not all patient care scenarios will turn out the way you would like, and life-and-death decisions can sometimes lead to poor communication skills between physicians and nurses.

In my opinion, both day shifts and night shifts in any critical care unit are equally fraught with stress and tension.

While the day shift is filled with the stress of patients going to and from testing and the operating room, the night shift may be filled with unexpected dilemmas occurring after physicians have left for the day.

Your Guide To The Easiest Least Stressful Nursing Jobs

5 Least Stressful Nursing Jobs in the Healthcare Field

Beth Greenwood

No job is completely without stress and thats a good thing. A little stress in your life actually promotes your mental and physical health. Too much stress, however or your own inability to manage stress has very negative effects. Once you get your nursing degree and are out in the real world, you may find that nursing is not what you expected. Luckily, registered nurses have many options in the field. Some may require additional education or specialized training, while others may simply be a matter of being in the right place at the right time. In other cases, it may not be the job itself. It could be the work setting , a toxic boss, or your own response to stressful situations.

What Are the Least Stressful Nursing Jobs?


Nurse administrators often have very high-level jobs, usually in larger hospitals or health care systems. This work is almost always away from the bedside, but clinical knowledge is important to help guide decisions that benefit patients. A nurse administrator must have excellent communication skills, be good at networking and collaboration, and have a high level of financial knowledge to make budgeting decisions. These positions typically require a masters degree or doctorate in nursing or a related field such as business administration.

Advanced Practice

Camp Nurse

Clinic Nurse


Forensic Nursing

Health and Wellness

Home Health


Nursing Education



School Nurse


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School Or Summer Camp Nurse

Nurses who love kids couldnt ask for a better position. Schools and summer camps often hire RNs to provide basic care for their staff and students. These nurses can expect to handle basic first aid situations, as well as administer daily medication .

These nurses are avoiding the hectic atmosphere of hospitals, but theyre still able to practice their medical skills in an energized environment. The ailments they treat are generally run-of-the-mill, so theres a much lower chance of being faced with stressful medical emergencies. One potential stress factor is that school nurses are often a team of one, so youll need to be comfortable with working independently and prioritizing care.

What Are The Least Stressful Jobs That Pay $100k

Some of the least stressful jobs that pay a minimum of $100K annually include:

  • Software developer: Software developers conceive of and build computer programs and apps. The median annual pay is $107,510
  • Data scientist: Data scientists create algorithms used to extract insights from data. The median annual salary for data scientists is $126,830.
  • Actuary: Actuaries crunch numbers and make sense of raw data, providing a low-stress career for those who love math and statistics. The median salary for actuaries is $108.350.

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Best Career Options For Avoiding Stress At Work

Grace Kim

You’ve probably heard the expression, “Do what you love, and you’ll never work a day in your life”? For some people, this is a reality. Certainly, given the choice, most of us would prefer to work at jobs that are good for our souls, as well as our bank accounts.

That said, even a beloved job can be rough if it eats all your time and energy to the point of burnout. For these reasons, it’s useful to consider the relative stress levels of various occupations, when you’re contemplating a change to a new career path.

If you’re looking to eliminate some of the stress in your life, consider one of these low-stress jobs that pay well.

Labor & Delivery Nurse

Top Least Stressful & High Paying LPN Jobs

This might be the most shocking nursing specialty on the list. Generally speaking, labor and delivery nurses usually have very high job satisfaction however, given the changing climate many labor and delivery nurses have had to also handle intense patient relations.

During the height of COVID, some maternity wards were not allowing expectant mothers to have a support person, including the babys father, present during delivery. As a result, there were countless unhappy patients and families which helped lead to increase nurse dissatisfaction. Other issues L& D nurses report having are that 84% feel underpaid, 91% feel understaffed and 89% feel they don’t have adequate backup.

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What Is The Least Stressful Nursing Job

nurse educator

In this regard, what is the least stressful job?

Below are the least stressful jobs:

  • Drill press operator.
  • Seamstress/Tailor.
  • University professor “¨

Additionally, how can a nurse be less stressful? Here are a few key things that nurses can do to help de-stress their lives:

  • Think positive self-thoughts.
  • Collaborate with administration to resolve workplace issues.
  • Take time for yourself.
  • Give back to others.
  • Furthermore, what area of nursing is less stressful?

    If you’re seeking a highly important nursing role that has a low stress-factor, consider these five specialties: Travel Nurse/Resort Nurse. School Nurse/Camp Nurse. Public Health Nurse.

    Is nursing a stressful job?

    Nursing is an incredibly stressful career. From the moment nursing students start their education program to when they retire, they face difficult situations and stressors on a daily basis. In fact, stress and burnout affect 10-70% of nurses.

    Least Stressful Nursing Jobs

    Nursing is one of the best occupations available for helping others and improving their quality of life when they arent feeling well. Nursing can be one of the most stressful occupations due to its hectic and fast-paced environments. Which begs the question, what are some of the least stressful nursing jobs available? We have compiled a helpful guide of some of the least stressful nursing jobs for you to consider in your nursing career search.

    According to the BLS, Registered Nurses have a job outlook of 15% increase over the next decade, which is much faster than the average job growth in the same period of time. With the recent nursing shortage, and increasing age of the employed workforce, nurses will be in high demand for the foreseeable future with no sign of slowing down anytime soon.

    As a result of the positive job growth, plenty of job seekers are considering a career as a Registered Nurse. One of the considerations of any occupation is whether or not the position is going to be stressful, as stress leads to burnout over time. There are plenty of nursing positions available that are less stressful than others, and the following guide will help narrow down which nursing positions you should consider for a low stress position.

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    Engage In Healthy Self

    High emotional intelligence can help you get through stressful moments. Admit your feelings to yourself. Do you feel mad? Scared? Worried? Ashamed? Give a word to your feelings and then decide how to handle them.

    When you feel ashamed or scared, remind yourself that you are intelligent, strong, and capable. Talk through your feelings from the point of view that it will be ok, and there are ways to get through this.

    What Can An Rn Do Besides Bedside

    Taking a Closer Look at the (Relatively) Least Stressful Nursing Jobs ...

    RNs can choose to work in many different settings depending upon their professional goals. Environments such as nursing facilities employ nurses looking to work with older patients. Individuals who prefer to work with younger age groups can pursue employment in educational institutions. Nurses can also select areas that align with their schedules and personal interests.

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