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Why Am I Feeling Stressed For No Reason

Take A Break From Social Media And News Cycles


There are a lot of good things about social media and our modern access to information, but its not all good. Studies have demonstrated that limiting social media use generally reduces depression, because heavier use of social media correlates with higher rates of depression and suicidal thoughts.

Similarly, the 24-hour news cycle is not designed for mental health. If youre watching and reading a lot of news, which focuses on negative and shocking stories, your brain is releasing a lot of stress hormones. Consistent exposure can lead to depression. Its good to be informed, but not at the cost of your mental health.

Try taking a few days, or a week, away from social media and news feeds, and see if it helps.

What Is Generalized Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety is a word that describes feelings of apprehension, concern, fear, nervousness, restlessness, or worry. Normal feelings of anxiety often serve as an alarm system that alerts you to danger. Your heart may beat fast. Your palms may get sweaty. Anxiety can provide an extra spark to help you get out of danger. It also can give you the energy to get things done in normal, busy situations. These occasional worries are normal.

Generalized anxiety disorder is ongoing anxiety that isnt related to a particular event or situation. It also can be anxiety that isnt normal about a situation. For instance, a person who has GAD may constantly worry about something thats unlikely to happen. These worries interfere with your day-to-day life.

Women are more likely to have GAD than men. GAD usually begins to affect people in their teens and early 20s.

Youre Worrying About What Other People Will Say

Most of us have something were passionate about whether thats our work or even a hobby. But the reason youre motivated to do these things is important.

Some people pursue their passion because they want to whether thats to improve themselves or learn a new skill. But others may only pursue their passion because they want recognition from other people. People with certain personality types may be more prone to obsessing over their passion. Others may simply follow a certain pursuit to get praise from their colleagues or even to prove their worth to friends or family.

The problem with pursuing a passion for the wrong reason is that it can cause a person to push themselves to the limit which could mean working despite being sick, or not taking time off to de-stress. This can make it difficult and stressful to relax like youre wasting time that could be spent pursuing your passion when you try doing relaxing things. You might even be worried that people will think badly of you for taking time off. Ultimately, this can negatively affect wellbeing.

For people who feel like this, taking a short mental break from what youre passionate about may be helpful. The break doesnt have to be long, nor does it have to involve doing something you necessarily see as relaxing. But taking even short breaks may help you to eventually feel that its okay to take time away from your passion every now and again to de-stress and relax.

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What Causes Anger And Anger Problems

Finding the root cause of anger is one of the most important steps to managing it.

Common triggers for anger may include injustice, stress, financial issues, family or personal problems, traumatic events, or feeling unheard or undervalued. Sometimes, physiological processes, such as hunger, chronic pain, fear, or panic can also provoke anger for no apparent reason.

Anger can also be a symptom of a mental health issue, such as bipolar disorder, a mood disorder, or eurosis. It can also be caused by hormonal imbalances, such as elevated levels of cortisol due to drugs or tumors, lowering levels of estrogen just before menses, thyroid hormone imbalances, etc.

Inform Yourself And Get Help

Feeling anxious for no reason : How to get support

Visit your doctor to get a proper diagnosis. If you already take any medication, have them review your meds as they too can cause you to feel stressed and anxious.

If your doctor prescribes any drugs, be sure to do your research. Familiarise yourself with Dr Kelly Brogans work. Get advice from a licensed therapist for immediate relief.

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Why Feeling Restless Is Only A Sign Of Something Deeper In You

When you try to dig a little deeper in your thoughts , you realize that restlessness has a lot to do with mental tensions and confusion.

When you fail to stay completely in the present and enjoy the moments of reverie, it elucidates that your mind is bothered by something. Whether you realise it or not, you are transferred into a different world where you deal with these mental disputes when you feel restless.

More often, when you are unable to resolve a situation, take action or decide by yourself, thats when you start getting restless.

Feeling restless is not just related to physical conditions and burning out, but it has a lot to do with the lack of purpose or confidence. You need to direct your energies and efforts into pinpointing its source.

Why Am I Angry For No Reason

Anger can be hard to understand. But it rarely occurs for completely “no reason.” Usually, when a person experiences anger, it it may relate to them feeling overwhelmed, powerless, scared, or threatened. There can be many potential causes. But there are also potential solutions. We explore these below.

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You Dont Need A Reason To Feel Sad

If youve been down, sad, or depressed lately, and you just cant put your finger on the reason why, its okay. It may be that depression is the cause of your feeling, not just the feeling itself. Depression is a complicated health condition, but you can get the help you need to heal.

And youre already on the right track. If youre searching for answers, you probably already recognize that your prolonged sadness isnt healthy or normal, and thats a huge first step. Please take the next one by reaching out to a counselor or therapist who can help you on your journey.

If youre in Austin, or anywhere across the State of Texas, the team at Neema would be happy to meet with you in person or online. Our team works with people of all ages and backgrounds to help them manage and overcome depression. Our goal is always to provide the grace you need for hope and healing. You can reach us online or at 512.669.5701.

Want To Beat Stress Find Out Why Youre Stressed

This One Thing Is Keeping You Anxious For No Reason

I have found that its often important to figure out what is causing my stress in the first place.

Of course, sometimes stress is caused by serious issues associated with trauma, depression, etc. but often it has a lot to do with something in our work life that can be quite easily changed.

Take a look:

1. We get too much information and phone time

Research is now showing that smartphones might be having a bigger effect on our brain than first thought.

I deleted Facebook from my phone because I found myself constantly needing to check it, just because I was bored. It as almost like an addiction and, if I didnt get my fix, I started to feel stressed.

Studies are also telling us that our brain is not designed to take in as much information as we get from our computers and phones every day. It seems to be having a really negative effect on a lot of people.

I highly recommend that everyone reads this wonderful speech given to the graduates of West Point Military Academy a few years ago by William Deresiewicz. It is called Solitude and Leadership and talks about how we all need to stop marinating in the opinions of other on social media and learn to think for ourselves and take control of our own lives.

2. We are lazy with records and taxes

Lets not underestimate how stressful it can be knowing that your taxes and financial records arent in order.

3. We dont exercise and so are overweight and under-socialized

4. We dont read, meditate or train our mind-vice enough

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Negative Perspective About Life

Failure tends to make you feel like reevaluating your life. The following questions may come to mind as you deal with setbacks:

  • Was this really what I was meant to do?
  • Should I have played it safer?
  • Does this mean it is not for me?

Feeling restless is a natural feeling when you are wondering if you wasted the last few years chasing a far-fetched dream.

The problem with asking yourself, What went wrong? is that it will produce a negative answer.

Negative perspectives are difficult to overcome. In truth, it might show you that you could have always done better. That is why so many people never leave the analysis phase of changing their life. Right before taking action, they realize how something can improve, so they end up not doing anything.

Instead of consistently recognizing all that is wrong with the world, start to train yourself to identify what is right in your life. Try asking yourself, What is one positive outcome of trying and failing?

Physiology Of Crying A Self

Why do we cry?

Scientists are not entirely sure why we cry. In an area near your eye is the lacrimal system. One part of the system creates tears. The other part lets the tears free by draining the liquid near the eye.

These tears keep your eyes hydrated when you blink. They also cover your eyes during allergies. But we are most interested in why strong emotions release tears surprisingly, scientists are still not entirely sure.

Some signs indicate that tears are meant to play a role in stress relief. For example, when you cry, your tears release leucine enkephalin, a natural painkiller. Other researchers have looked at whether crying is a self-soothing behavior capable of cooling the body and triggering coping mechanisms.

If you are interested in a long, complex read about the self-soothing nature of crying, this research paper is quite interesting.

So the truth is that we do not entirely know why we cry, but we know that there are many potential signs that crying is simply a great way to cope with significant emotion. And when a person has anxiety, crying may be a much-needed coping response.

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Causes Of Anger Anxiety

Anxiety itself is the emotion caused by the activation of the fight/flight response in the body. It can become unhelpful in situations where the physical effects of fight or flight are not advantageous or the response continues for a longer time. That creates a variety of unwanted physical and mental experiences that can impact your quality of life.

But the fight/flight system is called that for a reason. Once it’s activated, it triggers the physiological responses that are thought to enhance survival in a dangerous situation – to react with the bodily tools necessary to flee or or to to fight.

But when the fight or flight system is activated without the presence of physical danger, the emotions a person experiences can be more complex than fear alone. For example:

In addition, it’s important to remember that while anger can be a symptom of anxiety, it can also be a cause. Those with anger issues may cause stresses in their life, such as upsetting those close to them, that leads to further stress and anxiety. This can become a cycle of anger and anxiety.

Is Anxiety Bad For You

Discover the 26 potential causes for your anxiety for no reason.

A little anxiety is fine, but long-term anxiety may cause more serious health problems, such as high blood pressure . You may also be more likely to develop infections. If youre feeling anxious all the time, or its affecting your day-to-day life, you may have an anxiety disorder or a panic disorder.

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Breathing And Relaxation Exercises

Many people find exercises that focus on breathing and muscle relaxation to be helpful in relieving stress. The playlist below will help you to understand how stress works and start feeling better. These exercises can be done anywhere and are designed to help you feel more relaxed in general, as well as helping you feel calmer if you are becoming stressed.

This playlist is free to download, and you can also stream it using the Soundcloud website or app. You can download and listen to individual tracks if there are particular exercises that work best for you. If you’re listening to it for the first time, it’s best to start from the beginning.

To access a BSL version of this playlist, .

Find out more by checking out these 10 stress busters.

Battling On Too Many Fronts

When they say you can have anything you want, they dont mean everything at once. You may be feeling restless and unmotivated because you set yourself up for failure.

For example, you may find it challenging to reduce your spending while trying to eat healthily. Most will agree that healthy eating requires you to spend more money on raw foods, after all. Since your goals run opposite of each other, you must prioritize your goals.

The same would be true if your goal is to earn a promotion and be with your family more. Promotions usually require you to take on more projects while maintaining your current workload. Naturally, you will build efficiency as you become familiar with the new tasks, but you may need to work overtime on multiple occasions, too.

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Why Do We Cry

Before you start searching for ways to stop crying, you might want to pause to consider why people cry at all. Remember, its reasonable to cryeverybody does it, and theres no shame in it. In fact, studies show that, on average, most men cry at least once a month, and most women cry around 5 times per month. But why?

Tearing upwhether its just moist eyes or uncontrollable cryingis considered a universal human experience. Researchers who have looked at crying from an evolutionary standpoint explain it as a social tool developed for informational purposes. In other words, its a way of letting other people know you are in distress or need help. Babies, for example, use crying to communicate that they are uncomfortable or afraid.

So its natural to cry when youre experiencing distress. Unfortunately, it can also be challenging to deal with, especially if you dont know the exact cause. Unexplained crying can feel inconvenient at the best of times and embarrassing or uncomfortable at the worst of times. If you want to stop crying, it might help to understand whats causing your tears.

Physical Or Hormonal Causes

For most people, crying occurs as a result of physical pain. Headaches, stomach aches, and bodily injuries can lead to tears. As much as we might want to act tough, crying from physical pain is a very natural reaction and something most people cant control.




Gender And Crying

Is Crying Good?

Getting Help For Depression

Why do I feel anxious for no reason? Why do I feel anxious all the time? Anxiety talk with Adena Jay

If you think you might be depressed, take a depression screening. Print out the results or e-mail them to yourself and then show them to a counselor or doctor.

To get help, start with your student health center or counseling service on campus. Most community colleges provide limited free mental health services and can refer you to local providers for longer-term treatment. You can also talk to your family doctor. Your local Mental Health America affiliate can refer or in some cases provide services as well. To find the nearest MHA affiliate, call 800-969-6642 or go to Find An Affiliate.

Remember, depression and other mental health conditions are nothing to be ashamed of. Depression is not a sign of weakness, and seeking help is a sign of strength. Telling someone you are struggling is the first step toward feeling better. You will need the help of a mental health professional to beat depression. Talk therapy, antidepressant medication or a combination can be very effective.

In crisis? If you or someone you know is in crisis now, seek help immediately. Call 1-800-273-TALK to reach a 24-hour crisis center or dial 911 for immediate assistance.

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Questions To Ask Yourself

Whos in my support network? Everyone should have people in their life who are positive influences, support providers, and role models for healthy living. They can be friends, family members, mentors, spiritual leaders, colleagues, and mental health professionals.

What activities do I enjoy? Your work might be enjoyable, but everyone needs hobbies that arent about competition or personal accomplishment. What helps ease your worries and makes you more mindful about your body? These activities might include reading, dancing, gardening, board games, crafts, etc.

What are my sleep habits? If youre getting roughly 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night, youll be able to think more clearly, boost your immune system, and concentrate better on work and relationships. A simple step such as turning off screens an hour before bed can make a huge difference in your sleep quality.

Am I saying no to unnecessary tasks? Ideally you should be able to pass on tasks that demand too much of you, arent your responsibility, or dont fall in line with your personal values and objectives. If youre not sure where to start, take a look at your schedule and to-do list, and see what can be delegated or removed completely.

Am I organized? Start to declutter your life. When you can manage tasks with an accurate schedule and prioritized to-do list, you reduce the unnecessary anxiety that can accompany a cluttered and confusing agenda.

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