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What To Do When Stressed And Overwhelmed

Prioritize The One Thing You Have To Do Today

Overwhelmed? Do This! An Antidote to Feeling Overwhelmed

What comes next is the pivotal moment in your escape from feeling overwhelmed.

You most likely got into the situation youre in now because it felt like most tasks carried equal importance. But they dont.

And giving reaching inbox zero the same priority as finishing the presentation for tomorrow will only send you spiraling.

Instead, you need to force yourself to prioritize your task list and then pick just one to complete. .

This feels ridiculously small. And thats the point.

Action breeds more action. And thanks to something called The Progress Principle, crossing off even small items gives us a surge of motivation and confidence. The key here is to pick a task that is manageable and that you can clearly see that youve completed.

According to Dr. Alice Boyles, the things that add stress to your day are most often tasks that arent objectively hard, but psychologically hard. Like writing an email youve been dreading or giving someone bad news.

Finishing a task you started but didnt finish is a great way to kickstart your confidence.

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How To Deal With Feeling Overwhelmed

When inundated with too many demands on your time and energy, it can become impossible to think clearly and act with purpose. Learning how to deal with feeling overwhelmed will empower you to reclaim a sense of calm and focus, even when nothing seems to go right.

Not all stress is harmful, and sometimes, overwhelm can be a useful challenge to your status quo if you know how to respond.

This article will show you how to deal with feeling overwhelmed so you can manage stress, maintain emotional well-being, and even turn stressful situations into powerful motivators to level up your life.

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Accept The Anxious Feelings

Fighting off all-consuming emotions likely doesnt do much to ease them in a particularly anxious moment. Try to remember that anxiety, to a certain degree, is a normal part of the human experience and use acceptance as a tool to work through those uncomfortable feelings .

It is important to remember that you have the capacity to ride these waves of feelings they have a beginning, a middle and an end, and fighting our feelings will not help. I like to talk with my clients about picturing riding the waves at the beach while you might not end up right in front of your beach chair and towel, once you ride the wave of that feeling, you will end up back on the beach.

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Tip #: Take A Minute To Let It All Out

Do you feel like you need a moment to just let it all out? When were feeling overwhelmed, it can make us feel angry and irritable . Instead of taking it out on yourself or someone else , you can try self-soothing using the outlets that make the most sense for you. Yell into a pillow. Go for a run. Play with a fidget device. Doodle. Kids Help Phones Vent it: Music game gives you a chance to bang out your frustrations on a guitar or a set of drums. Give it a try whenever youd like!

Helping Children And Youth Cope With Stress

Managing Stress in a Changing Work Environment

Children and youth often struggle with how to cope with stress. Youth can be particularly overwhelmed when their stress is connected to a traumatic eventlike a natural disaster, family loss, school shootings, or community violence. Parents, caregivers, and educators can take steps to provide stability and support that help young people feel better.

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Do Something You Enjoy

Feeling overwhelmed will quickly extinguish your spark for life. Sometimes you just need to get back to you. Take a break and do something that brings you joy. Read your Bible or a good book to put some positive thoughts in your mind. Grab dinner with a good friend you havent seen in a while. Plan a scavenger hunt for your kids.

The bottom line is that you probably need to take a break from problem-solving mode. I know this seems silly, but when you choose to have fun, it brings lightness to your life when you need it the most. It takes your focus off the overwhelming things going on and instead puts it on the beautiful things right in front of youlike your toddlers little laugh or a cup of coffee with someone you love.

Steer Clear Of Toxic People To Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

You might have that happen in person, too. At the grocery store. When youre running errands. Maybe its even in your family. The toxic situation is wearing you down and you wish that you could remove yourself from the negativity.

You can. Make a conscious effort to stop watching the news 24/7. The world is still going to turn without you glued to whats going on. Give yourself a timeout from the news and youll notice that your level of overwhelm and uncertainty goes down.

Youll see that you worry less. Youll see that dont worry about things the way that you did. This will help you realize that what youre allowing into your thoughts is a huge part of the problem, if not the entire problem.

Avoid the toxic people online. Mute them on social media. Or better yet, avoid negative things on social media. If you think you cant do that, then ask yourself if you really want that to be a part of your life.

Its okay to temporarily or permanently deactivate your account. If you have a toxic person in your life, you dont have to listen to what they spew. You can be busy. Too busy to listen. You can walk away.

Digital Detox! Break the addiction. Get More balance.

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Overwhelmed And Stressed Why You May Be Feeling Crisis Fatigue

  • Current events, such as the COVID-19 pandemic and political protests, have left people feeling many intense emotions, such as fear, anxiety, and anger.
  • Over time, unrelenting stress can leave people feeling emotionally numb or tired.
  • These feelings have been dubbed crisis fatigue.
  • Experts say there are steps you can take to help mitigate the effects.

All data and statistics are based on publicly available data at the time of publication. Some information may be out of date. Visit our coronavirus hub and follow our live updates page for the most recent information on the COVID-19 pandemic.

The year 2020 has so far been a difficult one for many.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a significant source of worry and stress for months now, with no end in sight.

On top of this, there have been protests, both peaceful and violent, as people strive to find justice in the wake of George Floyds death.

With the unrelenting stress of these events, many are feeling a wide range of negative emotions, such as sadness, anxiety, anger, and fear. Yet others have progressed to simply feeling numb or tired.

This emotional state is a condition that has been dubbed crisis fatigue.

Why We Cry When Were Overwhelmed

How to Stop Feeling OVERWHELMED | Dr. Rami Nader

Some people report crying when feeling overwhelmed. It is ok to cry! Everyone does it, but some more than others. A study showed that women cry 30-64 times a year, while men cry 5-17 times per year. However, this gender difference highlights how crying has been unfairly stigmatized for men to signify a sign of weakness. Therefore, these results are likely inaccurately reported.

Crying is a healthy way to express our inner emotions, it even helps us to better understand ourselves. It has many positive effects and can decrease feelings of stress, often leaving us with a cathartic feeling. You should speak to your doctor if you feel like you cry an inordinate amount, that youre inconsolable, or if crying interferes with your daily life. If that is the case, crying might be indicative of an underlying mood disorder such as depression, or another mental health condition like anxiety.

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How To Take Care Of Yourself When Youre Feeling Overwhelmed

Looking back at the beginning of 2020, I remember feeling a sense of hope for a year that would bring clarity and growth. Little did I know there was something else in the cards and this year would become a rollercoaster ride of uncertainty. If youve been feeling more overwhelmed than usual and your regular toolbox of self-care practices arent working, I can assure you that youre not alone.

It may feel impossible to step out of the storm of overwhelm when you feel constantly inundated by uncertainty and stress, but there are ways you can find calm and comfort and create a sense of soothing predictability. Here are five of my favorite ways to do so in the storm of overwhelm.

1.) Seek Out the Familiar

Even simple tasks such as going to the store or walking outside that used to feel so routine now take a lot of attention. When everything feels different, its important to find ways to invoke a sense of familiarity which can be soothing to your overstimulated nervous system. A fun way to do this is to watch your old favorite movies or shows, listen to music you loved growing up, read books that engage your imagination, go to a favorite park, drink a comforting tea, or rediscover activities you loved as a kid such as puzzles, crafts, or games. Think about whats familiar to all your senses as well as activities and places.

2.) Turn Down the Volume

3.) Say No Most of the Time

4.) Create Predictability Through Routine

5.) Ground Your Bodyand Breathe

Control What You Can Control

Spend some time thinking about the specific things that are stressing you out. In any given situation, there are things you can control and things you cant. Identifying what you can control and actively letting go of what you cant is one of the best ways to deal with anxiety.

For example, lets say youre swamped in your small business or side gig right now. What can you control in that scenario? Maybe you can decide to say no to a few clients or you can hire some seasonal help.

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Things To Do When Feeling Overwhelmed

You feel overwhelmed, stressed, and perhaps even burnt out. What do you need to do when you feel overwhelmed? Here some things you should keep in mind.

The last year has been extremely overwhelming for the majority of us. Trying to cope with the changes in our daily lives and the concerns about the state of the world, all while trying to take care of yourself.

It is hard.

It is so easy to become overwhelmed.

Balancing your 8-hour workday with the never-ending emails, your to-do list, family needs, health concerns, you need money now, and social expectations can lead to overwhelm quickly. The overwhelm can weigh you down and affect your day-to-day life.

A thing to keep in mind when youre feeling overwhelmed: trust the process and dont underestimate the power of small changes. A couple of small changes can have a big influence on your mood.

Ways To Cope When Feeling Overwhelmed

Young Stressed Overwhelmed Man With Piles Of Stock Photo

Recognizing what is causing your overwhelm, taking steps to reduce your stress, and engaging in relaxation techniques can help you cope with feeling overwhelmed. Remember, if you are feeling overwhelmed, you are not alone. You cannot avoid these feelings entirely, but you can manage them.

Here are ten healthy ways to deal with feeling overwhelmed:

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Avoid Leaning On Substances

According to Cidambi, you should also avoid leaning on substances like alcohol or drugs to help manage your feelings. While it may provide a temporary relief, the after-effects can exacerbate anxiety, overwhelm, and stress, she explains.

Plus, these substances can both tamper with your sleeping and eating habits, which wont do your mind any favors.

The next time youre tempted to reach for a beer in a moment of stress, take a moment to go through this list and see if theres something else that would work for you.

Hsueh recommends self-soothing by focusing on your five senses to help reduce emotional overload. Grab something that your senses find comforting and keep it around for moments of high stress.

Who Is Affected By Stress

All of us can probably recognise some of the feelings described above. Some people seem to be more affected by stress than others. For some people, getting out of the door on time each morning can be a very stressful experience, whereas others may be less affected with a great deal of pressure.

Some people are more likely to experience stressful situations than others. For example:

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Take A Walk Outside And Get Some Fresh Air

This may not seem like it has anything to do with productivity, but it definitely does!

We often put off moving our body because we have too much to do. But really, that movement is exactly what we need to reset our body and brain cells for doing all.the.things.

If you cant walk for an entire hour, then be sure to add in a healthy snack. It will help give you the energy to keep going with your day!

Theres no need to feel overwhelmed or like you have to accomplish this list of things in one day. These are ideas of productive things that can EACH be done in an hour, not a list of daily tasks.

Find What Soothes You

What To Do If You Are Stressed and Overwhelmed

Consider these questions to help you find soothers for all of your senses:

  • Vision. Whats something beautiful that you see around you? Do you have a favorite piece of art?
  • Hearing. What sounds are pleasant or soothing to you? This could be music, the sound of your cat purring, or anything else you find calming.
  • Smell. Do you have a favorite fragrance? Is there a candle you find particularly soothing?
  • Taste. Whats your favorite taste? What food reminds you of a happy memory?
  • Touch. Do you have a favorite blanket or chair? Can you take a warm bath or put on a favorite sweater?

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When To Seek Professional Help When You Feel Overwhelmed

If feeling overwhelmed is interfering with your life and causing you anxiety, you should consider seeking professional help. Signs of anxiety or an anxiety disorder include restlessness, irritability, fatigue, difficulty concentrating, sleeping problems, and muscle tension.10 To be diagnosed with an anxiety disorder, you must experience these symptoms nearly every day for at least six months.

Things To Do When You Feel Overwhelmed At Work

Shot of stressed business woman working from home on laptop looking worried, tired and overwhelmed.


Many of us are in the state of a major transition: returning to the office, starting a new job or school, searching for a new job, etc. If youre feeling overwhelmed, below are five things you can do to help alleviate your anxiety and get through your day:

Make A List Of What Is Overwhelming You

Sit down and make a list of everything you need to get done personally and professionally then prioritize it. Rank everything chronologically, based on deadline, meeting time, etc. Shorten your list to what you need to get done today. This should help you identify what absolutely needs to be done today and what can wait, help to alleviate some stress and give you a sense of control.

Delegate What You Can

Examine your list and determine whether there is a task you can delegate: is there a part of a project a colleague can help with, can you get a dog walker or a baby sitter, can you get groceries delivered, is there any way a colleague could give you the cliff notes from a meeting, etc. Think about how to give yourself the time you need to execute your most urgent tasks, and whom you can reach out to for help.

Set Manageable Goals

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How To Stop Feeling Stressed And Overwhelmed

1. Do A Brain Dump

Have you ever suffered from racing thoughts?

I know. Who hasnt, right?

Heres something to try the next time youre feeling overwhelmed by an onslaught of thoughts. Simply grab a pen and paper and dump every thought onto it.

This isnt the same as making a to-do list, or even a list at all. What you want to do is write down every thought thats bothering you as quickly as you can.

Dont think about grammar, or whether a thought matters enough to be written down. Dump it all on the paper.

Now breathe a sigh of relief, and decide what within this dump can be accomplished within the next hour. Focus only on that task. Repeat for the next hour and so on, remaining totally in the moment with your one task until its done, or no more can possibly be done with it.

2. Breathe Through Your Belly

I know this sounds like a woo-woo strategy, but trust me, it does wonders for stress and anxiety.

In fact, belly breathing is a scientifically proven way to ease the flight-or-flight response, which kicks in when were in high-stress situations .

Now, when I mention breathing through the belly, Im actually referring to breathing fully into the diaphragm. When done correctly, this causes your belly to rise and fall as the very bottom portion of your lungs are filled with oxygen.

Hold your inhales for a couple seconds, then exhale fully through your mouth, feeling your belly shrink back down.

Repeat for at least 10 cycles of breaths.

3. Learn to Say No

4. Meditate

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