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What To Get Someone Who Is Stressed

Shiatsu Foot Massager With Heat

How stress is killing us (and how you can stop it). | Thijs Launspach | TEDxUniversiteitVanAmsterdam

Simply place your aching feet on this massager and its six massage heads will deeply massage all the pressure points on your feet helping relax not only your feet but also your entire body. This is considering that all major nerve endings of your body are located in your feet. In addition, the massager has a soothing heat function that can be turned on to enhance the massage. This can make for a good gift for someone who is on their feet all day.

Swap A Greeting Card For A Stress Relief Card

Stress Less Cards are a great little toolkit if you need to find ways to reduce stress in your everyday life.

You get 50 cards inside the pack, with each one containing a different exercise to slow the bodys stress response and help the mind relax.

Based on the principles of mindfulness, some of the cards include guided meditations. Meditation has been shown through research to be a wonderful way to de-stress.

Other cards ask you perform certain actions, such as breaking a routine to awaken your mind to new possibilities.

Recommended by health care professionals, many bought the pack and shared the cards amongst family and friends.

Get Curious About The Situation

Thats what we do as therapists. We dont get overly involved or have an emotional response, rather we get curious. Asking someone for more information about whats distressing them is a smart place to start.

Rather than giving advice or suggesting solutions, asking questions will show the person that you are invested in them and their experience. It feels much less dismissive to say Tell me more about that than it does to tell someone what you think they should do to lower their stress level.

Talking about the situation, and the emotions that are underneath the stress will help someone process through it.

It helps to be a good listener and to approach the situation as one you want to learn more about, not one you want to fix with your suggestions.

Let your natural instinct for curiosity lead you to seek a better understanding of the stressors. People really do appreciate feeling validated and truly heard.

Susie Levan

Hypnotherapist | Life Coach | Author, Getting to Forgiveness

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An Inexpensive Cold Brew Maker A Must

Start saving your hard-earned dollars and make your own iced coffee at home! Thanks to this amazing iced cold brew maker from Takeya, you can easily sip on your favorite drink without breaking the bank. Almost gave this gadget 5 stars so you know it’s gotta be good.

Promising review: “I have four kids and like seven peoples worth of stubbornly wavy/curly and long hair on my head. Its a giant pain in the butt and takes a lot of time. Except for today when I tried this! Unbelievable easy and I didnt even have to go back over it with a flat iron! Dry in record time and looks naturally straight! I cant wait to dry my girls hair after a nighttime bath too. I almost never write reviews but thanks to this magical thing I had the time!” Megan Fanelli

Get it from Amazon for $41.99+ .

Handheld Electric Scalp Massager

Can Stress Make You Sick? 8 Scary Stress Symptoms

This is a portable handheld massager that you can use to massage your scalp, face, neck, shoulders, back and pretty much any muscle in your body. This massager has 28 individual nodes that rotate to give you deep, relaxing stimulation that helps relive stress, improve blood circulation and release aches and sores.

This massager is also waterproof which means you can use it while taking a shower.

A warm shower and a gentle scalp massage before bedtime will melt all your stress away and prepare you for a good nights sleep.

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A Burst Of Light To Boost Your Mood

Theres nothing like the summer sun to lift a low mood, sadly we cant get that brilliant brightness all year round!

You can get the benefits with this HappyLight from Verilux.

With a 10,000 lux light intensity you can enjoy it first thing in the morning, or position it on your desk to boost your mood throughout the day.

Light therapy is highly effective in treating mood disorders, with researchers seeing significant reductions in depressive symptoms following short courses of the treatment.

Just the size of an e-reader, it packs flat and can be popped in your bag for wherever you need it.

HappyLight users loved how simple it was to operate. Even those that live in sunnier climates were fans of the light as it gave them an extra boost even on bright days.

Find Peace In Your Pace

as you walk it out.

Walking is another good way to trick the brain into thinkingthat theres no reason to be afraid. A good walk can have a very soothingeffect on the mind and body. Theres something about the combination of lightexercise, getting the body moving in calm rhythm, the fresh air and being surrounded by nature of some sort birds, trees, grass that helps stress melt away.

And as a side benefit, walking is also said to give you a boost to creativity and problem solving: Charles Darwin apparently nutted out his Theory of Evolution on a series of long walks, and the short walk I take every morning is when I come up with some of my best ideas, or structure my existing thoughts better. Theres good research evidence from Stanford researchers that Darwin and I are not alone in finding that a walk boosts our creativity!

So youll not only come back to your desk calmer, but maybe also with fresh ideas and inspiration to bring to your work.

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Try To Think Differently About It

The first thing I tell people who are stressed to do is to try to think differently about it. This is a practice that you get better at over time, but you can start now by asking What is within my control and what is not?

There are so many circumstances outside of our control that we can release through prayer or other spiritual practices. This helps to free us from this tendency to carry the weight of the world on our shoulders.

Is There Anything I Can Do To Help Im Happy To Just Listen If Thats What You Need

Stress – What is Stress – Why Is Stress Bad – What Causes Stress – How Stress Works

Dont jump in to fix it ask what the person needs instead. Is there anything I can do to help? Im happy to just listen, or if theres a way I can take something off your plate, or if youre open to suggestions for how to manage your stress I can do that too. I can also buzz off if thats what you need.

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Sticky Stakes To Trap Unwanted Pests Trying To Feed Off Their Plants And Buzzing Annoyingly Around Their Apartment Stress

There is NOTHING more irritating than gnats or any other tiny insects invading your home. I have these Sticky Stakes in every potted plant I own and they actually really work! Each pack comes with seven traps, so feel free to stock up.

Promising review: “Holy cow these suckers work! I’m so grossed out by the result, but at the same time, I have a sick sense of satisfaction. I used these in my house plants that are breeding fungus gnats like crazy. I used them in conjunction with beneficial nematodes, and they definitely cut down on the number of gnats in our house. Unfortunately, I added a new house plant, plus repotted one that had outgrown its prior home, and we are wrapped up in them again. I’m buying another package of sticky traps as soon as I finish this review!” Megan

Get them from Amazon for $6.99.

An Ice Roller Which Is Said To Help Decrease Under

This is my favorite thing to start my pampering with, but I also use it in the morning before I apply any makeup. All you have to do is pop the separate roller piece into your freezer and you’ll be ready to de-puff in no time.

Promising review: “I use this ice roller in my esthetician treatment room after extractions, peels and/or waxing. My clients love it! It drastically reduces inflammation and swelling…thereby leaving the skin in a much healthier state than if I didn’t use it. I actually prefer this to my magic globes because of the ease of rolling over the skin. Globes tend to skip/jump if the skin is not properly lubricated with a lot of product. I can apply a calming colloidal oatmeal masque or other setting masque and simply roll right over it. If it is too chilly for your client…simply put a damp esti wipe on the skin as a barrier. Very easy to clean and disinfect between clients.” Chris DeFelice

Get it from Amazon for $12.99+ .

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Make Proper Space In Your Life For Quality Rest And Relaxation Time

because neither of us is a robot.

You cant work all day every day for weeks on end withoutslowing down, or even grinding to a halt altogether. You need to take time outto catch your breath.

And I dont just mean 10-minute breaks for a cup of tea, oran hour out to grab some lunch, I mean making a deliberate and guilt-freedecision to walk away from your desk for an extended period to let your hairdown a bit. Maybe give yourself Sundays off, or never work past 6pm, or take 3afternoons a week out or all three!

This is your time. Do things that help you let go andrefresh you body and soul:

  • Play sport
  • Watch your favourite TV show
  • Go ski-ing
  • Read

Make it quality time: if youre settling down to read orwatch TV, plan ahead to make sure its a book / show you love. Plan ahead tohelp with this: pre-record your favourite shows, have a cracking book ready togo on your shelf, or have a date with a friend in the diary.

This is your treat time enjoy it.

Managing Expectations On You

Do you know when stress is about to hit you?

and cut expectations down to size where you need to.

Its helpful to take a moment to size up where the expectations are coming from, so you can act accordingly. Heres a good exercise: write down all the people who have expectations on you , what you think those expectations are, whether you think you can meet them, and, finally, how much you care about what they think.

Heres what it might look like:

Take a critical look at each row of your table:

  • If the expectations are realistic, great.
  • If the expectations are unrealistic but youll find it relatively easy notto care what that person thinks, thats also OK.
  • But where the expectations are unrealistic ANDyou care about what that person thinks, youve got the biggest problems. Markwith a star.

For the starred rows, consider having a conversation withthe person in question. Explain the situation their expectations and thecounterproductive consequences its having on you. I think you want me toachieve and that makes me feel , which is making it harder to get mywork done. In my experience, these conversations usually go well: if they careabout you and your success, then they will want to do what they can to help.

The worst culprit of all for unrealistic expectations can often be ourselves. If thats the case, try tips 10-13 about keeping things in perspective, and dont be afraid to cut your goals down if it will take a weight off your shoulders and let you study in a calmer, more positive frame of mind.

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Is There Anything I Can Do To Help

Please ask this question if you are truly capable of following through. You do not want to offer empty promises. Sometimes a person just needs a shoulder to cry on and for someone to listen.

If all else fails just sit in silence with the person until he/she is ready to speak. If you are close with the person use humor if you feel it will distract them and it is done tastefully.

Charlene Walters, MBA, Ph.D.

Motivational Speaker, Own Your Other

What Are Some Common Causes Of Stress

Stress is a natural response to challenging situations, and it can be helpful in small doses. It can energise you and make you feel more switched on and able to deal with tricky situations. However, too much stress over a long period of time can be hard to deal with.

Some of the more common things that tend to stress people out are:

  • relationship issues, including family, friends, boyfriends or girlfriends
  • deadlines, whether school, work or uni
  • living in a difficult circumstance with family or flatmates
  • financial stress
  • unrealistic expectations of yourself or others
  • taking on too much at one time.

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Next Try Going For A Walk

Ideally in a park or other natural environmentwhich helps reduce levels of stress hormones in the body.

Finally, write down what youre grateful for, whether its a warm cup of coffee in the morning or the loving greeting you get from your dog when you come home. Journaling can help you maintain a positive attitude that can get you through any stressful situation.

Joy Rains

Mindfulness Trainer | Author, Meditation Illuminated: Simple Ways to Manage Your Busy Mind

How Can Other People Help

Why Being Stressed Out Is a Good Thing | How To Instantly Relieve Stress

This page is for friends and family of someone who is experiencing stress, who want to support them.

If someone you’re close to is feeling stressed there are lots of practical things you can do to support them even though you probably can’t change the situation they’re in.

  • Help them reflect on whether they are stressed. Often, people don’t notice that some physical symptoms and behaviour are actually signs of stress. Sometimes you may be able to see it before they recognise it themselves. If you’ve noticed that someone seems particularly busy, anxious or unwell, you could gently let them know, and ask how you can help.
  • Listen to how they are feeling. Having a chance to talk openly could help someone to feel calmer and more able to move forward. Just being there for them will probably help lots.

” making me a cup of tea, holding me while I cry, making me laugh…”

  • Reassure them that stressful situations can pass. For someone who is in the middle of a stressful time, it can be hard to see an end point. Let them know that situations change and can get better.
  • Help them identify their triggers. You can be specific about things you’ve observed, but try to stay open-minded and non-judgemental. Your perspective might be valuable, but your friend or family member could find this conversation stressful, and being patient will help.

“Not putting extra pressure on me… letting me know they’re there but that I don’t have to do anything.”

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Rose Quartz Worry Stone

Worry stones are tiny palm stones used to thumb anxiety away. The crystal varieties are common to combat anxiety and satiate the need to fidget. Rose quartz is superior in calming troubled thoughts and soothing the mind. Worry stones are easy to carry around and small enough not to draw notice making them the perfect gift for a chronic worrier.

Check out these handmade worry stones!

Alternatively, take a peek at these fidget pets.

Listen First Rather Than Solve The Problem Right Away

At first, its most helpful to mirror back to someone what theyre feeling:

Hey, I can see youre stressed. I hear that youre having a difficult time, sounds really challenging.

These types of statements help someone feel understood and safe. A stress-response is ultimately someones nervous system communicating that they dont feel totally safe either emotionally, mentally, or physically. So helping someone feel safe enough to access the reasoning part of their brain is crucial.

Once they calm down, then theyre more available to problem solve. Problem solving can start with this question: What do you think the best way through this is?.

Usually, someone will say they dont know, and you can follow with: If you did know, what would you say?. This helps someone access their higher mental faculties, specifically imagination.

Imagination is the seat of everything we create in our lives, consciously, or unconsciously. Were always thinking about the future, and the thoughts/feelings we entertain about the future determine what we end up creating.

This second question will help someone consciously access their imagination to find a solution they can get behind.

Tracy Lamourie

Founder and CEO, Lamourie Public Relations

In the public and media relations company I founded, I work very closely with personalities as varied as there are professions.

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Obsessing Over Every Detail Of Their Lives

Highly stressed people tend to have a Type A personality, wanting to control every aspect of their lives, and work hard to ensure that every little hair falls perfectly into place. However, this obsessive behavior can lead to unnecessary stress and anxiety, and make you unable to adapt to new situations. Remember that you cant control everything, so dont try.

Only focus on things that you can change, and let the rest of the issues work themselves out.

From Stressed To Pampered

Stress Relief For Busy People: 5 Simple Things You Can Do ...

Treat yo self! is what you should tell them when you hand them this gift! This spa gift basket is the perfect stress relieving gift because when someone has been really stressed out, they deserve to take a couple hours to themselves to totally relax. This gift will make them feel like theyre at a luxury spa without having to leave their home or spend a dime! Theyll love taking a long bath using the various body washes and lotions in this set, and theyll feel more relaxed than ever when theyre finished.

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