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What To Do When Feeling Stressed And Overwhelmed

First Of All Heres Some Background

How to Stop Feeling OVERWHELMED | Dr. Rami Nader

When we worry or become anxious, our sympathetic nervous system is triggered. You have probably heard of the Fight or Flight response. This is where adrenaline floods though our body to gear us up to either run away or fight the object causing us to be scared. You might notice your:

An increase in heart rate Your breathing speeds up A choking or heavy feeling in your chest Muscles feel tense, achy or shaky You feel hot and maybe sweaty You become lightheaded Your vision may become blurred Butterflies or cramps in your stomach or an urge to go to the toilet Very important * Your thoughts race so you cant think straight

Originally named for its ability to enable us to physically fight or run away when faced with danger, this response is now activated in situations where it isnt appropriate, like in traffic or during a stressful day at work.

Adrenaline can make you feel very anxious or angry. Your thoughts are racing so you are not thinking clearly or logically and that is why you are likely to say or do something you later feel bad about.

Focus On What Youre Doing Right

Its easy to start your day thinking of everything you didnt do the day before, but that only leads to discouragement. So, do the opposite. Think about what you did accomplish yesterday and feel proud about it. You and I cant do it all, but we can do a lot. When you spend time remembering what youve already done, youll be in a completely different headspace for the upcoming tasks.

Recognize When You Need More Help

If you are struggling to cope, or the symptoms of your stress or anxiety wont go away, it may be time to talk to a professional. Psychotherapy and medication are the two main treatments for anxiety, and many people benefit from a combination of the two.

If you are in immediate distress or are thinking about hurting yourself, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline toll-free at 1-800-273-TALK . You also can text the Crisis Text Line or use the Lifeline Chat on the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline website.

If you or someone you know has a mental illness, is struggling emotionally, or has concerns about their mental health, there are ways to get help. Read more about getting help.

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Track Your Time To Give Yourself An Accurate Baseline

Theres some evidence from research comparing time tracking data to self-reports that people who say they work very long hours are generally overestimating. Large-scale research indicates that the proportion of people working over 60 hours per week is quite small, at around 6%. If youre saying to yourself I work 70 hours a week your brain will react as if that were true, even if its an exaggeration.

How does this thinking error arise? Sometimes our brains jump to conclusions based on our emotions. When you feel anxious about work, your brain will overestimate how much youre working, which in turn makes you feel more anxious and sets up a self-perpetuating cycle. When your perception of your workload is dramatically overblown, the situation feels hopeless, which will likely leave you feeling depressed as well as anxious and youll become avoidant. You wont take the practical steps you could to address your situation. If youre making this estimation error, dont take it too personally. This is a pervasive general pattern and not a personal flaw.

Try tracking your time for a single week. There are online tools for this, but you can also use a spreadsheet or just a notebook. Track your time without actively attempting to change your behavior. Your behavior will naturally shift in positive directions due to monitoring, so theres no need to force it, at least initially.

Be Patient With Yourself & Your Puppy

7 Tips to Help You When You

There is no benefit in blaming yourself or your puppy theyre not targeting you with their behavior and you can only do your best. There is no easy part of training or owning a dog so give yourself a break. One day, the puppy stage will be over and you will have an older, calmer dog lazing around your home and chilling on the couch.

Keep in mind that you and your puppy are learning, so dont take your frustrations out on them. Its okay to lose your patience sometimes, that is normal, but dont make a habit out of the intimidating, spanking, yelling, or harming your puppy.

Although youve brought the puppy home, if it is not working out you, dont feel bad if you have to return them. Youre not obligated to continue raising the dog if that means a bad environment for you, your family and the puppy. Its obviously a hard decision to make and should not be taken lightly, but understanding that you honestly may not be the best home for them will make you both happier in the long run.

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How To Deal With Feeling Overwhelmed

When inundated with too many demands on your time and energy, it can become impossible to think clearly and act with purpose. Learning how to deal with feeling overwhelmed will empower you to reclaim a sense of calm and focus, even when nothing seems to go right.

Not all stress is harmful, and sometimes, overwhelm can be a useful challenge to your status quo if you know how to respond.

This article will show you how to deal with feeling overwhelmed so you can manage stress, maintain emotional well-being, and even turn stressful situations into powerful motivators to level up your life.

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How Therapy Can Help When Feeling Overwhelmed

When you are not able to prevent overwhelming thoughts or feelings, therapy is a helpful way to address your response to them. In therapy, a qualified mental health professional is able to help you sort through the issues causing your stress or anxiety and better understand its root causes. When you gain a solid understanding of what stressors and stressful situations trigger this uncomfortable mental state, it helps cultivate a calmer frame of mind in the future.

When looking for the right type of therapy to manage overwhelming experiences, there are different types of practices to consider:

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Make Time For Peace & Quiet

Life is a hectic crazy mess. And a lot of the times we can’t control what is thrown at us.

What you can control is how you react to it. And trust me, if you’re walking around like a volcano about to erupt, you will not be able to control it when you finally explode.

Overwhelm will make you feel like you’re going crazy if you allow it to. If you allow life to keep throwing shit at you, you will eventually explode on whatever innocent bystander who happens to be in your way. Whether that’s your boyfriend or someone who cuts you off in rush hour traffic.

To avoid getting to this point make time for peace and quiet. Make it your intention to unwind every single day. If work makes you stressed out, take time out of your day to be alone in your thoughts.

Shut the door to your bedroom, put on some calming music and put your phone in the other room. Shut out all of the noise from the world. Shut out of all of your responsibilities and the things you need to get done.

Make time for you and make this a priority every single day. It might not feel like it will do anything, but trust me it does.

Understand When You’re The Most Productive

What to do when you are feeling overwhelmed

There are usually moments throughout the day where people are more motivated and energized to complete tasks. This is typically different for everyone. Identify the times you feel more productive throughout the day. Schedule your most important or challenging tasks for that time. This way, you’ll complete this task when you feel most motivated, rather than pushing it back to a time where you’re less productive.

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Take A Step Back And Allow Yourself Some Breathing Room

Ironically, the last thing we want to do when were feeling stressed is to go outside or take a break or mini-vacation. Or is that just me?

Well, Im definitely getting better at it, because I do not enjoy feeling stressed and like the days are just passing me by.

So when we allow ourselves to take a step back and give our brains some breathing room, we take the weight off and feel lighter as a result.

If you focus on feeling overwhelmed, youre only going to focus more on feeling overwhelmed because thats all you can think about. So allow yourself to think about and do something else for a while – hang out with your friends, go to the ocean, take the whole day off, get a massage, or even go sit outside or lay on the grass .

Whenever I stop using Instagram, I just feel so much better. I know, Im a millennial who doesnt like using Instagram . It kind of stresses me out. I dont think I was suppose to tell you that, but they say honesty is the best policy.

Express Your Thoughts Or Concerns To Team Members

When work is overwhelming you, it can sometimes feel refreshing to talk about it with coworkers. Try to keep the conversation professional and refrain from expressing complaints or negativity. Ask them if they have time in their schedule to speak with you and take a few minutes to talk about any challenges you’re facing with your work duties. They might understand what you’re going through and may offer helpful advice or support.

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Ways To Manage Feeling Stressed And Overwhelmed

How often would you say you feel stressed? If the answer is every day, you are not alone. Between work, family, social and personal lives, there are many obligations to balance. Furthermore, in our modern digital age, with distractions, stimulations, and stressors coming from all directions, its easy to feel overwhelmed. This increased business leads to higher stress levels and that can seep into all aspects of our lives and have deep negative effects.

What is stress and where does it come from?

Stress is your bodys reaction to perceived pressures and threats from your environment. It triggers your bodys flight-or-fight response, which increases your heart rate and blood circulation, leading to faster breath intake and feelings of anxiety. When prolonged, this feeling will cause you to be unhappy, short-tempered, and tired. You might suffer from a weakened immune system, insomnia, depression, body aches or tension, and weight gain. Stress has many ways of manifesting itself. In more severe cases, chronic and serious stress can lead to heart disease. Clearly, if left unmanaged, this will overwhelm you, as it has a very real and profound effect on your health.

When is it a problem?

What you can do about it?

1. Take a deep breath

2. Make a list

3. Create a clear actionable plan

4. Stop multitasking

What To Do When You Feel Overwhelmed With Life 10 Ways To Feel More In Control

10 Ways To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed And Depressed

When things start to get on top of you, there are a number of things you can do. Try the following to control your feelings of overwhelm:

  • Focus on one thing. Youll never get to the end of your to-do list. And thats OK. While writing out your full to-do list might help you feel more in control, it may also increase your feelings of anxiety and overwhelm. In his book Supercoach, Michael Neill suggests you keep another list, with just one item on it. Whats the most important thing you need to do today? Focus on that. Then, when its completed, you can move another thing onto your one-item list. Itll help you feel less overwhelmed.
  • Write it down. When you feel overwhelmed, another form of writing you can try is journaling. Get your thoughts out of your head and onto paper. Itll help relax your mind and reduce your stress levels.
  • Just say No. Many of us struggle to say no or put other peoples feelings before our own. But it can leave us feeling overwhelmed. Its not selfish to prioritise your own wellbeing. Fill your own cup first you cant fill someone elses if yours is empty!
  • Schedule in me time. Make time for yourself too. However busy you are, its important to priotitise self-care. For many of us, if its not scheduled in, it wont happen. So block out time for that yoga class, lunchtime walk, drink with a friend, indulgent bath or to read a chapter of your book.
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    Ways To Cope With Overwhelm Or Hopelessness

    Different coping mechanisms work for different people. The following suggestions can help. If one doesn’t work for you, consider trying a different one.

    Set boundaries with work. For some people, working too much can lead to feeling overwhelmed or burned out. Set boundaries regarding how many hours you will work daily and how much work you’ll take on after hours, if needed. Consider delegating job duties or tasks to your colleagues so that you can overcome feelings of overwhelm.

    Try relaxation techniques. There are many ways to relax that can help you feel better. You can try:

    • Deep breathing exercises
    • Doing something creative
    • Eating or drinking something you enjoy

    Write down your plans. If you’re feeling so overwhelmed that it’s hard to focus, try writing down a minute-by-minute plan for the next hour or so. For example, you can write down that for the next five minutes you will do deep breathing exercises, then for 10 minutes you will drink some tea, and so on.

    Talk to someone you know. Your community, friends, and family can support you. You can also turn to other supportive people in your life, like clergy members. They can listen to you and remind you that things will get better.

    Talk to a therapist or counselor. You can try seeing a therapist or counselor. They may be able to help you change negative thought patterns or figure out how to structure your life so it leads to less overwhelm.

    Identify What Is Within Your Control To Change

    Ask yourself, are any of these causes within your control to change? For example, if you are stressed about your morning commute, consider your options. Maybe you can wake up a little earlier, take a different route, or find ways to make it more enjoyable. In other cases, acknowledging and accepting your lack of control can be a powerful coping mechanism.

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    Spend 10 Minutes Prioritizing

    In addition to writing down all thats on your mind, spend 10 minutes prioritizing your tasks. Whats the most urgent? What can wait for a week? Is there anything you can eliminate altogether? Doing this will allow you to spend your time working on whats most important.

    When we have so much on our to-do lists, its often easiest to pick the simplest tasks or the ones we want to do the most. While that knocks something off, its not always the right thing. You can end up spending hours working on items you dont even need until next week and neglecting things needed today. By prioritizing, youll help yourself focus on those of utmost importance.

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    Tips On What To Do If You Feel Overwhelmed

    Overwhelmed? Do This! An Antidote to Feeling Overwhelmed

    We all have those days and some of us probably have more than others. It just seems at times like life is going faster than we are, and we can never catch up. Do you ever feel that way, or is it just me? If you find yourself with a massive to-do list and wondering what to do when you feel overwhelmed, then these 10 simple tips are for you!

    But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength they shall mount up with wings as eagles they shall run, and not be weary and they shall walk, and not faint.

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    How To Take Care Of Yourself When Youre Feeling Overwhelmed

    Looking back at the beginning of 2020, I remember feeling a sense of hope for a year that would bring clarity and growth. Little did I know there was something else in the cards and this year would become a rollercoaster ride of uncertainty. If youve been feeling more overwhelmed than usual and your regular toolbox of self-care practices arent working, I can assure you that youre not alone.

    It may feel impossible to step out of the storm of overwhelm when you feel constantly inundated by uncertainty and stress, but there are ways you can find calm and comfort and create a sense of soothing predictability. Here are five of my favorite ways to do so in the storm of overwhelm.

    1.) Seek Out the Familiar

    Even simple tasks such as going to the store or walking outside that used to feel so routine now take a lot of attention. When everything feels different, its important to find ways to invoke a sense of familiarity which can be soothing to your overstimulated nervous system. A fun way to do this is to watch your old favorite movies or shows, listen to music you loved growing up, read books that engage your imagination, go to a favorite park, drink a comforting tea, or rediscover activities you loved as a kid such as puzzles, crafts, or games. Think about whats familiar to all your senses as well as activities and places.

    2.) Turn Down the Volume

    3.) Say No Most of the Time

    4.) Create Predictability Through Routine

    5.) Ground Your Bodyand Breathe

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