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What Vitamin Helps With Stress And Anxiety

Whats The Difference Between Stress And Anxiety

Top 6 Supplements For Stress & Anxiety (That Really Work!) | Vitamins For Stress & Anxiety Relief

Because the symptoms of stress and anxiety are so similar, many people use the terms interchangeably. It is useful to understand the difference as many vitamins help both but the definition is different. Shared symptoms between the two conditions include:

  • Difficulty sleeping

  • A hard time concentrating on tasks, conversations, etc.

  • Mood swings or mood changes, such as irritability

  • Chronic fatigue and loss of motivation

However, while stress is a response to a short-term trigger , anxiety is a persistent feeling that never goes away.

Whether youre experiencing long-term anxiety or short-term stress, psychologists point out that both are emotional responses within your brain and nervous system. And an ever-expanding body of research is investigating how the foods you eat affect how you feel, and whether specific vitamins and minerals can help your brain to better moderate your emotional responses to lifes difficulties.

Hum Nutrition Big Chill Stress Management Supplement

Your body produces melatonin on its own, but some people dont produce enough, which can cause problems sleeping and relaxing, as well as anxiety. Melatonin supplements will help you compliment your bodys natural development. As a result, you can experience less anxiety, better sleep, and even help control your circadian rhythms.

Source Naturals Serene Science Gaba

Amino acids play many roles in the body. One of them, gamma-aminobutyric acid, or GABA, influences neurotransmitters in the brain. A shortage of GABA can cause disruptions in neurotransmission we experience as anxiety.

What we like: GABA helps straighten out the kinks in neural transmission that are often behind anxious feelings. Source Naturals provides a robust dose of 750mg of GABA per capsule, and that is it. No fillers. No artificial anything.

Flaws: GABA seems very much a hit or miss supplement. Works great for some, not at all for others.

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Garden Of Life Probiotics

Prescription drugs seek to overwhelm anxiety symptoms. Vitamins, minerals, amino acids and the like address obvious underlying causes. Probiotics, like these from Garden of Life, address digestive deficiencies that may lead to disruptions in the nervous system.

What we like: Probiotic supplements represent a long-range approach to reducing anxiety. GoL Probiotics gradually restore efficiency to your digestive tract, which leads to more effective digestion, better overall health, and reduced susceptibility to stress.

Flaws: Makes a lot of claims that are virtually impossible to verify or debunk.

Ways To Get Vitamin B

Nature Made Stress B Complex with Zinc, 75 Tablets ...

Some people can consume enough vitamin B through diet alone. The best of vitamin B include meats, leafy greens, eggs, whole grains, fruits, legumes, and various nuts and seeds. Due to the restrictive nature of vegetarian and vegan diets, in these cases, extra effort will have to be made to ensure enough vitamin B is consumed.

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Vitamin C For Natural Stress Relief

Vitamin C has earned its place as the single most popular vitamin supplement.

This versatile vitamin has shown proven benefits for a wide range of diseases including heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and Alzheimers.

Its taken mostly to reduce the symptoms and duration of the common cold .

But few people realize the positive effect that vitamin C can have on their mood and brain function.

Vitamins To Treat Stress

Stress vitamins are not exactly a thing. But there are vitamins that will help you to control your stress. Most of them may control the elevated stress hormones in order to give your benefits. Vitamins may relieve your stress and reduce anxiety levels when used. Out of the various types available in the market, we at Audka did some research to find out whats best for you.

Following are some vitamins you should consider of. Lets see how you can use it and what benefits you may gain by using them.

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Best Vitamins And Supplements To Combat Stress

While everyone has specific life stressors, factors related to job pressure, money, health, and relationships tend to be the most common.

Stress can be acute or chronic and lead to fatigue, headaches, upset stomach, nervousness, and irritability or anger.

Regular exercise, adequate sleep, and good nutrition are some of the best ways to better equip your body to combat stress, but several vitamins and supplements can also help.

Here are the 7 best vitamins and supplements to help you combat stress.

Megafood Vitamin D3 5000 Iu

Vitamin B12 for Anxiety Relief and Depression!

Price: $$

Many people are deficient in or have suboptimal levels of vitamin D, a fat-soluble nutrient thatâs essential for brain function and mood regulation .

Studies show that vitamin D inadequacy or deficiency is particularly common in people with mental health conditions, including anxiety disorders .

Furthermore, research suggests that taking high doses of vitamin D may be effective in reducing the severity of anxiety symptoms in people with anxiety disorders, including those with GAD .

A 2020 study in 106 people with depression found that treatment with 1,600 IU of vitamin D per day for 6 months led to significant improvements in anxiety symptoms, compared with a control group .

MegaFood Vitamin D3 is one of the best vitamin D supplements for anxiety, as it combines vitamin D with vitamin K.

These nutrients work synergistically in the body to help maintain healthy levels of vitamin K and to promote heart and bone health .

This supplement delivers 5,000 IU of vitamin D and 100% of the Daily Value for vitamin K in just 1 capsule. As a result, itâs a good choice for people with low vitamin D levels.

Keep in mind that while higher dose vitamin D supplements may be necessary to treat deficiency, for people who simply want to maintain healthy vitamin D levels, a supplement that provides 1,000â2,000 IU per day may be more appropriate.

Your healthcare professional can test your vitamin D levels and recommend a dose of vitamin D for your specific needs.

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Vitamin B5 Pantothenic Acid

Pantothenic Acid is one of the lesser known B-Vitamins to the average individual, as it is not commonly used as a natural health supplement. But it’s still an important one. It plays a role in the creation of the acetylcholine neurotransmitters, oxidizes fatty acids, and more. It also produces CoEnzyme-A.

It’s rare to be deficient in B5. The name itself translates almost literally to “from everywhere” because it’s found in nearly every type of food.

While Pantothenic Acid may help with a variety of unfortunate and painful conditions, it does not appear to play any role in anxiety or stress whatsoever.

Verdict: No known benefit

How To Increase Vitamin D And Decrease Anxiety

While vitamin D itself is unlikely to be causing your anxiety, that doesnt mean it cant, and the activities that you do to help increase vitamin D are valuable for your anxiety anyway. Getting outside will help you get what vitamin D you can, although there are also nutritional supplements available. Getting more sunlight by going outside more often can reduce the symptom of anxiety associated with SAD , and it can also give you a chance to reduce your anxiety by way of activities such as the following:

  • Exposure Therapy Exposure therapy is recommended by some therapists as a way of overcoming your anxiety. If you have social phobia and are nervous around other people, for example, casually taking a walk outside in a park or at a zoo is a great way to exposure yourself to your fears in a safe and controlled environment, thereby teaching your brain over time that excessive fear responses in these situations are unnecessary.
  • Creating a Routine Making going outside into a comforting routine helps to relieve anxiety by providing yourself with a positive event in your day that is reliable, predictable and stable. Anxiety can make you feel like your life or your surroundings are out of your control. You can impose control on your life in a positive way by setting a time for yourself to head out the door for 30 minutes or more and walking around the block, which can be something you do in evening or in the mornings, or going on regular walks or hikes on weekends.

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How Can Supplements Help With Stress Relief

According to the American Psychological Association , stress is the physiological or psychological response to internal or external stressors. Stress involves changes affecting nearly every system of the body, influencing how people feel and behave.

Short-term stress is actually normal and can be beneficial for us.

For example, you may feel stressed about running the afternoon board meeting, but that stress can also motivate you and help you be more productive. Problems may arise when acute stress turns to chronic stress. This is where elevated cortisol levels over a long period of time can leave us feeling fatigued, moody, and depressed.

New Avenues For Healing

What vitamins Help With Stress and Anxiety?

Many patients feel like their anxiety is something that they have to live with forever. In reality, anxiety is often a result of biological imbalances that these safe and well tolerated supplements can help address. When used in conjunction with other methods – from meditation and yoga to talk therapy and integrative medicine – they can help patients on their path towards deeper healing.

Disclaimer: Always work with a medical professional before initiating any new supplements or treatments. We are not affiliates for any of the links to products or supplements on this page.

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Can I Take More Than One Supplement From This List

Patients with significant anxiety may need more than one supplement from this list to address the different biological contributors of anxiety. For example, in my practice, I typically start patients on magnesium because it is essential for health and commonly deficient. In addition, we may add other supplements like valerian root, rhodiola, or phosphatidylserine.

For those who are interested in taking more than one supplement, it is important to be mindful of potential interactions. For example, valerian root and passionflower may be too sedating to use together during the day, but may be helpful for sleep problems.

Let Us Help You Establish A Healthy Happy Sober Life

If you are recovering from drug or alcohol addiction and youre struggling to manage triggers like anxiety or personal issues, you may be a good candidate for a sober living program. Eudaimonia Recovery Homes offers safe, supportive sober living homes for men and women in Texas and Colorado. Our structured programs and recovery support services are designed to help people thrive in recovery instead of just barely getting by or living miserably in sobriety.

Life in recovery doesnt have to be miserable and a healthy, sustainable sober life shouldnt be.


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What Are The Best Supplement Brands

Not all supplements are created equal. Its important to choose a quality supplement over the cheapest and few of them

Its important to choose high-quality supplements and not just ones off of the shelf, but ones that doctors and naturopaths trust.

The ones you can get off of the shelf are most likely not good, there have been tests on them and they have quality problems.

Poor supplements may contain lead, arsenic, or plastics yes even the ones that say natural. Ive gone through and found quality supplements from trusted brands.

As a practitioner, quality is the most important factor to consider when looking for a trusted source to provide health products for patient wellness.

Fullscript offers practitioner-grade supplements of the highest quality.

The Quality of supplements is crucial as they help keep you healthy!

If supplements arent manufactured and resold under quality supervision, they can end up with expired ingredients, cross-contamination, improper labels, and other severe issues that can risk your health.

Dietary supplements and wellness products are approached differently than pharmaceuticals. In Canada, Natural Health Products are regulated by Health Canada under the Natural and Non-prescription Health Products Directorate .

Fullscript is incredibly easy to use, is certified carbon-neutral .

You can order once or you can use the authorship feature, so you dont run out of your supplements.

Do you have to use Fullscript? No.

Why Trust Verywell Mind


Sydney Greene, MS, RD, takes supplement recommendations seriously. Every product has been researched and vetted against clinical research, product reviews, and third-party testing websites. These are products she would not only feel comfortable recommending to her clients, but she would take them herself if needed.

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Vitamin Deficiencies That Cause Anxiety

May 26, 20213 min read

If you struggle with anxiety, you are not alone. Approximately 40 million adults struggle with anxiety in the U.S. every year.

Anxiety is a serious condition. To properly cope with anxiety, you should consult a doctor or therapist. But there may be other things you can also do to help along the way.

Do you know one of the worst side effects of vitamin deficiencies? Anxiety. The following is a list of seven vitamin deficiencies that may be causing you additional or unnecessary anxiety.

What Is The Complex

Vitamin B-complex is a combination of all eight B-group vitamins. Individually, each vitamin contributes to the overall function of the body. Together, the effects of a vitamin B-complex are much stronger. Each vitamin has multiple functions and many cross over. B-group vitamins are synergistic. The parts function much better as a whole.

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Exactly How Does Vitamin B Help With Anxiety

There are 8 vitamin Bs and in dietary supplements containing all of them are called a vitamin B complex. The B vitamins are, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6, B7, B9, B12

When it comes to the central nervous system vitamin B12 has an important function. It is responsible for maintaining the health and correct functioning of the nerve cells. Vitamin B 12 is also involved in neurotransmitter signaling and with low levels of vitamin B 12 our cognitive function is impaired. This will often manifest itself in anxiety and depression.

Experts estimate that up to 39% of people in the U.S are low in this important vitamin. Vitamin B12 deficiency is linked to:

  • Having a hard time focusing
  • Anxiety
  • Heart palpitations
  • Memory problems

One of the most studied functions of vitamin B12 is how it is involved in regulating our central nervous system. By doing so it had the ability to lower symptoms of depression, anxiety and other mood issues. This vitamin, along with vitamin B9 is involved in one- carbon Metabolism that creates a substance called SAM which is crucial for brain functions, dealing with anxiety, stress and mood

to make it short and simple:

If we want our nervous system and brain to function properly, getting enough vitamin B12 is crucial. Being deficient in B12, makes our brain and nervous system unbalanced and that is almost like sending a personal invite to Mr Anxiety to come play with you.

Study Selection And Data Extraction Anxiety Supplement with Natural Stress Relief ...

One reviewer conducted the article search, removed duplicates, and screened papers by titles and abstracts using the methodology of Rayyan . Papers undergoing full text evaluation were appraised by two reviewers . The following articles in this review were agreed on by both the researchers. outlines the selection process.

Flow diagram depicting the selection process for articles included in this meta-analysis.

Data extraction was completed by two reviewers once each study had been assessed against inclusion criteria.

Study duration, sample demographics , and sample sizes were extracted. In the event of multiple armed studies, only data for supplements containing B-group vitamins and the placebo group were extracted. In the event of multiple time points, only values concerning baseline and end-point data were extracted. The type, version, and nature of questionnaires used was recorded. The composition of the daily dose of B vitamins for each supplement was also extracted. Reviewers made note of whether there was any objective measure of B-vitamin intake such as blood biomarkers, or a measure of dietary intake of B vitamins. If present, reviewers extracted the baseline and follow-up means and standard deviations of these measures. If there was no mention of these measures in the Methods section of the article, it was assumed that no measure was obtained.

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Is Vitamin B12 Good For Stress And Anxiety

Vitamin B12 has been proven to help with dealing with stress because of its ability to increase the production of serotonin in the brain.

Stress can be defined as a natural response that occurs in reaction to threat, danger, or demands that are not adequately met. Stress has been shown to cause both physical and psychological symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, depression, weight gain and muscle pain.

The natural vitamin B12 has been proven to help with dealing with stress because of its ability to increase the production of serotonin in the brain. Research has also shown that vitamin B12 is crucial for maintaining mood and mental stability. Many natural B12 sources are available, such as seafood, liver and other organ meats.

When you take natural vitamin B12 supplements, it releases more serotonin in the brain, which causes changes within your immune system to help relieve stress. The natural vitamin B12 also helps to balance different biochemical reactions that make up mood and emotion control centers of the brain.

The natural B12 helps the body use carbohydrates, fats and proteins more efficiently as well as helping to maintain healthy nerve cells. The natural vitamin also works with other B complex vitamins such as thiamine, riboflavin and niacin to help with maintaining moods, memory loss problems and muscle pains associated with stress.

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