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Why Do I Feel Stressed For No Reason

Inform Yourself And Get Help


Visit your doctor to get a proper diagnosis. If you already take any medication, have them review your meds as they too can cause you to feel stressed and anxious.

If your doctor prescribes any drugs, be sure to do your research. Familiarise yourself with Dr Kelly Brogans work. Get advice from a licensed therapist for immediate relief.

Is It Stress Or Anxiety

Life can be stressfulyou may feel stressed about performance at school, traumatic events , or a life change. Everyone feels stress from time to time.

What is stress? Stress is the physical or mental response to an external cause, such as having a lot of homework or having an illness. A stressor may be a one-time or short-term occurrence, or it can happen repeatedly over a long time.

What is anxiety? Anxiety is your body’s reaction to stress and can occur even if there is no current threat.

If that anxiety doesnt go away and begins to interfere with your life, it could affect your health. You could experience problems with sleeping, or with your immune, digestive, cardiovascular, and reproductive systems. You also may be at higher risk for developing a mental illness such as an anxiety disorder or depression. Read more about anxiety disorders.

So, how do you know when to seek help?

How Do I Know If I’m Too Stressed

The key to stress management is finding the right balance between productive stress and stress that makes you feel overwhelmed and unproductive.

You can look out for physical signs of stress as well. Stress hormones such as adrenaline and cortisol are released by your body and cause your heart to beat faster and your breathing to quicken. Your stomach may feel uneasy, your muscles may tense up and your skin can become sensitive.

All of these are signs that your body is preparing for a fight or flight situation. These feelings should pass soon after the stressful situation is over. If they dont pass, it may be a sign that you are too stressed.

The point where stress is no longer productive is different for everyone, but you can look out for the following clues:

  • feeling overwhelmed or unable to cope
  • feeling on edge or unable to stop worrying
  • changes in sleep patterns, feeling exhausted

Sometimes internal stress can be brought on by anxiety, depression or self-criticism. Talking negatively about yourself and feeling as though you are never living up to your own or others expectations can be very stressful and can strain your mental and physical health.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been stressful and may also be impacting your mental health and wellbeing. Go here for steps on how to manage your mental health during this time.

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You Have No Means To Channel Anxious Energy

Pre-lockdown, your partner wasnt with you all hours of the day. They didnt witness your anxious quirks under such an intense microscope. To them, your behavior is something brand new. For you, its ingrained in the very fiber of your being.

When you went to work and hung out in groups, you were able to channel some of that anxiety in different ways. You vibed and chatted with other individuals, made physical contact with family members, and used your creativity to create work.

Now, you are in a confined area with less avenues to channel and diffuse your anxiety. Naturally, your anxious behavior is going to disrupt the peace at home. Now, your partner is seeing a physical representation of what your mind deals with on a daily basis!

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What Makes Us Stressed

Feeling anxious for no reason : How to get support ...

Many things that can lead to stress: bereavement, divorce or separation, losing a job or unexpected money problems. Work-related stress can also have a negative impact on your mental health. People affected by work-related stress lose an average of 24 days of work due to ill health.

Even positive life changes, such as moving to a bigger house, gaining a job promotion or going on holiday can be sources of stress. If you feel stressed in these situations you may struggle to understand why or be unwilling to share your feelings with others.

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Types Of Stressors To Contribute To Your Feeling Stressed All The Time

  • Environmental pollutants think thereby of air-, water- and light pollution
  • Noise also an environmental pollutant, but worth listing separately. Some people are naturally more sensitive to noise than others, BUT there is a limit to whats healthy
  • Excessive exercise is a stressor!
  • Poor food choices fresh, wholesome produce v processed foods
  • Food intolerances and allergies, malabsorption , maldigestion
  • Disruption of the natural light cycle. You may not have control over your shifts, but you do have control over your use of the internet and TV!
  • Addictions
  • Insufficient sleep is also a stressor either because you stretch the time you stay awake, or because you suffer from sleep deprivation for other reasons
  • Dehydration your body consists of about 60% water if youre a man and 70% if youre a woman, so, of course, its going to be stressed if its dehydrated!
  • Exposure to extreme hot or cold, or damp
  • Your medication, such as a benzodiazepine or antidepressants!
  • Poor work/life balance, work problems such as too much at work, troubled relationships, and personal- or relationship problems.
  • Questions To Ask Yourself

    Whos in my support network? Everyone should have people in their life who are positive influences, support providers, and role models for healthy living. They can be friends, family members, mentors, spiritual leaders, colleagues, and mental health professionals.

    What activities do I enjoy? Your work might be enjoyable, but everyone needs hobbies that arent about competition or personal accomplishment. What helps ease your worries and makes you more mindful about your body? These activities might include reading, dancing, gardening, board games, crafts, etc.

    What are my sleep habits? If youre getting roughly 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep per night, youll be able to think more clearly, boost your immune system, and concentrate better on work and relationships. A simple step such as turning off screens an hour before bed can make a huge difference in your sleep quality.

    Am I saying no to unnecessary tasks? Ideally you should be able to pass on tasks that demand too much of you, arent your responsibility, or dont fall in line with your personal values and objectives. If youre not sure where to start, take a look at your schedule and to-do list, and see what can be delegated or removed completely.

    Am I organized? Start to declutter your life. When you can manage tasks with an accurate schedule and prioritized to-do list, you reduce the unnecessary anxiety that can accompany a cluttered and confusing agenda.

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    The Reasons Your Shoulder Tension And Emotions Are So Connected

    Tight shouldersespecially along the trapezius muscle group, which starts at the neck and extends to the mid-backcarries more tension than anywhere else in the entire body. And while your shoulder tension is often linked to stress, thats only a small piece of the puzzle.

    According to Darragh Dunleavy, of Trinity Wellness in Charleston, S.C., your tight shoulders and stiff neck may be telling you something on a physical, energetic, and an emotional level. For those of you with chronic tension in this part of the body, it might be time to make some changes.

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    What Does Anxiety Mean

    Why Do I Feel Anxious For No Reason? | Understand Your Anxiety

    Contrary to fear, which is a response to a well-defined and very real threat, anxiety is a response to a vague or unknown threat. Anxiety manifests itself when we believe that a dangerous or unfortunate event may take place and are expecting it. Everyone experiences anxiety at their own individual degree and intensity. How the anticipated event is perceived will greatly influence the intensity of the anxiety experience.

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    Reasons Why You Could Be Stressed About Nothing

  • Have you had a lot on your mind recently too much going on?
  • Have you been through some difficult times with personal, work or relationship problems?
  • Have you been having significant health problems?
  • Looking back, would you say that youve not been feeling yourself for some time?
  • Do you consider yourself reasonably resilient, but now the least upset seems to hit you harder?
  • The first three points are likely causing you to feel overwhelmed at times . The latter two are the probable results and are signs that the demands on you outstrip your resources.

    And, lets face it, on top of everything else that could befall you in life, youre probably now also have to cope with the fall-out from the pandemic. Covid lockdowns, quarantines and/or closures with all their financial, social consequences are, of course, super-stressful with an inevitable impact on our mental health.

    Then there are the less obvious things that contribute to you feeling stressed for no reason.

    Massive Changes Have Led To Feeling Overwhelmed And Out Of Control

    The ongoing pandemic has been a source of enormous stress and anxiety for all of us. But anxiety was on the rise long before any of us had heard of COVID-19. Diagnoses like generalized anxiety disorder were increasingly common, especially among younger people, as were depression and suicide.

    The most recent poll by the American Psychological Association found the average person believes they experience an unhealthy level of stress. My own practice reflects these trends, as stress and anxiety are the leading issues for which people come to me for help.

    What is behind these trends toward greater anxiety and stress? I recently spoke with psychologists Anthony Rao and Paul Napper, who explore these issues in their book, The Power of Agency. They noted that our lives have changed profoundly and our biology is struggling to keep up.

    Humans havent evolved much genetically over the last 200 years, said Napper, but if you think about how people lived 200 years ago versus how we live today, its really shocking. As a result, theres a stark mismatch between how we were designed and whats demanded of us. Theres a struggle to adapt to such a different reality, Napper said.

    Napper and Rao identified the following eight factors that are contributing to a constant buzz of anxiety and the feeling that were not doing enough:

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    How Can I Manage My Stress

    Use your strengths and skills to make a positive plan to address the stressful events in your life and how youre reacting to stress.

    Whether your stress is internal or external, relaxation techniques can help you manage stress and boost your ability to cope. There are many different techniques, and its important you find the ones you connect with. Examples include slow breathing, progressive muscle relaxation, mindfulness, meditation, yoga, and exercise.

    Read more here on relaxation techniques for stress relief.

    A friend or family member can also be a great source of support, but at times you may feel that you need help from a professional. Consider talking with a counsellor, psychologist or social worker to work with you to identify the source of your stress and build strategies to better manage it.

    Psychologists and other therapists use a range of approaches to help manage stress and anxiety. One evidence-based approach is a technique known as cognitive behavior therapy which is based on the idea that how you think and act affects how you feel.

    Watch this video from This Way Up about ways to cope during stressful or difficult times.

    Crying During Anxiety Attacks

    Feeling Anxious for No Reason? Why It Happens and How to ...

    Its also not uncommon to feel like crying before, during, or after an anxiety attack. Many people feel impending doom, as though they are about to die. They respond by crying because thats a natural response to a feeling of intense dread along with the physiological reaction that occurs during a panic episode.

    After an anxiety attack is over, others may still experience the intense emotions, often regarding the helplessness, they felt during the attack. Panic attacks are so intense that, when theyre over, the need to cry is natural and expected. Not everyone cries after anxiety attacks, but the intensity makes it natural to feel like crying.

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    Anxiety Can Cause Mild To Severe Depression

    Anxiety, as a distinct disorder, can affect your social life, your work life, and your ability to find joy in activities. It also puts a great deal of stress on your mind and body.

    Anxiety may reduce your involvement in activities that would usually give you pleasure and fulfillment. If this continues over time, it can lead to depression. In fact, depression is often a comorbid diagnosis with anxiety. In many cases, anxiety comes first and contributes to the development of depression.

    Anxiety may not necessarily cause long-lasting depression, but the stress on your brain and the feelings of constant fear and fatigue can often lead to a temporary low mood and, thus, crying.

    Why Do I Feel Sad For No Reasoncauses Symptoms And Getting Help

    Everyone feels sad when sad things happen. Sadness is a normal part of life, but it usually comes from a clear place and passes with time.

    But what do you do when youre sad most of the time? Whats going on when it feels like youre sad for no reason and it doesnt pass? Many of us search for a reason to justify our feelings and, when we cant find one, sink even deeper into shame, guilt, and depression.

    You dont have to.

    First, understand that its okay to feel sad, down, or melancholy, sometimes, without a clear reason. You dont have to justify every emotion that you feelnot even to yourself.

    Still, persistent depression or sadness can be debilitating. You want some freedom from it, and you can get it. But instead of looking for a reason, lets look for a cause.

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    From Crying To Apathy

    In a way, its almost advantageous that youre able to cry. Crying is actually a natural stress reliever. When you cry, you let out your emotions. By triggering a crying reaction, you may help to reduce your stress levels.

    There are people who may struggle with other emotions. Some peoples anxiety is so strong that it leads to emotional numbing or the inability to feel emotions. These people may cry less, but they are also unable to experience any happiness or joy. They generally experience constant negativity each and every day, shutting themselves off from all emotions. As they have become so used to blocking out their emotions, when something tips them over the emotional threshold and they cry, it may feel like it has come from nowhere.

    How Anxiety Affects You


    Individual symptoms of anxiety are things we all experience from time-to-time.

    If you experience more than one of the following, over a couple of weeks or longer, you may need some extra support.

    Physical effects of anxiety

    • Dry mouth and/or difficulty swallowing
    • Nightmares
    • Difficulty getting to and staying asleep
    • Poor concentration
    • Rapid heart rate and breathing
    • Sweating or trembling
    • A flare-up of another health problem or illness
    • Sexual problems, such as not having any sexual feelings or no interest in sex

    Some common ways anxiety can affect your behaviour and feelings

    • Irritability or always being in a bad mood
    • Having a strong urge to avoid situations that could trigger your anxiety
    • Worry or always feeling that something bad is about to happen
    • Asking a lot of needless questions and needing constant reassurance
    • Being a perfectionist
    • Being pessimistic and focusing on what may go wrong in any given situation

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    Understanding A Loved Ones Depression

    If someone you care about is dealing with depression, you may not be sure how to support them. If your attempts to help are rejected or dont seem to do any good, you may become frustrated and impatient.

    If you feel tempted to tell someone who is depressed to try harder or just snap out of it, it may be a sign that you are overwhelmed or experiencing burnout. If this happens, its important that you pause and take time to reflect on your own feelings. You wont be able to help someone else until you have taken care of your own emotional needs.

    When youre worried about a person you care about, the feelings of fear you have may come across as anger when youre talking to them. Even if you aren’t mad or speaking in anger, depression can make it harder for a person to really hear what you are saying. They may interpret your words as being dismissive, accusatory, disappointed, or any number of emotions that arent necessarily accurate.

    When youre speaking to your loved one with depression, keep this in mind if it seems like your conversations are full of miscommunication. Although you may want to remind them of all the good things in life or point out that it could be worse, platitudes such as these arent usually helpful for a person with depression to hear.

    Start Feeling Less Anxious

    We all have problems with feeling anxious for no reason from time to time. The critical thing to remember is that it doesnt have to be that way, and there is always something you can do to relieve unpleasant panic sensations. Hopefully, this article has provided you with a handy run-down of all the fundamental causes and practical solutions to your anxiety problems. If you need more, check out our anxiety quotes that can help you feel a little calmer.

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